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Honoring Cokie Roberts
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  • fusion
    fusion 2 hours ago

    Have they gotten realised

  • Arjo Ghosh
    Arjo Ghosh 2 hours ago

    I'm sure the United States will take any action against North Korea in the future. This will be the time when the world's worst leader dies. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Sleepy Pink
    Sleepy Pink 2 hours ago

    What about all the wild life their straying with poison ? Like is it safe enough not to hurt the other animals and peoples pets?

  • Courtney Molina
    Courtney Molina 2 hours ago

    The people that start the school shootings either have mental problems or they just been bullied and pushed to the limit

  • Kyle K
    Kyle K 2 hours ago

    Did anyone really think it was magic🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Madamei.Mercy.JeanX. 83_20_19


  • Dawn Thomas
    Dawn Thomas 2 hours ago

    I had the dream about her being kissed by PRESIDENT CLINTON before it was shown on TV! Yet in my dream I was in her place and woke with the kiss of DECEPTION feeling in my soul ,and wondered why in the world I had had a dream like that ,and two months to three months later it was evident ,when I saw my dream play out on TV NEWS!!! I WAS BLOWN AWAY!!! WEEKS BEFORE PROMISE KEEPER CHRISTIAN MEN STOOD ON THE STEPS OF CAPITAL HILL AND PRAID ,AND ALL WAS REVEALED!! IT WAS MIND BLOWING THE DECIET I FELT IN THE DREAM!! I FELT SO HORRIBLE WHEN IT PLAYED OUT ON TELEVISION!!! I FELT SO BAD FOR HER AND I PRAYED FOR MONICA!!!I HOPE SHE WILL KNIW JESUS/YASHUAH/JESUS!!!

  • Clearwater Guy
    Clearwater Guy 2 hours ago

    A whore and a bore!

  • mnlrl 9
    mnlrl 9 2 hours ago

    Getting rid of islam is the only answer period.

  • G. J.
    G. J. 2 hours ago

    Witnesses are cowards. People who speak up are heroes.

  • mnlrl 9
    mnlrl 9 2 hours ago

    Islam shall be exterminated

  • Barack Hussein Obama II

    Not trying to sound like a defense attorney but i dont think that will hold in court people metabolize alcohol at different rates

  • paul yi
    paul yi 2 hours ago

    Terrorists or their accomplice will always try to outsmart us. However, they will eventually get caught in the end! No matter how smart they tried to be!

  • Manko Kennewick
    Manko Kennewick 2 hours ago

    The old angry lesbo thing. Severe penis envy, I know the type.

  • Dale Painter
    Dale Painter 2 hours ago

    White people.

  • Brandon Batey
    Brandon Batey 2 hours ago

    Wish this old bastard had to live in section 8 housing... someone throw away his im-so-old-imma-damn-die pills...

    SLEEK GAMER 2 hours ago

    Aww man

  • Castro Campuzano Adrian

    They calling you out nigga ignore them

  • You Tube
    You Tube 2 hours ago

    They probably drink the water, then bite thier victims

  • Gabriella Mckenna
    Gabriella Mckenna 2 hours ago

    for all u fucking karen’s saying “he shouldn’t have brought drugs into the country” shut ur trump dick suckin asses up. he was a kid, he did NOT deserve to die. Those 2 heartless fuckers knew EXACTLY what they were doing. and didn’t even feel the slightest amount of guilty

  • Donaven Bruce
    Donaven Bruce 2 hours ago

    Kill him in the town square

  • Cindy Desjardins
    Cindy Desjardins 2 hours ago

    It's the Government's role to protect innocent youth from those crazy parents... How come it's not illegal?!??

  • Pidched RR
    Pidched RR 2 hours ago

    These are sick people with sick minds, you trust them at your own peril

  • KellyAnn McGregor
    KellyAnn McGregor 2 hours ago

    Hang yang

  • Legend 28
    Legend 28 2 hours ago

    Sleeper cells were sleeping! Ha! The irony

  • Frank Rizzo
    Frank Rizzo 2 hours ago

    I’ll never understand this. I mean there are so many common themes here. Nigerian accents, African countries, poor English, gems and precious metals, people stuck in customs, etc. I mean fucking come on

  • Unknown Riceツ
    Unknown Riceツ 2 hours ago

    What about mexico

  • Miss Skittlez
    Miss Skittlez 2 hours ago

    Decapitation Is one of the most peaceful ways to die, for once your head comes off you don't feel anything. Not to mentioned it happened fast. You many not agree, but as long as his family is okay I'm okay

  • G C
    G C 2 hours ago

    Could you imagine if that person died and you found out a lifeguard was within eyesight but wouldn't go past a darn sign?

  • Brandon
    Brandon 2 hours ago

    Anything to sale and spray poison

  • Wingnut Mcspazatron
    Wingnut Mcspazatron 2 hours ago

    He shoulda danced at them, shake his ass towards them and state "You know you could join me." That woulda been a boss-ass move. If they'da said no and made fun of him, dismiss them with a hand gesture and keep goin. We ain't gonna teach the powers of confidence by throwing literal pity parties.

  • djdjdjdjdjdjde7euryhdxh

    "You weren't there" bruhhhh im dead 😂🤣

  • Mega lol
    Mega lol 2 hours ago

    Dang he need some juice

  • TheGaming Beaver2.0
    TheGaming Beaver2.0 2 hours ago


  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 2 hours ago


  • Scar Ma
    Scar Ma 2 hours ago

    The moderator is a typical full of himself american douchbag

  • Doran Vee
    Doran Vee 2 hours ago

    Shut up Georgie. You are a liberal fake journalist

  • Grey Goose
    Grey Goose 2 hours ago

    Hey ABC "ALL Bull Crap"😅JK What about the 1.25 Million Yes MILLION people killed in auto accidents in the world Yearly.... check those statistics. "Annual Global Road Crash Statistics" Do these mother's feel more threatened by guns or bad drivers on their way to Chili's...? Vehicals kill So Many more people every day but we don't blame the cars. We blame the bad drivers operating the cars. Just food for thought.

  • Valon Martinez
    Valon Martinez 2 hours ago

    Bad seeds.

  • Stephen Haskell
    Stephen Haskell 2 hours ago


  • Daniel Johns
    Daniel Johns 2 hours ago

    It should’ve been called “fit to fat and back” sounds better

  • Maedora Smith
    Maedora Smith 2 hours ago

    Wow I'm shocked that the woman was not helped by the the man that walked away like nothing was happening

  • D Clifford
    D Clifford 2 hours ago

    Lesson. If a man kills his wife don’t date him.

  • Unknown Riceツ
    Unknown Riceツ 2 hours ago

    Then why is he using a ww2 German gun

  • Harsha Muppalaneni
    Harsha Muppalaneni 2 hours ago

    watever the situation is the mother is only one who has pure love towards kids. A huge respect to all the mom's💖💖💖💖💖

  • Dave Ramos
    Dave Ramos 2 hours ago

    Have to admit, watching this again in 2019, this seems like a solid journalistic piece. I'd argue there was a conscious effort put into it to be as honest as possible with minimal bias. Not something you see so much in 2019.

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 2 hours ago

    What a beast

  • Whyinem
    Whyinem 2 hours ago

    That's crazy

  • Ghost_Bear
    Ghost_Bear 2 hours ago

    She's 16? She's looks like she's 10.

  • Bubbadeaux
    Bubbadeaux 2 hours ago

    This is why teachers need guns

  • Ceejay James
    Ceejay James 2 hours ago

    Diddy and suge should’ve died instead of pac and big

  • lulu lovesyou
    lulu lovesyou 2 hours ago

    Oh my gosh- my heart just broke the first minute in. Tanesha seemed like an amazing, smart, gorgeous woman so ready to be a mom.. so sorry for your loss to all families effected by these issues.

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader 2 hours ago

    What's up with the hot chick from Oklahoma? Hit girl with the Ak-47 who claims bullying made her drop out and hold a grudge?

  • king 93706
    king 93706 2 hours ago

    That guy jumped in the water so clean.

  • Marcus G. May
    Marcus G. May 2 hours ago


  • Duke Raul
    Duke Raul 2 hours ago

    Texas Salutes Open Carry Texas and Master SGT Grisham !!!

  • Reap Bot
    Reap Bot 2 hours ago

    *Hey ISIS don’t let the bed bugs bit*


    Muslims just doing Muslim things in the name of Islam. Nothing to see here.

  • xlxcrossxlx
    xlxcrossxlx 2 hours ago

    They need to check surveillance of MH370 again

  • Noah Cain
    Noah Cain 2 hours ago

    It’s obvious this kid acts lost on purpose

  • Pedro Flores
    Pedro Flores 2 hours ago

    I dont want to be that guy but can he just pushed the guy off and spare his life instead of shooting.

  • James Preston
    James Preston 2 hours ago

    Who still watches this in 2019 and continues to laugh and laugh?????

  • That One Random Guy
    That One Random Guy 2 hours ago

    And then people want to take our guns. They think that putting a sign that says no guns here will keep these monsters from doing things like this. Letting teachers and what not have guns will stop this because nobody is going to try to shoot a school with people that have guns. And if they do we light their ass up.

  • Grim Soul
    Grim Soul 2 hours ago

    Whenever I hear about a stripper saying she make thousands of dollars a night how come you don't never hear about those women retiring wealthy. I mean I mean seriously. I mean if you made enough money to pay off your school tuition. Could just have to college. You're bringing home 10 grand night and yeah you might buy some luxury stuff but still be interest on loan you should be comfortable. I have never heard of a group of women retire wealthy off of stripping. You're not spending it on clothes cuz you don't wear any your stripper. What the hell you doing with your money? Did you buy a business?

  • dark light
    dark light 2 hours ago

    He basically went to the washroom to throw it out because he forgot to or else he would have gotten away, you can't really smell .027 of someone

  • Snomann
    Snomann 2 hours ago

    Bullsh t why were there 3 fbi agents in the woods,on the other side of the road where the other fbi agents are pointing there guns,why because force them off the road by shooting at them and then take down.He was shot in the back,they MURDERED that dude.

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader 2 hours ago

    Now, what about that hottie from Oklahoma? The bullied pizza girl with the Ak-47?

  • Zero Two
    Zero Two 2 hours ago


  • Ooooga boooga
    Ooooga boooga 2 hours ago

    They should have played the up music

  • Maedora Smith
    Maedora Smith 2 hours ago

    Wow this is totally unacceptable behavior especially for someone that is Supposed to be a professional, what is wrong with her

  • Nick Xcaliber
    Nick Xcaliber 2 hours ago

    Impeding traffic ticket?

  • TheHellogoo
    TheHellogoo 2 hours ago

    Great choice to retire, you can be a sports newscaster, motivational speaker, or trainer. You literally have so many options.

  • Cindy Desjardins
    Cindy Desjardins 2 hours ago

    That's just unparenting... Unschooling is a new fancy word for parental negligence and laziness. (Please don't mix with _home_ schooling...)

  • sei sei
    sei sei 2 hours ago

    What a pos granddaughter to call her gma and demand 10,000 to get hit of jail. You wanted to do big girl shit pay the price !! Obv she doesn't feel remorse cause she was laughing the whole time bet they didnt even hide or save the money. Smfh.

  • Keyan Cheng
    Keyan Cheng 2 hours ago

    harris is so fake and is a bully i can’t stand her.

  • Stompin McAllister
    Stompin McAllister 2 hours ago

    Bet he has ties to ilhan slut ass

  • jaan chosen
    jaan chosen 2 hours ago

    Solve your own problems and not let others solve it #yanggang

  • Rose Treiger
    Rose Treiger 2 hours ago

    The guy I openly commits an act of terrorism and all you people can do is come up with excuses why it's not. You are a fool unto yourselves.

  • axelscottgmai navarro

    I'm American but I will wipe out north korea and beat up Kim John un

  • Muhammmad Umer
    Muhammmad Umer 2 hours ago

    These guys were Zionist pawns cockroaches

  • Mr Man
    Mr Man 2 hours ago

    The USA is one big Joke.

  • 420 yadi
    420 yadi 2 hours ago

    How about you whites just stay in America then

  • roman14032
    roman14032 2 hours ago

    they are really desperate now obviously trump is seriously kicking their asses sorry dip shits no war trump has really got them by the balls now hes the only leader who demolished a country by NOT going to war with them ITS FUCKING AMAZING, how does that not win the nobel prize?? they are literally begging for war and we are blowing them off now what are you gonna do? huh? geniuses? youre fucked we aren't gonna play we don't need war to fuck you we are already fucking you and we are going to keep fucking you attack some more oil assets we got PLENTY OF OIL thanks fracking our president is a fucking genius he has made peace the ultimate weapon

  • Roselli Tv
    Roselli Tv 2 hours ago

    I believe the 22 year old, not the 60 year old

  • zαck
    zαck 2 hours ago

    I'm gonna fake a relationship just to scam someone oneday

  • s poudel
    s poudel 2 hours ago

    Respect to both these candidates.

  • Karen Degenhart
    Karen Degenhart 2 hours ago

    this is old propaganda!

  • Sheepdog Warrior
    Sheepdog Warrior 2 hours ago

    CIA hard at work..... Remember lime disease!!! It came from a Vermont laboratory, made for warfare apparently?

    Duck SQUIRREL 2 hours ago

    So I'm 12 and my friend is 12 too and she has had like 8 relationships (8 different people, 1 of them being ONLINE too) since she was about 10, One of them lasting about a year, another like 4 months and the rest of them are mostly just a couple weeks. Her cousin is a year old and has had so many more boyfriends while cheating. Oh one more thing, They have both had their first kiss at TWELVE AND THIRTEEN!

  • Roselli Tv
    Roselli Tv 2 hours ago

    Well evidence is important for conviction.

  • Rangervargas 2.0
    Rangervargas 2.0 2 hours ago

    Parents: LIES

  • jason4275
    jason4275 2 hours ago

    This is just a complete waste of Tax payers money, to be spent on this girl wasting everyone time, she will be forgotten by the end of the year.

  • Rob Badlands
    Rob Badlands 2 hours ago

    dang, betsy still in office? thats unfortunate.

  • Trevor Philips
    Trevor Philips 2 hours ago

    i thought the kid was dead, so i clicked on this video. nice clickbait

  • Luna Light
    Luna Light 2 hours ago

    ABC is Saudis bitch just like the rest of America!

  • Mega lol
    Mega lol 2 hours ago

    0:30 when my mom wakes me up on a Monday morning

  • Maxx Oblivion
    Maxx Oblivion 2 hours ago

    “Sorry, his life is out of my jurisdiction. Try the lifeguard around the corner.”

  • Henrik
    Henrik 2 hours ago

    I hate it when they say "ever." I guarantee you that in the lifetime of the bahamas, they've seen a storm with 250mph sustained winds with almost 300mph gusts

  • Jayce B
    Jayce B 2 hours ago


  • Rickey Claiborne
    Rickey Claiborne 2 hours ago

    A 13 year old in the 6th grade? Damn. I was 13 in 7th grade