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  • Sulhan Qumarudin
    Sulhan Qumarudin 28 minutes ago

    Drive in Jakarta, Indonesia please 🙏. I'm still waiting.

  • Sulhan Qumarudin
    Sulhan Qumarudin 30 minutes ago

    Drive in Jakarta, Indonesia please. 🙏 I'm still waiting.

  • 工藤陸
    工藤陸 Hour ago

    I feel proud of our country's capital being praised that it is clean, modernized, and green. I do think Tokyo CBD is cleaner than most of the other cities in the world (if I don't regard medieval artistic buildings in Europe or somewhere). However, you don't see this city not overcrowded in this video because many workers are still kind of accommodated in their office and cannot get out until late. If you see the commuters in Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro etc. in the morning, you will surely feel that you don't want to live or work in Japan. If only politicians and managers of companies were as advanced as other western countries.

  • Ozymandias
    Ozymandias Hour ago

    You don't wanna buy an expensive car here. No place to drive

  • 111sienna
    111sienna Hour ago

    where's all the bums ?

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

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  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    Download here: agar.io ,hole.io arrow.io ,or slither.io

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    I play agar.io games in video feel like driving in West Coast!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain


  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    My eyes are bending into tje phone get into gulf coast at the speed of light!

  • حــسوني الــمنهدس𖤍᭄

    Hello I'm iraqi Ihope visiting the America

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    I want to go there.So AMAZING!

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    iPhone driving is better than real driving!

  • Matthew McCann
    Matthew McCann 3 hours ago

    thanks for the video! Just watched the whole thing....

    KVEEZY 3 hours ago

    I’ll be mad AF in Houston with all those red lights every block

  • Mopar Charger
    Mopar Charger 3 hours ago

    Can anyone drive/walk around there?

  • X3MA
    X3MA 7 hours ago

    Beautiful place, terrible laws.

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    Don't delete your old video,J Utah!

  • Jon Gascon
    Jon Gascon 7 hours ago

    Beautiful area of London ❤️ Would be nice if you record Amsterdam.

  • Supercar akita Pro
    Supercar akita Pro 7 hours ago

    Supposed to be 60k homeless, but more likely 300-400k homeless. Those mayor's get billions to help these people yet he steals it and then has the nerve to raise everybody's taxes. Amazed a siccario, hasn't got him yet. LoL☠️🙊🙈🙉

  • Leon Leung
    Leon Leung 7 hours ago

    Japan is really a amazing country, very different from other asian countries, and yet always recognized as a western country, just not using roman letters. Japanese people should birth more native, to prevent slump in population and growth in immigrants.

  • PrimiusLovin
    PrimiusLovin 7 hours ago

    What an absolute nightmare to move around, and many of them are on motorcycles... because if everyone decided they should drive around with cars only, I think road traffic would come to a standstill!!

  • LL L
    LL L 8 hours ago

    Huge strong buildings

  • Lueme Paixão
    Lueme Paixão 8 hours ago

    Onde fica?

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    So beautiful,America🇺🇸

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    🎶Country home,Take me home!🎶

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    I wish I drive there!😚🤩😚🤩😚🤩

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    Fell Im in Texas!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Army Guy
    Army Guy 9 hours ago

    Glad I'm not Driving 😉

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    Feel I'm driving in Texas.

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    I want to go there!

  • Army Guy
    Army Guy 10 hours ago

    Awesome ! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Syr Philip Gulmatico
    Syr Philip Gulmatico 10 hours ago

    I want to live in Bostos.. rn im in suffolk, virginia

  • 結城
    結城 10 hours ago

    We, the Japanese people, welcome the athletes from all countries participating in the Olympics and all those who come to watch the games. However, I do not really hope for Korea's participation, which calls this tournament the Radioactive Olympics and repeats insulting remarks. They always have problems. They should boycott if they hinder the reconstruction of Fukushima.

  • ромчила
    ромчила 11 hours ago

    как москва, особенно по домам архитектуры.

  • Mspoor70
    Mspoor70 11 hours ago

    These films are helping me get through an incredibly rough time. Big big HUGE thanks, and a smile from me 🌺

  • Jn Mc
    Jn Mc 11 hours ago

    It would be great if you show the route on a map.

  • Mario Bros
    Mario Bros 12 hours ago

    В Gta 5 побывал

  • Army Guy
    Army Guy 12 hours ago

    Where is Tony Starks House ? 🤔🇺🇸

  • RM Travel
    RM Travel 13 hours ago

    Home sweet home. Overpriced...but home none the less lol

  • 趣味海岸LifeColor
    趣味海岸LifeColor 13 hours ago

    Chicago is so beautiful, love there... big liked 👍🏼😊 thank you so much for the touring have a wonderful weekend!

  • Jeff Smart
    Jeff Smart 14 hours ago

    That was most boring! Blah

  • TIANA is my princess btw She's my kween my eyes

    I love this so much NYC is my dream country 😭😭😭

  • Michael Cline
    Michael Cline 15 hours ago

    Check out the various office buildings....

  • M Arbi
    M Arbi 15 hours ago

    Jpn girl do fuckig

  • 趣味海岸LifeColor
    趣味海岸LifeColor 15 hours ago

    Tokyo is so beautiful, thank you for touring us, cool channel big like 804 and sub 👍🏼😊, have a wonderful weekend!

  • Retired in Bali
    Retired in Bali 15 hours ago

    My father grew up on Kennedy Boulevard and Terhune Avenue in JC.

  • maplefreak64
    maplefreak64 15 hours ago

    5:36 There is United Nations University on the right side. 18:50 There is Turkey embassy on the other side of the intersection. 20:25 There is Estonia embassy in the inside in the left corner. 21:10 There is Brazil embassy in the inside in the left corner. 23:55 The right side, the U.S. military base (Hardy Barracks). There is a heliport, 6 story of building is a hotel of U.S. forces. 28:49 The right side is Singapore embassy. 29:25 The right side inside in this corner is the Philippines embassy. 31:33 The right side is Russia embassy.

  • Laura Egeav
    Laura Egeav 16 hours ago

    Please build new towns everything from the beginning new,. Why you dont build such, this is interesting how will be new town now.

  • Troy
    Troy 16 hours ago

    When you are at a red light or stopped in traffic, you should STOP RECORDING, How irritating.

  • Hosen Mondal
    Hosen Mondal 16 hours ago

    Beautiful country San Francisco I am from India

  • French Connection
    French Connection 16 hours ago

    This place is absolutely amazing . I wish I was beautiful low angles . Such as peaceful place ohhhhh man . Can’t even explain 👏👍

  • Mokhtari Diab
    Mokhtari Diab 17 hours ago

    اموال العالم الثالث

  • Loveli 13
    Loveli 13 17 hours ago

    I love my city of Toronto 🇨🇦

  • Justin Searcy
    Justin Searcy 17 hours ago

    Justins world 😆 im gone already 👌

  • Next Up Sounds
    Next Up Sounds 18 hours ago

    this is dope

  • roll up
    roll up 18 hours ago

    Tony montana

  • Dark cadence
    Dark cadence 19 hours ago

    My home born and raised, I live in Virginia now, miss walking around the city, going to the piers so amazing..

  • sense&save 1290
    sense&save 1290 19 hours ago

    I lived in Thailand...

  • The BlackHornet
    The BlackHornet 21 hour ago

    Please come to *Kuala* *Lumpur* malaysia

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    I love J Utah!

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    12:15 Avengers!

  • Martin Buckenham
    Martin Buckenham 22 hours ago

    Whats the name of the town you start in please? Love the videos!!

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    The trees are called London plane.

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain


  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    America!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸,J Utah!

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    I love you,J Utah!

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    Im am fans with UK and USA!

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    All of the comments,London is my favorite city!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    I wish i live there!👍

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    Did you just hear the bell at 13:14?🔔🔔🔔

  • dubiousfella
    dubiousfella 23 hours ago

    Fantastic video, feels like I'm there in person :) Just curious: where on the vehicle do you mount the camera, hood or roof? And which camera is it?

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    11:41 Pourtney Heath bus

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    Seem much darker in the end than first video.

  • Britishlover Im your favourite,Britain

    I love London.I wanna go to airplane,please.

  • Siergiej Krietiakow

    0:17 dark knight rises? looks similar but...nope

  • 1Shot
    1Shot Day ago

    just wow , next video Bangladesh 4K

  • Dunk Diggler
    Dunk Diggler Day ago

    Old stomping grounds. Lots of good times had there.

  • BrandonSeattle

    the land around the lake is too flat. I don't feel comfortable. In WA state, there's too many hills and mountains.

  • Iambriangregory

    What time of day of the week and month was this taken? What's the temperature like in August? Does San Diego have Salt air

  • Jeremiah Gaming

    Nightlife is what makes the citys great

  • Catz ec1
    Catz ec1 Day ago

    Bro are you driving a smart car or something why you going like 15😂

  • AzekGamingHD
    AzekGamingHD Day ago

    Hmmm , where do you park your car ?

  • bowtie3
    bowtie3 Day ago

    Great vid. If you're a liberal and democrat, then you will like the TV show The Rockford Files. It has a lot of these views.

  • Annett Wilson
    Annett Wilson Day ago

    Guess whos coming to st augustine this summer .....this guyy

  • meesterhoward
    meesterhoward Day ago

    I wish I lived in LA

  • Austin Pierce
    Austin Pierce Day ago

    Toronto’s skyline really soars!! Nice!

  • Stone Frigate
    Stone Frigate Day ago

    Torontonians are the rudest people in the world. Very cold people. This is why the rest of Canada hates this city.

  • Griff Fuller
    Griff Fuller Day ago

    I’m about to move my wife and 2 kids from Pennsylvania to just north of Columbia between dentville and killian, what do I need to know about the are and what are some popular spots in the city for nightlife and whatnot

  • Skerrick
    Skerrick Day ago

    California is nice but the cost of living there sucks... plus it's full of liberal democrats.

    PHXRAOH Day ago

    felt like i was gonna get in an accident

  • lila 123456789

    Ignore this comment as this is a personal msg for someone I had once a collegeau,she asked me during internship, what's with you? Why guys likes you? Is it because you dont talk that much? Should i just be silent like you? Idk why but i find her question kinda offending And a close friend again. She said maybe its because im sexy thats why. I think its offensive , idk lol. Im just saying that its a bit offensive when your girl friends ask "whats with you". Although its usually only girls who ask me that

    • lila 123456789
      lila 123456789 Day ago

      No, i cant say that offensive is the right word. I just think that they're just shading me..lol. So im just expressing how i feel abt those kind of questions

  • Mitchell's Show

    This is cool

  • you Nes
    you Nes Day ago

    1:10:34. You should not cross the light hh

  • Wallace Nogueira

    More sunset videos please very very nice!!

  • Outsider X
    Outsider X Day ago

    This was really cool. Im from Kentucky so I'll most likely never get to see this in person.. Wow alot differant then the mountainess place I live in.. *smashes sub button*

    • J Utah
      J Utah 18 hours ago

      Glad to hear it!!

  • Даша Жуйкова

    Usa 🇺🇸

  • Hunter Hman
    Hunter Hman Day ago

    can you post the same video but in 2020