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  • Tracy Beckett
    Tracy Beckett 22 minutes ago

    Does ANYONE believe this disgusting creature??? For starters, it should be the POLICE carrying out this ‘interview’ . Why isn’t the creature under caution in a police station???? Also, it is impossible for him to hide his body language, even though he has been undoubtedly briefed on the questions and suggested answers!!! Notice the abusing pervert closes his eyes when denying the ‘allegations’, thereby giving the lie to his answer. The fucking privileged asshole should be on remand pending further inquiries. He’s guilty as fuck and WE AREN’T STUPID you PAEDOPHILE!!

  • Jerz H
    Jerz H 22 minutes ago

    Did he do it or not I want to know

  • Marilyn Monroe
    Marilyn Monroe 22 minutes ago

    God bless her.😢💗

  • Gwendolyn Skye
    Gwendolyn Skye 23 minutes ago

    To all the people who actually have cancer or sickness 💔 get well soon 🙏 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 praying for you 🙏🙏🙏 all 🙏 👼❤️

  • Vnerdi
    Vnerdi 23 minutes ago

    if you want to do something bad, think about ur family first

  • Lauren Benitez
    Lauren Benitez 23 minutes ago

    My mom was born here

  • Kimberly Frazier
    Kimberly Frazier 23 minutes ago

    As an Independent who has no horse in the race in the power struggle been the Dems and Reps, I am embarrassed at the way our government is conducting itself. These proceedings are a waste of taxpayer dollars when members of the Senate have already said they will not remove the president from office. Why not put this energy in to writing bills that will appeal to independents and moderate Republicans to allow them better chances in 2020? All they are doing is energizing people they already had while alienating people they need to win over.

  • StarrShine Preston
    StarrShine Preston 23 minutes ago

    Eh? "I'm gone kill you and yo daughter?" wut da fxck? And how did the gunman know their familial relationship? Eh? "All I saw was the gunfire?" Okaaay, wut da fxck - the flashes? "I didn't want to freeze the media out." Aww come on, wut da fxck doe? How do you drive 100 mph & still I guess voice dial & speak with media? Eh?

  • Mary Spencer
    Mary Spencer 23 minutes ago

    Fucking pedofile!! Hate him!

  • The Woke One
    The Woke One 23 minutes ago

    Funny that they didn't mention that the Brinks driver was fired shortly after.... 'Merica!

  • MissNebulosity
    MissNebulosity 24 minutes ago

    Murder is better than divorce? Wow, your morals are amazing!

  • cynthia green at heart
    cynthia green at heart 24 minutes ago

    No they should not be in jail

  • Zeno Sama
    Zeno Sama 24 minutes ago

    Mission failed successfully

  • king ceekay
    king ceekay 25 minutes ago

    Man that piece of shit out the office and lock him up got all the evidence they need and still nothing FUCK TRUMP cant wait till they get him out

  • zmark88
    zmark88 25 minutes ago

    Tubig! Tubig! Tubig! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Snodge Kat
    Snodge Kat 25 minutes ago

    She’s such a beautiful person. She’s amazing.

  • bill bixby
    bill bixby 25 minutes ago

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020

  • Andrew Delgado
    Andrew Delgado 25 minutes ago

    To get a breast reduction is like spitting in the face of god

  • Culvea Solvere
    Culvea Solvere 25 minutes ago

    OMG I have the opposite of what this girl is suffering, I can't get enough sleep, I have the blanket diagnosis, fibromyalgia. It's an endless struggle to get enough sleep and I rarely get enough over a nighttime on any given week because I'm woken up several times a night and that's if I can get to sleep at all.

  • 850 Jayy
    850 Jayy 25 minutes ago

    I never heard anyone with ptsd shooting 2 people and taking they’re truck. This dude was just crazy or a crackhead

  • Quaid Ybarra
    Quaid Ybarra 25 minutes ago

    remember this from shane anyone?

  • maryconstance lowery
    maryconstance lowery 26 minutes ago

    what about the rest of the story???

  • Journey of the Blessed
    Journey of the Blessed 26 minutes ago

    Thank God for this man

  • Naveen Kumar
    Naveen Kumar 26 minutes ago

    I don't think these idiots know what the word "sedan" means. Thats was not a sedan, it was a hatchback. No wonder they are having a hard time finding her. Law enforcement there is filled with morons and imbeciles.

  • Kyle Carattini
    Kyle Carattini 27 minutes ago

    People day every day b

  • braves fan
    braves fan 27 minutes ago

    Even I would know not to lift the nose in that situation

  • John Give away roblox
    John Give away roblox 27 minutes ago

    Do these polices a real polices

  • kingkoda1992
    kingkoda1992 27 minutes ago

    It don’t take long for children to wonder off. I use to get lost all the time when I was a child and trust me it’s very easy for a child to get confused about where they’re at.

  • kingkoda1992
    kingkoda1992 27 minutes ago

    It don’t take long for children to wonder off. I use to get lost all the time when I was a child and trust me it’s very easy for a child to get confused about where they’re at.

  • david lamunyon
    david lamunyon 27 minutes ago

    Arrested for resisting? The cops must have feared for their lives! Had to get rid of her camera in fear of their jobs.

  • Ugly SCP Tato
    Ugly SCP Tato 28 minutes ago

    Dang it, I had to watch this at 11:34! Now how am I gonna sleep ;-;

  • Hydro Bro
    Hydro Bro 28 minutes ago

    Wait is this a girl or boy

  • Us Us
    Us Us 28 minutes ago

    Don't bother watching these, they are all only partial videos. You watch and about half way through, it ends and you don't get to finish any of them.

  • I Never Reply Back
    I Never Reply Back 28 minutes ago

    That’s why you don’t let grandparents babysit 😆

  • Ricky Ostrom
    Ricky Ostrom 28 minutes ago

    The Democrats keep crying impeachment. First on the grounds of Collusion, then Obstruction of Justice, then Attempted Bribery, then Witness Intimidation and Tampering. They make up a charge, can not prove it, make up another charge... around, around they go... Congress is an amusement park.

  • Ricardo Gutierrez
    Ricardo Gutierrez 28 minutes ago

    Mexican cartels are ruthless, they don't care about anything. As a Mexican-American I can say that Mexico is just the worst, nobody can be trusted, in many occasions the police and their military even side/work with the cartels so nobody is safe. I don't understand how people from Mexico come to the US and then defend their country whenever it's being trashed upon, Mexico is a complete hell hole. It's sad that this story isn't getting much attention as it needs, the cartels need to be vanquished once and for all. And for the family, let their souls rest in peace.

  • Nessa Myers
    Nessa Myers 28 minutes ago

    Omfg it's not his fauuuullllttt like why Aren't the parents stopping this

  • Kevin Colvin
    Kevin Colvin 29 minutes ago

    If anyone is dangerous in this world with a gun that would be a police officer with a badge granting him the right to kill anyone he/she wishes to kill. And the internal affairs saying they didn't find any wrongdoings from the police.

  • Patricia Bennett
    Patricia Bennett 29 minutes ago

    Hmm jail time. Fibes

  • Christopher Morales
    Christopher Morales 29 minutes ago

    No one cares.

  • Vikinggirl
    Vikinggirl 29 minutes ago


  • Sasah Dee
    Sasah Dee 29 minutes ago


  • liz ara
    liz ara 30 minutes ago

    ♥️ god bless her

  • superstarrr121
    superstarrr121 30 minutes ago

    That is one ugly man

  • Abdi Mohamed
    Abdi Mohamed 30 minutes ago

    We kno they kno I kno they kno that we kno that this is fake and they planned it

  • Donnie Merritt
    Donnie Merritt 30 minutes ago

    Hey it's the chic that broke the Epstein case and was on a hot mic saying how ABC spiked it cause they are pedo's too. And EPSTEIN DIDN'T KILL HIMSELF!

  • Mr Meme
    Mr Meme 30 minutes ago

    The fuck

  • Payson Girl
    Payson Girl 30 minutes ago

    Children don't learn anything in school anymore, the teachers are stupid, don't care about the kids. All teachers care about is their Money and that they should only work about 8 or 9 months a year. But let's get back to ... They are stupid.

  • Giovani Hernandez
    Giovani Hernandez 30 minutes ago

    Myles went to school here in Texas that’s how we play football, that Steelers QB overreacted too smh

  • JDM *_*
    JDM *_* 30 minutes ago

    Probably stages but still funny

  • 細田常司
    細田常司 31 minute ago

    This is so stupid. Why broadcasting about this? Now many pedophile will be more careful than ever. Grrr.

  • ElOn
    ElOn 31 minute ago

    Raft irl

  • Locc Dog
    Locc Dog 31 minute ago

    Respect for da principal

  • Kimberley Davis
    Kimberley Davis 31 minute ago

    This woman is a sick twisted SOB people this woman is a psychological Bastard end of story

  • Carly Le
    Carly Le 31 minute ago

    Every time I see his face or hear the intro I cry even tho I was born in 2008 and my parents have amazon prime I watched the first 7 seasons that they had and I loved it and I wish he was hear today I love him he’s a inspiration for many people

  • Roulette Dan
    Roulette Dan 32 minutes ago

    I know the best thing to do is to call 911. Because you will die Yourself for helping.. but what are you supposed to do? And I bet the hero didn't even get a thank you.( This is why I don't help) I hate ungrateful people. I rather have them die

  • Kenny Shortcake
    Kenny Shortcake 32 minutes ago

    Why would I go through another trial? Let's think! I'm stumped! --------------- I know! MONEY!

  • trucidotk
    trucidotk 32 minutes ago

    Shame on you ABC for pushing anti-gun agenda. This is probably why: As of 2019, 90% of the United States's media is controlled by five media conglomerates: Comcast (via NBCUniversal), Disney, Viacom & CBS (both controlled by National Amusements), and AT&T (via WarnerMedia).

  • disgruntled pedant
    disgruntled pedant 32 minutes ago

    I still cant believe ron goldmans father didnt track down OJ on a golf course and blow his brains out. Lost a lot of respect for him when all he cared about was getting money.

  • Kaz
    Kaz 32 minutes ago

    They should discuss his trash ass haircut

  • Diane Madir
    Diane Madir 33 minutes ago

    I think the sentence is likely appropriate given that state's guidelines, but I only wish victim compensation was possible.

  • Junk In My House
    Junk In My House 33 minutes ago

    5:26 "everything had to be perfect and totally clean" - the girl aka, anything not clean or perfect raised questions and there goes his lifestyle

  • bserper
    bserper 33 minutes ago

    Im 20 years old (with no children). I cannot even imagine how difficult this must be for parents. What do you even do if you are a parent with kids going into high school? Do we send our kids to school?

  • Asian White Nationalist
    Asian White Nationalist 33 minutes ago

    Jeffrey Epstein wishes this was him. But instead the Hillary Clinton and many Deep State Oligarchs had him killed.

  • Andy Noel
    Andy Noel 33 minutes ago

    Actually, he would've been fine if he put his wipers on max speed but if you look closely they were only on the mid-setting.

  • Kasia Soja
    Kasia Soja 33 minutes ago

    So scary cause this is so close to home...

  • C Wil Gaming
    C Wil Gaming 33 minutes ago

    His name is Falcon *he was born to fly*

    WOG WOG 33 minutes ago

    He didn’t respond when she said , you don’t think about having sex with underage girls . He just put his hands under his legs nervously . A ten year old girl is not a young woman . How is he still out walking around .

  • Oberyn Martell
    Oberyn Martell 33 minutes ago


  • Ian Smith
    Ian Smith 34 minutes ago

    I pinched my butt on the toilet seat. Where’s my paycheck?

  • Oberyn Martell
    Oberyn Martell 34 minutes ago


  • Shlan Games
    Shlan Games 34 minutes ago

    Thought it said 49 years

  • Rice Farmer
    Rice Farmer 35 minutes ago

    I bet shes a republican.

  • Tots Mini
    Tots Mini 35 minutes ago

    Clearly a Well-matched pair... as they "swagger" towards a Dead-End :) - Even though nothing is "set-in-Stone" - Yet your Conviction is :)

  • TheDestroyer32
    TheDestroyer32 35 minutes ago

    Number 1 cartel don't target you for no reason and number 2 when they do target you they certainly don't leave any survivors so something isn't adding up here.

  • Ginjabredman
    Ginjabredman 35 minutes ago

    imagine how fast michael phelps would have been able to just swim across that while saving the teen. He would have made it look like not a big deal at all.

  • Smokey One
    Smokey One 36 minutes ago

    I was lucky to get off drugs. If you need help please seek it.

  • Randy Semenak
    Randy Semenak 36 minutes ago

    None of this would be necessary if they had executed all the members of the manson "family" back in "69

  • Ghost_Rip
    Ghost_Rip 36 minutes ago

    The brain is not conciousness. Water. Is conciousness.

  • Jordan Dela rosa
    Jordan Dela rosa 36 minutes ago

    Just contented to be strong

  • Golden Movies
    Golden Movies 36 minutes ago

    One word from me... CRACKHEADS!

  • manuel I
    manuel I 37 minutes ago

    LOL good, fuck bitches. They do it all the time

  • Dan Illahi
    Dan Illahi 37 minutes ago


  • Mark Mitchell
    Mark Mitchell 37 minutes ago

    Didnt think she was Hot

  • Hi YourABot
    Hi YourABot 37 minutes ago

    I never knew chandler from me beast had dark hair.

  • Rylie Pryor
    Rylie Pryor 37 minutes ago

    My bus driver would never do this. He would probably give the children over. He’s like 19 too.

  • Mar Ke
    Mar Ke 37 minutes ago

    Sad, Selfish, Sick

  • Richenel Jean Pierre
    Richenel Jean Pierre 37 minutes ago

    Both same sign

  • Kwelar
    Kwelar 38 minutes ago

    These people were targeted, it looks like a hit. The cartels are very organized and don't just randomly commit mass murders like this, it's bad for business.

    K-DIZZLE 38 minutes ago

    I wish drugs weren't a thing

  • Fuel for the Furnace
    Fuel for the Furnace 38 minutes ago

    Rodriquez sounds like an asshole neighbor. A birthday party once a year requires you to pull your weapon and call the cops. Piece of garbage.

  • Adam.A Gaming and Tutorials

    I've watched to movie 'American Sniper' related to Chris Kyle. In the end of the movie, there's a verse saying that 'Chris Kyle were killed by a veteran who helping him in 2013'. After that moment, I cry a lot and I salute to him everytime I see his picture at my room. Im Malaysian but, I like U.S Military and Malaysian Military. I hope that I can be like Chris Kyle. It is because he has survived at Fallujah, Iraq so many times. He is a kindhearted and a really brave person. #dontforgetthelegend

  • One direction is better then kpop paz

    That was an asshole move of the airline employee. But don't be surprised bc you should've spelled it correctly when at birth

  • Furious Wrath
    Furious Wrath 39 minutes ago

    When your friend are in elevator

  • Giselle G
    Giselle G 39 minutes ago

    I can't stand people like her!!!! My mother died when I was 16 years old to colon cancer 16 years ago .. what a girl !!!!

  • kaleb vera
    kaleb vera 39 minutes ago

    that's a rough looking 22 year old

  • Clay Wright
    Clay Wright 39 minutes ago

    Stone reminds me of a living Mr. Potatohead

  • Godly Wilson
    Godly Wilson 39 minutes ago

    Y’all know how white people are 😂

  • Night Fury
    Night Fury 39 minutes ago

    Glass is glass and glass can break

  • Barbie
    Barbie 40 minutes ago

    None of you know about the brother and/or how he was affected by this.