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I'm Not A Robot ✅
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Why You Can't Trust Me
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The First 3D Color X-Rays
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The Artificial Gravity Lab
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The Library of Rare Colors
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How Auto-Tune Works
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How Knot To Hang A Painting
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The Consequences of Your Code
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Your New Social Credit Score
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The City of Golf Carts
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Stories I Can't Tell
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A Town Called Asbestos
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  • Normad
    Normad 2 hours ago

    theres one in whitehawk, brighton.

  • yee yee
    yee yee 2 hours ago

    “get off my property!” *IM SORRY AM I BOTHERING YOU? I NEED MY BREAD*

  • J Jill
    J Jill 2 hours ago

    My brain still can't really comprehend from a visual perspective, how this actually works

  • Hinje
    Hinje 2 hours ago

    Ally pally

  • AstroTibs
    AstroTibs 2 hours ago

    "sameeee" is written by dipshits. Pick ANY OTHER letter.

  • Brett Gang
    Brett Gang 2 hours ago

    I feel like this dudes on some speed

  • Micaella Diaz
    Micaella Diaz 2 hours ago

    This is crazy

  • T λ C O. phox
    T λ C O. phox 2 hours ago

    Why use a cage to enclose the weed? Why not use the Cyanide plant to cover the perimeter instead :P

  • Autismuslos
    Autismuslos 2 hours ago

    1:44 rip Phone

  • Ralph Reagan
    Ralph Reagan 2 hours ago

    Backeasterners ruin the west.

  • Catalin Nedelescu
    Catalin Nedelescu 2 hours ago

    If i get really drunk Will they die because of the alchool?

  • TheBlueArcher
    TheBlueArcher 3 hours ago

    Weirdly, though, with it blurred out, and no context, it's hard to tell where you actually are. Without the hollywood sign, it's just a nondescript hill.

  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor 3 hours ago

    What about filling it with concrete

  • Jp
    Jp 3 hours ago

    The earth's nipple

  • Night Phoenix
    Night Phoenix 3 hours ago

    I thought this was obvious

  • Andrew Bises
    Andrew Bises 3 hours ago

    Thought it was ryanair's new seating policy

  • Voltron Rex
    Voltron Rex 3 hours ago

    F. B. I. On the way to London

  • Academices
    Academices 3 hours ago

    Ah! When I have a late night and wake up to bright light I get a flash of black lines like cracks. I've seen my veins when the opticians shine light in my eyes and the cracks don't look like that. What could it be?

  • Lord
    Lord 3 hours ago

    This video is great I would love to play Bar Billiards sometime.

  • Mals Mals
    Mals Mals 3 hours ago

    0:44 That laugh is priceless lmao

  • Reece sketch
    Reece sketch 3 hours ago

    10 years later

  • Soham Ray
    Soham Ray 3 hours ago


  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 3 hours ago

    What are you drinking Tom?

  • Ora
    Ora 3 hours ago

    Those 2 minecraft youtubers never had a chance... opposing team is too educated and smart and the questions are not easy enough for them.

  • OSM
    OSM 3 hours ago

    U copied killem

  • Isaac Karjala
    Isaac Karjala 3 hours ago

    Would it work without the screw?

  • Regenarc Canis
    Regenarc Canis 3 hours ago

    I think this experiment should be revisited

  • Mickey Tatertots
    Mickey Tatertots 3 hours ago

    I want to go to Cali so bad! XD

  • 1 year ago
    1 year ago 3 hours ago


  • Sean McCauley
    Sean McCauley 3 hours ago

    Is all packaged bread so tall in the UK that it sticks out and needs 2 rounds? Or are your toasters all extra shallow? 🤔

  • Hybrid
    Hybrid 3 hours ago

    You charge your phone with electrons not a phone call. Whoever came up with that myth didn’t go to school

  • Cailey Alcoberes
    Cailey Alcoberes 3 hours ago

    Nasa:lets design a rocket with!!.... GARLIC BREAD!!!!

  • Samuel Atienzo
    Samuel Atienzo 3 hours ago

    So apparently the mother’s maiden name is F*** 😂

  • Liz-with-a-Smile
    Liz-with-a-Smile 3 hours ago

    Amazing stuff. But this is also an example of why I switched to digital. 2 things- I can't imagine what having a full collection of quality colors would cost. And more importantly...that stuff be toxic. Digital resolves both of those problems....but its still not quite as fun as using real paint.

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 3 hours ago

    *Garlic bread has joined the chat* *Vampires have left the chat*

  • Academices
    Academices 3 hours ago

    I don't know if it's just me but the inuktitut for STOP looks like an example of why you should stop.

  • NaimEZ
    NaimEZ 4 hours ago

    Wait wait wait....which country ??? Malaysia ???

  • Eskurian
    Eskurian 4 hours ago

    Wow, what a close finish!!

  • Pecu Alex
    Pecu Alex 4 hours ago


  • lushin burl
    lushin burl 4 hours ago

    The guy that thought of this is a idiot. Leave the earth alone.

  • JOEL A.K
    JOEL A.K 4 hours ago

    Just Wow!!

  • 988655y yvff
    988655y yvff 4 hours ago

    I took all the skin off my thumbs bodyboarding. So does that mean bodyboards are made of pineapple?

  • raksha xo
    raksha xo 4 hours ago

    This bread is OUT OF SPACE!! I'll go home.

  • Mac Beth
    Mac Beth 4 hours ago

    Trust is different from blind acceptance Tom

  • Webwood Main
    Webwood Main 4 hours ago


  • nebula935
    nebula935 4 hours ago

    I’m watching on the latest iPhone with an oled display and it looks like the pinkiest pink to mink

  • Yin Yang
    Yin Yang 4 hours ago

    0:52 Waiting for full release cover of "We found a love in a hopeless place"

  • psammiad
    psammiad 4 hours ago

    Notre Dame used to be point zero. Now it's Ground Zero.

  • Webwood Main
    Webwood Main 4 hours ago

    try using rice

  • caterina mastrogiacomo

    I remember that Monty Phiton segment! It was like "the mouse orchestra" and it wasn't too long but it was hilarious! God now I feel British

  • NA
    NA 4 hours ago

    me : supposed to be sleeping me : watches this

  • Tim Loveless
    Tim Loveless 4 hours ago

    You don’t hear Spider Robinson quotes that often . Pity (but it does show you have remarkably good taste in authors).

  • bob brown
    bob brown 4 hours ago

    hiding in a tunnel in a flood sounds like a recipe for disaster... no thanks, ill head for the hills or a strong tall building.

  • Michael White
    Michael White 5 hours ago

    That bird guy really loves his job.

  • Henry Cruz
    Henry Cruz 5 hours ago

    "Even now" because your stupid

  • dengamleidiot
    dengamleidiot 5 hours ago

    You look like a fool!

  • Nora Tamra
    Nora Tamra 5 hours ago

    One moment when I wasn’t paying attention and all of a sudden Dodie was there. Nicely done

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 5 hours ago

    I write with a space and an exclamation mark like this ! - picked up from seeing someone else do it, but they're in their 40s

  • youvakin
    youvakin 5 hours ago

    Nobody: Tom Scott:

  • Mark Pentler
    Mark Pentler 5 hours ago

    Is this ADRed? 👀 Edit: the start, at least

  • THE BUDDHA 420
    THE BUDDHA 420 5 hours ago

    My battery is dying after a week but this one lasts hundreds of years sounds like a scam from the battery people that want Our money

  • Vinay Reddy Nallagatla


  • sticler21
    sticler21 5 hours ago

    This is an OSHA violation

  • Tiberian Fiend
    Tiberian Fiend 5 hours ago

    Which communist spells hiccup "hiccough"?

  • Jeff inToronto
    Jeff inToronto 5 hours ago

    I wish you disclosed the face amount and interest rate too.

  • Lasse Discovers
    Lasse Discovers 5 hours ago

    Hei Tom. You chould launch a geigercounter into the edge of space with a balloon. Nobody has ever done that, and posted it on youtube....

  • LoneFalcon
    LoneFalcon 5 hours ago

    All I learnt is... University students and disposable...

  • Lolo Hamdy
    Lolo Hamdy 5 hours ago


  • vin 950
    vin 950 5 hours ago

    that is the worst crack epidemic ever!

  • Magic Knight
    Magic Knight 5 hours ago

    Just visited this place! It's closed down now and they are doing some free tours. Very cool place.

  • Webwood Main
    Webwood Main 5 hours ago

    might make me short of breath? dude i've had intensive bullying i think im good! :D

  • Despacito 789
    Despacito 789 5 hours ago

    Why didn't you warn us of 9/11 smh

  • Soviet Doggo
    Soviet Doggo 5 hours ago

    wait so what is it

  • mark shepherd
    mark shepherd 5 hours ago

    Wowsers!!!😲 Do London's manhole covers explode? 🤔

  • Eilish Sapiens
    Eilish Sapiens 6 hours ago

    This made me dizzy

  • Oftmol Farmisht
    Oftmol Farmisht 6 hours ago

    It is too late for a comment.

  • k NumbMeatBeef
    k NumbMeatBeef 6 hours ago

    Took me ten years to watch this

  • Milky_ Chan
    Milky_ Chan 6 hours ago

    People who think this is real: 🐭🐭

  • Pradeep Poonia
    Pradeep Poonia 6 hours ago

    4:08 Saul Goodman's elder brother should have moved there.

  • Stoned Yoda
    Stoned Yoda 6 hours ago

    " I hate schtick" -Tom the emoji expert Scott

  • Jez Tickles
    Jez Tickles 6 hours ago

    Or just wear gloves??

  • Liw Jimmerholt
    Liw Jimmerholt 6 hours ago

    No One: in 2019 it are going to be flying cars! 2019:

  • Youtube Chanel
    Youtube Chanel 6 hours ago

    there's one in hetton cross too

  • Misscaty Clouders team

    Bread:floats goes near astronaut bread:whos hungry now? Astronaut:ME

  • Paul M
    Paul M 6 hours ago

    I can name the feature that is not needed in English and many other languages. ARTICLES. I do hate them. Why is it necessary to add them? Is it seriously hard to understand that "pen" is a noun? Or maybe it is hard to understand this sentence: "I have pen at home"? In many languages there are no articles, and it is still clear to understand what object is being talked about. It is clear if the word is a noun or not, this one or that one, or even if it is something abstract.

  • Don't read my picture.

    iM hIgH

  • Serdar Yuksel
    Serdar Yuksel 6 hours ago

    Send Donald Trump to the edge of space and then eat him😋😋😋😂🤣😂

  • mihail unc
    mihail unc 6 hours ago

    R.i.p. garlic bread 2018-2018

  • radnukespeoplesminds

    You didnt really need to do both hands

  • cheese chisel
    cheese chisel 6 hours ago

    very good

  • Joseph Skinner
    Joseph Skinner 6 hours ago

    homeless sity

  • John Marshall
    John Marshall 6 hours ago

    Stiff like this is why people fled Britain and started America.

  • Peter Hurst
    Peter Hurst 6 hours ago

    Didn’t work for me

  • Andrea Hoffman
    Andrea Hoffman 6 hours ago

    I disagree with the reliability. It is very reliable and it works in Japan and China as well. For smaller cities far better option as Subway. It will come in the future again.

  • perdition79
    perdition79 6 hours ago

    That copper wire in midtown is over 100 years old, and gets thinner and thinner every year. Back when we used modems, most of Manhattan couldn't get over 9600 baud without an ISDN line. As far as the liquid nitrogen canisters go, New Yorkers know how to mind their own business, especially if something is placarded hazmat.

  • Soviet Doggo
    Soviet Doggo 6 hours ago

    i still don’t get how it’s actually dangerous

  • mienzillaz
    mienzillaz 6 hours ago

    Who plays civ games knows all of this..:)

  • Timbo FFM
    Timbo FFM 6 hours ago

    So if i photobomb some pics, i can sue these people? Sounds like a good business idea..

  • Four20 Noscope
    Four20 Noscope 6 hours ago

    Wow, that was relieving to finally know what that static was and that I wasn't delusional. Something I'd like to find out is that sometimes 'phosphenes' that I see are perfect checkers, and usually a purple and black similar to missing textures in a video game, have I forgotten to mount CS:S?

    • Chloe Harrison
      Chloe Harrison 5 hours ago

      I agree! I feel so much better that I am not the only one who sees this!! Do you tend to see this all the time ( visual snow ) as I do, I only really notice it if I concentrate on seeing it, very annoying :(.

  • Soviet Doggo
    Soviet Doggo 6 hours ago