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  • Amar Gosto
    Amar Gosto Hour ago

    Well said big Doug at the end

  • Unknown !
    Unknown ! Hour ago

    Jr is not good 😂

  • Unknown !
    Unknown ! Hour ago

    Mitch out, please.

  • Tee Jay
    Tee Jay 2 hours ago

    Myth 🙏 😂 Mitch low it Sepsis awareness 🙏

  • zInstinctHD
    zInstinctHD 2 hours ago

    It’s quite simple really Mitch Starts = loss

  • Ben Allitt
    Ben Allitt 2 hours ago

    mad b always misses

    JSBOXINGPLANET 7 2 hours ago

    The Myth is something else. He brings a vibe that Ronaldinho did in the early 2000’s. Special player who has a non chalance way about him

  • J2A Jamal
    J2A Jamal 2 hours ago

    does azz have instagram?

  • George Parrish
    George Parrish 2 hours ago

    Mad B was not in flips starting line up was he? I swear he started though?

  • Eleven Ocean
    Eleven Ocean 2 hours ago

    Mitch plays like he's on EA servers

  • Vucid
    Vucid 2 hours ago

    Family club ❤️

  • minge
    minge 2 hours ago

    Scottys little but fully onit, fucking love him I do 🤣

  • Bird Burd
    Bird Burd 3 hours ago

    How'd you think you're going to win a game with Mitch in the team.

  • Kyrico Flamez
    Kyrico Flamez 3 hours ago

    How do I get a snood??

  • Bryce Craik
    Bryce Craik 3 hours ago

    Mitch is defo a Tory

  • Finlay Martin
    Finlay Martin 3 hours ago

    Can you ask Mitch if I can get his chest routine?

  • jrvis5_
    jrvis5_ 3 hours ago

    Mitch is dead at football

  • Danish Aftab
    Danish Aftab 3 hours ago

    Can Mitch stop getting sympathy game time?

  • Edward binch
    Edward binch 3 hours ago

    one year on and i still cant believe it #A4P #RIP #ANYTHING #DONS

  • Sam Mills
    Sam Mills 3 hours ago

    Kid needs to play first team. Needs.

  • Sam Mills
    Sam Mills 4 hours ago

    Nick cannon diss, Mitch or Casper the friendly ghost. In levels of deadness what's your 1,2,3 ?

  • mr Burland
    mr Burland 4 hours ago

    You can't play 5s and you most certainly cant play 11s WTF can you do? 😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mr Arsenal
    Mr Arsenal 4 hours ago

    big doug = Heskey

  • Tam _
    Tam _ 4 hours ago

    you know when there is a wet pitch scotty is going in.

  • Half Pizza supper
    Half Pizza supper 4 hours ago

    Just looking at that Flaps guy you can just tell he smells of poo, and dont get me started on Mongs and his big 4x4 head. Ps great amount for charity though

  • Chaz Bakes
    Chaz Bakes 4 hours ago

    Good to see short sleeves out there

  • Jj Jj
    Jj Jj 4 hours ago


  • Bell End
    Bell End 4 hours ago

    Se mongs!

  • Anthony
    Anthony 4 hours ago

    JR complains but does nothing besides losing the ball and cry when he plays

    • RobJaskula
      RobJaskula 4 hours ago

      Horrendous workrate in these clips! I remember thinking he was a baller in seasons past, though

  • Dare Michael
    Dare Michael 5 hours ago

    Can I try out for your team

  • Yeah Boy
    Yeah Boy 5 hours ago

    Mitch is the type of guy to ask his hand for consent before masterbation

  • LewisBaird17
    LewisBaird17 5 hours ago

    Get franco in the first team.

  • fatcookercutter
    fatcookercutter 5 hours ago

    Mitch and Jr starting over Kidd and cow 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Lil Trekz
      Lil Trekz 2 hours ago

      fatcookercutter pretty sure mad b started instead

    • fatcookercutter
      fatcookercutter 3 hours ago

      Danny Chan flips said that but then I swear I seen him on bench just after kick off?

    • Danny Chan
      Danny Chan 4 hours ago

      Kid started lw

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi 5 hours ago

    Bring back the myth

  • BOSS
    BOSS 5 hours ago

    I swear that Thamesmead Sports ground

  • xeno x
    xeno x 5 hours ago

    feed the cow

  • FifaUsers
    FifaUsers 5 hours ago

    how can you play mitch and expect to get a W #comical jr loses the ball too much as welll

  • Kenny 310
    Kenny 310 5 hours ago

    Mitch out

  • Themainman Oscar
    Themainman Oscar 5 hours ago

    All big Doug wants to do is lean on a man

  • Joanne Bartlett
    Joanne Bartlett 5 hours ago

    Great cause

  • Op Gamer
    Op Gamer 5 hours ago

    Mitch ruins it

  • Reece Sargeant
    Reece Sargeant 5 hours ago

    The real question? Where is lambs we want him back!!!

  • General Genecide
    General Genecide 5 hours ago

    Doug for chairman

  • Exzactz
    Exzactz 5 hours ago

    Scotty has gotta be further up the pitch surely

    H4YDN S1LV3RTON 5 hours ago

    Who’s here after he left dons 😞

  • Stylie 100
    Stylie 100 5 hours ago

    Why are the linos always crackheads

  • Joanne Bartlett
    Joanne Bartlett 5 hours ago

    Happy birthday scotty

  • Toby Fox
    Toby Fox 6 hours ago

    Fordyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Love It

  • Danny Mckenna
    Danny Mckenna 6 hours ago

    How can you play people like Kidd and Mitch on the same pitch...

  • Josh Baldy
    Josh Baldy 6 hours ago

    That first half scotty smashed it my guy most of them need to take a leaf outta his book I’m telling ya

  • Zubin jones
    Zubin jones 6 hours ago

    This is the dons Europa league team 😂

    EA .MONEY GRABBERS 6 hours ago

    BRING BACK THE MYTH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mase 08
    Mase 08 6 hours ago

    Scotty booting people in the head in a friendly. Dick head

  • Danny Mckenna
    Danny Mckenna 6 hours ago

    Mitch and ginge in defence... I came to watch football players not a crook and some physio

  • Hey You
    Hey You 6 hours ago

    Worst match ive watched on this channel, you need to delete this team

  • - Jackson
    - Jackson 6 hours ago

    "Freeee the paaaatch, let them know it's Christmas time!" - That's a Christmas number 1 if I ever heard one.

  • Jamie Garland
    Jamie Garland 6 hours ago

    Feel sorry for Mitch

  • chris milner
    chris milner 6 hours ago

    As a person that is recovering from sepsis I would personally like to say Thank you for what you have done I'm sure people that have it will agree. #Anythingforthedons

  • Louis Whitmore
    Louis Whitmore 6 hours ago

    Mitch is so jokes to watch

  • Sam McWilliams
    Sam McWilliams 6 hours ago

    Khaled is shite

  • Seal
    Seal 6 hours ago

    I bet Mitch pays double subs

  • Quinn Kilburg
    Quinn Kilburg 6 hours ago

    Khalid ain't the answer.

    • Vucid
      Vucid 2 hours ago

      Ain't even that bad

    • Joe Naylor
      Joe Naylor 4 hours ago

      Quinn Kilburg LOOOL they liked it

  • Elliot Williams
    Elliot Williams 6 hours ago

    The amount of times Mitch gets caught out of position is nuts😳

  • mitchell smith
    mitchell smith 6 hours ago

    The scenes if Doug would’ve scored that volley 😂 big Doug for prime minster

  • Phil Mitchell
    Phil Mitchell 6 hours ago

    Lol Mitch fam your actually shit, total wank. I was never Mitch out but Mitch out!

  • Richard Mills
    Richard Mills 6 hours ago

    17:10 rahhh gym and yoga paying off for Mitch... he turned his tits into pecs

  • Notorious Spartan
    Notorious Spartan 6 hours ago

    Don’t care who he manages, JR is dead at football and his attitude on the pitch is shit, as a coach it’s the opposite which is weird

  • Hobeh TV
    Hobeh TV 6 hours ago

    Good game for a good cause, love from Notts

  • Richard Mills
    Richard Mills 6 hours ago

    All those people there and only one ball lol grassroots at its finest

  • ッPriyanthan
    ッPriyanthan 6 hours ago

    Anything for paula

  • Yaw Asante
    Yaw Asante 6 hours ago

    what footballing ability does mitch actually have??

    • mr Burland
      mr Burland 4 hours ago


  • Raj Singh
    Raj Singh 6 hours ago

    anything for the donz

  • Dan
    Dan 6 hours ago

    JR displays traits that he slates Dolby for

    • Euan2
      Euan2 2 hours ago

      Easier to say it than do it

  • Nathan Foster
    Nathan Foster 6 hours ago

    Why when Mitch runs does he look like a granny trying to catch the bus

  • Lewis Docherty
    Lewis Docherty 6 hours ago

    Where was the kid he’s the best player h there

  • Christopher Kalaitzis

    First from Australia! 🇦🇺 5:30am ANYTHING FOR THE DONS!

  • Kaizén
    Kaizén 6 hours ago

    Khalid is shocking in the 5's and DONS XI

    • David
      David 6 hours ago

      You bugging

    • Harry Hughes
      Harry Hughes 6 hours ago

      Kaizén he’s sick in the 5s wdym😖His height and positioning let’s him down in 11s tho ngl

  • oPikachuu
    oPikachuu 6 hours ago

    Mitch get off the pitch u fat bastard

  • Anything N Anyone 2
    Anything N Anyone 2 6 hours ago

    Performances haven’t been the best so yes I’m starting it #flipzout does flipz feel pressured about his job #askadon

    • Danny Mckenna
      Danny Mckenna 5 hours ago

      How u man saying flipz out he has to work with “players” like Mitch and ginge he’s the only entertainment we get out of games like this

  • Zapubtw
    Zapubtw 6 hours ago

    ginge its just 5 aside bro

  • Sam Openshaw
    Sam Openshaw 6 hours ago

    Doug for assistant manager for Dons xi 🙏🏼

  • Sirsourage
    Sirsourage 6 hours ago

    Fam how scotty 36

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith 6 hours ago

    Khalid is awful

  • Lukas Jr
    Lukas Jr 7 hours ago

    No way is scotty that old

  • OutCast
    OutCast 7 hours ago

    Where are the 5’s?!

    • Stephen A Smith
      Stephen A Smith 5 hours ago

      OutCast The one that should have been uploaded today will be uploaded next week. It’s cause they have this XI games so they upload these when they can

  • Alvaro Velasco Wilde


  • Louie John
    Louie John 7 hours ago

    ANYTHING 💯☝🏽

  • Romani Thompson
    Romani Thompson 7 hours ago

    Long live the Dons. Real love

  • Cenzored_ Sm
    Cenzored_ Sm 7 hours ago


  • 808 Tie
    808 Tie 7 hours ago

    Paused my Xbox for this

  • Gerald Byrne
    Gerald Byrne 7 hours ago

    #askadon Rp7 how many times have u been compared to cr7 cs honestly ur better

  • Francis Bremner
    Francis Bremner 7 hours ago


  • Danny Roche
    Danny Roche 7 hours ago

    When you see that notification pop up👀👀🧡

  • eRaZe _bean
    eRaZe _bean 7 hours ago

    Hi I’m the person who messaged you on ig saying I’m getting some dons merch at Christmas

  • Callum Tott
    Callum Tott 7 hours ago

    Love dat

  • Mitchell Soar
    Mitchell Soar 7 hours ago

    Longest 90 anything for Paula much respect for the dons 🔥🔥 se dons for life

  • Mr PacyYT
    Mr PacyYT 7 hours ago

    Donny we need you

    • Mr PacyYT
      Mr PacyYT 4 hours ago

      A A trust me bro once that ACL is 100% he’s gonna be back

    • A A
      A A 5 hours ago

      Mr PacyYT don’t think he’s good enough but he does have dedication

  • Baramee RUMNEY
    Baramee RUMNEY 7 hours ago

    Big ups from Thailand #anything

  • Niwde Kas
    Niwde Kas 7 hours ago


  • Bryan T.E
    Bryan T.E 7 hours ago

    Anything for Paul people forget who we do it for . And all the family members that had struggles