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TRC MOMENTS | Puma Magic
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  • Johan Peens
    Johan Peens 13 hours ago

    Just a pity it was done on steroids shame on his fellow boks

  • Oscar Ruggeri
    Oscar Ruggeri Day ago

    Letsgooo Jaguares

  • Alpa Chino
    Alpa Chino Day ago

    I don't know why BT sport bought the rights to WWE. I'd much rather watch super 14. At least I can watch highlights on here.

  • The Stamford
    The Stamford Day ago

    Come on 💪Hurricanes!

  • Francisco Canepa

    Vamos Jaguares!!!

  • Yamil Krunfli
    Yamil Krunfli Day ago

    Aguante los Jaguares!

  • the travalgians
    the travalgians 3 days ago

    Whos here after south africa won the rwc

  • Agustín Puelles
    Agustín Puelles 4 days ago

    Antes de que empiece el partido los sharks mandaron hacia los jaguares un video para intimidarlos y aún así les dimos tremenda paliza.No me canso de ver este partido

  • Frikkie Oosthuizen
    Frikkie Oosthuizen 5 days ago

    Rassie is boss💪💪

  • Chakrapong
    Chakrapong 5 days ago

    What is it the whole game? *Penalties*

  • Davide Scalvini
    Davide Scalvini 6 days ago


  • Franco Di giambatista alanis

    2020 plis

  • Alpa Chino
    Alpa Chino 8 days ago

    Jamie Roberts is joining the stormers.

  • Hammersteyn
    Hammersteyn 8 days ago

    yay, same tournament, probably same winners...... go Nz............... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...... is there something else on?

  • How Do I Unbake a cake 15

    Blues taking it out this year

  • NZAnimeManga
    NZAnimeManga 8 days ago

    Wish the Crusaders didn't change their logo... Rip.

  • pela pela
    pela pela 8 days ago

    go Jaguares

  • Hayden Cassidy
    Hayden Cassidy 8 days ago

    Go The Crusaders!

  • Gerhard Mostert
    Gerhard Mostert 8 days ago

    Looking at this video, you'll think Super Rugby only consists of NZ and AUS teams.

    • Able Willing
      Able Willing 8 days ago

      Gerhard Mostert looking at the list of title winning teams over the last two decades... you’d reach the same conclusion

  • 種田山頭火
    種田山頭火 8 days ago

    go sunwolves

  • Enosh Brendon
    Enosh Brendon 8 days ago


  • mario the epic
    mario the epic 8 days ago

    Two weeks baby!! Can’t wait

  • Barry Ryan
    Barry Ryan 11 days ago

    F***! 😤🇦🇺

  • Rugbyvideos And more

    Name a more common thing then Liam squire and costing the Highlanders guarterfinals v the crusaders

  • Micheal De Thierry
    Micheal De Thierry 14 days ago

    Just love this the men in gold don't know wat hit them again bit boring now not because our men in black are too good need stiffer opponets

  • Usr
    Usr 15 days ago

    Dunno why so many people are complaining. Seems like an intense game with some beautiful tries.

  • Trip0
    Trip0 18 days ago

    Grande los All blacks! the all blacks was greateat team that ever seen, my team (Pumas) is very bad and hasn’t soul :( congratulations!

  • Baz Brown
    Baz Brown 19 days ago

    Kwaga smith isnt the brightest fella is he?

  • Stephan Engelbrecht
    Stephan Engelbrecht 23 days ago

    I see the stormers are going to have a strong squad in 2020 and there is 8 springbok players singing the contracts until 2021

  • Stephan Engelbrecht
    Stephan Engelbrecht 23 days ago

    What the f*** is going on with the stormers

  • Stephan Engelbrecht
    Stephan Engelbrecht 23 days ago

    You must bring the western force back please

  • Randy Marsh
    Randy Marsh 24 days ago

    I like how people think rugby is a more violent sport than NFL Football or D1 FBS college football. It's not even close.

  • Mateo Luengas
    Mateo Luengas 27 days ago

    🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿 Rugby 👍🏈

  • Raul Alonso
    Raul Alonso 28 days ago

    Perdonen mi ignorancia .los jaguares de donde son?

    • Raul Alonso
      Raul Alonso 14 days ago

      @juan garcia gracias .me parecia que algunas cosas eran distintas .pensar que vivi muchos años al lado del Olivos rugbi ..saludos gracias otra vez por tu tiempo y paciencia

    • juan garcia
      juan garcia 14 days ago

      @Raul Alonso es el mismo deporte, uno es un equipo y el otro es un seleccionado nacional. La mayoria de los jaguares juegan en pumas. Tal vez juegan distinto porque tienen distintos tecnicos, pero para juzgar eso tendria que ver un partido entero y no un resumen.

    • Raul Alonso
      Raul Alonso 14 days ago

      @juan garcia gracias .comprenderas que no se y no quiero molestar .pero me parese que no es igual que el rugbi que juegan los pumas .es por ej el futbol y el futbol sala?

    • juan garcia
      juan garcia 14 days ago

      @Raul Alonso es un equipo argentino, que juega el super rugby, que es el mejor rugby del mundo. Es como si se creara un equipo argentino de basquet que juegue en la NBA, o un equipo argentino de futbol que juegue en la chapions.

    • Raul Alonso
      Raul Alonso 14 days ago

      @juan garcia pero es otro tipo de rugbi?

  • Dian Minnie
    Dian Minnie Month ago

    Whos this Israel folou guy?

  • Alejandro Pereyra Rozas


  • Stephan Engelbrecht

    Nice game bulls , i am a stormers fan but the stormers are going to have a strong squad in 2020 so we hope the stormers smash the bulls on loftus in 2020

  • kevin ruiters
    kevin ruiters Month ago

    THis was a dress rehearsal for the RWC final. England scoreless after the 13th minute. Stuck on TWELVE!!!! 23-12 FT score. RWC score 32-12. OK So who else is here after the RWC Cup came back to SA?

  • Stephan Engelbrecht

    I hope the stormers is playing well in 2020


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  • kasapira05
    kasapira05 Month ago

  • jO ETHI
    jO ETHI Month ago

    I say this as an Australian, but after what Rugby Australia did to their best player Israel Folau I am so glad Australia was destroyed in this match and the world cup. Well done South Africa.

  • 中林洋美
    中林洋美 Month ago


  • 790 DAY
    790 DAY Month ago

    How many intercepts did Elton gave this year?

  • The gamer guys
    The gamer guys Month ago

    ZAustarlia used to be the best now they are nothing

  • Charlie Whiunui
    Charlie Whiunui Month ago

    riche mounga all the way

  • solomon chandren
    solomon chandren Month ago

    Wow what a win

  • Crawler
    Crawler Month ago

    As an Australian it was nice to take in the moment of us smashing the all blacks but it was obvious without that red card it would’ve been a different story

  • Dawsk i
    Dawsk i Month ago

    The all blacks don't play enough day tests, I can't even remember the last time they played a day-time test in New Zealand

  • Michael Joyner
    Michael Joyner Month ago

    South Africa looking good!

  • El Pervertido De la clase.


  • Taswell Simpson
    Taswell Simpson 2 months ago

    My heart was broken.But winning Worldcup has healed it

  • Eugene du Plessis
    Eugene du Plessis 2 months ago

    At 4:20 is when South Africa wins the world cup ... If that did not happen. Rassie would have stepped down as coach.

  • Lungas Sakata
    Lungas Sakata 2 months ago

    England were not there to joke , LOL

  • Rex97
    Rex97 2 months ago

    Who's watching Springbok highlights after their RWC victory?

  • Kesivan Naidoo
    Kesivan Naidoo 2 months ago

    Does anyone know where to find the full match of this game. I can find everyother game full match except this one ?

  • Lionel Filimoeatu
    Lionel Filimoeatu 2 months ago

    Let's go

  • kevin ruiters
    kevin ruiters 2 months ago

    Interesting score - England stopped scoring in the 12th minute at 01:12 with 12 points on the board. South Africa ended on 23. Maybe a foretaste of the world cup 32. What a turn-around!

  • McKenzie [ZA]
    McKenzie [ZA] 2 months ago

    To think that we ended becoming World Champions a year later reflects just how much hard work went into this amazing journey.

  • Anathi Tongo
    Anathi Tongo 2 months ago

    who is that number 12 for SA

  • Hen Vene
    Hen Vene 2 months ago

    3:49 jaja nadie se dio cuenta que se arrancó el balón.

  • Gerry Hagen
    Gerry Hagen 2 months ago

    No Falou, no win

  • Malakai Saumatua
    Malakai Saumatua 2 months ago

    the boks have 3 to 4 players of equal strength in all positions. no wonder they won the rwc 2019. especially their 9/10 n 12/13 combinations...

  • bluewhale18
    bluewhale18 2 months ago

    Ordered by popularity in Australia : 1) Ozzie rules 2) rugby league 3) rugby union

  • Ibrahim Y
    Ibrahim Y 2 months ago

    The Match The English forgot to watch :)

  • Sihle Thomas
    Sihle Thomas 2 months ago

    the only teams that make me enjoy rugby to the fullest

  • Alekos Dafiniz
    Alekos Dafiniz 2 months ago

    Tongan rugby league is where its at How embarressing 93-7

  • Chantel Halliday
    Chantel Halliday 2 months ago

    Does it also look to you guys like mckenzie droped the ball on purpose there at the end? Looked it over and over again like 10 times what was he doing with the ball? Was he trying to kick the ball if so why kick when you are at the post line does not make sense. Im a bok supporter so don't hate on me i was just curious as to see if anyone else saw that?

  • Hydra Hunter
    Hydra Hunter 2 months ago

    Anyone here after RWC 2019?

  • Tom Harris
    Tom Harris 2 months ago

    who is the commentator in this, he is great

  • djon alexander
    djon alexander 2 months ago

    Who's here after RWC19

  • Sikhumbuzo Vena
    Sikhumbuzo Vena 2 months ago

    Who’s here after the RWC final???

  • Albertus Liebenberg
    Albertus Liebenberg 2 months ago

    ......and now we're world champions

  • jenna ross
    jenna ross 2 months ago

    That's my cousin

    VOLCANO HD 2 months ago

    It doesn’t matter, now springbok are the world Champions

  • Cornell Waters
    Cornell Waters 2 months ago

    🏉 Thank You!

  • Harley W
    Harley W 2 months ago

    After Boks are wc champions seeing the comments is quite funny. No one thought we had a chance

  • J LM
    J LM 2 months ago

    So, the seeds of a World Champion were sown. Fixed issues with backs alignment in rush defense and showed they can run if they have to.

  • Zephyr Trading
    Zephyr Trading 2 months ago


  • Josh
    Josh 2 months ago

    An excellent game against our brothers in New Zealand

  • ხორხე '
    ხორხე ' 2 months ago

    ბარეტს კარში დარტყმა ასწავლეთ ბლიად

  • Michael Joyner
    Michael Joyner 2 months ago

    I'm here zonal reviewing how we got to the championship in 2019,an won it.A form of time travel don't you think.

  • マルコ・ポーロ
    マルコ・ポーロ 2 months ago

    cool cool cool!

  • orfeo off
    orfeo off 2 months ago


  • Dale Latimer
    Dale Latimer 2 months ago

    Can they do this again in the RWC final.....

  • m i l k k y w a y y
    m i l k k y w a y y 2 months ago

    0:43 no one gonna talk about how the guy said : "haai voetsek maahn" 😂gang love for South Africa 😂❤

  • Benny D
    Benny D 2 months ago

    Duane Vermuelen went full beastmode💪💪 @2:00

  • finnmacool
    finnmacool 2 months ago

    That is South African Pride

  • Jaz Sraw
    Jaz Sraw 2 months ago

    Go Springboks! Best wishes for the final.