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  • brecci jk
    brecci jk 5 hours ago

    Why the fuck would u post that now ea is gonna patch it

  • Hugo Cooney 123
    Hugo Cooney 123 5 hours ago

    Neymar is insane

  • Daniel Osbourne
    Daniel Osbourne 6 hours ago

    fifa myth: there has been a transfer update on Fifa 20

  • Argonite 21
    Argonite 21 6 hours ago

    Fifa myth: 86 headliner plea has 81 acceleration and 81 sprint speed but still has 82 pace

  • Calla Myster
    Calla Myster 6 hours ago

    No one has ever got a bronze player in a 125k pack

  • Max Well
    Max Well 6 hours ago

    FIFA MYTH: Atalanta united fc have got different camera in fifa20 in match than other stadiums

  • GameZone
    GameZone 6 hours ago

    8:42 thats a 41212 wide not a 4132 lol

  • Harsh Ruparelia
    Harsh Ruparelia 6 hours ago

    So technically someone could have done this glitch with ronaldo toty instead of it being the loan it. It would just be the card.

  • Sammy
    Sammy 6 hours ago

    Fifa myth: You cant pack 3 toth years in one pack

  • Michael Henshaw
    Michael Henshaw 6 hours ago

    FIFA myth: no keeper has ever been 5"10 or smaller

  • avfc_ Boy
    avfc_ Boy 6 hours ago

    3:09 Fifa myth Messi’s date of birth is wrong it says Valentine’s Day 1987 but it is actually 24th June 1987

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Pedro Rodrigues 6 hours ago

    fifa fun fact: in march (when copa libertadores will be on fifa), Ramires will be back in the ultimate team he is playing on Palmeiras in Brazil

  • deter carter
    deter carter 7 hours ago

    Is today a very special day?

  • Ikyle _04
    Ikyle _04 7 hours ago

    New myth (I think) You can pack a players normal card and special card in the same pack

  • Ciaran 888
    Ciaran 888 7 hours ago

    Fifa Myth: Tom Cairney has the worst weak foot out of any out field player ( 1 star )

  • declan elrick
    declan elrick 7 hours ago

    they did it in fifa 18 and 19

  • Vincenzo Maccarrone
    Vincenzo Maccarrone 7 hours ago

    FIFA Myth: 89 Flashback Alexis Sanchez has more total stats and more total in-game stats then 94 team of the week Cristiano Ronaldo.

  • Andrew Hoban
    Andrew Hoban 7 hours ago

    Would that of worked for ronaldo loan?

  • Emil mathisen
    Emil mathisen 7 hours ago

    fifa myth: angelino has better stats than robertson

  • Kyle Campbell
    Kyle Campbell 7 hours ago

    Fernandes won’t get a card cause he can’t play in the champions league cause he has already played for Benfica in the competition 👍🏾

  • Tayne Dowton
    Tayne Dowton 7 hours ago


  • Greizify
    Greizify 7 hours ago

    Fifa myth: tammy Abraham’s height on fifa is wrong

  • Oscar lambert Oscar Lambert

    Fifa myth: you cannot intercept a short goal kick in a game against the AI

  • JustSem123
    JustSem123 7 hours ago

    Im a bit late but one of the SBSD legend is called raheriharihamanana

  • anwar Ouchen
    anwar Ouchen 7 hours ago

    3:03 I didn't know that messi is born on february the 14th...

  • Penguin Playz
    Penguin Playz 7 hours ago

    Fifa myth. I got 3 toty and prime Zidane in a draft

  • Sebastian Rantzau
    Sebastian Rantzau 7 hours ago

    Fifa myth: When a player has birthday the commentators says happy birthday

  • Slasher
    Slasher 7 hours ago

    TOTY robertson is the first ever scottish toty

  • Unknown Albanian
    Unknown Albanian 7 hours ago

    Real Life myth I'm better than messi

  • Zlatan 91026
    Zlatan 91026 8 hours ago

    Fifa myth: all saudi arabia players, play in the Arabien league

  • Demon Beach
    Demon Beach 8 hours ago

    You chat more shit then my dementia ridden grandad did

    CJWIND FC 8 hours ago

    Fifa Mith: Tom Cariney is the only non gk player with 1* WF

  • Jost Pozman
    Jost Pozman 8 hours ago


  • Hamza -
    Hamza - 8 hours ago

    Thanks now the glitch is gone

  • Josh Harrison
    Josh Harrison 8 hours ago

    Is Ziyech still out

  • D K
    D K 8 hours ago

    He is trash. Don't lie

  • Sam Lawrence
    Sam Lawrence 8 hours ago

    Crystal Palace 🔴🔵

  • kolkie
    kolkie 8 hours ago

    Patric from lazio wears a substitution Jack on his card

  • Fredrik André Dahl-Andersen

    Steven Gerrard : best all around player Frank Lampard: best cam /goalscorer Paul Scholes : best cm /passer/playmaker 🤔

  • Lewis Barton
    Lewis Barton 8 hours ago

    I want headliner salah

  • RStylesGeleen Racing

    Myth: You never get a 10 after a volta match

    L-JGAMES 8 hours ago

    When you would have picked the rb from RKC then everyone would have 10 cemetery in the 100 cem curasau team

  • Tihio. 023
    Tihio. 023 8 hours ago

    3:14 Notice that EA got Messi’s birthday wrong, it says February 14 when he’s born on 24th of June 😂

  • Crown DaniKing
    Crown DaniKing 8 hours ago

    I packed salah should I keep him ?

  • Diego Enriquez
    Diego Enriquez 8 hours ago

    Fifa Myth: There has never been a player from any second division with a 90+ card in any rarity Like so Matt can see

  • Tyler Davidson
    Tyler Davidson 8 hours ago

    Futties is when everything come back out hopefully they do it this year again

  • In 2 deep
    In 2 deep 8 hours ago

    Fut hair liner

  • Xxunknown29xX
    Xxunknown29xX 8 hours ago

    The rarest myth is someone packing every single toty in 1 pack

  • Philippe Merlin
    Philippe Merlin 8 hours ago

    "I suggest using this in 2020 if you need coins&points:" ** i have a lot now!

  • Edi Pinto
    Edi Pinto 9 hours ago

    Once he switches Ima put him into a gold upgrade cause it won’t grow 😂😂

  • Edi Pinto
    Edi Pinto 9 hours ago

    Once he switches Ima put him into a gold upgrade cause it won’t grow 😂😂

  • Inception
    Inception 9 hours ago

    Fifa myth you can't use icon inzaghi and manager inzaghi on the same squad Like so he can see😁

  • Sam Henderson
    Sam Henderson 9 hours ago

    If you put SCREAM ADAMA as your squad name it is censored

  • Marcus Furhoff
    Marcus Furhoff 9 hours ago

    How do you tell it's a board before the pack opens?

  • Shake N Bake
    Shake N Bake 9 hours ago

    FIFA myth we can't have anything good without Matt making a video on it for EA

    SHEIKHWEST 9 hours ago

    3:09 Man they even fucked up Messi’s date of birth

  • Enoc Alva
    Enoc Alva 9 hours ago

    In fifa15 mobile messi has a bronze card only mobile tho idk why

  • Josue Zavala
    Josue Zavala 9 hours ago

    Why in fifa 05 it says messi was born on February 14 but in reality we have the same birthday june 24?

  • Manuel Bouman
    Manuel Bouman 9 hours ago

    New myth: no bronse or zilver player has 5 star weak foot

  • Cast4wayGames
    Cast4wayGames 9 hours ago

    Thanks for including my TOTY Ronaldo & Icon pack, Its cool to be in a video of someone you have watched for years ❤❤

  • Ali Olcay
    Ali Olcay 9 hours ago

    8:10 Haaland?

  • X Hypnotizem X
    X Hypnotizem X 9 hours ago

    Fifa myth: Moreno is the cheapest headliner that was show in fifa 20 and 19

  • Стефан Мартинов

    FIFA MYTH: Messi birth date is wrong in this old FIFA his birthday is actually at 24 June not 14 February

  • Ghiata Alex
    Ghiata Alex 9 hours ago


  • Parker XX14
    Parker XX14 9 hours ago

    Fifa myth: baby Rio is more rare in a draft than a 193 draft

  • Al Nis
    Al Nis 9 hours ago

    How much money did you spend on fifa?:)))

  • シhi hi シ
    シhi hi シ 9 hours ago

    Fifa myth: Pela pls is a censored team name

  • The Flash
    The Flash 9 hours ago

    Wait woof did the godson Fernandes will they make a new sbc or switch the one that’s in your club

  • azdren Shala
    azdren Shala 9 hours ago

    FIFA MYTH:You can duplicate objective cards

  • PieceOfGæ
    PieceOfGæ 9 hours ago

    FIFA Myth: The captain premier league arm band still has the premier league logo on it even if you're in another compatition

  • Xfx Hyper
    Xfx Hyper 9 hours ago

    Fifa myth : You can’t pack toty mbappe, neymar and Cavani in the same pack

  • Xfx Hyper
    Xfx Hyper 9 hours ago

    Fifa myth : You can’t pack pack Toty Mbappé, Neymar and Cavani in the same pack

  • The unknown OB06
    The unknown OB06 9 hours ago

    Fifa myth: Mo Salah's dynamic image on his headliner card is from last season

  • Neel Sawkar
    Neel Sawkar 9 hours ago

    You’re actually dumb for telling the world about this ea now will patch ut

  • Taz 135
    Taz 135 10 hours ago

    Thank god I did that Gedson fernarndes 😅

  • Maarten Bos
    Maarten Bos 10 hours ago


  • Jackie D
    Jackie D 10 hours ago

    My packs have the headliners graphic on the packs

  • can i get 1000 subs with no vids

    Fifa myth: nobody has packed 3 icons in 1 pack

  • Kian Weedon
    Kian Weedon 10 hours ago

    Fifa myth:Belgium have never featured in the top 9 nations on fifa

  • Lewis Carter
    Lewis Carter 10 hours ago

    FIFA MYTH: Every video Matt has done has always started with "today is a special day"

  • YEET
    YEET 10 hours ago

    Fifa myth: This is the first toty without a Spanish player

  • Youssef
    Youssef 10 hours ago

    Fifa Myth: No one had a dynamic UCL and a dynamic Europa League in the same Fifa.

  • FreeMarkas 2007
    FreeMarkas 2007 10 hours ago

    FIFA MYTH: when you score with Aguero the crowd starts shouting his name.

  • An4rchy_ Sadken
    An4rchy_ Sadken 10 hours ago

    Fifa myth: no in form has ever had downgraded stats

  • Abdo Scholes
    Abdo Scholes 10 hours ago

    Matt: I did all Ziyach objectives except the loan one and now it has expired but I got 0 special cards Ziyach !!

  • An4rchy_ Sadken
    An4rchy_ Sadken 10 hours ago

    Fifa myth: there has never been and in form where one of the stars on the card was downgraded

  • reeseward
    reeseward 10 hours ago

    Myth : the SPFL has the least amount of rare gold of any top flight league in any fifa

  • Scott Westberg Borst
    Scott Westberg Borst 10 hours ago

    I’ve packed Tots 19 and toty 20 Robertson!!

  • Reyhern
    Reyhern 10 hours ago

    3:16 they got Messi’s birthday wrong it’s 24 June

  • ok BOOMER
    ok BOOMER 11 hours ago

    Fifa myth: Nigeria have a goalkeeper

  • caleb stead
    caleb stead 11 hours ago

    when matt's voice goes gravely it sounds like burnely's managers voice

  • Sofus BL
    Sofus BL 11 hours ago

    Matt: today is a special day

  • Mark Tonita
    Mark Tonita 11 hours ago

    3:08 Messi's birthday is on the 24th of june not the 14th of February how did fifa make that mistake back then

  • Jake Kaisand
    Jake Kaisand 11 hours ago

    FIFA Myth: Packing a Headliner will say Special Item when you pack him during the animation

  • Isac Boco
    Isac Boco 11 hours ago

    Yes, handanovic gk got an europa league card after inter got knocked out from the ucl

  • Ian kimana
    Ian kimana 11 hours ago

    3:10 birth date is 14 february but its actually 24 june

  • Brage Lomsdalen
    Brage Lomsdalen 11 hours ago

    3:07 Messi’s birth is wrong his birthday is on the 24th of june!

  • yt p
    yt p 11 hours ago


  • Ole's Behind The Wheel

    When will they switch the Fernandes card

  • Terraria T_pose
    Terraria T_pose 11 hours ago

    FIFA MYTH: can you use an icon swap players in a rivals match