Journey to the Microcosmos
Journey to the Microcosmos
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Relax and Enjoy the View
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Death in the Microcosmos
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How Do Protozoa Get Around?
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Meet the Microcosmos
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  • Kevin Martin
    Kevin Martin Hour ago

    Yes to scale bars! There is no reason they should be any more obtrusive than the organism name(s) and magnification that you already show.

    BRANDON GILBERT 2 hours ago

    I think they are cute

  • Atrid
    Atrid 3 hours ago

    I didn't know one cell could be THIS big, I'm amazed we can see with our own eyes a single-celled organism. Great video!

  • Marie Huynh
    Marie Huynh 4 hours ago

    AHHH that polarized light segment was really nice.

  • Nicole Garrett
    Nicole Garrett 7 hours ago

    is there anyway you could sell your clips of your videos as screen savers? I know I would pay for one.

  • cangkir inspirasi
    cangkir inspirasi 8 hours ago

    hi I'm from Indonesia, I'm very curious about the mouth of flies, mosquitoes and other small animals can you show me? Thank you very much

  • Katie Kane
    Katie Kane 8 hours ago

    The saddest thing I had to leave when we moved recently was the baby pool converted to a frog & dragonfly habitat. Got my grandson a cheap microscope & we looked at all manner of cool stuff. I've been known to teach anatomy with roadkill too. NOT your average grandma. Love sharing this channel with him, he also likes composing on his IPAD. Never stop being you!

  • cristopher wong
    cristopher wong 10 hours ago

    Can you do a what's under the sourdough starter?

  • Diego Escarlon
    Diego Escarlon 11 hours ago

    Thanks for this awesome channel. Can I make a request? I like to see the ameba pluricellular forms. Pluricellular forms happen when in areas nutrient depleted many amebas join in a worm form to travel far and change to a tree-flower form. The ameba is multicellular life form too ;D . Also I have another. Do you choice do not use inks in the samples but I think in some cases, flagela or cilia, we lost a wonderful show to see. The flagela alwas look invisible. Thank you.

  • alexander wilson
    alexander wilson 11 hours ago

    You're welcome Hank, I have to watch it on my TV! I love the microcosmos!

  • Gaming Champ
    Gaming Champ 11 hours ago

    Bubble Algae and Xenophyophores: that's cute

  • Mark Kaidy
    Mark Kaidy 12 hours ago

    8.57 time mark..How does that microbe move? What is it ? Keep up the great work..

  • Nareth Erakian
    Nareth Erakian 12 hours ago

    When you already know what those numbers are for because you've watched since the first videos, in which it was explained. Feels nice to be one of the first in a group of more and more people! (Also congrats on surpassing 30000 already!) <3

  • Mario Alberto Matamoros Moraga

    I'd love to see a documentary about the planet earth with the style of Journey to the microcosmos. That surely wold put things in perspective.

  • Keltusar
    Keltusar 13 hours ago

    I'm SUPER thankful for this channel. Not enough informative and fun micro Universe videos on you-tube. I'm looking forward to making this a hobby of mine as well, perhaps a career one day. Keep up the good work. Im proud to buy and wear your merch on the streets of Puerto Rico.

  • John Dunlap
    John Dunlap 14 hours ago

    I’d love love to see a video about the home made microscope.

  • miami cosmo
    miami cosmo 15 hours ago

    Hank green speaking slower is so much more soothing

  • Jahnavee Palsodkar
    Jahnavee Palsodkar 16 hours ago

    0:37 how cute!!

  • Flynn Adcock
    Flynn Adcock 16 hours ago

    Do you know what each microorganism is based on morphology or do you do 16s rRNA sequencing?

  • Alias Wrong
    Alias Wrong 17 hours ago

    Have you done pathogens on raw meats ??? Idea ??

  • Maciej
    Maciej 18 hours ago

    lovely. just bought myself a small microscope, next week will start collecting some samples with my 7yo daughter to wonder over :)

  • Knives323
    Knives323 19 hours ago

    I would suggest that this channel, try to break down what makes each cell special. We all know text book images of cells. However, i can't really tell the difference between a mitochondria from a nucleus in any of these cells.

  • Something Mildly Homophobic

    Hank- "No mitochondria" Me- "Ight Imma head out"

  • The Milkmann
    The Milkmann 20 hours ago

    The bursaria didn't even eat the paramecium, it just kinda swam into its mouth

  • My Stories
    My Stories 20 hours ago

    My boyfriend introduced me to this channel and I hope he sees this video... It's always okay to take a moment to breathe and calm down, especially the week before finals. I love you, honey!

  • Troy Marsh
    Troy Marsh 20 hours ago

    Did u do all the recording of microscope work yourseld

  • Fusion Developer
    Fusion Developer 20 hours ago


  • Steven Perry
    Steven Perry 21 hour ago

    THIS IS THE VERY BEST CHANNEL ON YOU TUBE, YOU MUST SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN TO MAKE CERTAIN THEY VALUE SCIENCE. Ok, I'm better now, just had to get that off my chest, thanks guys, awesome as always.

  • John Clark
    John Clark 22 hours ago

    I really liked Spore...I wish we still had it!

  • Mandrake Fernflower
    Mandrake Fernflower 23 hours ago

    "cells within cells interlinked"

  • Ryan McIntyre
    Ryan McIntyre 23 hours ago

    You want more questions? Here's one my friend, how do you choose which organisms to feature in any given video. Is it just what strikes interest, or maybe which ones are available?

  • Bass Dat
    Bass Dat 23 hours ago

    please dont change the objetive magnification information please, or at least add a new one showing both. PLEASE the X is super important and standarized dont remove it !

  • Marcel Castilho
    Marcel Castilho 23 hours ago

    Scale bar! Scale bar!...

  • Alberto Anaya
    Alberto Anaya 23 hours ago

    Is James Rob from Threadbanger?

  • Emily McGuire
    Emily McGuire Day ago

    A hairy oval lol

  • OtakuFansMaster

    What version of Agari'o is this???

  • Gyro
    Gyro Day ago

    The growth of synthetic biology as a field is probably also providing some good reasons to study non-pathogenic microorganisms.

  • DanThePropMan
    DanThePropMan Day ago

    7:23 Man, it's just out of the frying pan and into the fire, isn't it, little guy?

  • lordSeaworth
    lordSeaworth Day ago

    Who ever said they are immortal in the first place? Everyone knows they are resilient. Which isn't the same as being immortal.

  • Mr. Nagant
    Mr. Nagant Day ago 2 is looking awesome

  • ErraticArtist
    ErraticArtist Day ago

    I am curious why you chose to use flat slides instead of depression slides for this though?

  • Matthew Morycinski

    If standard lens were used, the magnification would be true for screen diagonal of roughly 10 inches (254 mm). But that would likely show image as a circle, as well as distortion at the edges. I venture a guess that about 70mm equivalent lens is being used. Therefore the image on which the magnification would work out true would be the size of a large cell phone screen - 7" diagonal.

  • Zap Gun
    Zap Gun Day ago

    It only stands to reason that cats would choose a giant pile of the skeletal remains of hundreds of thousands of other organisms as their ideal location for defecation.

  • Benson
    Benson Day ago

    Why do I always feel like I should be in a jazz club stoned out of my mind, when I watch this? And I don't even smoke anymore 😭

  • Ayden Ponce
    Ayden Ponce Day ago

    Spore’s update is looking really good!

  • James King
    James King Day ago

    Thanks for the explanations. I love your channel. When I get some water into my mouth, when I go water skiing or wake boarding your videos do make me want to spit out as much as I can. I love your videos. Tardigrades are one of my favorite critters. Thank you. Good luck on your channel.

  • Christopher Willis

    Hhehehe pondddd-errr

  • James Harmer
    James Harmer Day ago

    Yes, but what tranquillisers is Hank on when he voices these vids? He's gotta be on something, he's so different from his SciShow persona.

  • Reuben
    Reuben Day ago

    WE NEEEEDDD Tardigrade merch!!

  • ryan leman
    ryan leman Day ago

    You should totally join the SCP fan fiction action. You have the classic research kind of voice and talking style.

  • Armando Alcala

    Why is that title so relatable

  • thatotherguy27

    How's momma tardigrade from a few episodes ago?

  • PrivateCheeselaw


  • Supahfly uk
    Supahfly uk Day ago

    I love watching these on my TV

  • AlysounRI
    AlysounRI Day ago

    You guys are so awesome.

  • First Name Last Name

    Why is the narration in a asmr relaxing format? Also why is it not called scishow microbe?

  • Random Person
    Random Person Day ago

    Now, suddenly there is a need for an automatic microscope that can identify and track an object as it moves around the slide surface, automatically adjusting the focus to always keep the object in view. I'll start working on that...

  • BlackStorm66
    BlackStorm66 Day ago

    Thanks for the insight, amazing work!

  • human earthling

    praise yourselfe

  • Daniel M.
    Daniel M. Day ago

    Micro Cosmerch

  • smartestmoronx19

    Can anyone tell me the name of the songs used in these videos?

  • Shadow
    Shadow Day ago

    Why do you not show the Microscopes... Including the self-made one. :(

  • marcelwo4jedynki

    I almost expected something boring, instead learned a wholesome story.

  • kay becker
    kay becker Day ago

    Maybe a shirt with a tardigrade on it? many people think that micro-organisms are simple and not important. This channel shows how complex and necessary these little guys (and gals) are.

  • Mr Moishä
    Mr Moishä Day ago

    Thank you James

  • SorteKanin
    SorteKanin Day ago

    Are you planning to make t-shirts? Would love one!

  • Brian Barrett
    Brian Barrett Day ago

    55" Samsung QLED is the only way to watch the wee ones!

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood Day ago

    First of all a wonderful video I have a question though, are the magnification notes you provide just the magnification written on the objective or do you include the magnification of the occular lens as well? I am taking a microbiology course at the moment and our microscopy professor always emphasizes the effect of the occular lens on the magnification. He also said some people include it and some people don't so i am very curious about the way you do it.

  • Chløe Ch
    Chløe Ch Day ago

    i love these videos , keep them up !! i have even recommended these to my biology teacher

  • L. John Keller II

    This has become one of my favorite channels! I think the inclusion of a scale bar would be a very useful addition to your presentations.



  • Tim Blokdijk
    Tim Blokdijk Day ago

    Seen all episodes on my 157 inch wall beamer projection. Would recommend it.

  • Brenda Krieger

    Thank you😊🔬

  • Shibashish Mahapatra

    What do you feed to the tardigrades?

  • Eugene Wong
    Eugene Wong Day ago

    I would love to know there is is a microbiome inside the tardigrade.

  • laura.
    laura. Day ago

    I always enjoy how it's made videos, so thanks for this!

  • Joe Salizanikop

    If you don't use stains because it's potentially harmful to them, do you place them back in the containers they came from? Do they live on the slides now?

  • Allen Johnson
    Allen Johnson Day ago

    Perhaps a good way to show an in-image size comparison would be to place a distortion test target below the slide. Some, like the SL1 from JD Photo Data have grids down to 10µm in size. If something like this proves difficult to have in focus along with the specimen, then it can be used to measure the pixels between the gridlines at each magnification level in order to add a digital scale bar in post production.

  • Campus A
    Campus A Day ago

    Watching on my 60". And yeah, it's awesome!

  • Scott Barnkow
    Scott Barnkow Day ago

    My favorite slapping tune played for a good chunk of this vid! Time to go say hi to Andrew's channel.

  • Ralf Ewald
    Ralf Ewald Day ago

    Would a creature this tiny be self-conscious and be able to distinguish pleasure from distress? Might be a silly question and come over as a joke but I really mean it. Thanks!

  • keinash
    keinash Day ago

    What’s that huge black thing at 3:46?

  • Ian Richardson

    You mentioned SPORE, but did you know there is a free player made game currently in development that you can play? It's called Thrive, and so far, it's very promising.

  • Jaydy Lacad
    Jaydy Lacad Day ago

    uwu Spore was (still is) a great game 😍

  • Umi
    Umi Day ago

    Watcing with a projector on a 120" screen. Yeah.

  • Fif Gallag
    Fif Gallag Day ago

    God i cant wait for there to be many hours of this show as a sleep aid Edit: not that its boring, it’s just so soothing! ͡ ͜ ͡

  • Christoph Bader

    I watch it through a projektor towards the wall. It is reaaaaally impressive everytime. Thank you for these experiences!!

  • Stando pawah
    Stando pawah Day ago

    imagine being so chill you do it together with micro organisms

  • Mandrake Fernflower

    Have you ever tried feeding the cilliates baker's yeast?

  • 4saken404
    4saken404 Day ago

    I was all like "Well sure I want to know this stuff - but there had better be some water bear footage or something while they talk about it!" ::leaving satisfied::

  • misterscottintheway

    Chill Hank is a weird timeline

  • Dylan Davies
    Dylan Davies Day ago

    Would be nice to go over the different kinds of light tricks like phase contrast/darkfield etc

  • Cloud7050
    Cloud7050 Day ago

    Love the chill narration. I can come here to unwind.

  • Cocogolem
    Cocogolem Day ago

    when can we get microscopic pins to put on our microscopic friends?

  • Morgane Burri
    Morgane Burri Day ago

    Now I really want a microscope, and see the world through it ! Thank you for this beautiful channel. As I love the music theme, could you please tell me what is/are the name you use? Thank you.

  • Dunkskins
    Dunkskins Day ago

    Fucking awesome. Is all I can say, like this channel blows my fuckin mind and hanks voice is so soothing, been a massive of fan of sci show, my mum is a microbiologist and shes amazed how much shit i can talk about stuff she'd never thought i'd ever know about hahah! I ran bars for years, now I run a car customs shop, but this stuff is fucking phenomenal. Science is fucking so awesome.

  • Nicolás Ordenes

    Those shots of the jars (1:30 and 2:18 ) were wonderful, loved the resulting blend of light temperature, glass tints and samples. I was hoping to see a more detailed review of the microscopes though, specially the telescope that James built. After seeing the footage of James taking samples I thought that I would love to see a vlog style videos of samples recollection. First talking about were will the samples be taken and what to expect, then taking the first look at the microscope to see what was found and ending with how would it be stored and feed. Of course, if you're comfortable with shooting outside and being protagonist.

  • The unknown
    The unknown Day ago

    3 easy steps to make a channel 1. get some interesting topics 2. get some soothing music 3. sedate your viewers with your voice

  • Rotifer
    Rotifer Day ago

    *Ok the secret's out. Hay infusion is my favorite meal. Shhh, don't tell anyone!*

  • Kevin Walters
    Kevin Walters Day ago