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Clash of Clans
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  • Hessien
    Hessien 5 minutes ago


  • fighter boy
    fighter boy 16 minutes ago


  • Intro DJ 101
    Intro DJ 101 53 minutes ago

    Jesus they have Buddy Holly in this. How about a Brown Eyed Hog Rider?

  • Frede Lassesen
    Frede Lassesen 57 minutes ago


  • Rainier
    Rainier Hour ago

    4/4 Builders Theres 5

  • Платон Ильин

    Почему у вас ратуша 8 а каралева лучниц же на 9 уровне ратуши

  • Team
    Team 2 hours ago

    We want new clash a ramas

  • ian
    ian 2 hours ago


  • Robin Gaming
    Robin Gaming 2 hours ago

    18:39 supercell should add that card into the game: minion dragon

  • Kirito SwordArt
    Kirito SwordArt 2 hours ago

    Man It is funny to hiw the barbarian hold his breath to go under water then he starts yelling out 😆 Lol

  • Robin Gaming
    Robin Gaming 2 hours ago

    15:49 I thought the archer queen would have a white crown spot after she takes of her crown, just like the barbarian king

  • Robin Saha
    Robin Saha 2 hours ago

    Cash of clans new version update very soon pleases

  • Rajkumar Jaisinghani

    Supercell you can update a clash of clans to refresh global option add it plz

  • Aarav Panjnani
    Aarav Panjnani 2 hours ago

    Supercell sucks

  • Aryan Sharma
    Aryan Sharma 2 hours ago

    Dear sir , I had given my supercell I'd verification code to any stranger pls tell me way to safe my supercell I'd from him

  • Aryan Sharma
    Aryan Sharma 2 hours ago

    JP sir , u r a kind person u r updating coc version n providing good services but I had given my supercell I'd verification code to any stranger he is destroying my I'd n I m asking him to remove my I'd from his device but he didn't do it ...pls tell me way to safe my I'd from his use ....pls reply me

  • 11 11
    11 11 2 hours ago

    ببجي احسن من كلاش

  • Shoe Box
    Shoe Box 2 hours ago

    Who actually counted that there were 40 goblins

  • lương cương
    lương cương 3 hours ago

    viet nam minh danh tran nay thang hay thua vay

  • MrJeetug
    MrJeetug 3 hours ago

    7:19 what a hot kiss 😘

  • Randumbo
    Randumbo 4 hours ago

    A clone gets married on its 2nd day of life. *Hmmm yes okay.*

  • MrJeetug
    MrJeetug 4 hours ago

    What’s just happening!Electro and ice wizard at 6:00! 😳😰😱🤔 and at 10:32 Its a fire 🔥 spirit !

  • MrJeetug
    MrJeetug 4 hours ago

    3:24 Look that in the meeting , there is bandit and ice wizard

  • Rayyan Saad
    Rayyan Saad 4 hours ago

    9:08 the goblin had a sword

  • Go Commit Neck Crack Bone

    Hog rider

  • Reis Woodard
    Reis Woodard 5 hours ago

    I love these

  • victor_gamer55
    victor_gamer55 6 hours ago


  • Killerket
    Killerket 6 hours ago

    can i use the skin forever or only for one month if i buy gold pass?

  • Dhara Shah
    Dhara Shah 6 hours ago

    Dc Th This The tikjhjjhsjjv John vgheggge was my day I like it but I think 🤔 was my

  • Joseph Avila
    Joseph Avila 6 hours ago

    Please join Oo New Era oO .Only 3k trophy’s and up active chat. With active people on clan wars and donations active people only.✅✅✅✅✅

  • Joseph Avila
    Joseph Avila 6 hours ago

    Please join Oo New Era oO .Only 3k trophy’s and up active chat. With active people on clan wars and donations active people only.✅✅✅✅✅

  • Nathan Cao
    Nathan Cao 7 hours ago

    Woody’s commentary sounds like he doesn’t really know what’s going and he just yells words to make it sound interesting

  • hamidriza bege
    hamidriza bege 7 hours ago


  • Lord Kevin 19
    Lord Kevin 19 7 hours ago


  • ScarrY TubeR
    ScarrY TubeR 7 hours ago

    Plss make more animation

  • Happy Fers
    Happy Fers 8 hours ago

    Fly like an eagle Bo:Wtf bro

  • bill bill
    bill bill 9 hours ago

    This brings back so many memories 😢 Life was so simple back then...

  • Alvaro Canchola
    Alvaro Canchola 9 hours ago

    2:28 that gave me PTSD

  • Xavier Chapa
    Xavier Chapa 9 hours ago

    Man the healer be busty

  • Yusias
    Yusias 11 hours ago

    Oouhh 😄

  • Danthememerman
    Danthememerman 11 hours ago

    This base has sooo many things wrong with it

    MEGATRONION EX 12 hours ago

    But I've not get the OTP

  • Eenam Avenchy
    Eenam Avenchy 12 hours ago

    That's one soothing voice tho!

  • Stop Global Warming
    Stop Global Warming 12 hours ago

    He is santa clause he has “elves “

  • Faze ClanCrew
    Faze ClanCrew 12 hours ago

    Me : laughs Teacher : What's so funny? Me : Nothing My brain : 9:08

    ABU SABLH 13 hours ago

    He is so lucky 11:06

  • Epik Twiist
    Epik Twiist 13 hours ago

    First scene was definitely a rocky balboa reference

  • yeeted poison
    yeeted poison 13 hours ago

    Super pekka/male pekka

  • Playinger
    Playinger 13 hours ago

    Level 7 town hall being attacked by a town hall 10 or 9 and has weak walls and weak defense

  • Playinger
    Playinger 14 hours ago

    Who saw the surfing hog rider on his pig and the minions

  • Fireball Phillip
    Fireball Phillip 14 hours ago

    Can you do more clash a Rama that’s what make me like clash of clans and clash royal when you stop it makes me not really like it Like if you want

  • Hassan Gibson
    Hassan Gibson 14 hours ago

    8:04 Hello son

  • Doge
    Doge 15 hours ago

    I love these

  • Colinwiggles Hi
    Colinwiggles Hi 15 hours ago

    Wait so are hogs and hog riders like couples or like cars because you can buy a hog at hog max

  • Noobiest GD
    Noobiest GD 15 hours ago

    4:04 those villagers faces tho Lmao

  • Megagamers 4412
    Megagamers 4412 16 hours ago

    7:23 look at the cannon and 7:28 it got destroyed how

  • Didier Kwok
    Didier Kwok 16 hours ago

    Where did the mini peka

  • MR S.K.A.T 98
    MR S.K.A.T 98 16 hours ago

    On the picture of video , i thought that is Star Platinum from JoJo Bizarre adventure

  • DriftGMD
    DriftGMD 16 hours ago

    5:58 Jesus is a bomb 😂

  • Calamardoxd3
    Calamardoxd3 16 hours ago

    Clash if Clans no se puede

  • Charlotte's World
    Charlotte's World 17 hours ago

    You can't see it in his fuse

  • Zachary Daniels
    Zachary Daniels 17 hours ago

    Whats a mini pekka doing in a clash of clans village

  • Mørt †
    Mørt † 17 hours ago


  • p k
    p k 18 hours ago

    I love you Videos

  • Memey
    Memey 18 hours ago

    0:41 me and the boys raiding area 51

  • Shader The invader
    Shader The invader 18 hours ago

    Hey can there be a spell called Hypnosis It will turn any troop in the clan castle into your alley and fight for you in that battle

  • سوري و افتخر

    please return the arabic language

  • Omar Maged
    Omar Maged 19 hours ago

    My account was banned for no reason it’s called hunter(omar) can you please supercell unban my account?

  • Sharan chaudhary
    Sharan chaudhary 19 hours ago

    *I used to bring six stars using hog riders(goho) in almost all the wars when I was in th9....damn missing those days*

  • Elza Kim
    Elza Kim 19 hours ago

    Да чтоб вас, и как после этого жертвовать героев,а?:(

  • ubiswagger
    ubiswagger 19 hours ago

    Who is Joe?

  • Kevin Felipe
    Kevin Felipe 20 hours ago

    *My soup is cold* Me: wait that’s illegal

  • Epic gamer Pie
    Epic gamer Pie 20 hours ago

    11:00 check this out

  • Heitor Virgílio
    Heitor Virgílio 21 hour ago

    Como a si mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Caraca, what?

  • K5 clumzZy
    K5 clumzZy 21 hour ago

    1:55 Mama

  • TheRealDepth Gaming
    TheRealDepth Gaming 21 hour ago

    I once told my friend Merry Clashmas... I don’t say anything to anyone anymore

  • Kyeden Marsh
    Kyeden Marsh 21 hour ago

    Subscribe and share

  • Abel Hernandez ooga booga

    I wish the magic archer could actually one shot a giant skeleton

  • Brandon Paul
    Brandon Paul 22 hours ago

    builders are mega knite

  • Xavier McDougal
    Xavier McDougal 22 hours ago

    This video made me not want to change my deck

  • Epic gamer Pie
    Epic gamer Pie 22 hours ago

    6:00 the biggest dragon army in the world

  • Dino bandit
    Dino bandit 22 hours ago

    7:56 umm how?

  • ajinator the ranger
    ajinator the ranger 22 hours ago

    Guys turn on captions and u can understand the goblin when they go see the magic archer

  • Epic gamer Pie
    Epic gamer Pie 22 hours ago

    How does slayer32 have so much elixir and gold and gems XD

  • snigdha rana
    snigdha rana 22 hours ago

    Don't you just hate it when you can like your comment only once!!!! BECAUSE I DO!!! 😄

  • Felipe Painenao
    Felipe Painenao 22 hours ago

    Parece que ataco un noob

  • Tristan Playz
    Tristan Playz 23 hours ago

    5:28 her arrow is red then it’s blue

  • Avian MCPE
    Avian MCPE 23 hours ago

    7:35 Rick the Giant look at his eyes from Rick & Morty

  • GG NoOb
    GG NoOb 23 hours ago

    Cool 🌹💋

  • Irving juegos, vlogs y mas

    Es dude es sans (la sonrisa)

  • TUN Ca
    TUN Ca 23 hours ago

    7:01 on 0.25 speed What the hell

  • Christian Fuentes

    Mi comentario es que en vez de mejorar COC lo están empeorando y cada vez me dan menos ganas de jugar, ahora último nerfearon a los montapuercos y a los aeropuercos dejando inservibles sobre todo a estos últimos, además eliminarán el chat general no pudiendo reclutar a más gente en los clanes, mi reclamo es para que hagan el juego más divertido y no lo hechen a perder ya he gastado mucho tiempo y algo de dinero para ahora dejar el juego.

  • iT woOddY!!
    iT woOddY!! Day ago

    Bolaloon the bola mean ball

  • Kobi Chhobi
    Kobi Chhobi Day ago


  • Kobi Chhobi
    Kobi Chhobi Day ago


  • Kobi Chhobi
    Kobi Chhobi Day ago

    Why did you make skin's for hero's

  • Kobi Chhobi
    Kobi Chhobi Day ago

    The party wizard has no purple hair

  • スマブラクリーパー


  • Jose Torrez
    Jose Torrez Day ago

    This is awsome

  • Tristan Playz
    Tristan Playz Day ago

    7:25 when they were in a village then the solo musketeer says no they can’t quit and she’s in a royale arena