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  • Lolita Victorino
    Lolita Victorino 24 minutes ago

    I do. Not. Love Video

  • Francheska Po
    Francheska Po 27 minutes ago

    That is diguisting and waste of foods.

  • Hca 2
    Hca 2 2 hours ago

    I’m really inspired i need to clean my room right now

  • Muhamad Faisal
    Muhamad Faisal 2 hours ago

    Iyh beb

  • diary of a lame ghost

    this's really a deep cleaning

  • creative_with_me
    creative_with_me 4 hours ago

    am i the only one who did never get a note by the lunch from your mom or dad?

  • Hannah Shen
    Hannah Shen 5 hours ago

    2:45 Simplynail logical comin at chu liek that was MY scene

  • I am a living example of Hell

    The shower has a huge window on the side I wish I was your neighbour

  • FionnaTheHedgehogYT
    FionnaTheHedgehogYT 5 hours ago

    i love reading Webtoon comic who else love reading them too?!

  • Flopsy Jowett
    Flopsy Jowett 6 hours ago

    The mug turning slowly from white to black was great

  • Alissa Lynn
    Alissa Lynn 8 hours ago

    your house just called me broke

  • Sylvia Anggit
    Sylvia Anggit 9 hours ago

    Challenge paling bodoh

  • Torimani
    Torimani 9 hours ago

    Okay idk if you’re gonna see this, but this is so weird. I was searching for celebs born in 1994, because so was I, then I saw you were born in Okinawa and SO WAS I lmfao. I’m thinking maybe we somehow maybe went to school together briefly, or attended preschool together? Anyway, hope you see this! Also the song is great!

  • Kawaii Kimberly
    Kawaii Kimberly 10 hours ago


  • Lacey Hill
    Lacey Hill 11 hours ago

    First of all rat don't be rude

  • J Ali
    J Ali 13 hours ago

    The most shocking thing about this video is the fact that the McDonalds order was $23. That’s £17. That much food from our McDonald’s in England would cost double that for sureeeee

  • Joann Sutton
    Joann Sutton 13 hours ago

    I havent watched mia in along time and i am coming back and realizing how much she has changed and how old i am now.

  • sunnieyxu -ellaaa
    sunnieyxu -ellaaa 14 hours ago

    the timelapse was intense.

  • SpeediraWindira
    SpeediraWindira 15 hours ago

    Dang,she got a really nice place!

  • Jade Peiton
    Jade Peiton 15 hours ago

    this made me tired

  • Linda Cashdollar
    Linda Cashdollar 15 hours ago

    I'm the tomboy.😎

  • Camryn Fagan
    Camryn Fagan 15 hours ago

    She definitely had an amazing night sleep

  • Ava Acosta
    Ava Acosta 15 hours ago

    its really comforting to know I'm not the only person who lets clutter build up

  • Bsbdndn Ndndndnd
    Bsbdndn Ndndndnd 16 hours ago

    Autotune level 6262273773272727 says hello

  • raeraecrazy
    raeraecrazy 17 hours ago

    love this video omg

  • TikTok TikTok
    TikTok TikTok 19 hours ago

    " but no SALAD for BREAKFAST"

  • lily
    lily 19 hours ago

    Omg it would be so nice to have a shower like that!

  • Waking Up
    Waking Up 20 hours ago

    Damn. I'm the speed runner. HIIT it! 😋

  • seanjhedrick vicentillo

    She is a dirty girl

  • seanjhedrick vicentillo

    Imagine she was on her period and still fingering her wet pussy.

  • seanjhedrick vicentillo

    The real youtuber is not dirty and not wasting food or drinks.

  • Jin K
    Jin K Day ago

    Not yummy so grows

  • Clara
    Clara Day ago

    Thanks for reminding me to water my plants <3

  • Lucy eventing
    Lucy eventing Day ago

    2019 anyone??

  • Nayeem Khan
    Nayeem Khan Day ago

    Anyone knows the music used in this video

  • Twisted5576
    Twisted5576 Day ago

    Nice hat

  • Nur Dianah
    Nur Dianah Day ago

    I really love 2020 & this song👍

  • The Loser's Lover 1984

    i have a friend named tyler and now when i wan to call him i say... "TAyleR!!!" BTW!Who is waching this in 2019? only me ?

  • rg
    rg Day ago

    seeing her change from bright colors and slime and daily vlogs and crazy thumbnails to this aesthetic is crazyyy but i like it

  • Tae’s spoch-kah

    This is almost my dream house.💜 Such a beautiful fusion of Japanese & Western architecture!🌸

  • Tae’s spoch-kah

    I remember this house (living room) from Mr. Kate's bohemian makeover episode💜

  • Dung nguyetxuan Bui

    This is not cute Mia, it wasteful ... I understand that you like to do videos and be creative but this was too much

  • s k
    s k Day ago

    Sneezing part🤣🤣🤣

  • Kerollos F
    Kerollos F Day ago

    I ate before this video and now I am hungry again

  • Sarah Kempenich

    On mondays, Wednesdays, and fridays my school serves curly fries with lunch

  • Keila R
    Keila R Day ago

    I loved this video but how did she live like this lol 😬

  • Nevaeh Salcido

    U should make a video with AleshyMaire

  • Susan Lyons
    Susan Lyons Day ago

    LOL...any negative comments about how digusting this is is delited.

  • Susan Lyons
    Susan Lyons Day ago

    wow...you cleaned your house......your house was gross.

  • Raya Animates
    Raya Animates Day ago

    Yo McDonald's looks BOOM!! The one in Florida is TRASH!! THE BURGER WOULD BE SO SOOGY ABD FLAT!!

  • lukii lukiii arianto

    Apa gue yg nonton orang indonesia

  • A Mac
    A Mac Day ago

    Oh god all that mess/stuff would totally do my head in!

  • caT ube
    caT ube Day ago

    WAIT A SECOND!!!!! YOUR THE GIRL ON MR KATE! she decorated your living room

  • BekFest Gurl
    BekFest Gurl Day ago

    Ok let’s talk about one thing.... *That’s a fancy toilet*

  • cookiewang
    cookiewang Day ago

    so satisfying to watch this....LOL. This is how you know you're getting older.

  • antonia wint
    antonia wint Day ago

    I am graduating this year

  • awesome girl101

    I love this video

  • Amelia Prosser

    The guest bathroom counter top looks like bacon lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • martine uwu
    martine uwu Day ago

    I'm "know it all", "you dont realise me", sometimes "quiet kid", "geek". And weeb :>

  • Febe Snoep
    Febe Snoep Day ago

    you have a great house :)

  • Holly Marie
    Holly Marie Day ago

    Idk how y’all stay on task and literally clean ALL DAY

  • Rebecca zomolo Fan

    OMGG Eva’s face at 3:08😂😂😂😂and 3:15 😂😂😂

  • No Name
    No Name Day ago

    Dirt from her feet that she carries from the ground while walking, hair falling from her head, some bacteria and germs from the tub. So disgusting

  • No Name
    No Name Day ago


  • Babyface K
    Babyface K Day ago

    Wow I think she changed alotttttt

  • Rivesh Salmani
    Rivesh Salmani 2 days ago

    U should make a collaboration video with bb ki vines

  • gacha Scary
    gacha Scary 2 days ago

    Um are u wasting money u didn't drink it its gross u might peed on it ew

  • berke sulus
    berke sulus 2 days ago

    The only tactic of easy cleaning is; amzn.to/2q4nzyn

  • TheSilveryew
    TheSilveryew 2 days ago

    These are sensible, but please steer clear of #9. Many schools don't allow the use of phones in the classroom anyway, plus recording someone without their knowledge or informed consent is a no-no. The uni where I work has installed lecture capture software for this reason that all students can access recordings of classes, but please don't record your classes or tutors without their consent ><

  • Nancy Peteja
    Nancy Peteja 2 days ago

    They all looked good! TFS.😊

  • Gina Alcantara
    Gina Alcantara 2 days ago

    So coooool. You're blooming and so is your career 😉😍🍒

  • Cairyn Jay
    Cairyn Jay 2 days ago

    Do you live here alone?

  • Mary Rose
    Mary Rose 2 days ago

    Woo! So proud of you!!!

  • Joyshewta Dutta
    Joyshewta Dutta 2 days ago

    Y u shout so much plzz dont shout so much ur voice is so annoying

  • josephryan Dimalanta

    i love your energy mam so entertaining

  • Zoe Fanning
    Zoe Fanning 2 days ago

    i love how she screams every time after drinking soda 😂😭

  • Harshita Sai Lakshmi

    it makes me feel so tired just by looking at all the work she has done..... imagine how tired she is after all this cleaning

  • Glass Ice
    Glass Ice 2 days ago

    Omg I want your bathroom it’s so cool

  • OGR Acid
    OGR Acid 2 days ago

    Ive never seen anyone do an egg like that. If ur doing that, why dont u just make an omlette?

  • OGR Acid
    OGR Acid 2 days ago

    Jeez. Theres so much more to do as a girl

  • Surina Gill
    Surina Gill 2 days ago

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  • ruthless_rose _
    ruthless_rose _ 2 days ago

    Love this video! The amount of things purchased from urban outfitters made my wallet hurt lol

  • Miriam 090985
    Miriam 090985 2 days ago

    Very cool, expensive house! How long is it gonna stay clean?! 🤔

  • ryann hempleman
    ryann hempleman 2 days ago

    How does that even happen to someone’s house. I mean good guy or you for cleaning it

  • andy chen
    andy chen 2 days ago

    Sooooo satisfying

  • moci boba ラブユー

    Who else misses Mia Mondays 😭😭😭😭

  • I dunno a name :/
    I dunno a name :/ 2 days ago

    Once I saw all your plants I was like- *ah yes a fellow plant addict*

  • Michelle Yang
    Michelle Yang 2 days ago

    Who else loves demi?

  • Bridgette Wafer
    Bridgette Wafer 2 days ago

    I'm not feeling well right now but this makes me wanna get up and clean

  • Maricruz Aguilar
    Maricruz Aguilar 2 days ago

    Which (hi) will get the most likes

  • Maricruz Aguilar
    Maricruz Aguilar 2 days ago


  • Maricruz Aguilar
    Maricruz Aguilar 2 days ago


  • Maricruz Aguilar
    Maricruz Aguilar 2 days ago


  • Carley Rey
    Carley Rey 2 days ago

    Can you do something for us

  • Luke Ridool
    Luke Ridool 2 days ago

    Sou do Brasil.....gostei muito do seu apartamento 👍

  • Zoo Monkeyful
    Zoo Monkeyful 2 days ago

    wait what happened with romeo

  • Angelina Jose
    Angelina Jose 2 days ago

    Lady- are you like..going to eat it by yourself? Mia- Yeah.. 😂

  • Angelina Jose
    Angelina Jose 2 days ago

    This is how many people want to be Mia’s friend 💗 c: 👇🏼

    TRISHA D. 2 days ago

    I like the mini fridge😳😍

  • tic toc basher
    tic toc basher 2 days ago

    I'm the emo who are u