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  • Tarantino III
    Tarantino III 14 minutes ago

    Cod remove the console controller on cod mobile?

  • Christian Padron
    Christian Padron 40 minutes ago

    I dont BELIEVE THEM : To many LIES Gave them there Repertation.

  • Warhawk
    Warhawk 2 hours ago

    What happened to Captain Soap Mctavish

  • Prabul Durgekar
    Prabul Durgekar 4 hours ago

    my game crashes in between

  • TheZachary MartinShow

    I hope we don't kill the boss in the first game. Let's get a Modern Warfare 2?

  • Joshua Peercy
    Joshua Peercy 4 hours ago

    Is there a mode on the game that will allow me to play as a single player (not team), online against other players in a type of last man standing type of combat situation?

  • Call of duty Mobile- Free Fire

    subscxribe me

  • my chanel
    my chanel 4 hours ago

    Am I the only one here that Alex looks like chris hemsworth/Thor?

  • Mr_blake 0932 Gaming,vlogging and more!!!

    Is that Garena? Version?

  • Shaquille Williams
    Shaquille Williams 6 hours ago

    What was the operator skill button?

  • ごまS.
    ごまS. 6 hours ago

    where packer punch and mystery Box 😭

  • ArchQueen AE
    ArchQueen AE 6 hours ago

    They didn't say there isn't one .. they said they are not working on it right now. Which can mean it will be worked on after launch or its already done and they are not working on it anymore keeping to what was said by him on reddit

  • Sanny Delfin
    Sanny Delfin 6 hours ago

    Got a sweaty hands . Need a controller

  • poe man
    poe man 7 hours ago


  • Garrett Howard
    Garrett Howard 7 hours ago

    David vondahaarpre bo3/4 release. No supply drop weaposn. Now look. ACTIVISION does this not the devs.

  • jubayer Shekh
    jubayer Shekh 7 hours ago

    Where is Gost ????

  • Alex Jax
    Alex Jax 7 hours ago


  • Andrew Presley
    Andrew Presley 8 hours ago

    There's going to be monetization in the game. What form it takes remains to be seen, but count on it being there.

  • Logan TDC
    Logan TDC 8 hours ago

    i want victor resnov

  • Logan TDC
    Logan TDC 8 hours ago

    alex mason in the chair one hell of a reference to black ops

  • HypaDunk
    HypaDunk 11 hours ago

    Hey man do u know if the leaderboards will be cross-play tracked

  • Crafter 1246
    Crafter 1246 11 hours ago

    Who here remembers OG nazi zombies app also the 7$ black ops zombie app

  • titanfall 636249
    titanfall 636249 11 hours ago

    Campaign > Multiplayer. (In my perspective)

  • streak_blad e
    streak_blad e 11 hours ago

    If you play controller on mobile your a awful person

  • Wolf - XD15
    Wolf - XD15 12 hours ago

    I'm so hype!!!

  • TacticalSoldier_ X
    TacticalSoldier_ X 12 hours ago

    That intro though bahaha

  • David Callis
    David Callis 12 hours ago

    He’s faking it and as of right now there is no controller support in the game and they have announced that they’re looking at controller support in a future update.

  • Better Jordans
    Better Jordans 12 hours ago

    Pre order bonus please!

  • seth gurganus gaming
    seth gurganus gaming 12 hours ago

    11 days till this game drops I cannot wait till the staying up all weekend playing with friends after school is back

  • Alentless
    Alentless 12 hours ago

    9 more days

  • Larry Barajas
    Larry Barajas 13 hours ago

    Might as well just use the keyboard

  • Crazywolfman11
    Crazywolfman11 13 hours ago

    They will put them in the game like two months after release

  • Bosco T
    Bosco T 13 hours ago


  • Erick Fallon
    Erick Fallon 14 hours ago

    do you need to dowload some driver to connect my PS4 control?

  • Eli _
    Eli _ 14 hours ago

    I know we will have capture the flag because my game glitched and gave me the option but I couldn't play it

  • Robert Coarse
    Robert Coarse 14 hours ago

    Give it 2 months or so

  • SavageRicktator
    SavageRicktator 14 hours ago

    We're changing the name of supply drops and being discrete as possible. Scamming you on launch and sneaking them back in with a catch

  • Kelley Frandanisa
    Kelley Frandanisa 14 hours ago

    Octane and Watson

    FR3_ BREEZE 15 hours ago

    What if they had ducks walking around that give u XP if your shoot it

  • gamingjake123 j
    gamingjake123 j 15 hours ago

    Well hell I own a PS4 and I'm irritated xbox has to wait a year for the survival mode that's kinda ignorant and as many pre orders they lost and people refunded they're probably saying that to get them back imo or they'll just let survival be on both platforms at launch they're making so many stupid choices for this game at this point

    • Crimson Nutcase
      Crimson Nutcase 2 hours ago

      I'm on xbox and couldn't care less about survival mode, I'd probably play it for an hour, get bored then just burn my life away in multiplayer like most people will

  • aqua gaming
    aqua gaming 15 hours ago

    3:31 go to it there is a message that pops up for a second where it shows a chat between him and the leeker talking about battleroyale

  • Jordyn Aguilar
    Jordyn Aguilar 15 hours ago

    I just wished we would’ve had the regular jug and all those perks rather then what we have now that’s what ruined it for me

  • KahleKingz TV
    KahleKingz TV 16 hours ago

    They wont do MXT on launch because they want good reviews. After reviews they launch MXT 🖕

  • KingMercedes a
    KingMercedes a 16 hours ago

    Bruh. It’s easy go to the site search it up on iPhone App Store and download it

  • ProjektBloo
    ProjektBloo 16 hours ago

    IW: We’re not working on loot boxes at this time Activision: But we are

  • Adam Dzieran
    Adam Dzieran 16 hours ago

    This is stupid AF

  • BOSSK The Trandoshan
    BOSSK The Trandoshan 16 hours ago

    You missed a couple good ones

  • Palace
    Palace 17 hours ago

    Tencent is pretty good at balancing games.

  • john tindall
    john tindall 17 hours ago

    guess its stop working

  • J4 gaming
    J4 gaming 17 hours ago

    I honestly hope there are supply drops 😭y’all bitch ass babys did it

  • Rico Gringo
    Rico Gringo 17 hours ago

    And now we must have this game for ps4

  • Bx goon170
    Bx goon170 18 hours ago

    On Halloween it's being released

  • Ibrahim Ibz
    Ibrahim Ibz 18 hours ago

    Why does this guy sound like morgz😂

  • Jay Incognito
    Jay Incognito 18 hours ago

    Where tf are you getting this info from? An foreign country where it's already released or are you some kind of Remote Viewer like Major Ed Dames? 😂

  • kyle And Kris
    kyle And Kris 18 hours ago

    That didn’t work why u talking about cheating pc playees

  • Fishplants
    Fishplants 18 hours ago

    How could that guy unlocked the "supply drop " then ? If they aren't working on it ? Why was it there ? So stupid

  • JamesNathanielVlogs
    JamesNathanielVlogs 18 hours ago

    jUsT hAnG tiGhT. Deleting app now.

  • Stanislav Bakshiyev
    Stanislav Bakshiyev 19 hours ago

    salvage should return in this game, there could be a chance

  • Mr PurpleDragon
    Mr PurpleDragon 19 hours ago

    ***how to play call of duty mobile !ON PC! with xbox controller. Video is trash

  • Jonathan West
    Jonathan West 19 hours ago

    With the logic that any character in blackout are actually connected than the Modern Warfare universe is connected with the Black Ops universe because Captain Price was added to blackout

  • varik
    varik 20 hours ago

    It would be funny if gun game was the classic.

  • Adan Flores
    Adan Flores 20 hours ago

    The supply drops will be there in few months

  • Sergi Domenech
    Sergi Domenech 20 hours ago

    I just want iw to leave activision and make great games

  • gunner 169
    gunner 169 21 hour ago

    Except for everybody is still using a undetectable controller and witch makes the game unbalanced and unfair so I dont see what there problem is with adding controller support fortnight had no problems doing it?

  • Lance Russell
    Lance Russell 21 hour ago

    It’s mobile not mobilell 😂wtf

  • Natalie Gauss
    Natalie Gauss 21 hour ago

    Realy amazing hopefuly the Smartphones become better than IT would like ps4 on Smartphone. And online Zombie.

  • Viktor Strečko
    Viktor Strečko 21 hour ago

    If it´d be like in BF5 I could deal with that

    YOUNG NIGGA MOE 21 hour ago

    So when is it coming

  • robbie wathen
    robbie wathen 21 hour ago

    Good I’m glad

  • Francisco Cortés Casiano

    Call of Duty meet SWAT 4

  • Infamous X
    Infamous X 21 hour ago

    We not gonna play as the beard guy ? WHAT

  • Game Winner
    Game Winner 21 hour ago

    I love this servmode and it’s way fun I really want MW4 I think Iam gana buy it at launch unlock guns earn $$ Iam not a big gamer online

  • Infamous X
    Infamous X 21 hour ago

    If I bought the game , will the campaign be auto added or

  • Joseph Zemba
    Joseph Zemba 21 hour ago

    This game has been way more enjoyable than BO4 lmao. I just need more MP maps 😂😂 I need rust and terminal

  • Alex Inocencio
    Alex Inocencio 21 hour ago

    Guys! Gaz is Ghost and he's still alive and he will be back in the next Modern Warfare. The year is 2010 and Dreamscape/a Drowning Pool song is playing while you read this.

  • Mofrogin Gaming
    Mofrogin Gaming 21 hour ago

    Black ops 4 launched with no supply drops and a fair way to earn rewards like dlc guns. But yet here we are and it has the worst mtx system in cod history. Don’t expect this to be any different

  • Jake Pace
    Jake Pace 21 hour ago

    I hate how you say mobile jesus makes me cringe

  • Creepy Potato
    Creepy Potato 22 hours ago

    Don’t do that don’t give me hope

  • Rose Supreme
    Rose Supreme 22 hours ago

    No MTX in an Activision game? Now comes the part where we throw our heads back and *laugh.* Ready? *AHAHAHAHAHAHA!*

  • HearTheVoicez
    HearTheVoicez 22 hours ago

    Gameloop has had a error 3 times while I'm trying to do this lol

  • Early Bird
    Early Bird 22 hours ago

    Can i ask? How come does Captain Price hat able to hold the Night Vision Goggles?😂😂

  • RadioJHAlex sk1n
    RadioJHAlex sk1n 23 hours ago

    YEAAAHHH 1 MORE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S I'm not paying attention to the supply drops!

  • Wayne Davis
    Wayne Davis 23 hours ago

    You young bucks make me crack up, no loot boxes in call of duty unheard of. Errrr no cod, cod 2,cod 3,modern warfare, world at war, modern warfare 2, black ops, modern warfare 3, black ops 2 and ghosts- none had supply drops. So that's 11 that havent and 6 or 7 that has. Do you even know cod?!?!?!?

  • I LiJoN I
    I LiJoN I 23 hours ago

    this "rank reset" stuff sounds soooo ridiculous.. i mean why should i grind if my rank gets reset anyways?

  • BBAOmega
    BBAOmega 23 hours ago

    What's the difference between riads and strikes?

  • BFC Ricky
    BFC Ricky Day ago

    They’re not working on it because they’ve already done it 🤣

    • BFC Ricky
      BFC Ricky 7 hours ago

      El Pato This was the first time I’d seen this news, and was my first thought without reading any more comments, so F you

    • El Pato
      El Pato 13 hours ago

      BFC Ricky old

  • Gōdon Gurando

    We are not working on at the moment... but we might be working on in the future

  • ToewsToKane
    ToewsToKane Day ago

    YongYea gave you a shoutout in his video covering this topic too 🤙🏻 I popped off when he referenced you! My boy TheGamingRevolution!

  • SNAP Vegan
    SNAP Vegan Day ago

    Supply drops/loot boxes should be a kill streak reward IMHO

  • CaveMan85
    CaveMan85 Day ago

    Anything is better than bo4 right now infinity ward should just merge with respawn and make there own publisher...

  • akaBalance
    akaBalance Day ago

    Why does mine have a bit of lag and some of the buttons do not work

  • Frank Woods
    Frank Woods Day ago

    Can you change the background music? It's uncomfortable

  • koolkiller35
    koolkiller35 Day ago

    Well they straight up mislead us big time

  • Nate Hallowell

    Didn’t really play any of the other cods games after mw3 but I like how bo3 did the supply drops

  • Cobra Gaming
    Cobra Gaming Day ago

    That’s what every cod says... just wait until a mouth passes when the game releases

  • JoshDabbington

    Infinity Ward been skating on thing ice since they made Infinite Warfare if they lie here they're done

    • Sergi Domenech
      Sergi Domenech 20 hours ago

      Its not iw its activision fucking them up but the game is great in its corr

  • dan R.A
    dan R.A Day ago

    Reminds me of a cutseen in cod advanced warfare where irons says "Are we developing such a weapon? No, we are not... Because we've already developed it"

  • bri rui
    bri rui Day ago

    These guys lie too much. I'll only believe what they say when I actually see it.

  • kleincalvin789

    This campaign has got me hard 😂

  • TippSecret
    TippSecret Day ago

    How can i Switch off the Settings because i downloded on my Surface Tablet and i want to play with Touch! Thanks