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Bin Head | The Inbetweeners
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  • Rhyperior Ranger
    Rhyperior Ranger 30 minutes ago

    “Can you stop staring at my tits please?” Well maybe if you stop displaying them

    SAMMAYA BUTT 51 minute ago

    Jay was the biggest bullshitter of the early 2000's 😂😂😂😂

  • Will McKenzie
    Will McKenzie 2 hours ago

    This bloke is my best friend

  • Birat Ghimire
    Birat Ghimire 2 hours ago

    Will would probably go on and grow up to be David Mitchell.

  • Majestics UK
    Majestics UK 3 hours ago

    "Neil did you wet yourself in my new car?"

  • Unknown Yt
    Unknown Yt 5 hours ago


  • Vegetarian Soylent-Green

    "I think we noshed one up in the greenhouse."

  • Vegetarian Soylent-Green

    Underrated character, and genuinely a great dad.

  • Assistant to the regional manager

    You either were a Jay or knew a Jay in school

  • Michael Naisbitt
    Michael Naisbitt 8 hours ago

    Love the young girls calling the lads Pedos. When judging by the time of night and their dress every one of them kissed their virginity goodbye years ago

  • CW Productions
    CW Productions 10 hours ago


  • andrew sutherland
    andrew sutherland 12 hours ago

    I really don't think Neil's dad was a homosexual, he was just alittle gay

  • Guy
    Guy 13 hours ago

    Satarize their provado

  • Guy
    Guy 13 hours ago

    More than 2?

  • MortonTV
    MortonTV 13 hours ago

    Go on Jay!

  • MortonTV
    MortonTV 13 hours ago

    Errrrrahhhhh I just had a really nice zitug sinking about your mozer and I spilt some on zthe floor um sorry

  • Dillon Davis
    Dillon Davis 14 hours ago

    So Simon got his tyre broken from his car, has shit of his trainers Neil was accused of wanking Jay was with Neil Will.... Meh

  • Shaggy Got Waves
    Shaggy Got Waves 14 hours ago

    9:25 when people get caught stealing

  • Tom Delarue
    Tom Delarue 15 hours ago

    Will he’s so clingy and pathetic

  • Henrys Adventures
    Henrys Adventures 15 hours ago

    Anyone know where is was filmed?

  • Henrys Adventures
    Henrys Adventures 15 hours ago

    This scene is funny but if this happend in real life no doubt they'd be prosecuted for what they did!

  • King Afghan
    King Afghan 15 hours ago

    Toe fucking the one in the floor 😂😂😂

  • RealityCheck6T9
    RealityCheck6T9 16 hours ago

    Neil: "Who?" Neil 5 seconds later: "Yeah, as per usual"

  • RealityCheck6T9
    RealityCheck6T9 16 hours ago

    One question Will didn't ask: how does anyone fit their head in a bottle bank?

  • Hyperz
    Hyperz 16 hours ago


  • gamer sam
    gamer sam 16 hours ago

    The orange supra distracted me

  • The Mans Van
    The Mans Van 17 hours ago

    "Hey neil, down this" "No" "Go on" "Ok"

  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton 17 hours ago

    This scene never gets old.

  • Katie Chittock
    Katie Chittock 18 hours ago

    Will eating a bonsai tree cracked me up

  • Joenator Judge-judy-hands

    They're disabled, not relevant though is it? On a serious note - I'm not sure what down-syndrome has to do with being put on the front of a ride? maybe it's the short life span. Just answered my own question :)

  • Let's Get Building!
    Let's Get Building! 18 hours ago

    It's so fucking obvious

  • LowKey
    LowKey 18 hours ago

    Still better than the American adaptation

  • Majestics UK
    Majestics UK 18 hours ago

    "Alright stop the car im gonna walk home"

  • J Morris
    J Morris 19 hours ago

    If a girl says you're so sweet, it's all over

  • J Morris
    J Morris 19 hours ago

    make love!? Was it make love!?

  • J Morris
    J Morris 19 hours ago


  • J Morris
    J Morris 19 hours ago


  • Tubeite
    Tubeite 19 hours ago

    It's pronounced bon-sai, not bon-zai.

  • Vegetarian Soylent-Green

    "I'm supposed to be looking after him, I can't just leave him stranded in a strange country." "He comes from a strange country!"

  • Hammer Head. Who else would it be?

    Simon's Dad looks like Boris Johnson

  • Katie Shepherd
    Katie Shepherd 20 hours ago


  • Vegetarian Soylent-Green

    Okay, very welcome.

  • BioHazardous Brony
    BioHazardous Brony 20 hours ago

    You missed out some scenes.

  • Chedd 503
    Chedd 503 20 hours ago

    3:21 😂

  • JustEllie
    JustEllie 20 hours ago

    Every Teenage Boys in the UK, literally.

  • dollyandharlow x
    dollyandharlow x 21 hour ago

    First Jay now Simon

  • Danny Flynn
    Danny Flynn 21 hour ago

    The students are such wanks here

  • daquan shermont III
    daquan shermont III 21 hour ago

    How do you get better than this? 😂

  • no name
    no name 21 hour ago


  • Blair Kilgallon
    Blair Kilgallon 22 hours ago

    “If you don’t tell me who did it, in my role as your UCAS referee, I will fuck your application up.”

  • Blair Kilgallon
    Blair Kilgallon 22 hours ago

    “What I think you should do I’d turn round, get out of my office, and we’ll pretend this conversation never happened.” “Alright! Thanks for that!”

    DJFREDHEAD2010 23 hours ago

    love how neil just barges into wills room...ARITEEE

  • Adam W
    Adam W 23 hours ago

    8:47 that's like me on a morning if I haven't had coffee.

    CAMERON BEVAN 23 hours ago

    He probably should not have told her he went to a gig with his mother

  • Adam W
    Adam W 23 hours ago

    "New rims car friend" the way Neil says it the second he sees the guy's car lol.

  • hannan1z .01
    hannan1z .01 Day ago

    Is this the movie 1 or 2

  • Kevin Cusack
    Kevin Cusack Day ago

    Do I was like with owl drink 😂😂😂

  • Rakesh Punjabi

    Holy fuck that guy has a troll face jaw

  • Erhh Sdhh
    Erhh Sdhh Day ago

    Another plot flaw in the episode. Instead of Will going berserk, Jay could have just bought the drinks.

  • Big Fudge
    Big Fudge Day ago

    It's hilarious that she is actually into the other stuff he said that was super cringey. and what's even funnier is that they are actually married in real life.

  • Judas Priest
    Judas Priest Day ago

    Think I might piss my pants any minute

  • Big Fudge
    Big Fudge Day ago

    I tried this and now I have a restraining order against me, I don't understand what I did wrong.

  • Welcome to the Machine

    I bet Jay couldn't believe how well everything was going

  • Ben Stephen
    Ben Stephen Day ago

    This used to me my favourite scene xD the way the music kicks in and he just suddenly starts munching

  • fairlanewhip79


  • Banana Split
    Banana Split Day ago

    A lot of these people are probably dead now :(

  • Christopher Hynes

    Will was the closest to having sex, at least he 'ate bush'!

  • Western Unity
    Western Unity Day ago

    Was very satisfying to see this ugly mongrel getting anhilated.

  • Charlie McGregor

    How big is that guys forehead?

  • RealityCheck6T9

    The bloke with the long hair is a master influencer

  • Chester Lester456

    Who every Bonzai tree fears!

  • Will White
    Will White Day ago

    “Hey what’s going on?” IvE bEeN tOlD tO gEt oUt FoR dUmPiNg A gIrL I WaSnT gOiNg OuT wItH

  • Ben Sandham
    Ben Sandham Day ago

    make season 4 so you can satirise my bravado

  • Classic Bants
    Classic Bants Day ago

    Jay is perfect actor for the classic cu nt of the group

  • Gentleman Gamer

    This is literally my life at the moment.

  • big stream
    big stream Day ago


  • SMAO SilverFang

    1:27 best part 😂😂

  • Jude Johnston
    Jude Johnston Day ago

    Mum will get it out not to worry

  • Waxmon9898
    Waxmon9898 Day ago

    1:14 why ya gotta eat the booty like groceries

  • gamer sam
    gamer sam Day ago

    2+2=poo that's why will failed his exams

  • Oisín Mac Cumhaill


  • II Cryptic II
    II Cryptic II Day ago


  • Classic Bants
    Classic Bants Day ago

    Will: Gilbert just told me some great news Neil: your mum is giving out free blowjobs?! Brilliant

  • BP
    BP Day ago

    The Northwood lot are all nonces

  • Godot
    Godot Day ago

    “They’ll be sorry, I’ll show them” In America, you’d run away from any school kid that says this

  • Danny max
    Danny max Day ago

    Why do people feel the need to come to the comments and write what we've literally just heard word for word?! What is the point?!

    • Danny max
      Danny max Day ago

      @Big Fudge 😂 It was from the first episode of Season 4 😉😁

    • Big Fudge
      Big Fudge Day ago

      I don't remember that line... what time was that at?

  • Jacqueline Daisyface

    Iss jusss a leeeel spliiiif.

  • Fletcher Raymond

    Legend has it Wolfie is still 17 to this very day.

  • Mug Shot
    Mug Shot Day ago

    The admiral looks like the fat guy who played jay on the US one

  •  Day ago

    Can u spare us the bullshit for one minute This video: no

  • BonkTM
    BonkTM Day ago

    Greg Davies used to teach drama at my school

  • M5 Tulsi2020
    M5 Tulsi2020 Day ago

    “You ate a bonsai tree” - the single most underrated line of the entire show

  • JoelM
    JoelM Day ago


  • harvie park
    harvie park Day ago


  • harvie park
    harvie park Day ago


  • harvie park
    harvie park Day ago


  • harvie park
    harvie park Day ago


  • harvie park
    harvie park Day ago


  • RobertoMH 7
    RobertoMH 7 Day ago

    Heated intellectual debate

  • Radi Shah
    Radi Shah Day ago

    Imagine if he actually ate that spiderplant sophie was talking about