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  • Farhan Ali
    Farhan Ali 13 minutes ago

    And now look what the premium car companies are doing.... I can now lock my car, press the horn, turn on the AC or seat heaters through my phone as well as track my where my car is. These dragons could have made millions with this.

  • Ian Rae
    Ian Rae 28 minutes ago

    "How dare they talk to me like that after I ask for £150,000 of their money for a stake in a company that has no assets whatsoever" What a bell end 😂🤣😂🤣

  • mrkipling147
    mrkipling147 29 minutes ago

    Jenny "im out" campbell

  • Will Stanton
    Will Stanton 30 minutes ago

    Is it just me or does Jenny seem slightly human here?

  • Kels Gems
    Kels Gems 52 minutes ago

    Why are you editing and cutting so much of the content out it’s making it unwatchable.

  • Myriii1911 Мириам

    20 percent for a deal with an experienced money maker isn’t too much ....

  • Jomaster The Second

    Jenny: I don't appear in this episode, so I'm out.

  • terence easthope

    that folks, is a greedy deluded woman .. she said she wanted THE ADDED VALUE OF A DRAGON, she left with her own "added value" which amounted to ZERO .. it's not unheard of for cocky business people to achieve their goals on their own - PLEASE LEAVE ME OUT OF THE BULSHIT - is the look, taken, from every dragon

  • wai tsang
    wai tsang 3 hours ago

    Money consumes people

  • E'raan Lue
    E'raan Lue 3 hours ago

    I have 600000 in my business. You give my business 600000. Together we have 1200000. Each of us owns 50% of the 1200000. My business right now is worth 600000. What is the problem?

  • Warriorking1963
    Warriorking1963 3 hours ago

    Hang on a minute, did he not say he had it "airtight" and they couldn't boss him around?

  • S Mc
    S Mc 3 hours ago

    Peter kicked his baws or what there and to put the last nail in his coffin he types on his ipad "I'm out" at the end ffs, just brilliant Cheap plastic birch wood shite that's what went wrong and no customers have complained says all in his classroom pupils And the weak defending responses he gave aye right Even Duncan cld smelt shite 😂🤣 And he's a teacher seriously best he give that up his job as well and stack his daddies shop shelves defo too much time on his hands this numpty

  • magsguerra
    magsguerra 4 hours ago

    And this is why I despise today’s version of ‘feminism’. Because if you dare to question them or disagree, they automatically fall back on the ‘You’re sexist! It’s because I’m a woman” excuse. It isn’t because of your sex, lady - it’s because you are being an obnoxious, argumentative, unprepared human being with a victim complex.

  • Hate Machine
    Hate Machine 4 hours ago

    Jenny is a dumbfuck and should drink my sperm

  • Thisis atest
    Thisis atest 4 hours ago

    Good morn.... Jenny: Sorry, let me stop you right there. Im out.

  • Thisis atest
    Thisis atest 4 hours ago

    Can we spend a moment to talk about the 2 hot chicks?

  • Dino
    Dino 4 hours ago

    theyre bags are beautiful

  • King Country Kiwi
    King Country Kiwi 4 hours ago

    Who needs fake tan anyway?? Need Polynesian blood like me lol.

  • George Wright
    George Wright 4 hours ago

    They’ve shut down anyway so it obviously wasn’t as good as they made out

  • Anastacia Louise
    Anastacia Louise 4 hours ago

    I think ive bought from these before! <3

  • Mizi R
    Mizi R 4 hours ago

    Join Illuminati To become Rich sniff coke is the best lool

  • Boss
    Boss 4 hours ago

    It was a fad

  • Mark S
    Mark S 5 hours ago

    Deborah was out of line. Sarah said she needed a dragon because they were better at business. Obviously. And for stating the obvious, she gets a dressing down. The irony is had Sarah said that they were NOT better than her, she would have gotten another dressing down for being arrogant and overconfident.

  • Boss
    Boss 5 hours ago

    Who ever invents the gadget to stop pop from going flat will become a billionaire. Every time I open a bottle, this thought comes to mind. Unfortunately this guy has not cracked it . It has to be a once off purchase like a bottle opener.

  • BadgersBuncoBooth
    BadgersBuncoBooth 5 hours ago

    He went to my university

  • Gabriel Anderson
    Gabriel Anderson 6 hours ago

    Dumb investors but not as dumb as Australian shark tank

  • Austen J
    Austen J 7 hours ago

    An honest, genuine and engaging pitch, offer and acceptance between kindred, Northern souls. Entrepreneurs in the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are alive and well!

  • The Impressionist
    The Impressionist 7 hours ago

    They gave quite a pouch of their company away

  • The Impressionist
    The Impressionist 7 hours ago

    Peter must have known they liked him the most as he didn’t want to reduce his offer

  • s baxter
    s baxter 7 hours ago

    Is there a Dragons Den series that shows how well all the investments are going?

  • Geerthan Kannan
    Geerthan Kannan 7 hours ago

    Im sure they didnt wana work with peter 🤣👎

  • G Dog
    G Dog 7 hours ago

    @ Jenny It’s not really investing when you go 50/50 with another dragon to carry the weight And for that reason ‘I’m out’....

  • razzle dazzle
    razzle dazzle 7 hours ago

    They smashed it

  • Aaron Segar1988
    Aaron Segar1988 7 hours ago

    Tbf since my barber from area packed up over 6 years ago I have swapped barbers many times since and dm still not happy

  • SalemKid
    SalemKid 7 hours ago

    Carl Froch was unlucky here!

  • Mr Corndog
    Mr Corndog 7 hours ago

    women don't like construction. nobody is stopping them

  • MiddleAgedMassive
    MiddleAgedMassive 8 hours ago

    This is basically sticking your child in front of a bright screen just before bed time to play a game that stimulates the brain. This goes against all the advice I've ever received for managing children's sleep. Also, big brother is watching kids, their mid range product is a Monthly payment: 1 Playbrush + 5 Games + Brushing data app for parents. Your absent parents will know when you haven't hit those molars. They still won't be able to spot you in a line up though.

  • Goose
    Goose 8 hours ago

    That accent is really irritating ...

  • Michael Malhi
    Michael Malhi 8 hours ago

    What a plonker !!! As the pitch went on and her greed was obvious the best outcome happened !! You got fuk all 😁

  • Dominic Frost
    Dominic Frost 8 hours ago

    Touker didn’t want that smoke

  • MiddleAgedMassive
    MiddleAgedMassive 8 hours ago

    I swear on Jenny's pad it said "1 + 1 = I'm out"

  • RRP
    RRP 8 hours ago

    0:50 I'm Out

  • DMG118
    DMG118 8 hours ago

    "I've got the best job in the world. I collect seaweed for Fiona."

  • popesloth gaming
    popesloth gaming 9 hours ago

    Skateboarding helps so many people thats why i love it

  • Sri Siva
    Sri Siva 9 hours ago

    lost a huge opportunity over 2.5%. 2.5% is NOTHING in the grand scheme of things. I would have gone with Tej, who can place your products in all the retail locations. That is VALUABLE.

  • Dick, The duck
    Dick, The duck 9 hours ago

    Nice try osama

  • Griley死
    Griley死 9 hours ago

    Jenny : i’m broke therefore i’m out

  • alex
    alex 9 hours ago

    She still goes “out”

  • 123456 789
    123456 789 9 hours ago

    So this is shark tank uk

  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel 9 hours ago

    Why Jenny is always out? and for that I'm out.

  • DMG118
    DMG118 9 hours ago

    Lego inventor: I'm asking for £50,000 for a 25% stake in my company, lego. Duncan: ACH SURE IT'S JUS' A BIT A PLASTIC IS RUBBISH!!

  • freewilliam93
    freewilliam93 9 hours ago

    Best burn by Duncan, and thats saying something.

  • Paki Fighter
    Paki Fighter 9 hours ago

    I thought indians only scammed on telephone.

  • Andi Pandi
    Andi Pandi 10 hours ago

    13:01 peter jones admitting that *HE* f*cked up..

  • C K
    C K 10 hours ago

    Jenny: I see red flags popping up all over this investment. Also Jenny: I'm in.

  • Hakeem Rogerson
    Hakeem Rogerson 10 hours ago

    I read the title and the first thing I see them doing is drinking the free water 😂

  • MEanME
    MEanME 10 hours ago

    I'm just leaving a comment and then I'm out cause I'm tired of reading all the Jenny jokes. (You bores)

  • Zack Turner
    Zack Turner 10 hours ago

    Can vouch for these they are an absolute life saver for marking up!

  • Annabelle Rankin
    Annabelle Rankin 10 hours ago

    Think this machine's functions may be somewhat contrary to GDPR laws....

  • Jon Cocks
    Jon Cocks 10 hours ago

    Thank you, come again

  • Buzz
    Buzz 10 hours ago

    Great product for my autistic son who hates brushing his teeth

  • Billy Bremner
    Billy Bremner 11 hours ago

    2.47 mins, man has a huge hair sprouting from the center of his nose, for that reason, I'm out

  • Mister Magnifico
    Mister Magnifico 11 hours ago

    02:22 Deborah is Gold!

  • Rus Clark
    Rus Clark 11 hours ago

    Test it, then test it again and just when you know it works get someone else to test it! Hard to come back from this kind of school boy error.

  • Abdul Khan
    Abdul Khan 11 hours ago

    Fiona is dumb and Deborah is super sly

  • Alex Butters
    Alex Butters 11 hours ago

    She really wanted him to give it a good strumming the dirty old boot

  • Cormy SyStem
    Cormy SyStem 11 hours ago

    This guy has as much charisma as a soiled nappy.

  • albert19ful
    albert19ful 11 hours ago

    The dragons was very fair with their offers ...and if she had took any one of them ,her business would have taken off like an F16 on afterburner . But greed lost her any deals . So I’m out .

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B 11 hours ago

    Hi I'm out i mean jenny.

  • Calum Millar
    Calum Millar 11 hours ago

    Rejecting tej's 15 was probably a huge mistake

  • 1 no
    1 no 11 hours ago

    i was actually frightened when the blue madam come to screen first at 0:41 :D

  • Eugenie Heraty
    Eugenie Heraty 11 hours ago

    Hate all ads - Please spare me this poor dulcosoft woman and her clogged bowel.............

  • Suj Cat
    Suj Cat 11 hours ago

    Jenny looks like the female emperor palapatine in the thumbnail

  • Sahdes Tree
    Sahdes Tree 11 hours ago

    1:45 Good lord, BBC never tires of showing her leather like, reptilian skin

  • Carol YOUNG
    Carol YOUNG 12 hours ago

    Parents: While potty training make sure your sons learn to put the seat back down. Future females in your boy's lives will be ever so grateful!!! THAT WILL BE £85,000 PLEASE!!

  • Sheila Whitfield
    Sheila Whitfield 12 hours ago

    I love Peter Jones he’s as subtle as a bullet lol x

  • Kaian凯安
    Kaian凯安 12 hours ago

    _Jenny starts to weep_ Tear (rolling down her face): I'm out!

  • Sahdes Tree
    Sahdes Tree 12 hours ago

    Pound shop traders meet people with multinational corporation connections

  • Sahdes Tree
    Sahdes Tree 12 hours ago

    6:16 Good lord, the sweaty comb-over

  • Sahdes Tree
    Sahdes Tree 12 hours ago

    3:31 Good lord, the smokers lines, brutal

  • Without Prejudice
    Without Prejudice 12 hours ago

    skin gross

  • Missy Mara
    Missy Mara 12 hours ago

    The guy has wild in his eyes.

  • Desmond Cristuardo
    Desmond Cristuardo 12 hours ago

    I thought she had been doing serious calculations @11:49 hahaha

  • Ben Ali Alfakhri
    Ben Ali Alfakhri 12 hours ago

    Tuka wasn't in s good mood with Peter was he? 😂

  • Kadenza Recordings
    Kadenza Recordings 12 hours ago

    7:45 jenny had a smoke off camera

  • JDrake_22 Ps4
    JDrake_22 Ps4 12 hours ago

    Isn't this business worth over 150 million now?

  • Evie Anh Wong
    Evie Anh Wong 13 hours ago

    Can I have his waffling skills please 🙏🙏

  • Geraldine Roburky
    Geraldine Roburky 13 hours ago

    my name is Geraldine roburky

  • Dan Orr
    Dan Orr 13 hours ago

    Why are they so horrible to him, poor fucker

  • Mo mohammedgamer
    Mo mohammedgamer 13 hours ago

    He comes in says ' hi my ' Jenny ' am out '

  • Mark almond
    Mark almond 14 hours ago

    Piss off back to ausie land for fucks sake

  • Mark almond
    Mark almond 14 hours ago

    What a pathetic pitch cringe worthy bloody feminist's are just a waste of oxygen jude get a life

  • Marie L
    Marie L 14 hours ago

    the way they speak to people - no need

  • happylife
    happylife 14 hours ago

    I would have replied it can be fixed in week. It is not a rocket science. Designs already exist.

  • BillyRay
    BillyRay 14 hours ago

    hi,im dead,just put me in a black bag ,i dont care now.........

  • E M
    E M 14 hours ago

    I'm not your organic queen..... Im outta here

  • BillyRay
    BillyRay 14 hours ago

    i see red flags there for im in........ludicrous

  • Stephanie Zimbalist
    Stephanie Zimbalist 14 hours ago

    Richard was pissed when Duncan essentially rescinded their offer over his hurt pride and damaged ego.

  • jordan lewis
    jordan lewis 14 hours ago


  • Edith Munoz
    Edith Munoz 14 hours ago

    I love the Jenny jokes 😂 bring her back