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  • Harman Singh
    Harman Singh 17 seconds ago

    Hey LayedBak, i don't know if you know him but i think you should react to NEFFEX, like "Things are gonna get better", or some other his songs, he's cool🔥

  • Lind M W
    Lind M W Minute ago

    As we say in Liverpool loose lips sink ships. Say no more!!😉

  • Bharath Palani
    Bharath Palani Minute ago

    No regrets ft. Don Toliver 🔥

  • Zaza PRIME
    Zaza PRIME 2 minutes ago

    U can go to his channel and go to his second playlist.. That would be the uncensored version

  • Joel Hawkins
    Joel Hawkins 3 minutes ago

    He has 2 albums one censored one uncensored

  • OlD WooDy
    OlD WooDy 5 minutes ago

    qq by nupu

  • Matteo Bukvička
    Matteo Bukvička 7 minutes ago

    After the 2nd hook, (4:40) u can hear the “when i’m gone” vibe going on.. and i think thats an amazing “easter egg” cuz he talks about his dad that he didnt have.. same like in the song “when i’m gone”, he was singing about him wasnt there for his daughter... (Hope u understand the point)

  • YourFavoriteSoldier
    YourFavoriteSoldier 8 minutes ago

    Bruh hit up Godzilla

  • Руслан Фоменко

    Skilket- "Forsaken"

  • mishen uthayakumar MA
    mishen uthayakumar MA 12 minutes ago

    He looks constipated

  • Lind M W
    Lind M W 13 minutes ago

    Ive never liked this prick can't bare him & if any Blackman supports this well in my eyes there not real blackmen just the way this punk isnit hes a wonabe blackman plastic rapper 'turpac would chew him up n spit him out if he heard this disrespectful shit' loads of ppl in the UK have no respect for him after this no more one sad man him ❤️ from Liverpool.

    GHOST AG3NT 14 minutes ago

    I recommend you use spotify for uncensored versions of any song it's good way to go and his entire albums up on it as well

  • Graham De Lacey
    Graham De Lacey 14 minutes ago

    WAIT !!!! that little girl in the clip looks like the nazi greata fuck face from the EU claiming her childhood was taken from her due to the mental illness 'climate change' did SOAD know what we didnt /

  • Derangedxzombie
    Derangedxzombie 14 minutes ago

    I thought that was a guy, she has a fairly deep voice but now I know can hear MA is a female. And true, Em is best with someone fuelling his anger.

  • Low End Love
    Low End Love 15 minutes ago

    Beat drops:💥 Layed: 👽

  • NOTORIOUS •Ćãšh•
    NOTORIOUS •Ćãšh• 16 minutes ago

    His face said 😑

  • Robbie james
    Robbie james 17 minutes ago

    I really hope i hear this song in the new lucifer season 5

  • Derangedxzombie
    Derangedxzombie 17 minutes ago

    I don't think he's speaking of true events and feelings, more exaggerating everything a lot to make it entertaining and crazy. He seems to have grown a lot looking at his song to his mum and how past songs about her and his ex now make him cringe (he said he no longer sings them)

  • Music That Feeds My Soul. Don't listen FEEL IT

    Great man hey react to eminems Godzilla AGAIN

  • UnknowN BEATS
    UnknowN BEATS 18 minutes ago

    "That's why they call me KAMAKAZI because its plane suicide." Get it because kamakazi's where Japanese PLANE suicide bombers. THIS ALBUM IS VINTAGE SLIM

  • Erragall
    Erragall 20 minutes ago

    Eminem Ain’t Kill nobody, he kill somebody? He ain’t kill nobody.

  • Aiden Deanes
    Aiden Deanes 21 minute ago

    once done with this fire album check out stormzys new album, pop boy ft. aitch 🔥

  • Adam Bates
    Adam Bates 23 minutes ago

    He was in Ibiza

  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller 25 minutes ago

    Love it bro u inspire me to chase my dream again... them facial expressions tho keep it up bro

  • Jan Drábek
    Jan Drábek 25 minutes ago

    intro? :O

  • Graham De Lacey
    Graham De Lacey 26 minutes ago

    as a drummer, bands like SOAD are scripture. everyone must read them at least once.

  • Never Knowing
    Never Knowing 29 minutes ago

    the production of this song, makes me want twenty one pilots to produce with kanye west. like damn the production on this is sick

  • Jai Singh
    Jai Singh 34 minutes ago

    Em: raps fast This guy: *imitates Chinese baby eating lemons*

  • Bear studios
    Bear studios 35 minutes ago

    To say it was mental illness is so wrong. Mentally ill people are far more likely to be victims of violence. This isn't a mental illness this is guns. Mental illness doesn't discriminate based on country but America is the only one with these kinds of shootings, why? what is different? Maybe it's the 300 million+ guns.

  • Omg Its Brandy
    Omg Its Brandy 35 minutes ago


  • Jai Singh
    Jai Singh 37 minutes ago

    LL cool J and Pharrel Williams had a baby

  • Vinny Tricker
    Vinny Tricker 40 minutes ago

    Going to reach 600K today man!! Well deserved.

  • Josh Delgado
    Josh Delgado 40 minutes ago

    First video ive seen where you didnt say "whats poppin"

  • Johnny Walker
    Johnny Walker 40 minutes ago

    To me, it's more than just a double entendre... he is telling 4 stories through one song: Slim Shady: He is explaining how he feels like Marshall is "closing the walls in on him"... aka Marshall has isolated that side of him, and it is getting agitated within him and is acting out to stay relevant. Marshall Mathers: Explaining how much stress and anxiety he feels with his career and his fear of being forgotten. Eminem: Making a statement to America that we need to talk about the complicated issues that aren't clear cut or black and white. The Vegas shooter: How people can be "fit" to own weapons per the law, and even not be mentally unstable yet still snap and kill innocent people.

  • ORiSON
    ORiSON 41 minute ago

    Hey my man, can't you possibly listen to the tracks on Spotify? It's uncensored on there 😊 awesome videos my man

  • JustHavingFun
    JustHavingFun 42 minutes ago

    Just realized, the title of the album actually makes you spell "music to be murdered by - eminem-"

  • Alexander Andersen
    Alexander Andersen 43 minutes ago

    Fuck me if you're not ignorant. You think he's talking about being a ticking time bomb today??! This whole song is about when he was a kid... U donkey

  • Todoroki Is A Beast!
    Todoroki Is A Beast! 43 minutes ago

    *This Leaving Heaven track is my 3rd Favorite on this Em album (1st Darkness 2nd Godzilla) and My Favorite part is when EM at **3:56** and that Amazing lead up into that Beautiful Skylar Grey Hook at **4:20** Always gives me the Chills!* 🔥 *Also it’s one of my favorite tracks because it’s a real personal track from Em because you can just feel his anger in his voice as the track is getting closer to the end and that’s why you can hear Em putting his shit father in the grave or digging his ass up to spit on it.* *But anyway great reaction and I left a like on the video bro so keep them Em reactions coming.*

  • Angelena O'Donovan
    Angelena O'Donovan 44 minutes ago

    Come to the uk!!! I’m in London Town bruv! Let’s go!!!

  • 45 g
    45 g 45 minutes ago

    again another youtuber using Em name for clickbait viewsss man what has this world came to ?? why cant any of you just do 1 video about the whole album

  • Teeny bopper
    Teeny bopper 51 minute ago

    I too have mowed my lawn to Eminem! Quite a but actually.

  • Trilops Plays
    Trilops Plays 53 minutes ago

    It's a sad day when the vid isn't monetized 🧐

  • Josh B
    Josh B 53 minutes ago

    100% agree with what you say on mental illness but citizens don’t need access to these sorts of weapons. There’s too much of this second amendment crap. It’s called an amendment. Amend it

  • Dragon Ball Legacy
    Dragon Ball Legacy 57 minutes ago

    It sounds different to you cuz SLIM IS BACK!

  • Angelena O'Donovan
    Angelena O'Donovan 58 minutes ago

    Love from London. You make me laugh loads!!! You loving our uk vibe!!!!!

  • Kataki 100
    Kataki 100 58 minutes ago

    Hi from Ukraine)

  • Gm Yoeme
    Gm Yoeme 59 minutes ago

    Yelawolf - no such thing as free

  • Gene L
    Gene L Hour ago

    That beat is SO. FKING. HARD!!!

  • Ver1zon
    Ver1zon Hour ago

    Yea you were way off

  • Gm Yoeme
    Gm Yoeme Hour ago

    Yelawolf - box chevy 6 Now that beat goes hard asf!!!!

  • Alex
    Alex Hour ago

    LayedBakDFR You should react to Y2k, BBno$ - Lalala for your sunday reaction. It's pretty unique.

  • Erick Toscano
    Erick Toscano Hour ago

    React to 'Animal I Have Become' by Three Days Grace. Old song but good

  • Keith Richards
    Keith Richards Hour ago

    Interesting thing about Royce. Most rational people say he always holds his own with Em. Now, some say Em is the GOAT. Some say he's one of the GOATs. So, where does they put Royce?

  • Saiyan Cragus
    Saiyan Cragus Hour ago

    Guns for hands 🙌🔥

  • Gene L
    Gene L Hour ago

    I know I'm kinda late to this party but, I gotta give him props for bringing some things to the attention of people that I feel otherwise wouldn't take notice. He hits each and every nail squarely on the head, and I hope it leads to more awareness and more open conversation across the board. We had a lot of powerful songs touching on the issue of race lately. Joyner's "I'm not Racist" and Adam Calhoun's "Racism" and now Tom MacDonald with "If I Was Black." It's 2020, and I hope that we as a society have grown and matured enough to finally start having these conversations.

  • Teddy Medina
    Teddy Medina Hour ago

    Can’t wait for “I will”

  • Keith Richards
    Keith Richards Hour ago

    Another thing to keep in mind. He at least probably recorded this time around the time he found out his real dad died. You know he was feeling some type of way. Sounds like he was just getting it all out on this track and Leaving Heaven.

  • KronikxVirus
    KronikxVirus Hour ago

    Can you not search for explicit versions? These vids arent livestreamed are they? Cant you just start the recording over with the right video?

  • smilz58
    smilz58 Hour ago

    Q tip black thought are the only mc's that killed with em instead of being killed by him.....

  • King Sneak
    King Sneak Hour ago

    React to Dreamville & JID - big black truck It’s straight fire 🔥

  • Prasanth Ravi
    Prasanth Ravi Hour ago

    This is not about Eminem's childhood. He's just telling a story molding it into a story from a child's perspective.

  • Nultsy
    Nultsy Hour ago

    i was mad dissapointed with this song not because of the verses but i cant be the only one who feels the mixing is terrible, especiallly on royces verse the beat is way too loud and the audio is not up too par

  • Zayd AbdulRahman

    I’m drinking that Malt

  • Ben Dooley
    Ben Dooley Hour ago

    Linkin Park had one of the biggest influences on my childhood. Grew up on them, Breaking Benjamin, Slipknot, and so many others. I feel like a lot of us who did listen to these bands was because the level at which we could and probably still can relate. They all have songs like this, but they always put out songs that have helped so many people. I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin was one of those for me. As much pain as these artists and ourselves have gone through, being able to relate and feel less alone always had an immeasurable impact. for me at least. There's a reason we love metal and rock. It helps you understand you aren't alone and that you can make it through whatever comes your way. But I guess that's not necessarily true for us all that listen to it. It is for me though. I'll be listening to it forever.

  • Worthless Fiat
    Worthless Fiat Hour ago

    This is a story about him young perspective not today

  • Ricky Walker
    Ricky Walker Hour ago

    He could of easily wrote this for people who has an assehole of a stepdad 😂😂😂 taking this way to seriously bro

  • Bayraa Lhagwaa
    Bayraa Lhagwaa Hour ago

    yeahhh. we are highhhhh.

  • J P
    J P Hour ago

    paper's a hand grenade, pull the pen out....

  • Bear studios
    Bear studios Hour ago

    DID is proof there are certain things you can't deal with.

    HEXXEN WOLF Hour ago

    Of course Em is still going through pain. He's alive. You don't completely shed the skin you grew up in.

  • BigHenFor
    BigHenFor Hour ago

    From an old lady here: what's good about Eminem is that his performance and production values are top notch. Really crisp, and sounds boring but the enunciation is clean, you can hear every damn word. I appreciate that, because the lyrics are so important. All his collabs are the creme de la creme. All hail to all the midwives that bought this album to the birthing bed. So good that my heart and my head are content.

  • Рушан Хаматьяров

    you gon learn

  • scott merrill
    scott merrill Hour ago

    That is em

  • Nael a
    Nael a Hour ago

    Trash ain't neva an option

  • TheSmurf307
    TheSmurf307 Hour ago

    This is the first time I've wished I hadn't watch your video. I'm guessing I'll have to give deuces to reaction videos. Especially yours. Mid video edits mixed with the fact that you can't listen to a song long enough to grasp a meaning.

  • Joshua Hoelter
    Joshua Hoelter Hour ago

    shady boombaye shady boombaye 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Faeleficent
    Faeleficent Hour ago

    I felt like Young MA could have went harder. She went in before, but why not on a Eminem track?

  • Vladimir Becker
    Vladimir Becker Hour ago

    Q-Tip, from the legendary group A Tribe Called Quest!

  • joshua mkwizu
    joshua mkwizu Hour ago

    The song was fire so no he didn't kill no one...

  • Andrew Zhu
    Andrew Zhu Hour ago

    Denaun is Mr Porter aka Kon Artis from D12.

  • Tony Y
    Tony Y Hour ago

    Bro, they have 2 albums on his channel 1 clean the other dirty.

  • steve clews
    steve clews Hour ago

    I love his appreciation for all music and genuine interest in finding 'new' music

  • kristen redmond
    kristen redmond Hour ago

    I think this is about his daughter’s step dad

  • VenomDragon
    VenomDragon Hour ago

    This might be my favorite song off this album because how much I can relate to it but I'm still debating what takes the number one spot this song or Godzilla

  • Errr Bitch
    Errr Bitch Hour ago

    at 6 years old EM should have blamed himself for what happened?

  • TH Flips
    TH Flips Hour ago

    Anyone else like the song but can't stand the "yah yah yah" bit

  • VenomDragon
    VenomDragon 2 hours ago

    Ayee The old Intro came back🤙

  • Edtrf
    Edtrf 2 hours ago

    Bro chill with the criticism before he starts to diss you next 💀

  • francesco chiodi
    francesco chiodi 2 hours ago

    Omg 🤙🏻🙏👍🏅😱🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝

  • Tony Y
    Tony Y 2 hours ago

    U do quality reactions compared to other TheXvid reactions. I was watching the lawtwinz reactions and they can barely understand the more complicated words. You also break down the references better than most. You actually sound like you know what you're talking about, definitely more intelligent than dinner of the other reactions.

  • T'Challa
    T'Challa 2 hours ago

    Telling someone to grow past childhood abuse is easier than being in his shoes. Don't judge man.

  • Perfect Mint
    Perfect Mint 2 hours ago

    your ears alright? a lil too much fire in a short time

  • Epik Rhymez
    Epik Rhymez 2 hours ago

    Omfg... Y'all keep overlooking what could be a huge subliminal message. The jokes are funny yes, but peep this for a second... Eminem used cover art, name everything...some of his songs were very "woke" . He spoke alot on things that some believe "the elite" control. I think Eminem is "murdering (waking)" by his music... Maybe Eminem wants people to wake up and he's such an artist that he wants you to decipher this.... Alfred Hitchcock (music. To be murdered by):Naturally, the record(LIFE) is long-playing Even though you may not be So why don't you relax? Lean back and enjoy (STAY BLIND) yourself Until the coroner comes A.H:Music to Be Murdered By was conceived in response to thousands of requests from members of my television audience(BLIND FANS) The program(SYSTEM) seems to have inspired them to murder(WAKE) But did not furnish the proper atmosphere for it It seems that during the commercials (FALSE FLAGS)the victims kept jumping up and leaving the room(FALSE FLAGS NOT LASTING) Very annoying This album will contain no commercials(B.S) A.H:"ladies and gentlemen, I'll never smile again// Em: (knows too much about murder (reality) and can't see joys in life. and that's just the first two times he talks...idk if I'm reaching because I'm really stoned...but damn.

  • Ezequiel 25:17
    Ezequiel 25:17 2 hours ago

    Haha I think it’s another ‘just lose it’ or ‘fack’

  • james olson
    james olson 2 hours ago

    I like Em bars, beats and vocals on this song. He just wasted it on a topic I didn't like too much.

  • Stonka
    Stonka 2 hours ago

    This guy looks like he hired me to steal his black cat 'mittens' back from his rival in China Town, in exchange for xp, so I can progress to the next level

    MENGIN TAN 2 hours ago

    C'mon it's clearly just for entertainment

  • Erick Rooks
    Erick Rooks 2 hours ago

    New to the channel,maybe you already did it, but 'danger' is poppin!

  • Ezra Naidoo
    Ezra Naidoo 2 hours ago

    This beat is fire 🔥

  • Chris Edwards
    Chris Edwards 2 hours ago

    Where my STANS!!!!!