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  • Jack Soderlund
    Jack Soderlund 4 days ago

    What is the DIM train? also, is it possible to differentiate trains and train symbols without a scanner? for example, how would can one tell the difference between CP T27 and CP T20? Thank you for all of the information you put in the description of your videos. I've recently started studying and watching your older videos to get a better understanding of rail in Windsor and they really help.

    • CPWindsorsub
      CPWindsorsub 4 days ago

      @Jack Soderlund Well CP does run ethanol trains here. That's what you likely saw. Those are 650/651 and the occasional 652/653. 644/645 were a thing but one hasn't run in over a year so I don't know if it's still a train on CP or not.

    • Jack Soderlund
      Jack Soderlund 4 days ago

      CPWindsorsub are you sure? two weeks ago i spotted a crude oil train at optimist. it's uploaded on my channel. do you think it was a re route then? i will take your word, but please try to explain to me what i saw a couple weeks back.

    • CPWindsorsub
      CPWindsorsub 4 days ago

      @Jack Soderlund Dim trains aren't that often. It's been a while since one has ran. Oil trains haven't ran through here in like 3 or 4 years.

    • Jack Soderlund
      Jack Soderlund 4 days ago

      CPWindsorsub thank you. how often does the dim train run? also, what are the symbols of the crude oil trains that go through windsor?

    • CPWindsorsub
      CPWindsorsub 4 days ago

      DIM stands for dimensional. Dimensional loads or cars are loads/cars that don't follow the standard dimensions normal rail cars are built in. In the case of that train it consisted of empty wind turbine flat cars. For some reason even though its an empty train they still give it the dimensional ID. For the scanner question if you know what the train looks like normally then yes you can. For example, 147 is always a westbound loaded autorack train, 244 is always an empty eastbound autorack train, 140 is always an eastbound manifest etc. The T train IDs are based on what yard they're going to in Detroit. T28/27 and T40/41 go to NS Oakwood Yard in Melvindale, MI and are almost always a daytime move, normally OD at 7:00am in Windsor. T20/21 goes to CSX Rougemere Yard in Detroit and is almost always a nighttime movement.

  • Roger Murtie
    Roger Murtie 6 days ago

    Just fantastic. The majesty of the music equals the layout. Well done!

  • Jack Soderlund
    Jack Soderlund 8 days ago

    sorry for the late comment, but does 551 still make its way through windsor?

    • Jack Soderlund
      Jack Soderlund 7 days ago

      CPWindsorsub i spotted a crude oil train on the windsor sub just a couple of weeks ago, are you sure?

    • CPWindsorsub
      CPWindsorsub 8 days ago

      No it's been several years since CP last ran oil trains through here.


    Nice ! Take care! Peace ✌️ from Welland Ontario Canada 🇨🇦

  • Uncle Tats Creative Shack

    Wow this is absolutely amazing!! Love all the different scenes, from countryside to city !!

  • Fat Chungus
    Fat Chungus 16 days ago

    Hey man, was this your accident video? 7:35 thexvid.com/video/de3DXnHMj6I/video.html

  • David Sheriff
    David Sheriff 23 days ago

    Different levels add so much....

  • Edward Barnes
    Edward Barnes 23 days ago

    Just realised the link sent to be on Utube must be at least eight years out of date, still crap video, still point being.

  • Edward Barnes
    Edward Barnes 23 days ago

    Point beeing, total waste of input

    • CPWindsorsub
      CPWindsorsub 23 days ago

      I'm sorry you're no longer having a sexual relationship with your wife.

  • Timothy Pestka_4222745

    my fav layout was the one with the Deshler kinda like

  • Daily railfanning

    I had the same thing happen here but only these kids were sling shotting rocks at the train.

  • Alexander Ip
    Alexander Ip Month ago

    To get there you have to drive for hours on end Coming from a Scarborough Rail Fan

  • VA3DLO
    VA3DLO Month ago


  • VA3DLO
    VA3DLO 2 months ago

    does anyone now what the express way tracks are .. found scanner frequencies one says express way ,,, wear are the express way tarcks locateds for windsor?

  • Bert Battersby
    Bert Battersby 2 months ago

    It is kind of a Oh Kay video. but to much talking in the back ground that has nothing to do with the video.

  • Dave Piper
    Dave Piper 3 months ago

    I can confirm that as of Aug 2019, the signals at CP-PACK where UP1943 crossed under have been removed.

  • UPDetector
    UPDetector 3 months ago

    Nice catches

  • Delta Man
    Delta Man 4 months ago

    ………..I think train sets like these are incredible and very ingenious they way they operate...………. but I draw the line when these guys start dressing like engineers and using walkie talkies to quote requisition forms for the loads on the various trains, much less talking like they're real trains and carrying on real time business. A little too far over the edge I would think. But have fun anyway. :)

  • Cliff Leask
    Cliff Leask 4 months ago

    Nice layout great band well done

  • Sarah Sawan
    Sarah Sawan 4 months ago

    I've lived in Windsor for 20 years and only found out today that there is a train tunnel between Detroit and Windsor!

  • SantaFe19484
    SantaFe19484 5 months ago

    Nice video! Is this the one on Allison Rd near Alexandria? I am grateful to have gotten there last March before the signals were demolished. What does it mean for a signal drops? Did the signal literally fall on the train, or does it mean giving a sudden stop for no reason?

    • CPWindsorsub
      CPWindsorsub 5 months ago

      Yeah this was near Alexandria. It just means the signal unexpectedly went from displaying a permissible indication to a stop indication.

  • xanadujohn79
    xanadujohn79 5 months ago

    Dances with trains in N SCALE

  • freighttrainsahpassing

    Cool looking loco !!!

  • Tim Lambert
    Tim Lambert 6 months ago

    Nice catch, man!

  • Todd
    Todd 6 months ago

    I wish the creator of the layout would have added some green color to this!😁😁

  • Amy Gilchrist
    Amy Gilchrist 6 months ago

    Amazing. Where is he based?

    • Amy Gilchrist
      Amy Gilchrist 6 months ago

      We may be interested in talking to him for a documentary we are making!

  • free wind
    free wind 6 months ago

    Grantspass is not a hick town we are actually a city

  • James Burnside
    James Burnside 7 months ago

    Great stuff Liked and subbed

  • James Burnside
    James Burnside 7 months ago

    Nicely done.

  • James Burnside
    James Burnside 7 months ago

    They were the backbone of CP for too many years.

  • Zack Bobby
    Zack Bobby 7 months ago

    N scale has come so far. It looks like HO with tighter curves lol. There were a couple times where I would see a train approach a curve and I would get a little anxious but then I remembered it's N they can do that lmao.

  • Kirk Vandegrift
    Kirk Vandegrift 7 months ago

    nice bridges

  • Northern Ontario Rails

    I'm looking forward to seeing this content! Looks very professionally done, great job so far!

  • Jerry Smith
    Jerry Smith 8 months ago

    This guy likes bridges and trestles!

    • CPWindsorsub
      CPWindsorsub 8 months ago

      He does a lot. He is a civil engineer who worked for CP and all of the bridges on the layout he has had something to do with them in his work.

  • Southwestern Rail Productions

    Nice slug!

  • Colleen Baggs
    Colleen Baggs 8 months ago

    Do we really need the cheesy background music?? I had to bail...

  • liveti1till160
    liveti1till160 8 months ago

    This has been nicely done, just looked at an older video of the same layout. :-) thexvid.com/video/4Wn6Lv9Bpdw/video.html

  • Claudio Eternod
    Claudio Eternod 8 months ago

    And? Is it the new one working, some video? If so please the link: Thank you

  • hiccup haddock
    hiccup haddock 8 months ago

    LSRC 6302, 6304. How many cars on that one?

  • hiccup haddock
    hiccup haddock 8 months ago

    How many cars were on LSRC 1171?

  • Wayne Cox
    Wayne Cox 9 months ago

    An oopsie at 3:35!!! Where did he get the CN cabooses?? They were in the roundhouse scene.

  • caleb
    caleb 9 months ago

    Sucks that they don’t horn anymore

  • United Railfan
    United Railfan 9 months ago

    Fantastic video! I always like how the IAIS switches at that junction!

  • skorisdestiny
    skorisdestiny 9 months ago

    Great job 👍 but question, are you gonna add scenery like Grass although that may be hard like lifting up the tracks

  • Touch of the Brush Model Weathering

    A beautiful layout bud!

  • purelystellar0824
    purelystellar0824 10 months ago

    Wow ppl actually waited 20 minutes at the crossing? I would of looked to find the closest hopper and would of climbed it over onto the other side of the crossing

    • purelystellar0824
      purelystellar0824 10 months ago

      @CPWindsorsub Hey pal, mortality is real luckily I don't risk myself driving on the street everyday. I would not of crossed over if rr police were looking

    • CPWindsorsub
      CPWindsorsub 10 months ago

      And that's how you die. Also CP police would have given you a nice fine since they were sitting at the crossing.

  • Trains4Fun
    Trains4Fun 10 months ago

    Really enjoyed the video. It looks like you had a good railfanning trip with lots of great catches!! 👍

  • steven williams
    steven williams 10 months ago

    Being that I live in Chicago, and that to this day I railfan Union Station, I love this video.

  • Meeshka Bear
    Meeshka Bear 10 months ago

    This is NUTS! Fantastic layout! I can only dream of having that much space. I'm currently designing my N Scale 4x7 with a dog leg. That is all the room I have...so making it work.. :)

  • TheSupradude26
    TheSupradude26 10 months ago

    Great looking layout so far! Couple things I would do to add to the realism is weather the locos and rolling stock. Other than that and more fine detailing it's well on it's way to being a great setup. Is it basically one big yard and a mainline run or are there more switching opportunities out of town?

  • THE EB334
    THE EB334 10 months ago

    Nice music

  • Chris Daniell
    Chris Daniell 10 months ago

    It's probably more like 40-50 years ago

  • Louisville & Nashville RR Entertainment

    Love those Custom Ditch lights on the Conrail GP-40 or GP-38,looks great

  • Louisville & Nashville RR Entertainment

    Question: I'm not trying to sound rude if I do but on Local 222 what is the need for 3 Engines,train doesn't look like it needs the extra power so I thought I would ask?

    • Louisville & Nashville RR Entertainment
      Louisville & Nashville RR Entertainment 10 months ago

      @CPWindsorsub cool and thanks for anwsering me back

    • CPWindsorsub
      CPWindsorsub 10 months ago

      It normally ran with two GP9s but whoever was running it that night decided to run it with 2 GP38s and a GP40 they brought (the GP40 leader was my unit from home).

  • purelystellar0824
    purelystellar0824 11 months ago

    Did this train come out of the Windsor yard or from the tunnel?

    • CPWindsorsub
      CPWindsorsub 11 months ago

      This came from the tunnel but they picked up the mixed freight in Windsor Yard.

  • The Certified Canadian Railfan

    Tested your shot from the 3 minute marker. Really good shot! Never would have thought it turning out so good

  • Peter CPRail8748
    Peter CPRail8748 11 months ago

    Nice catches

  • The Crooked River & Eastern RR

    Great video. Sweet loco. I subbed to your channel. Thanks for sharing

    • CPWindsorsub
      CPWindsorsub 7 months ago

      Thank you! Sorry for not seeing this earlier.

  • Cipher's Railfan Productions

    Great catch! Thank you for sharing.

  • Wisconsin Rail Productions

    Wow awesome!

  • UPDetector
    UPDetector 11 months ago

    Nice catch

  • The Real Jrü Gordon
    The Real Jrü Gordon 11 months ago

    thexvid.com/video/wRMnCgkIV4Y/video.html my video of the weed train

  • trainfire2008
    trainfire2008 11 months ago

    Nice. I got this guy sometime in last few years. Not sure if they’ve used same engine on spray train more than once but I got em! Does this spray train operate at same time every year?

    • CPWindsorsub
      CPWindsorsub 11 months ago

      Nice! They used 7304 last year. Yeah they usually run them in the spring.

  • kevin Jhonson
    kevin Jhonson Year ago

    I love N scale you can pack so much in, HO is the best size to detail ratio, O is nice looking engines and stock but the backdrop is looks cheep to me, great layout

  • David Tosh
    David Tosh Year ago

    As I look on the Google Map, some of the tracks, including the main hump has been removed in the Canadian Pacific Railway, Toronto Classification Yard. It is Canadian Pacific Agincourt Classification Yard in Toronto Ontario, Canada, which is located on the east side of Toronto Ontario.

    • CPWindsorsub
      CPWindsorsub Year ago

      Yeah they were already removed when this video was filmed.

  • Relentless
    Relentless Year ago

    Wow this is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for making this and for posting it! 💃🏻♥️💋

  • trainfire2008
    trainfire2008 Year ago

    I thought I heard 142 with 8144 taking the Galt earlier through Wolverton and Puslinch instead of Hamilton. Did you see 142 maybe with single containers at Windsor a few hours ago?

  • Derrick Harvey
    Derrick Harvey Year ago

    They are going to be running again on Vancouver Island. Soon

  • Daniel
    Daniel Year ago

    perfect sound track with this layout. (dances with wolves - ride to ft. hays)

  • Paul Hadfield
    Paul Hadfield Year ago

    Very cool!

  • nscalefun
    nscalefun Year ago

    AWESOME!!!!! Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work.

  • Michael Campbell


  • TheBosnianCanadian TheWindsorRailfaner

    Love this video! Looks like you don't get that much via train that much anymore lol

    • TheBosnianCanadian TheWindsorRailfaner
      TheBosnianCanadian TheWindsorRailfaner Year ago

      @CPWindsorsub but it would be nice to havre another Via compilation

    • TheBosnianCanadian TheWindsorRailfaner
      TheBosnianCanadian TheWindsorRailfaner Year ago

      @CPWindsorsub yeah I know what you mean. Via sometimes gets annoying the pictures because there is only some places were it's good to take pictures like Lauzon Rd or maybe Benwell rd.

    • CPWindsorsub
      CPWindsorsub Year ago

      Thanks! Yeah most of the Chatham Sub in the city over the summer was too overgrown for photos lol.

  • Oxolotleman
    Oxolotleman Year ago

    This is sad, I've only seen one recently and I want to see more. They're such a classic nice locomotive and cp takes and turns them into sd30c-ecos. I wish I could at least just get a nice model multimark version with Lionel legacy.

  • Nightmare Fredcat

    0:15-0:26, a car horn?

  • dave boydell
    dave boydell Year ago

    I do know that C.P. Donated SD40 #5500 to Revelstoke but how about a dash2 to say maybe Squamish?

  • dave boydell
    dave boydell Year ago

    C.P. has now donated 5903 to the Canadian Railway museum in Quebec. As usual Quebec gets everything, it would be nice if C.P. would do the same for one of the museums out west since the SD40's were so much a part of western railroading.

  • Longshadows Model Tree's

    Wow, what a nice Layout, Sub your channel...had to....Nice. Bob, Longshadowsmodeltrees.com

  • Peter CPRail8748

    Very impressive layout your friend has.

  • DiamondMaster2.0

    What an impressive layout! Thanks for sharing and thumbs up to your friend!

  • Wisconsin Rail Productions

    My question: Why is this video so good?

  • 3danaable1
    3danaable1 Year ago

    hi lol

  • Jasper McBrick
    Jasper McBrick Year ago

    Good news here: www.rypn.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=42517

  • schnuurtchke
    schnuurtchke Year ago

    I will miss seeing the Orange Locomotives

  • Megs905
    Megs905 Year ago

    Oooh denfield road

  • More Trainz
    More Trainz Year ago

    My friend saw a rare Lake State Railway passenger train you should check it out, its on my channel..

  • Michael Lindsay
    Michael Lindsay Year ago

    I don't see anything that looks real but i love the trains

    • Larry XK
      Larry XK Year ago

      Especially when they couple engines and cars going 15 mph LOL

  • Mark Frame
    Mark Frame Year ago

    That's forking awesome please live it to me in your will

  • Thom McAdams
    Thom McAdams Year ago

    EMD's, and Thrall doors...oh my!

  • Rtzee
    Rtzee Year ago

    A cool video. Thanks

  • Russell Ebnet
    Russell Ebnet Year ago

    the 1 st was a ex Soo Line SD 60 . Re numbered

  • Jonny Beck
    Jonny Beck Year ago

    I couldn't watch any more of this great layout due to sea sickness... so pull the video an re-shoot please!

    • Jonny Beck
      Jonny Beck Year ago

      Dismantled? Oh well... cheers A quick search yielded some more recent links The link in the description is dead I'm afraid... cheers again

    • CPWindsorsub
      CPWindsorsub Year ago

      Read the description please.

  • Adam Ghimenti
    Adam Ghimenti Year ago

    I was out doing my Railfanning video on 3rd street railroad crossing and spoted a couple idiots on the train tracks and throwing rocks at the train this is how dumb people are

  • TheBosnianCanadian TheWindsorRailfaner

    Nice Penang lane! I love that place! And you were kind of far away from the crossing

  • schnuurtchke
    schnuurtchke Year ago

    Why is this train stalled

  • schnuurtchke
    schnuurtchke Year ago

    That GE sounds bad

  • Adderall vs
    Adderall vs Year ago

    Did those units disconnect from the main train while in motion?