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  • HomiePenguin
    HomiePenguin 5 months ago

    Please do not screw up this awesome fnaf movie i hope it comes out in like 2022 so i can see it if its rated r , please make sure that there is a purple guy in it and make sure there is springtrap and it has an end credit scene where the books are refferenced

  • Tyler Novak
    Tyler Novak Year ago

    Please do not screw up FNAF. I trust you, I think you'll do a good job, but please do NOT screw it up. Make sure Scott has a say in what goes on with the movie. Please don't be like Warner Brothers. I love all of your work, and I trust you'll do amazing on this but....PLEASE DO NOT SCREW UP FNAF.

  • Lydia Rhys
    Lydia Rhys Year ago

    Hello, I've been searching urban legends and came across a website that had a video recommendation from Blumhouse about Leader Ladies. I was wondering if you knew where I could find this video so that I can share it on social media. I found it to be very intriguing and I would like to learn more about the specific lady identified as Lily in the video. Thank you.

  • Antonio Garcia
    Antonio Garcia 3 years ago

    Hello a question... do you have a job in film producer? im from Guatemala, now i live in New York and i have a idea to one horror movie, so, i would like know, do you have a job in producer film?

  • ScottGamerHD
    ScottGamerHD 4 years ago

    thax for following me on twitter love your videos