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DONS IN New York Vlog 1
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  • neverindoubt
    neverindoubt 2 hours ago

    Can't blame the ref. Bunch of cunts running on the pitch after every decision. Total fannies.

  • Jake James
    Jake James 3 hours ago

    Big up man like don straps iv been watching since day one!!! music to the pitch 💯👊🏼

  • neverindoubt
    neverindoubt 4 hours ago

    Big G is a pussy.

  • YungahKonz
    YungahKonz 5 hours ago

    They should pick out of a hat who’s gonna be on who’s team for FIFA

  • leathalv
    leathalv 6 hours ago

    Wait Ryan and Nathan aren't brothers?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • David Brent
    David Brent 7 hours ago

    I recognise a few of those Vista players from their Saturday teams, it's good to see they are consistent and act like w*nkers on a Sunday too

  • Tatts38
    Tatts38 7 hours ago

    Enough of the singing show the game , a family club that ain't respecting the other team isn't good either

  • YungahKonz
    YungahKonz 7 hours ago

    I tell you what Dr has a bit about him uno 😅 slyly mad tekky with it

  • Allan White
    Allan White 8 hours ago

    Can’t stand the goal keeper. Clatters the guy in the face and doesn’t even look to see if he’s ok. An absolute embarrassment.

  • busterbenji
    busterbenji 8 hours ago

    Mitch has been making his mouth so I have beef with you boys

  • Ellis Allen
    Ellis Allen 11 hours ago

    Funny how Brewster is getting destroyed by Sunday league players as he’s shit

  • Tom Higley
    Tom Higley 11 hours ago

    Why do you boys bottle 5 a side games from teams that ain’t local. Big love from Luton

  • J Walker
    J Walker 11 hours ago

    Where's Mitch? Need him there to kiss ass and do abit of dead acting

  • Peter Ley
    Peter Ley 12 hours ago

    That 5-3 goal from Cal shows his true talent. Wow.

  • MultiBlueDodge
    MultiBlueDodge 13 hours ago

    Oi Donny why don't the Dons have two or even three teams signed up to the league. That way all the man get a game plus more content to upload. Its a win win no? Give the people what they want!!!

  • Blickey
    Blickey 13 hours ago

    So enriching

  • jarbzyy
    jarbzyy 16 hours ago

    I want to see one in real life

  • William Mccormack
    William Mccormack 17 hours ago

    When will Donny Jones be back playing in a match Love from Ireland😂👍

  • Chris SM
    Chris SM 17 hours ago

    Sk has the personality of a fucking candle. Boring man

  • N
    N 18 hours ago

    Drops is a scumbag

  • N R
    N R 21 hour ago

    Orange Døn top is 🔥

  • Jude Perring
    Jude Perring 21 hour ago

    17:07 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • da'quan from the block

    EXECUTION @@@@@@@@@@@@

  • New York Empire Football Club

    Watch our new video! Sunday league team on the rise hoping to verse the best TheXvid soccer teams in the future!

  • New York Empire Football Club

    Watch our new video! Sunday league team on the rise hoping to verse the best TheXvid soccer teams in the future!

  • New York Empire Football Club

    Watch our new video! Sunday league team on the rise hoping to verse the best TheXvid soccer teams in the future!

  • danny mckenzie
    danny mckenzie 23 hours ago

    Nathan has got to much attitude for fifa

  • lloydymk2013
    lloydymk2013 23 hours ago

    U man should be playing pro evo. This years fifa is dead

  • De Ba
    De Ba 23 hours ago

    5:58 big g a deer caught in headlights

  • Dayve Nammour
    Dayve Nammour Day ago

    a derby for us down under. Do Western Sydney Wanderers vs Sydney FC

  • Byron Long
    Byron Long Day ago

    Why does scotty and mitch never get along?? Love from london👊🏻

  • Capitano
    Capitano Day ago

    We can hear him anyway

  • Samir Khan
    Samir Khan Day ago

    Still pissed of how mad b has went back to Peckham

  • Yt _ Xxluca2006xXbtw

    Donny what's ur opinion mitch out or mitch in.?

  • Daniel Townsend

    Question for donny who’s the best player for the fives for you

  • jason chapple
    jason chapple Day ago

    big g is the don

  • statman90
    statman90 Day ago

    Ginge the peacemaker

  • Hhuuv Ghvgou
    Hhuuv Ghvgou Day ago

    Anything ❤️❤️🤣‼️😳

  • Matthew Longden

    Can’t beat a bit of Fifa up the dons

    DEE DUBZ Day ago


  • xSpeciialist
    xSpeciialist Day ago

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha nah big up the DONS funny asf

  • luke cogings
    luke cogings Day ago

    When is donny Jones returning to the 5s and back playing for the dons love from catford London

  • browntingz 5
    browntingz 5 Day ago

    Flipz switched on Donny 🙈

  • Harry Salkeld
    Harry Salkeld Day ago

    When Will donny jones be back

  • Sam Harris
    Sam Harris Day ago

    Where did lam go ? Missing lam on a don dizer

  • Charlie Daniels

    Free up sj

  • Hot Hot
    Hot Hot Day ago

    Are s.e dons gonna enter blud bruvvas next year?? Would definitely win it and take that smile off D.T face...enter and bring it home for south east London...we want all the belts🏆 👍👊💪 all the way from Lewisham

  • mzspeshlz
    mzspeshlz Day ago

    Ryan palmer is an absolute Baller

  • Rick Owens
    Rick Owens Day ago

    That cow on the pitch is sick!

  • Harry Bridgland

    Heard the streets are saying for Mitch to prank call Ansah to tell him he can play for the 5’s 🤣🤣🤣

  • SSJQ
    SSJQ Day ago

    GINGE it's no favouritism ting , OZ is better than you at football. Mans turned into a child

  • Mo Miah
    Mo Miah Day ago

    No offence lads but I dont understand the concept behind this like do people actually take 20mins to watch this?? - instead of playing yourself you should record the audio(headphones) and visuals and play the fans online..

  • SSJQ
    SSJQ Day ago

    Ginge chatting too much lol

  • Roumaissa Pubg

    أفضل أغنية عربي تخليك ترقص وانتا نايم مع قتلات خرافية ببجي موبايل يلا شباب بدي ياكم تفجروا القناة لعيوني 😋🙄🥰

  • Joeyy
    Joeyy Day ago

    Guys I'm not going to lie but you lot are looking like so next power rangers or some shit #Anything 😂

  • atk .17
    atk .17 Day ago

    0:16 🇸🇱💪🏾

  • TG y
    TG y Day ago

    Not the same without Mitch holding Ls every minute 😂 #CrookIn

  • JL
    JL Day ago

    Too funny

  • TG y
    TG y Day ago

    Some of us are just here for the tackles... I'm just here to see some forfeits

  • solo636
    solo636 Day ago

    Shouts out to Andrew Dowhouse.

  • Harry Mckenny
    Harry Mckenny Day ago

    He’s just a kid#ANYHTING

  • Alan Galindo
    Alan Galindo Day ago

    I haven’t laughed this hard in a minute 😂😂😂😂 thank you #Anything

  • Brian theboss
    Brian theboss Day ago

    It's anything what else?

  • Kemoccer 99
    Kemoccer 99 Day ago

    Who is the fastest player in the world (Toronto Canada)

  • bl.alfie. 07
    bl.alfie. 07 Day ago

    fifa should make a se dons team and kit

  • Sam Munger
    Sam Munger Day ago

    Do they still put full games on patreon

  • Finlay Martin
    Finlay Martin Day ago

    Hearts v hibs has to be on next week surely

  • Callum Jay
    Callum Jay Day ago

    1st comment love the videos keep the up all my love from London ❤️❤️❤️

  • Strikerplays
    Strikerplays Day ago

    His attitude stinks Nathan palaver his attitude stinks 😷

  • Bartosz Lewandowski

    Hi kris or donny can u please reply

  • Fin Chambers
    Fin Chambers Day ago


  • Jayden Huseyin

    Always first. Anything ⚽️❤

  • IIzFrxnzy
    IIzFrxnzy Day ago


  • Bartosz Lewandowski


  • olly is cracked


  • Jay Sosa
    Jay Sosa Day ago

    Donny when you come back into action are you gunna play with 1st team, XI or stay on the side lines and coach? Love and guidance From South of the Thames #anythingforPaula 🙌🏾

  • ES9
    ES9 Day ago

    So Mitch likes to throw it back

  • dylangifted
    dylangifted Day ago

    Big g when u coming back to our school

  • Danny Mckenna
    Danny Mckenna Day ago

    I remember the days when I used to enjoy watching the 5s people like drops and the best dressed in Sunday league now we got Mitch...

  • Danny Mckenna
    Danny Mckenna Day ago

    One man is gonna drag this clubs name down. A nobody starting over a club legend

  • Gags D
    Gags D Day ago


  • bushy g60
    bushy g60 Day ago

    Just a bunch of childish wankers watching a shit game of football

  • Medean Mike
    Medean Mike Day ago

    When is dinho back, love from dagenham

  • Ash TV
    Ash TV Day ago

    Why don’t jazz get more recognition that he deserves????? #Anythingfor the Døns

  • 2double0BOI
    2double0BOI Day ago

    Ah before Big G became mr SE dons is my life. All it took was his boys mom to die.

  • Logann T
    Logann T Day ago

    Who’s the most physical player except for Doug obviously love from Halifax England

  • Euan curran
    Euan curran Day ago

    Will the dons ever play a friendly abroad? If so where? Love from ireland 🇮🇪

  • Alfie Kennedy
    Alfie Kennedy Day ago

    Why does Mitch hate Montz, love from Nottingham

  • Kieran Smith
    Kieran Smith Day ago

    This just showed him off as a wank, if i was an opponent i would get him sent off in seconds and his bang average goal keeping doesnt help

  • Montanna KSM
    Montanna KSM Day ago

    Why is Ginge such a savage, he's ready to bun anyone like cig 😂

  • Tosin Emiola
    Tosin Emiola Day ago

    Man like Lamek - Sponsor the kid !

  • Nathaniel Wilson-Fleming

    I wish everyone was like ginge when it’s a beef. Too many man pretend there on it 🤣

  • Kp
    Kp Day ago


  • Chris Hurn
    Chris Hurn Day ago

    All jokes aside get rid of that manager he pisses people off before the game then they take their anger out on opponents or lately each other managers poison if you wanna take this shit serious like the players do get rid and get someone they respect

    • Chris Hurn
      Chris Hurn Day ago

      You can't knock the record it's the attitude it's not right nothing against the boss personally seems sound but you can't have that friction in the squad before games and never pick yourself to start... players play.. Managers..... Manage

    • mitchell elliott
      mitchell elliott Day ago

      Chris Hurn yea man your right ...he might have that 8in8 record but I can read inbtween the lines

  • Lawrence Hewitt

    That was special from Dr what a goal

  • English Youth Scout

    Donny do you need ansah at United never mind the 5's love from brum #askadon

  • gavfree1982
    gavfree1982 Day ago

    Absolute fuckin children

  • Charlie Hewitt

    Chris has had a shocker, it’s like there’s an earthquake on camera, CHRIS OUT

  • Kray Cross
    Kray Cross Day ago

    The cow is sick 💪🏻👊🏻

  • christian parkes

    Kahled is under rated love from Ireland 🇮🇪