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Sniper vs Drone! - BBC
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  • Duarte Osorio
    Duarte Osorio 4 seconds ago

    Ganda merda nenhuma caiu

  • Good news
    Good news 6 seconds ago

    OMG, i am terribly feared whether they both tumble down. Thank God.

  • xiniQ
    xiniQ 24 seconds ago

    Just build some stairs for them shm

  • Michał Hyży
    Michał Hyży 27 seconds ago

    TheXvid recommendation 19.09.2019.

  • CDragon
    CDragon 34 seconds ago

    Lạnh hết người. Xem mà cứ sợ nó té :))

  • kefang hu
    kefang hu 34 seconds ago

    Music name 2:40

  • Leni Fast Road
    Leni Fast Road 41 second ago

    Humans: Animals are so dumb Animals: humans are so dumb

  • Puchini
    Puchini 42 seconds ago


  • 1 seconds ago
    1 seconds ago 50 seconds ago

    (*_*)Prince left the chat :-\

  • Eredin Var Emreis
    Eredin Var Emreis 51 second ago

    Damn TheXvid is at it again 🤦‍♂️

  • Wet Lemon
    Wet Lemon 51 second ago

    This is similar to my friend, he constantly needs salt in his blood stream 😂

  • Scott Freeman
    Scott Freeman 59 seconds ago

    2019 and I still struggle to climb in minecraft

  • good for you
    good for you Minute ago

    So the goats are sheeps possessed by demons? Am I wrong?

  • Ayman malki
    Ayman malki Minute ago

    ibex Legends

  • Arsa Gaming
    Arsa Gaming Minute ago

    Bro i cant even walk up the stairs properly

  • GetDefinedUK
    GetDefinedUK Minute ago

    Ffs TheXvid are you happy now!

  • Hypnotized81
    Hypnotized81 Minute ago

    Dam goats!

  • fakeaintreal
    fakeaintreal 2 minutes ago

    well atleast you can leave a shovels around

  • SANG
    SANG 2 minutes ago

    If you're not famous you don't get harrased so this problem isn't really as big as they're making it out to be.

  • maks
    maks 2 minutes ago


  • EJ TV™
    EJ TV™ 2 minutes ago

    2:26 wtf

  • Erwin Smith
    Erwin Smith 2 minutes ago

    goats are the goat

  • Gazman 653
    Gazman 653 2 minutes ago

    Ibex defy gravity Alex Honnold......’hold my beer’

  • Saquila Syko
    Saquila Syko 2 minutes ago

    My cold cold cement heart just burst into bubble and i started crying too😭💜💜💜

  • Enih Holmes
    Enih Holmes 2 minutes ago

    Welcome everyone from either 2 hours ago or just today 😂

  • 娜塔莉Grace
    娜塔莉Grace 2 minutes ago

    Waw amazing

  • M B
    M B 2 minutes ago


  • Storm Studio Productions


  • Hippie Saus
    Hippie Saus 2 minutes ago

    Wait what

  • Fazalu FaZal
    Fazalu FaZal 2 minutes ago


  • Ashraf Mizan
    Ashraf Mizan 3 minutes ago

    Id like to finger hook the new blondie

  • WSanchez
    WSanchez 3 minutes ago

    Bruh, the subtitles say Spanish, and he’s Italian

  • Gulshan
    Gulshan 3 minutes ago

    Can't they provide rocks at ground level to them?

  • Plooper Plooper
    Plooper Plooper 3 minutes ago

    Watching this makes my palms and soles sweat

  • Aspire D
    Aspire D 3 minutes ago

    Floor is spaghetti with ketchup

  • R xY
    R xY 3 minutes ago

    Tej’s comment was valid

  • maximusprime98
    maximusprime98 3 minutes ago

    Rather than helping the suffering ibex they decide to just film it. Says so much about this generation.

  • Tax3r
    Tax3r 3 minutes ago


  • Jester Fullon
    Jester Fullon 3 minutes ago

    Nice one youtube, giving me a 2016 video for recommendations.. really like it. 😅

  • John Pachuau
    John Pachuau 4 minutes ago


  • Malik Khaleel
    Malik Khaleel 4 minutes ago

    Me and my roommate high af trying to find our way to Popeyes at 9pm

  • Anutham Mukunthan
    Anutham Mukunthan 4 minutes ago

    Why is this on my recommend.its nice, but why?

  • Zothanpuia Zadeng
    Zothanpuia Zadeng 4 minutes ago

    wow how could?

  • T K
    T K 4 minutes ago


  • Alex Fruitier
    Alex Fruitier 4 minutes ago

    Les lois de la physique ??? On s'en fou... balaise !

  • Torrential Rain
    Torrential Rain 4 minutes ago

    Please tell me the name of the beautiful background ost.

  • Pizzo Calabro
    Pizzo Calabro 5 minutes ago


  • CiccioFlamer89
    CiccioFlamer89 5 minutes ago

    Damn yeah, finally a gameplay from The Elder Scrolls VI

  • Samvel Vardanyan
    Samvel Vardanyan 5 minutes ago

    Նայելուց շունչս կտրվեց😨։ Բնության հրաշքներ, իսկական հրաշքներ....

  • mohamed Koraichi
    mohamed Koraichi 5 minutes ago

    Am i the only one who has this in recommendation vids

  • firstname lastname
    firstname lastname 5 minutes ago


  • Syed Danial
    Syed Danial 5 minutes ago

    youtube recommendation just went next level shit on me 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Captain687
    Captain687 6 minutes ago

    "trainer activated"

  • Nathannz
    Nathannz 6 minutes ago

    America in a nutshell

  • lord tom
    lord tom 6 minutes ago


  • Sam Farnsworth
    Sam Farnsworth 6 minutes ago

    Nearby there are rocks with exposed minerals on a flat, level surface.

  • astropheed
    astropheed 6 minutes ago

    So TheXvid decided thousands of people suddenly needed to know about Ibex.

  • Kimm 65
    Kimm 65 6 minutes ago

    Watching these amazing animals made me realize something significant.🤔 Humans are so frealing clumsy!😳

  • Real Truth
    Real Truth 6 minutes ago

    Tight, tight!

  • joe dursi
    joe dursi 6 minutes ago

    "perché la capra è il migliore animale che c'è"

  • r x i n
    r x i n 6 minutes ago

    Skyrim horses be like

  • Kyogon
    Kyogon 6 minutes ago

    Amazing to see how fast these ibex were able to adapt to their new surroundings, i dont know how old the dam is but i dont think it ismore than 100 years old. Just 100 years to make this a normal thing.

  • ぴーぽーぱーぽー


  • Dani VS
    Dani VS 7 minutes ago

    Ma chi è sto zio 😂

  • ACE 21
    ACE 21 7 minutes ago

    Me with the boys next week: .....ay yall seen that video with the things climbing the dam?? OHHH SHIT YEA YOU WATCHED THAT SHIT TOO?

  • Miss MEME Chin
    Miss MEME Chin 7 minutes ago

    Badger: Achievement unlocked! Next challenge hooman please. 😂

  • real Indian
    real Indian 7 minutes ago

    BBC sport tarerist in Pakistan

  • Fayfln
    Fayfln 7 minutes ago

    skyrim in a nutshell

  • roni baloni
    roni baloni 7 minutes ago

    That's one crazy addiction

  • dvarko1
    dvarko1 7 minutes ago

    Trump-Build the wall Jericho-break the wall Goat-climb the wall Wall am i joke to you

  • YonkoLad Esshaaay Gefe
    YonkoLad Esshaaay Gefe 8 minutes ago

    BBC being making some B.S stories since day 1 lol

  • Archen Forever
    Archen Forever 8 minutes ago

    This gave me so much anxiety.

  • paola vega
    paola vega 8 minutes ago

    If whoopi goldberg gave me her sock o would wear it as a tie. She is amazing! Two of my favs.. whoopie and BTS.

  • Daniel Moreno
    Daniel Moreno 8 minutes ago

    Gravity: i'm the strongest force in this universe. Goat: hold my salt.

  • sd61984
    sd61984 9 minutes ago

    Every1’s here it seems 😂

  • erik leif
    erik leif 9 minutes ago

    Is just me who thought it would climb it full speed without stopping on an 90° angle ?

  • Mr Azza
    Mr Azza 9 minutes ago

    Funny how he crashed it with mud all over the right fin (is it called fin?) 😂😂

  • tarshe12
    tarshe12 10 minutes ago

    Was anyone else feeling super anxious about that baby goat?!

  • Ouni Aziz
    Ouni Aziz 10 minutes ago

    Why is messi climbing a wall

  • Ravinder Chepuri
    Ravinder Chepuri 10 minutes ago

    It's chilling.

  • Troy DikkeBoktoren1Half
    Troy DikkeBoktoren1Half 10 minutes ago

    What a great recommendation TheXvid. Thanks!

  • Kacper Plata
    Kacper Plata 10 minutes ago

    Wow ha

  • june bug
    june bug 10 minutes ago

    Do any even fall?

  • Stu 6
    Stu 6 10 minutes ago

    Shame Phil Jones doesn’t have this balance

  • Vj Kris
    Vj Kris 10 minutes ago

    Anyone else feeling that needle-poking sensation in your palms ?

  • GalaxyFaive Music
    GalaxyFaive Music 11 minutes ago

    This is a great example the saying "If you want to succeed as bad as you wanna breath, then you'll be success."

  • omar umpara
    omar umpara 11 minutes ago

    Bruh of course I know what teknik he use its climbming jutsu =/

  • Tom Williams
    Tom Williams 11 minutes ago

    My hands were sweating just watching 😬 WOW! Surely there is an easier way to find salt & calcium? Is there no co-op near by?

  • Sanan
    Sanan 11 minutes ago

    Bakri tapi to hmm hi khayengae Charo paye gannd me daal le na!

  • Filippo Arlenghi
    Filippo Arlenghi 11 minutes ago

    Che ansia

  • The Media Lies Against Islam

    The ibex is advertising rock salt cuz it knows processed salt will make you sick or even kill you.

  • Mario
    Mario 11 minutes ago

    Did this come to everyone's TheXvid recommendations 2 hours ago?

  • Skimp
    Skimp 11 minutes ago


  • Alexey Rahmanov
    Alexey Rahmanov 12 minutes ago

    Почему мне а рекомендациях попадаются английские каналы?

  • g l.
    g l. 12 minutes ago

    2:18 e adesso? 😂

  • vault14
    vault14 12 minutes ago

    It's incredible how animals can adapt to the most extreme conditions

    VIDEOS FIRST 12 minutes ago

    They make a road with thier legs

  • SamsungUser V Duos
    SamsungUser V Duos 12 minutes ago

    It was nice and fun, until the recommendations brought the shadows in the dark and hidden videos. One algorithm to rule them all, One algorithm to bind them all, In a server room, where the shadows lies

  • gaurav shandilya
    gaurav shandilya 12 minutes ago

    I was thinking he would take a run up and then jump over the wall!! And also wondering how would he come back!!