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  • Juanito Jesús Vázquez Zárate

    Ke mier daa

  • 平井みれい
    平井みれい 2 hours ago

    もう、最高✨ でも、無理は、しないで欲しい……

  • GAME IT!
    GAME IT! 3 hours ago


    I FEEL SO SPECIAL 3 hours ago


  • TWo nICE
    TWo nICE 3 hours ago

    Fake n true ohh ahh ohh ahh

  • Ganz Kidd
    Ganz Kidd 3 hours ago

    i see mina do not participate when dance T_T

  • Ross Fanatic
    Ross Fanatic 3 hours ago

    Sana is SO PRETTY, that is true!

  • Ninne Sundays
    Ninne Sundays 4 hours ago

    que lindaaaas!!!

  • Glorya Mikha Wilar
    Glorya Mikha Wilar 4 hours ago


  • 큼큼
    큼큼 4 hours ago

    아니 트둥이들 언제쉬냐 도대체 필스페셜 나온지 한달도 안되서 일본활동을 시키냐

  • J J
    J J 5 hours ago

    I also can't wait for a full 9 choreography coming hopefully, soon in 2020 to a stage near you.

  • Jane Zhu The pro
    Jane Zhu The pro 5 hours ago


  • Jorge g
    Jorge g 5 hours ago

    Cuando te das cuenta que la cancion de movistar de twice

  • Dani Zanzibar
    Dani Zanzibar 5 hours ago

    Chaeyoung looks extremely pissed here

  • Naya D
    Naya D 6 hours ago

    They're the cutest thing 💕💕

  • Dani Zanzibar
    Dani Zanzibar 6 hours ago

    Im excited for all the songs

  • Aria Kim
    Aria Kim 6 hours ago

    Amo esta rola we

  • Sophia Gamboa
    Sophia Gamboa 6 hours ago

    if twice made an action movie I would watch it all day long

  • Sophia Gamboa
    Sophia Gamboa 6 hours ago

    fake: twice lipsync true: twice sings and is hardworking

  • weerapat muadthip
    weerapat muadthip 6 hours ago

    บ้าจริง ชุดสวยมาก

  • Demian De La Cruz
    Demian De La Cruz 7 hours ago

    hola 2019?????

  • sofia's daily vlogs
    sofia's daily vlogs 7 hours ago

    The dress that momo has in here is dahyuns dress in fancy

  • Alyssa Marie
    Alyssa Marie 7 hours ago


  • Space Violet
    Space Violet 7 hours ago


  • rena
    rena 8 hours ago

    "What's your motivation to do sports?" Me: *its complicated*

    VALENTINA CRUZ 8 hours ago

    -_- is ugly

  • hobi chu
    hobi chu 8 hours ago

    the lyrics have so much meaning i-

  • kpop fan
    kpop fan 9 hours ago

    No one: Dahyun: *CaNa NaE BeH HaN TOE*

  • sylphynfordd
    sylphynfordd 9 hours ago

    0:53 *”uwuwuwuwuwuwuwu-“*

  • anna williams
    anna williams 10 hours ago


  • Winter Kriisstal ღ
    Winter Kriisstal ღ 10 hours ago

    안녕하세요 나연은 안전합니다. 당신을 위해 오는 소름 끼치는 스토커가 있으니 안심하십시오! ONCES에서

  • Corrupted Charles
    Corrupted Charles 10 hours ago

    The best ending of anime 2019 XDDD <3

  • TWICE応援団!!
    TWICE応援団!! 10 hours ago

    このコメ欄を日本人で埋めつくせボタン ↓

  • Hoodie Hoang
    Hoodie Hoang 10 hours ago

    no matter what ONCE will always be w twice till the day we die AND EVEN AFTER 😤 this bond is way too strong to be broken apart 🥺Ure the only thing that keeps me going and for putting a smile on my face everyday in this world idk what id do wo yalls 😪😢

  • Eylül Leblanc
    Eylül Leblanc 10 hours ago

    My dad say 'ohh this music so funny and positive' ))). I FEEL SOO HAPPYY

  • bokumamitan
    bokumamitan 10 hours ago

    1:08辺り(ジョンヨンのソロ部分)で、 ジヒョの前をジョンヨンとサナがすれ違うとこが何か異常に好き!!!

  • silvia tru
    silvia tru 10 hours ago

    Minaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Rodrigo Castro
    Rodrigo Castro 11 hours ago

    Por que no aparece mina?😓

  • 顏蘊華
    顏蘊華 11 hours ago

    Lik3s:1M YES or YES?

  • s009551499430ncy
    s009551499430ncy 11 hours ago


  • T-ONCE
    T-ONCE 11 hours ago

    Dahyun's hair color 😍

    NOELIA CONTIS 11 hours ago

    me encanta la cancion y la subieron en mi cumpleaños !!!!!

  • Gustavo Lunguinho
    Gustavo Lunguinho 11 hours ago

    Chaeyoung Very good in fight

  • roseanne park
    roseanne park 12 hours ago

    Hay alguien en español?? XD

  • Laura Lobo
    Laura Lobo 12 hours ago


  • 송용식
    송용식 12 hours ago

    *SPECIAL 9* 👊

  • 송용식
    송용식 12 hours ago

    *Fake & True 17m* ~~ *go go fighting*

  • 송용식
    송용식 12 hours ago


  • 송용식
    송용식 12 hours ago


  • 송용식
    송용식 12 hours ago


  • 송용식
    송용식 12 hours ago


  • 송용식
    송용식 12 hours ago


  • Brutal Beats
    Brutal Beats 12 hours ago

    Do you also think that Mina is great? :)

  • rmann 88
    rmann 88 12 hours ago

    توااااااايييسسسس انا ونننننسسسسسسسس احبكممم والللههه منننن بدايه المقطع الى نهايته وانا اصيححححح جماااااالللللل

  • Franck Rey
    Franck Rey 13 hours ago

    Happy happy happy u u u 🎵

  • Jules Rules
    Jules Rules 13 hours ago

    ╔┓┏╦━━╦┓╔┓╔━━╗ ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ 0 0 ║ ║┏┓║┏━╣┗╣┗╣╰╯║ ╚┛┗╩━━╩━╩━╩2019??

  • Gee Dee
    Gee Dee 13 hours ago

    Twice could legit pass for any genre. Period.

  • A.R.M.Y  Forever
    A.R.M.Y Forever 13 hours ago

    Coming out to twice Me: *I like a girl* Twice: _fake_ Me: *I like twice* Twice: _true_

  • monserrat ibarra
    monserrat ibarra 14 hours ago

    Me pone tan de buen humor esta canción 💕

  • heythiago molina
    heythiago molina 14 hours ago

    The year of letter ✨"F"✨ Fake & true👪 Feel special💏 Fancy💑

  • Bang twice
    Bang twice 14 hours ago

    Twice feel special mv •_•♥️♥️

  • munmun kawaii
    munmun kawaii 14 hours ago

    If this mv didnt get 100M views then whats the all better stream this bop of the century

  • Defne Evişen
    Defne Evişen 14 hours ago

    Idk why but Momo’s dress looks similar to me Btw it’s at 0:33

  • munmun kawaii
    munmun kawaii 14 hours ago

    Wow theres eng lyrics already and its so inspiring👏👏👏..i love how their japanese songs hv empowering lyrics🔥

  • Audrina Twice
    Audrina Twice 14 hours ago

    I love you Mina get better

  • おかしげ
    おかしげ 14 hours ago


  • heythiago molina
    heythiago molina 15 hours ago

    Like=once Coment=👍👍 Love twice like and coment onces❤❤❤❤

  • Once Since Birth
    Once Since Birth 15 hours ago

    This MV is Amazing!

  • Kezia Ayu
    Kezia Ayu 15 hours ago

    im sorry but i cant be the only one that loves their jumps in 2:29

  • Once 1
    Once 1 15 hours ago

    Please vote for Twice in: MAMA 2019 AAA Starpoll 2019 VLive 2019 Qoo10 2019

  • Dương Dương
    Dương Dương 15 hours ago


  • Han Eun ra
    Han Eun ra 15 hours ago

    After listening to this song, it makes me not want to give up on my GED. I'm so glad to have kpop in my life. :) ONE MORE TIME!!!

  • Iziz Dela Cruz
    Iziz Dela Cruz 15 hours ago

    Really good lyrics actually

  • bookish nerd
    bookish nerd 15 hours ago

    My alarm ringtone

  • Song Kyzeki
    Song Kyzeki 16 hours ago

    Wow this is the best action movie i have ever seen Btw Nayeon knows how to infiltrate homes so should i be scared? No? Ok

  • Florina Vatavu
    Florina Vatavu 16 hours ago

    They’re the first Korean girl-group I encounter that changes their music video theme in the Japanese versions. Have they done this with other songs too? Well if I wanna get my answer, I better do my research <3

  • Zakiah
    Zakiah 16 hours ago

    Any chaeyoung bias here? ✋

  • Yami
    Yami 16 hours ago

    Jihyo gets prettier every song dude wtf.. they all do but jihyo is just wow

  • Dipali Dipali
    Dipali Dipali 16 hours ago

    Please vote twice aaa popularity award star poll app

  • Dipali Dipali
    Dipali Dipali 16 hours ago

    Please vote twice aaa popularity award star poll app

  • Nana Nana
    Nana Nana 17 hours ago

    Cosmos song

  • philipquiyan naguit
    philipquiyan naguit 17 hours ago

    uppaa kayooo uppaaa describee eyoo pangalannn tengeenn ka kamiraaa

  • philipquiyan naguit
    philipquiyan naguit 17 hours ago

    lumeeeh kayohhh okeeeee kayohhh

  • philipquiyan naguit
    philipquiyan naguit 17 hours ago

    di nako galit

  • Johanes Tedja
    Johanes Tedja 17 hours ago

    Just notice eng sub cc added

  • philipquiyan naguit
    philipquiyan naguit 17 hours ago

    Sana uwi na

  • Brian Ou
    Brian Ou 17 hours ago

    11/12-11/13 0AM KST TWICE VIEWS COUNT 1. Feel special(+649,228) 2. Fancy(+404,888) 3. What is love(+232,434) 4. Fake & True(+201,737) 5. Likey(+172,804) 6. TT(+155,240) 7. Yes or yes(+140,326) 8. Like ooh ahh(+131,827) 9. Heart shaker(+130,912) 10. Dance the night away(+122,844) 11. Cheer up(+121,749) 12. Breakthrough(+117,376) 13. Knock knock(+74,867) 14. Signal(+74,031) 15. Happy happy(+43,194) 16. Candy pop(+31,145) 17. BDZ(+26,860) 18. Wake me up(+23,278) 19. I want you back(+18,576) 20. One more time(+17,176) 21. TT Japanese(+15,988) 22. Likey Japanese(+14,227) 23. The best thing I ever did(+13,961) 24. Merry & Happy(+13,374) 25. What is love Japanese(+10,412) 26. Brand new girl(+9,672)

  • خرموزه بنت خشيمان

    الله اعلم ليش ؟ ، الاغنيه كلما اسمعها كان اول مره اسمعها واحس ان في مقاطع بال ام في اول مره اشوفها قسم 😅

  • Julia Smith-Kim
    Julia Smith-Kim 17 hours ago

    In this video TWICE girls crossed over Nayeon and Jihyo. 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  • Vale Tips
    Vale Tips 18 hours ago


  • Mno Altaboly
    Mno Altaboly 18 hours ago

    58>>>60 Fighting once

  • 송용식
    송용식 18 hours ago

    *Breakthrough 59m* ~~ *go go fighting*

  • 송용식
    송용식 18 hours ago

    *SPECIAL 9* 👊

  • 송용식
    송용식 18 hours ago


  • 송용식
    송용식 18 hours ago


  • 송용식
    송용식 19 hours ago


  • 송용식
    송용식 19 hours ago


  • 송용식
    송용식 19 hours ago


  • ORIONウルフ
    ORIONウルフ 19 hours ago


  • Kookmin Love
    Kookmin Love 19 hours ago