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  • radhesia liani
    radhesia liani 16 days ago

    Liat ini jadi kangen SP dan Jiji couple. Ga sabar drama terbaru JCW tayang akhir Sept nanti, dan penasaran sama bts nya Melting Me Softly (MMS). Ada semacam rasa khawatir skinshipnya akan sama seperti SP 😢😢😢.

  • Petty _
    Petty _ 16 days ago

    Suka bgt sama Yeo jin Goo pas jaman maen pilem itu, cakep banget

  • Channel Kak Ani
    Channel Kak Ani 24 days ago

    Nam Ji Hyun & DO ~🤗

    BUDDY X ARMY 2 months ago

    Im waiting for her to be paired up again with kim soo hyun ❤❤❤

  • Jennifer Camacho
    Jennifer Camacho 2 months ago

    I totatly agree she is the queen of chemistry go ourhyunnii we love u..

  • Made Leine
    Made Leine 2 months ago


  • Yallah Johanna
    Yallah Johanna 2 months ago

    It was Park Min Young beside him too...other videos show it....i love jcw and pmy😍

  • Made Ernawati
    Made Ernawati 2 months ago

    Can I hope Hyuni and seo kang joon be partner in next project So I just hope come true haha😄

  • Janina Reglińska
    Janina Reglińska 2 months ago

    Jak ten facet super całuje!!!!!!!😘😘😘😘

  • Sakshi T
    Sakshi T 2 months ago

    Is ji chang wook really have baby ???

  • 김희점
    김희점 2 months ago

    보고싶어 백낭아가들 보고있어도 고고싶다

  • regine abnaway
    regine abnaway 3 months ago

    What episode this kiss scene pls

  • 김희점
    김희점 3 months ago

    보고싶다 아가들

  • aisha sayra
    aisha sayra 3 months ago

    2019 here

  • mary bonto
    mary bonto 3 months ago

    ji chang wook is the best for her 😍

  • TAETZUKOOK bangtwice
    TAETZUKOOK bangtwice 3 months ago

    00:48 I think he really wanted to kiss her?❤✨

    • Alby Ricana
      Alby Ricana 3 months ago

      Exactly haha...he cannot wait😂😂😂😂

  • Rosti Lubis
    Rosti Lubis 3 months ago

    Do kyungsoo

  • 깜봉이
    깜봉이 3 months ago

    여자분 머리 밀어버리는 장면 볼때마다 웃겨 ㅋ

  • nerayah20
    nerayah20 3 months ago

    Miss them and will always be💕

  • Laurent Hamel
    Laurent Hamel 3 months ago

    Not old , but much experience with the guys.

  • Papatya Osman
    Papatya Osman 3 months ago

    Canım bu kız sana layık değil ya napıyosun? Gerçi hala yanına yakışacak kızı bulamadım ama napıyım öyle bir şeysin ki Maaşallah😍

  • 高手A
    高手A 4 months ago


  • 高手A
    高手A 4 months ago


  • aisha sayra
    aisha sayra 4 months ago

    Only ji change wook

  • Rylee Oñate
    Rylee Oñate 4 months ago

    It is called Mannerism😂

  • Mÿ Lê Trân
    Mÿ Lê Trân 4 months ago

    Cute vô lối 😍😍

  • jaya batra
    jaya batra 4 months ago

    Plzzz name of the song plzzzzzz

    • jaya batra
      jaya batra 4 months ago

      @꧁FIDUCI ICUDIF꧂ thanku so much 😊

      ꧁FIDUCI ICUDIF꧂ 4 months ago

      MAX - Lights Down Low (Orchestral Version) ft. Gnash & the hells kitchen orchestra

  • Mercedes Fernández
    Mercedes Fernández 4 months ago

    La ví muchas veces y me encanta la novela 🤗😘

  • Mÿ Lê Trân
    Mÿ Lê Trân 4 months ago

    NJH and JCW❤❤

  • 高手A
    高手A 4 months ago


  • Aurea Nascimento
    Aurea Nascimento 4 months ago

    Que boca....nossa handsome man

  • Khushi Khan
    Khushi Khan 4 months ago

    Wow! such a beautiful video thnx 4 sharing with us. They will be next after songsong couple love u jiji couple 😘

  • Sabrina Fathiaajahra
    Sabrina Fathiaajahra 4 months ago

    saya ingin diputar lagi ditv.atau ada sisend 2 nya segera


    Now Im here again watching this so damn passionate kissing scene with slow mo..😱😍😍 I miss them so much...JiBong Couple for real..😊

  • Erna Hati
    Erna Hati 5 months ago

    Ohho my lovely wondeuk eh D.O.😊😚

  • Sunita Singh
    Sunita Singh 5 months ago

    You are lucky to see ji chang wook

  • Dawn Nicca
    Dawn Nicca 5 months ago

    2019 and holding on the JIJI couple will become real and be together for lifetime.❤

  • Lizzy Del Rey
    Lizzy Del Rey 5 months ago


  • Shemae Quiratz
    Shemae Quiratz 5 months ago

    mas kinilig ako sa jiji couple...

  • arida indah triana
    arida indah triana 6 months ago

    Sexy lip

  • i love my wangpuppy
    i love my wangpuppy 6 months ago

    Song name please????

  • cloudy chan
    cloudy chan 6 months ago

    I think want more so thats why he lick his Lips. 😂

  • Laurent Hamel
    Laurent Hamel 6 months ago

    I think that they are just good friends together..

  • Laurent Hamel
    Laurent Hamel 6 months ago

    I think that they are just good friends.

  • Rachel Lee
    Rachel Lee 6 months ago

    2018, Finally .. One more ~~She played with a member of EXO D.O at 100 Days My Prince~~(TVN drama)

  • 정은영
    정은영 6 months ago

    서강준하고 잘어울는것같아 연령대도맞는것같고

  • 김희점
    김희점 6 months ago

    언제나 봐도봐도 사랑스런 아가들 보고싶네

  • Georgira Shera
    Georgira Shera 6 months ago

    WHAT titile song ?

      ꧁FIDUCI ICUDIF꧂ 6 months ago

      MAX - Lights Down Low (Orchestral Version) ft. Gnash & the hells kitchen orchestra

  • Kyoung Hoon Kim
    Kyoung Hoon Kim 6 months ago

    2:15 전 진짜 이 눈빛에 심장이 멈출 뻔했습니다ㅠㅠ 아..사실 더 빨리 뛰었어요..ㅋㅋ

  • Ma. Bechie Villordon
    Ma. Bechie Villordon 7 months ago


  • Madina Talapbekova
    Madina Talapbekova 7 months ago

    Я вас обожаю 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Jess
    Jess 7 months ago

    Goddamnmnmnmnmit please pay for my funeral expenses. Thank you. 😌

  • Candymint Rada
    Candymint Rada 7 months ago

    If she'll fall in love with someone, I hope it will be with Lee Hyun Woo. They're both child stars who starred in different dramas together! 😍😍😍

  • Marce Lee
    Marce Lee 7 months ago

    With Kyung Soo... Butterflys in my stomach 💖

  • 장병순
    장병순 7 months ago


  • Mira - e
    Mira - e 8 months ago

    Miss them so much!!!!! Ottokaji! 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Thae lay
    Thae lay 8 months ago

    very thank i love this vedio love kiss wook and bong ever together

    MARYANNE VITALE 8 months ago

    Love this guy. He's such a gentleman & heartthrob all in one. So talented acting & singing & acts so genuine like an altar boy. Hopefully it's not an act. For this fan in USA he has my heart

  • Tasfia Mahin
    Tasfia Mahin 8 months ago

    2:12 which episode???

  • leurc ji
    leurc ji 8 months ago

    Shit.. I can't move on with this scene.. and it's slow motion.. gosh.. WTH..!

  • Koeun Bang
    Koeun Bang 8 months ago

    He always lick his lips

  • -_- a
    -_- a 8 months ago

    남젼배우 케미의 여왕!!! 완젼 공감💛 신기해요. 분명히 외적인 부분, 생김새에 따라 안어울리기도 할텐데.. 다 잘 어울려요~ 알다가도 모르겠네😅

  • Lala lala
    Lala lala 8 months ago

    She can not sing but she's really cuteee and everyone hold their laugh bcs of her cutenes voice wkkk... I love her, i just cant stop rewatched their perform til now 😍

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma 8 months ago

    This is also my habit and i love ji chang 😇😇😇😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍💓💓💓❤❤❤❤

  • call me mine
    call me mine 8 months ago

    i love nam jihyun 😂 she is very natural

  • Laurent Hamel
    Laurent Hamel 9 months ago

    Maybe just a partner amongst others !

  • galenicahoney
    galenicahoney 9 months ago

    and do kyung soo

  • 홍숙박
    홍숙박 9 months ago

    남지현 케미여신

  • umay susilowati
    umay susilowati 9 months ago

    She Lucky girl.. My baby Queen chemistry....

  • yantra singh
    yantra singh 9 months ago

    Waooo it's totally osm vedio really very very nice veido I really wish from my bottom of heart they can be together in real life they are cutest & perfect couple lot's of lov jiji couple 😍😍😘😘😙😙😚😚💑💑❤❤💟💟😻😻😽😽💝💝💕💕💖💖

  • nancy dunn
    nancy dunn 9 months ago

    Stop exaggerating...he is shy and licks his lips in all of his dramas, public functions, and interviews; nothing sexual towards the ladies including Nam Ji Hyun (as much as I wish they are a real couple)...

      ꧁FIDUCI ICUDIF꧂ 9 months ago

      Well actually this is an OLD video, i stop making about S.P video since 2017.. and u made this video up again ? 😀 so u ask me to stop . Really?

  • Leurc Young
    Leurc Young 9 months ago

    He said.. He always had a dry lips.. So he licked it more often to make it moist.. That's why.. 😘😘😘

  • Janne Q
    Janne Q 9 months ago

    I remember in the Angel Eyes BTS that Kang Ha Neul was her first kiss ever so he was super gentle with her when filming that kiss scene

  • Kartikeswar Das
    Kartikeswar Das 9 months ago

    what is the song ? i just like this video with the music.

  • saloni somani
    saloni somani 9 months ago

    And All her costars sings really well , but our ji hyunie can't. But I still love her❤❤❤🤗

  • lai lai chiu
    lai lai chiu 9 months ago

    JH, you know that, only a matured man like him fit you so much.

  • Violett Herra
    Violett Herra 9 months ago

    Pls make it happend .. give nam hi hyun new project with seo kang joon🥰🥰🥰. So that he wish come true to full fill he love to Ji hyun... He is damn hotttt hahaha. Btw.... namjihyun is the one young actress is known very successfull in their career between Kim Yoo Jung & kim so hyun... but 3 of them are 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻#improoudfanofnamjihyun.....

  • Fatimah Syahputra
    Fatimah Syahputra 10 months ago


  • lai lai chiu
    lai lai chiu 10 months ago

    I think a matured co-actor is fit for NJH. She is smart with good studying, charm with pleasant smile, she is easy to be loved. Thus, a matured man seemed can protect her more manly. As a whole, a matured actor is much better.

  • daphne alisab
    daphne alisab 10 months ago

    jiji couple the best

  • Taehyung Kim
    Taehyung Kim 10 months ago


  • Mercedes Fernández
    Mercedes Fernández 10 months ago

    me encanta la vida varias veces es hermoso 🤗😘🇦🇷

  • Taehyung Kim
    Taehyung Kim 10 months ago

    Que bonitos 😂😍

  • Yza Belah
    Yza Belah 10 months ago

    i felt the most spark between her and chang wook and kyungsoo

  • R.P Mishra
    R.P Mishra 10 months ago

    I think it's his habit u see most of time he doing this l mean always. But i love this.

  • Jovelyn Baguio
    Jovelyn Baguio 10 months ago

    Title of song?

  • Taehyung Kim
    Taehyung Kim 10 months ago

    Los extraño 💕💔

  • Taehyung Kim
    Taehyung Kim 10 months ago

    Se ve que a el le gusta 😊

  • younghwa kim
    younghwa kim 10 months ago

    남지현 이쁘다~♥

  • Jacqueline Segura
    Jacqueline Segura 10 months ago

    Muy emotivo video , me llego al corazón ....este drama me cautivo por completo , sufri , rei , llore y los protagonistas me encantarón .😍😍🤗😍🤗🤗😍🤗😍😍😍

  • in jn
    in jn 10 months ago

    Always lucky NJM 😍, there are many actors that I want to partners with you.. Next I can waiting for many young handsome actor again okay 😄😍 good luck sweety, best for u, always best chemistry 😘👌

  • Hey REN
    Hey REN 10 months ago

    Perfectooooo 😂😂😂

  • noni 1
    noni 1 10 months ago

    I really love jiji couple, can I hoping they can become partners in next drama,,, Honestly I can't moving on drama suspicious partners 😄 Really love Nam ji hyun and ji Chang wook,😍😘 and best for all too

  • Thei Bella
    Thei Bella 10 months ago

    all they are best actor with her she lcky girl..

  • 12529 12539
    12529 12539 10 months ago

    All the lucky guys got to pair with my goddess...can act n charismatic n young n naturally beautiful n smart, unlike most plastics... Whatever drama she acts in with whoever I watch wholesale....Yes I am biased.... simply love her

  • Lucy Mari
    Lucy Mari 11 months ago

    You go girl, I really love her... I'm not wishing to her to be paired with anyone but to have beautiful projects that will showcase her talent.. Stay bubbly hyuniii!

  • juliaregi
    juliaregi 11 months ago

    Hyunnie is the best 😍😍

  • Siti Nur Aishah
    Siti Nur Aishah 11 months ago

    The owner of vid... had same mind with me😍💖😍💖😍💖 since shopping king louie, with in guk😙 I realised that Nam Ji Hyun is the best actress because she's queen of chemistry that lead the actor to shine beside her

  • North Yippie
    North Yippie 11 months ago

    This actor was very playful and affectionate with his costar that he may have had everyone believe that he was extra ordinarily fond of her. He may have well have been, because there seem to be no other similar photos of him with his other lady co stars in the same manner. Sweet and flirty. He obviously liked her and felt very comfortable with her.

  • Exoloey 21
    Exoloey 21 11 months ago

    I want her with jcw/kim so hyun/seo kang joon/park hyung sik/seo in guk again 😂😂 And also with lee min ho/lee jung suk/park bo gum/yoo seung ho/song joong ki 😂 ops i mean every handsome oppa ❤