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World's Worst Wedgie?
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Does This Cat Have 9 Lives?
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Eric just quit Vat19.
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  • Ghastmen
    Ghastmen 29 minutes ago

    Break the box whit the box 200iq

  • GabbyMo
    GabbyMo 30 minutes ago

    Guys FYI sharks are in extinction danger REALLY??

  • Thomas The tank engine
    Thomas The tank engine 32 minutes ago

    My favorite bath bomb is a toaster.

    JCR G4MING 33 minutes ago

    1:40 🧐

  • Queen Bee's
    Queen Bee's 35 minutes ago

    Need your support my goal is 750 subsciber with you support hope it will bring impact to my goal thank and god bless

  • retardomorph live
    retardomorph live 36 minutes ago

    That’s illegal

  • Lilia Sanchez
    Lilia Sanchez 36 minutes ago

    Whats funny is I actually pranked someone with dog bones and they thought they were cookies in dog bone shapes and he said it was delicious and then when I said it was dog bones he just laughed and was embarrassed because he actually ate it 😂😭

  • Bendy Plays
    Bendy Plays 36 minutes ago

    0:36 oh....

  • Jada Baz
    Jada Baz 37 minutes ago

    Still waiting for hidden in plain sight

  • Waheedah
    Waheedah 39 minutes ago

    I'm here watching ads and eating apple with spice powder

  • Hunter Friesen
    Hunter Friesen 40 minutes ago

    I guess hentai is in the box

  • Kate Lind
    Kate Lind 45 minutes ago

    3:32 he’s just whipping the shark around😂

  • Luka Chixladze
    Luka Chixladze 46 minutes ago


  • Melody Moo moo
    Melody Moo moo 47 minutes ago

    I want to try this it looks so freaking good

  • Arvid Borgström
    Arvid Borgström 47 minutes ago

    Sooooooooo genius

  • Lilia Autumn
    Lilia Autumn 48 minutes ago

    I’m gonna start my TheXvid channel at 50 subs so if you wanna subscribe that would be great 🥳

  • Tectal’s CHANNEL
    Tectal’s CHANNEL 48 minutes ago

    I was watching this when I was eating pizza but the shark part almost made me throw up

  • Phoenix 248
    Phoenix 248 49 minutes ago

    Vat 19 can sell anything

  • Arvid Borgström
    Arvid Borgström 49 minutes ago


  • ¡Kayla Gacha!
    ¡Kayla Gacha! 54 minutes ago

    this guy just read my mind 0:37

  • G8or H8or818
    G8or H8or818 54 minutes ago

    You have the well known tornado, The also well known but equally ridiculous sharknado, And the odd vat19 phenomenon known as a clognado

  • Tamar Ivie
    Tamar Ivie 54 minutes ago

    Why does it have to them

  • Эльнур Исмаилов

    Я русский хакер!

  • Nikki Dee
    Nikki Dee 55 minutes ago

    Makes me sad to see you guys buying shark and supporting that industry. Not cool at all. 👎

  • The Space
    The Space 55 minutes ago

    Did you know that water isn’t wet? Let me explain: water can get other things wet but can’t get itself wet. Because if you felt water it would make you wet!

  • Oskar Ujma
    Oskar Ujma 56 minutes ago

    7 years later 2020 no hamster dance irl

  • Master cube Ninja
    Master cube Ninja 57 minutes ago

    As soon as the video started I thought that the ice cream sandwich maker would be a gift

  • Melody Moo moo
    Melody Moo moo 57 minutes ago

    Nasty azz ranch

  • Shiney Deelay
    Shiney Deelay 58 minutes ago

    TOi 1388 b

  • Lucas Leopard
    Lucas Leopard Hour ago

    Who would know that someone would rip it off later as a mash mello that they still sell

  • nick holt
    nick holt Hour ago

    Buy this 10:36 for only one like

  • Lawrence Ma
    Lawrence Ma Hour ago

    The science experiment sound like my car.

  • JJ Bash
    JJ Bash Hour ago

    These guys copying rehett and link lol

  • Katherine Jones
    Katherine Jones Hour ago

    Me chomping on chips and and hot sauce: ..............

  • Heaven R
    Heaven R Hour ago

    My name is heaven

  • cunningunz
    cunningunz Hour ago

    *Mona Lisa is now a JoJo reference*

  • akio yo yo yo
    akio yo yo yo Hour ago

    1:04 me robbing cops:shoot me in the tummy

  • Isaiah Roblero
    Isaiah Roblero Hour ago

    Is it good for kids

  • Louise O'brien
    Louise O'brien Hour ago

    The bit where Jon dumped all the pennies out is me every time I go to the store

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown Hour ago

    Bacon grease

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown Hour ago

    Gummy brain

  • human
    human Hour ago

    I say the real shark the best

  • Scott Taylor
    Scott Taylor Hour ago

    I just saw Eric (old vat19 member) in an O-Reilly auto parts add

  • The Love Of Animals

    "I ate the candle" lmao 🤣

  • jam cyote
    jam cyote Hour ago

    Hey vat19 will you Make a giant jawbreaker.

  • Cohan Dora
    Cohan Dora Hour ago

    I don't think the number draw was necessary

  • Ksusha Barber
    Ksusha Barber Hour ago

    I think your trying to kill people with your gummy coke I’m doing thumbs down everyone thumbs down for almost all of the candies the cola was 1080 calories THUMBS DOWN JUST DO IT EVEN IF YOU GOT A DIFFERENT CANDY JUST PLEASE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOO

  • ImjustdinomanYT
    ImjustdinomanYT Hour ago

    Open rattle snake can *first thing he says* *It’s the spine* Me:snakes don’t have spines

    YOR MOM FAT Hour ago

    the first guy looks like pewds but with more anxiety

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle Hour ago

    Stop making stupid shit and get off the internet

  • VintageNightmare

    someone: what is the point me: I NEED ITTT

  • someone
    someone Hour ago


  • RonuPlays
    RonuPlays Hour ago

    Yesss, it's microwave safe!!! Perfect for my cereal!

  • Cadee Schmitt
    Cadee Schmitt Hour ago

    Poor Joey

  • greenguy 358
    greenguy 358 Hour ago

    Vat19:these toys are Dangerous Also vat19: well these are not really dangerous

  • ícҽís թհօҽղíx

    Why eat shark? Vile.

  • bearrbanggAJ
    bearrbanggAJ Hour ago

    He stuck his finger up the bunny’s a$$..

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    Whoever likes this will be rich and successful🔥💪💯

  • Alex Browning
    Alex Browning Hour ago

    Go to 12:56 to skip sponsored content/Ads.

  • Kadija _2009
    Kadija _2009 Hour ago

    OK first of all how your math is combining cause all of 'em had 60 And Drew got +20 he got 80 būt after he got another +20 and it said it' s 135 lbs how?? My caculations are 100

  • Timothy Wolford
    Timothy Wolford Hour ago

    Can’t wait for vat19 to have 19 million subs

  • samantha marais
    samantha marais Hour ago

    I thought that the glow worm was the telly tubbies

  • villager#9
    villager#9 Hour ago

    Wops. 😬

  • Teodora S.
    Teodora S. Hour ago

    How many irritating human beings in one video acting so bad and being over the top.

  • Owen Casey
    Owen Casey Hour ago

    When you have airpods

  • Addison Loomis
    Addison Loomis Hour ago

    I'd eat the dog food

  • Vincent Trinh
    Vincent Trinh Hour ago

    "return of the jedi"

  • Turfy The Turtle

    I live in pun city

  • Carly R
    Carly R Hour ago

    You guys need to do another hidden in plain sight vid soon

  • cuttie_ uwu
    cuttie_ uwu Hour ago

    Broo I wasn't expecting that Georgian food

  • James Dillon
    James Dillon Hour ago

    Jon without a h ?

  • Dorlin David
    Dorlin David Hour ago


  • Cameron bates Rat baby

    Me and my friend both did this and were ten

  • Vintriloquism
    Vintriloquism Hour ago

    i can smell the shark from home oh crap, wait let me feed him

  • Narf
    Narf 2 hours ago

    Shark is illegal to eat in a lot of places because they are becoming endangered..

  • Vintriloquism
    Vintriloquism 2 hours ago

    in vn u eat chicken legs ALOT in germany u eat blood sausages and cow tongues ALOT im from both sooooo nvm, in vn u eat everything actually

  • chace cheese
    chace cheese 2 hours ago


  • bearrbanggAJ
    bearrbanggAJ 2 hours ago

    The shark gummy was so cute 🥺💙

  • Staxi HD
    Staxi HD 2 hours ago

    "you have chest hair, you can do it!" Best quote ever!

  • Megan Colihan
    Megan Colihan 2 hours ago

    O mg omg omg omg omg omg

  • Eesha Tan
    Eesha Tan 2 hours ago

    Such a waste of cotton candy

  • Online Gaming Pro
    Online Gaming Pro 2 hours ago

    Whoever dislikes vat19 things, they are M E G A G A Y

  • Gezi5
    Gezi5 2 hours ago

    Stop complaining about the price, it’s for huge fans and it’s really good quality

  • itzme falee
    itzme falee 2 hours ago

    Hi im from the future 2020 oh no im not late just 11 YeArS lAtEr

  • - FiDzMiE -
    - FiDzMiE - 2 hours ago

    Diamond cutter?

  • akash
    akash 2 hours ago

    "It's so dry. But it's wet."

  • XxKłNGxX 132
    XxKłNGxX 132 2 hours ago

    Kara is The red guy from van Helsing

  • Roman Djey
    Roman Djey 2 hours ago

    2 0 2 0?

  • Hi Pie
    Hi Pie 2 hours ago

    If you saw this behind the curtain Me:ohhhhhhhhhhh

  • Roman Djey
    Roman Djey 2 hours ago

    Я щас собственными слюнями захлебнусь!!

  • Frazix Gaming
    Frazix Gaming 2 hours ago

    That guys maroon 5

  • Keith byrne
    Keith byrne 2 hours ago

    Oh yea I love drinking battery acid out of my duck hunt cartridge also at the end HOW DID JOEY GET HIMSELF A PEPSI CRYSTAL I THOUGHT THOSE WERE DISCONTINUED

  • Alex Merrill
    Alex Merrill 2 hours ago

    I love it over their

  • Sloth & Mole
    Sloth & Mole 2 hours ago

    Unironically, I would be interested in trying the real versions of... Just about all of these.

  • Rygy HS
    Rygy HS 2 hours ago

    I wouldn't mind trying the Icelandic Shark, gonna be honest here, it doesn't seem that strange Edit: I've also had chicken feet though... and Blood Sausage isn't bad... I've also had snake meat...

  • Kaylee Schlutz
    Kaylee Schlutz 2 hours ago

    Where do you you them at??

  • Emad El din
    Emad El din 2 hours ago

    if you watch hidden in plain sight your gonna know you saw jamey

  • Trip L Gaming
    Trip L Gaming 2 hours ago

    No it's playing with a wall

  • Ava Ocampo
    Ava Ocampo 2 hours ago

    Do fisty pets scare other pets?