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  • Ty Brown
    Ty Brown Minute ago

    What is up with this one.. seems very odd compared to other clips. No talking numbers, only two dragons say anything, then the others that he accepted isnt even shown...

  • Darude Sandstrom
    Darude Sandstrom Minute ago

    When did Jen from The It Crowd become a dragon?

  • Lyrick - Music Channel
    Lyrick - Music Channel 2 minutes ago

    I wish I was a dragon one day

  • natures way
    natures way 2 minutes ago

    Whats with that behind the back finger super zoom? Are they implying he was giving the middle finger?

  • steve Snodgrass
    steve Snodgrass 4 minutes ago

    Wow there are loads of folks on the internet doing this already

  • Que Dableyou
    Que Dableyou 5 minutes ago

    lol british and australian sharks are so polite in the US they're like WAIT BEFORE YOU HEAR THAT OFFER, I WANT TO KNOW IF YOU ACCEPT MINE

  • Cryo1147
    Cryo1147 6 minutes ago

    Please stop with the exaggerating titles.

  • Caio Cavalcanti
    Caio Cavalcanti 8 minutes ago

    It was Jenny on the other side of the line... She was out!

  • JLConawayII
    JLConawayII 9 minutes ago

    I want some of those Raspberry Champagne Truffles now. I'm in the US though.

  • JohnChee86
    JohnChee86 11 minutes ago

    i sold 700 worth of product and instantly my company worth 1m . Do they think these investor are brain dead?

  • over opinionated
    over opinionated 14 minutes ago

    Caitlyn Jenner Is A Dragon?

  • Robert Rowland
    Robert Rowland 15 minutes ago

    "Congratulations on re-inventing yourself! But it's a waste..."

  • Jus Badd
    Jus Badd 23 minutes ago

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha this guy smoking crack.. taking to much cocaine

  • Rev B Righteous
    Rev B Righteous 24 minutes ago

    It was an eggcellent idea.

  • Hatuey McFarland
    Hatuey McFarland 25 minutes ago

    She had way too much Spanish wine for the pitch. Clearly she is drunk. Then proceeds to say that the Spanish are tricky putting all these things in their product. And that's what she is trying to sell. Dumbest person ever.

  • Joey Komosa
    Joey Komosa 26 minutes ago

    I thought he said Lauren's Beak

  • aeonjoey
    aeonjoey 26 minutes ago

    he's in quite a high end market to be this nervous giving a preso

  • Militant Hatred
    Militant Hatred 34 minutes ago

    Tuker is such a plonker

  • Jake Mackenzie
    Jake Mackenzie 39 minutes ago

    Peter was a real dick this time. There's incisive and being a douche. Telling him to hurry up when he spends 2 minutes cooking the noodles. EDIT: Damn, I spoke too soon, he made him an offer.

  • Leah Logan
    Leah Logan 39 minutes ago

    This was probably the last pitch of the day and Peter was tired of hearing Jenny give reasons why she's out.

  • Marcus Chan
    Marcus Chan 41 minute ago

    They should have taken the offer. He could have really helped to open doors and probably a stronger online presence.

  • Marcus Chan
    Marcus Chan 45 minutes ago

    So... something that can be changed easily (being the brand name), is their biggest issue? That’s so idiotic. And actually i have no issue with the name at all!!

  • jinkazama496
    jinkazama496 48 minutes ago

    Ooh jenny made a deal! Sun probably setting in the east tonight

  • WaterFlame957
    WaterFlame957 50 minutes ago

    "I know I don't have to tell you what I can do for you. I'm everywhere you wanna be. I know all the people you need to know." Spoken like a true BOSS!!! 😎😎😎

  • Rob
    Rob 52 minutes ago

    Oh these puns make me sick.

  • lairdriver
    lairdriver 53 minutes ago

    If we he partnered with a concierge service he could have at least sold the company

  • LyovMyshkin
    LyovMyshkin 53 minutes ago

    Why did Theo immediately declare he was out after the guy with the wet hair asked for equity? That confused me.

  • Joey Komosa
    Joey Komosa 55 minutes ago

    Dare I say the ipad not fitting in a british-made case is typically british?

  • jamie514
    jamie514 59 minutes ago

    Omg i found it. the unicorn episode. Jenny makes an offer.

  • Peter D
    Peter D Hour ago

    He has a business making about the same amount of money as a couple of kids on a paper round and he wants £150,000 for 30%. Batshit crazy.

  • Mikes Karaoke
    Mikes Karaoke Hour ago

    Peter Jones was in a local shop few days ago.

  • Jack Paul
    Jack Paul Hour ago

    No hold time on Google Maps

  • J FF
    J FF Hour ago

    Ask a policeman for the time? Did he come through some portal from 1965?

  • Johan Andhira
    Johan Andhira Hour ago

    This reminds me of juicero

  • SamanDroid
    SamanDroid Hour ago

    Calling it “The Uber of Haircuts” combined with seeing that one guy’s hair when they walked in made me think they were going to do a haircut demo or something

  • I scream fitness

    Lol already made www.google.dk/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/motors/3525276/the-20-car-doctor-app-that-could-save-you-200-a-year-in-repairs-and-stop-you-getting-ripped-off-by-mechanics/amp/

  • aeonjoey
    aeonjoey Hour ago

    they're actually both right, it is boilerplate, but using the phrasing, and the *claims* is where literally he's created a liability. while on the very stage he's asking for an investment, on both the professional and the integrity side, he's made massive blunders that read as mendacity. neither bode well for him to garner investment. she is correct in attacking him on the claims - BUT the legal boilerplate is generic. So they are both right, but he is wrong because he used libelous verbiage. so for those reasons, I'm out.

  • Hein Cloete
    Hein Cloete Hour ago

    Google maps...... GPS?

  • Coaster Freek
    Coaster Freek Hour ago

    "now clive your going to be awake when I make this pitch on dragons den yeah?" "couuuuuuuurse mate dont worry abat tit"

  • SamanDroid
    SamanDroid Hour ago

    This episode is from 2012, guys. He’s doing $4.7 million in sales now and all of the dragons were reaaaaally wrong about the direction of technology

  • I scream fitness

    Delusionel Damm.

  • Gurgle
    Gurgle Hour ago

    From the beginning she just sounded bored

  • The Silent Hero
    The Silent Hero Hour ago

    Nowadays you just open Google Maps

  • Luke Braun
    Luke Braun Hour ago

    What do you call a British shark, a dragon

  • MattTheSpratt
    MattTheSpratt Hour ago

    my drinking glass with ice in it produces water out of air, nice try idiots

  • trad mad
    trad mad Hour ago

    Shark tank is better

  • richard coughlan

    Non toxic means it should be safe in any circumstance not just on the nail. This guy is crazy.

  • J C
    J C Hour ago

    You’re a salesman. And for that reason I’m out

  • stuffanthings
    stuffanthings Hour ago

    Deborah is only interested if it's an expensive way for people to drink alone

  • Hockey G
    Hockey G Hour ago

    They asked for 25.000 pounds. That is not an amount so high they cannot find it in another place. Why do they need the sharks/dragons for this little an amount. Crowdfunding will bring in the same amount easily. What do they need the money for?

  • Evelyn Youngdeer

    I get so mad when people say a question isn't relevant. This is a pitch to potential investors; not a cross-examination in court. They're going to find out what they need to know or they won't give you the money. You aren't the one to say what is and isn't relevant.

    MXFIKI Hour ago

    If I were in the UK I would probably visit their new place: www.jollofbox.co.uk/

  • Ben Monson
    Ben Monson Hour ago

    Portable... Rebrew... Maybe. Quick... Try the aeropress

  • OOfania
    OOfania Hour ago

    Mustafa has drive, hopefully he's successful in his business endeavours

  • paabaa1
    paabaa1 Hour ago

    Jenny : I haven't got a pot to piss in. For that reason I'm out

  • Gordie Farmer
    Gordie Farmer Hour ago

    MMA Fighters would use that 100%

  • Skram Amme
    Skram Amme Hour ago

    lol how did I not know about these train wreck people on this awful show...that's my arvo settled

  • gary orourke
    gary orourke Hour ago

    Destination fucked

  • Hector Lamar
    Hector Lamar Hour ago

    Dude: "Try my service Pete" Peter: "It doesn't work" Dude: " Yeah I know"

  • Toffee Mc
    Toffee Mc Hour ago


  • Mani P
    Mani P Hour ago

    Duncan is so funny 😂

  • NonCompete
    NonCompete Hour ago

    This is one of the best ideas I've seen on this show, rich people don't get it because they can afford a personal trainer and a gym membership and a big room with a dedicated home gym. Working and retired folks who don't have a lot of space would love this. Plus you can work out while binge watching Netflix? Easy sell for a lot of ordinary people.

  • Cass Karo
    Cass Karo Hour ago

    This is a spectators show not a business education program actors are not entrepreneurs truly in my opinion they can claim the rags to riches story all they want it's all bullshiting you

  • Sean Foster
    Sean Foster Hour ago

    Indian dragon needs a nap STAT

  • Chris W
    Chris W Hour ago

    i love how proud he looks

  • matthew grant
    matthew grant Hour ago

    I want to invest in my solar powered lightbulbs

  • Jonathan Vazquez

    He actually had a good idea, and the dragons were so close minded and quick to judge that they missed out on the fact that they pressured this man under the buss. If 5 callers take 5 calls an hour, like the man said they did, he would only need 10 callers (not 20) to make 400 a day (assuming they work 8 hour shifts). Paying 10 advisers a year at 7.50/hr working 40hrs a week would be about 150,000 a year, not the 400,000 the dragon quoted. It's obvious this man doesn't perform well under pressure, and started just spouting numbers out just to appease the dragons and he was right when he shook his head and said he got his numbers wrong because he's shaken up.

  • stephen cantwell

    £15.60 for 8 tiny(36g) boxes of these biscuits on amazon.....what a rip off....and for that reason,i wont be buying and im ooot

  • arun lfc
    arun lfc Hour ago

    She’s Jeremy clarkson first wife hahaha That’s jokes

  • RY LAD
    RY LAD Hour ago

    Omg this guy

  • Ben Knight
    Ben Knight 2 hours ago

    Why is everyone all of a sudden watching old ass dragons den videos

  • Kirk Johnson
    Kirk Johnson 2 hours ago

    I feel sorry for the guys answering the phones that day. They are going to get yelled at and fired. Oh , wait, that's actually good news for them...

  • brego129
    brego129 2 hours ago

    These dragons were completely unprofessional.

  • jinkazama496
    jinkazama496 2 hours ago

    2:03 jenny: ooh 2.5% is low, theres my chance to get out.

  • Unlock Music
    Unlock Music 2 hours ago

    These comments are hilarious..🤣

  • Boujee Boo
    Boujee Boo 2 hours ago

    Take the bottle Peter 😂

  • mixed berry
    mixed berry 2 hours ago

    Guess Theo never passed a Kidney stone..

  • Harry Brown
    Harry Brown 2 hours ago

    Duncan "I only deal in misery, if this was a test tube of pure misery, I'd have invested, but it isn't, so I'm out".

  • Moonrise361
    Moonrise361 2 hours ago

    I don't agree with Touka at all. Only black?? nooo! That would be depressing, all black all the time. The colors she has are great for that type of clothes. They are travel clothes. What did Jenny mean by 'they are not travel clothes'? yes they are. Unless she always travels in pants(!). When it is hot, you do wear stuff like that when travelling. I think she did well.

  • Josh Daws
    Josh Daws 2 hours ago

    Ever heard of Sat Nav?

  • Jerry Lahjalahti ex-JW

    6:36 Jenny is a fan of gin & tonic. Jenny: "So for that reason, I'm PASSED out"

  • Q'own Son
    Q'own Son 2 hours ago

    I use a chainsaw every other day, and this thing looks useless. Just cut the wood where it is, why take time to stack wood on a saw-horse when you can cut it where it lay? It takes so much muscle to lay logs on a saw horse when you don't have to carry entire uncut-logs when you could just cut them into pieces on a pile of other logs.

  • Sheel
    Sheel 2 hours ago

    LMAO... Just Pullover a cab and ask them the directions.

  • Shamarr Hart
    Shamarr Hart 2 hours ago

    Ohhhhhhh... he's out on work release...that's his lawyer...I see..NOW THE ORANGE IS EXPLAINED!!! EVERYTHING IS EXPLAINED!!🤦🤦‍♂️🤦🤦‍♂️🤦🤦‍♂️

  • Kriegsmarschall Grim

    Better than a Xenophile globalist.

  • Nathan Kelm
    Nathan Kelm 2 hours ago

    Although he gave a pretty flaccid pitch they were still a little too hard on him. With the correct dragon they could really have grown bigger and erected a business that would be oozing loads of money. Too bad he got stiffed. He should have come on to them harder before they all pulled out.

    RKS PRODUCTIONS 2 hours ago

    And who would check ID'S for booze

  • Shamarr Hart
    Shamarr Hart 2 hours ago

    Wayment....where do they find these ppl on this show?? Are they ALLLLLLL complete BLOKES?? 🤬😒🤔🤔 WAIT A MINUTE....WHICH SHOW AM I WATCHING? 🤔🤔WHERES BARBARA...IM OUT!!!😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

  • Tomás Ó Treasaigh
    Tomás Ó Treasaigh 2 hours ago

    If Duncan declared himself out then he should shut his mouth! Faceblind numpty, lol.

  • Kevin Kiss
    Kevin Kiss 2 hours ago

    Dosnt the UK have Google maps?

  • max
    max 2 hours ago

    Jenny: I love ice cream and for that reason I'm (error 404)

  • Joey Komosa
    Joey Komosa 2 hours ago

    How old are these shows? I've seen a couple that they are pitching things that already exist.

  • MrAndersonLP
    MrAndersonLP 2 hours ago

    Jenny: "I love The Pridogy and for that reason I'm Out of Space"

  • Shamarr Hart
    Shamarr Hart 2 hours ago

    It's different for sales depending on WHERE...I didn't research before coming here...BUT PROBABLY 1 a day...That's what all successful business start out as and I'm not answering and questions because it's not relevant TO MEEEE...I DONT NEED YOUR MONEY....WHY AM I HERE...IM RACIST/PREJUDICE DAMNIT...!!!! OOOOPPPS...DID I SAY THAT! 😩😩😩😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😤😤😤😤😤😤😤🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Michael Gagnon
    Michael Gagnon 2 hours ago

    Meanwhile, Americans everywhere are offended by a company called Black taxi.

  • Moonrise361
    Moonrise361 2 hours ago

    That was a good negotiation from Piers. If it works out, good, if not, then the deal falls.

  • Harry Brown
    Harry Brown 2 hours ago

    Jenny "Ive just dropped my guts, so for that reason, everyone else is out"

  • Alan Cogan
    Alan Cogan 2 hours ago

    Peter Jones: Your service doesn't work. So bend over while I shove this phone up your arse.😠😠😠

  • Shamarr Hart
    Shamarr Hart 2 hours ago