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Mom Season 7 Promo (HD)
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  • Hi_ Tamera
    Hi_ Tamera Minute ago

    January 8!? Damn why so far away 😩😭

  • Alonzo Ibarra
    Alonzo Ibarra 2 minutes ago

    I have MK Ultra Vibes from this.

  • dutchapplekatty
    dutchapplekatty 4 minutes ago

    Wow!! Brilliant reimagining!

  • Rectal Anarchy
    Rectal Anarchy 7 minutes ago


  • Anton Sears
    Anton Sears 9 minutes ago

    Why in the hell Procotor cannot never get the upper hand his daughters mom overdosed now that recorder got him saying I will not let you take my daughter away from me 😡

  • pedazodevacio
    pedazodevacio 12 minutes ago

    We show ourselfs 💪🏼

  • Nallaret Reyes
    Nallaret Reyes 14 minutes ago

    Excelente actorr freddie❤❤❤

  • C Taylor
    C Taylor 15 minutes ago

    King Gambit 🤔pawn sacrifice. Power what y’all got up man ? It’s about to be some ish!

  • dannyaraya1988
    dannyaraya1988 17 minutes ago

    Debbie better show her big ass titties soon! also fuck micky & ian, annoying as fuck. BRING BACK JODY & OR KAREN!

  • Lily Winchester
    Lily Winchester 18 minutes ago

    I don't want the end I know it's part of the road, but I refuse what has already come

  • Lynne S
    Lynne S 21 minute ago

    Amazing this show lasts this long.

  • Vega Da Goat
    Vega Da Goat 22 minutes ago

    They better not do the use the same tired love triangle formula from TVD and TO with Raphael ,Landon,and Hope.

  • Brandon Higgins
    Brandon Higgins 23 minutes ago

    Seeing Castiel holding a shotgun at 0:16 is priceless!!!!!

  • Samreen Mahmood
    Samreen Mahmood 23 minutes ago

    Can't wait for it!! But will definitely miss it once it ends :(

  • INCUBO175
    INCUBO175 23 minutes ago

    I loved the original one. I will love this one too.

  • iloveselenagomez yeah
    iloveselenagomez yeah 24 minutes ago

    So like Veronica Mars but not high school? 🤔

  • Keziah C
    Keziah C 24 minutes ago

    I'm keen!!!! Also, can keenler happen please.

  • Gabriel Lezli
    Gabriel Lezli 25 minutes ago

    who thinks the best way to stop cicada one and two would have been with SUPERGIRL and Jon Jones from supergirl because cicada wouldn't been able to take their powers away just like he couldn't with killer frost because those powers are not from dark matter.

  • pmac720
    pmac720 26 minutes ago

    If Tariq gotta die... I’m sad to say it gotta be by Ghost. He gotta do what Kanan did to his son cause he was disappointed in who he grew up to be

  • boRn_N_DA_80s
    boRn_N_DA_80s 27 minutes ago

    It fills the bar with that smokey smell we all love.

  • Virginia Holder
    Virginia Holder 28 minutes ago

    This is not the party of five I grew up watching with Mathew fox,Neve Campbell ,bring back the 90s version

  • Wendy Barron
    Wendy Barron 29 minutes ago

    Omfg this looks soooo good ! And tsunamis are my biggest fear 😰😰😰

  • Rob Greene
    Rob Greene 32 minutes ago

    Tariq needs to know you not Ghost you a spoiled ass kid who got this preacher kid syndrome just wanting to be bad for no reason

  • jennifer Garcia Betanzo
    jennifer Garcia Betanzo 32 minutes ago

    This is going to be amazing but whoa the water works.... 🤯😭😭😭

  • Amy Hinkle
    Amy Hinkle 33 minutes ago


  • Hera NightShade
    Hera NightShade 34 minutes ago

    So happy they gave my main man Cody a main role again. Really excited to see how Emma does as the lead this season--she's earned it!!

  • Лола Башлачева


  • Mikaela Dyane McDonald
    Mikaela Dyane McDonald 37 minutes ago

    Did they just forget about the board or

  • Bode Welsh
    Bode Welsh 40 minutes ago

    Do they intentionally make Debbie the most unlikeable character?

  • Guadalupe De La Cruz Espinosa

    Ya quiero verla jodeeer:3, que emocionada estoy :3 estoy esperando la temporada. Esta increíble<3

  • Margarita Lopez
    Margarita Lopez 40 minutes ago

    The 1999 is the real won

  • Hanna Jean
    Hanna Jean 41 minute ago

    I stopped watching when Cristina left

    OVERŁORƊ _ 41 minute ago

    ❤️ Божественно ❤️

  • drlee2
    drlee2 43 minutes ago

    Homages to Friday the 13th, Halloween, and I Know What You Did Last Summer in this trailer

  • TheJoker
    TheJoker 44 minutes ago

    wait what happend to the cult? season 3 was so bad and ridiculous but still i couldnt stop watching it lol i want beti and archi to hook up. tired of jughead.

  • Angela Reed
    Angela Reed 46 minutes ago

    Hollywood is so unoriginal it make me wonder if anyone has a new idea about anything. They are using the same name, plot and just changing the nationality. So lame.

  • nk k
    nk k 48 minutes ago


  • DeathQueen63
    DeathQueen63 52 minutes ago

    Honestly, they should make a “Purge: International” a storyline where other big Countries jump on bandwagon & take on the Purge too. Like Australia, Canada, New Zealand & England. That would be one cool movie/series mate! 🤘🏽

  • Lucie Římanová
    Lucie Římanová 55 minutes ago

    Ofc TheXvid would recommend this...go figure why.

  • angelak06
    angelak06 57 minutes ago about something original...recycled shows are all anyone does anymore

  • Logan Tyldesley
    Logan Tyldesley 57 minutes ago

    Damn I gotta watch Gotham now

  • MamaWantsWaffles

    wonder what episode beast boy will use his powers

  • papaGimis22
    papaGimis22 Hour ago

    Damn batsy has to grind alot around Gotham to start spending some XP on that suit

  • Abz xxx
    Abz xxx Hour ago

    Trailer SOng ?

  • vintage game
    vintage game Hour ago

    Raymond Redington himself will be no-1 black lister.

  • Sabs Music
    Sabs Music Hour ago

    Only a 3 minute preview and I’m already crying

    GODSDADDY Hour ago

    I feel like a teenage girl freaking out over a boy

  • Doug LagVer
    Doug LagVer Hour ago

    I've going through a lot of what Fiona went through over the past years. Her ending has made me so hopeful and happy for her !

  • ViperKnight94
    ViperKnight94 Hour ago

    Yea...get in line like every other immigrant that wants to come here legally.

  • Hol M
    Hol M Hour ago

    Looks like shit...why do the kids look like pre teen models?

  • The After Dance Party

    The writers are trash. There were sex scenes every episode last season. The teen characters are basically adults now. How is it okay that a middle aged man bullies a teen for 2 seasons.

  • Bret The Saint 29

    This show still looks terrible

  • Mariella Galvan
    Mariella Galvan Hour ago

    Ian and Mickey better stay together and I want Fiona back!!! 😭

  • ʟoveγou西蒙
    ʟoveγou西蒙 Hour ago


  • Vittorio Sgarbato


  • Camiel08Erin11
    Camiel08Erin11 Hour ago

    This is some depressing shit

  • Gui lle
    Gui lle Hour ago

    Ya spoileo toda la serie

  • maygan lewis
    maygan lewis Hour ago

    Looks great but I don't watch freeform any time I get into something it gets canceled like baby daddy or shadowhunters and many more over the years

  • Queen Ruke
    Queen Ruke Hour ago

    I like this show and love what it’s talking about, what I don’t get is how the parents were able to have a whole restaurant and not still have a green card at least...I’m an immigrant too & I find this really confusing, I mean with the time they built their business and had all their kids they should have been able to have their green card at least...This is not an excuse for putting people in cages not at all

  • O'Brian McFiercen

    Omg I’m gonna watch this

  • Glen T
    Glen T Hour ago

    I wonder if Frank Gallagher will bribe someone to get his dumb kid into school. Too soon?

  • J P
    J P Hour ago

    Ghost please whoop Tariq's disrespectful ass just one time! 🙏🏽💯

  • Raven
    Raven Hour ago

    When you think about it, this all wouldn’t have happened if Annalise didn’t meat Wes when he was Christophe. She wouldn’t have taken him off the wait list so he wouldn’t meet Rebecca. Sam wouldn’t be dead, and would go to jail for murdering Lyla. Maybe Frank would too. And all the other murders wouldn’t have happened. Even though this all was Annalise’s and Wes’ fault (technically), Annalise always looked out for them and saved them. She never actually got blood on her hands, so she would just get charged with obstruction of justice. If they were to all go to jail, Annalise would get the less amount of time. Maybe Frank too?

  • paparruno 500
    paparruno 500 Hour ago

    This season give me scream queens vibes nwn

  • Jorel Montes
    Jorel Montes Hour ago

    That’s all they need more Lesbian shows on the CW , I miss the good old days when they had Smallville and Dawson’s creek on WGN , C W is nothing but crap now .

  • Hernan Cesar Gasco Cahua

    falta poquito........

  • Jamesofficial Tv

    Jughead better not be died

  • Sary Dayana Silva Chavez

    jaja lo llaman elite

  • brandon Echevarria

    Ghost is to good. Way ahead of everyone.

  • XVI 16
    XVI 16 Hour ago

    His Batman suit sucks!

  • Abraham Samuel
    Abraham Samuel Hour ago

    Has Davis rejoined Bravo??? Looks like an exciting kick off to a new season

  • AstroTae _
    AstroTae _ Hour ago

    Break kai out

  • harmony7400
    harmony7400 Hour ago

    I don’t know, shameless has really gone downhill the last few seasons and this one doesn’t look much better🤷🏻‍♀️

  • DJFusionT
    DJFusionT Hour ago

    We need jimmy back man!

  • Aztecz A1
    Aztecz A1 Hour ago

    Tariq gone die? 🥴

  • BookB1tch
    BookB1tch Hour ago

    This series reminds me of Barry Lyga's I Hunt Kilers...but the dad is more loving to his son...

  • Kimarie Wheatley

    Is this a series . Because it would be good!!!

  • Brandon Jackson
    Brandon Jackson Hour ago

    Tariq would of been dead anyway after he watched my daughter die and didn’t do shit.

  • Nia Marie
    Nia Marie Hour ago

    Yes! Finally!

  • Thanos
    Thanos Hour ago

    Why mr porter is on that

  • slime slime
    slime slime Hour ago

    Ahhhhh omg

  • Mr. Hi Hi
    Mr. Hi Hi Hour ago

    NO NO

    FUEGO WEEKEND Hour ago


  • Philip Martin
    Philip Martin Hour ago

    Supergirl is just a SJW stooge!!

  • Ray'sLife
    Ray'sLife Hour ago

    They should of talk Spanish with their parents, It would of really hit!😭❤️

  • Watcharakorn Uttarat

    Well I guess I'll watch it then. AHS always full of surprises. Who'll know what's next, right? :) I'm waiting

  • blinks hoe
    blinks hoe Hour ago

    0:56 I see we still on a low budget 😩

  • Michael Clayton
    Michael Clayton 2 hours ago

    We need to support our black shows

  • diane cry-anne nguyen

    DO NOT bring back the talented noel fisher to your failing show just so that you can underutilise him and treat his character like garbage again

  • isaiah mathewson
    isaiah mathewson 2 hours ago

    "you're a disgrace, gallagher" "thank you sir" FUCKING ICONIC. I CANT WAIT FOR SEASON 10

  • Christopher Arocha
    Christopher Arocha 2 hours ago

    Man I’m pumped

  • Mohammed Ali
    Mohammed Ali 2 hours ago

    I know this sounds crazy but This trailler proves something that raymond is not an impostor cuz Katrina calls him Raymond not elvia or what that guys name is and if he is elvia the russian guy why should katrina stab him

  • Not Rafael
    Not Rafael 2 hours ago

    The first season was good and should’ve just ended with 2 seasons but i don’t even what this show is anymore

  • Devin Burg
    Devin Burg 2 hours ago

    That is going to be a good tv show 👍

  • Josh A
    Josh A 2 hours ago

    I feel like they bought that costume from Spirit Halloween.

  • MzJexxa
    MzJexxa 2 hours ago

    Never have 3:27 made me cry so much.

  • Serg Toten
    Serg Toten 2 hours ago

    2 mount's wait to long

  • Jessica Desire
    Jessica Desire 2 hours ago

    You dont have to end this 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Alejandra Romero
    Alejandra Romero 2 hours ago


  • overkill1340
    overkill1340 2 hours ago

    As I haven't read the books, I just hope they don't get stuck on a farm for the entire season.