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I'm Not A Robot ✅
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The Two Generals’ Problem
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Why You Can't Trust Me
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The Circle Visible From Space
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The First 3D Color X-Rays
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The Artificial Gravity Lab
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The Library of Rare Colors
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How Auto-Tune Works
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How Knot To Hang A Painting
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The Consequences of Your Code
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Your New Social Credit Score
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The City of Golf Carts
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Stories I Can't Tell
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  • 薛阳
    薛阳 5 minutes ago

    IfNowIStopTypingSpace, WouldThatMakeTheEnglishISpeakSynthetic? Now I’ve invented Synglish!

  • Severus Sid
    Severus Sid 5 minutes ago

    Wow Tom... I can only believe how much, you would've wanted this not to come out.

  • jarjon76
    jarjon76 16 minutes ago

    So if I get hit by a car on the US side but land in Canada will the Canadians let me use their free healthcare or will I have to go bankrupt using America's system?

    ILOVEPIE 30 minutes ago

    University of Michigan has one of these too, my dad used to operate it.

  • Jack Le
    Jack Le 45 minutes ago

    pft I solved it in 100 println's

  • LM95dood
    LM95dood 50 minutes ago

    no way

  • man wells
    man wells 55 minutes ago

    ewwie stinky wii u in background 3:32

  • DKGCustom
    DKGCustom Hour ago

    You forgot to tell us your discount code for ██████ VPN

  • Quen of Ded Mem
    Quen of Ded Mem Hour ago

    10 years ago the world was pure

  • ethanc64
    ethanc64 Hour ago

    i got an ipvanish ad after this lmao

  • Jonathan Turner
    Jonathan Turner Hour ago

    2:23 yo is that the hotel from the cod mission or am I trippin

  • Gacha_ Aestheticシ

    2019: a theme park human powered 2039: humans powered by robots

  • sgt pain
    sgt pain Hour ago

    why does this make me think of PlayStation 2 when it starts up

  • roy finegan
    roy finegan Hour ago

    This seems similar to those gravity fair rides, why did they seem so cautious about everything in this?

  • The ThrAsian
    The ThrAsian Hour ago

    Thats just called freedom and we all love it ✌🏿

  • The ThrAsian
    The ThrAsian 2 hours ago

    Out of everything in the garden of deadly plants cannabis is the one with the cage...

  • Smart_fridge PL
    Smart_fridge PL 2 hours ago

    Would you like subtitles? We can create subtitles in our languages (mine is spanish) if you enable communtity cooperation. Maybe you have translators hired. May I should have not asked. But if you want subtitles we, the people, can help.

  • Akenar Zirn
    Akenar Zirn 2 hours ago

    Remind me Of Golden Wind part 1-5

  • Melissa Emilly
    Melissa Emilly 2 hours ago

    Ele fala diferente, um inglês pausado, achei interessante

  • Sakana Kogane
    Sakana Kogane 2 hours ago

    Isn't snoring a pharyngeal trill?

  • Edward Olson
    Edward Olson 3 hours ago

    Where and I buy one of these!?

  • Aman Panda
    Aman Panda 3 hours ago

    Okay, some South Asian nations have the same design. Its annoying tho, sometimes

  • XxSoulFlyxX
    XxSoulFlyxX 3 hours ago

    This is what it sounds like when doves cry.

  • MR ONO
    MR ONO 3 hours ago

    So what is the difference between We <- And Us <- Then??

  • TheLone Ripper
    TheLone Ripper 3 hours ago

    Sounds like my highschool low brass section

  • madison king
    madison king 3 hours ago

    i feel like english has clusivity in tone

    USAGI 3 hours ago

    "You can't say the N-word" the kid in special ed class : 0:04

  • Derek Hale
    Derek Hale 3 hours ago

    no céu tem pão?

    USAGI 3 hours ago

    2009 feels like a world that's lost in time. maybe like 10 years ago

  • New Me
    New Me 3 hours ago

    And how much does some fresh urine go for? I have some im willing to get rid of.

  • Brony Philosopher
    Brony Philosopher 3 hours ago

    Nordvpn: Our reputation is ruined! VPNvanish: Time to swoop in to save the day... And their wallets

  • Cassan Q
    Cassan Q 3 hours ago

    That and this, those and these, them and ??? I don’t like those shoes I don’t like them I don’t like these shoes I don’t like... them? I think there should be separate worlds but are they even the same kinda thing?

  • Tracy Beckett
    Tracy Beckett 3 hours ago

    This is the difference between socialism Vs entrepreneurism i.e. capitalism. The useless councils spend other people’s money with limited results and waste, complaining all the time and having feasibility studies, steering committee’s, impact studies, joint working groups, etc, etc, then this bloke sees an opportunity to actually HELP residents at a reasonable charge, actually saving people money, and gets things done! IMHO, councils are a waste of time and should be culled to at least 50% of their size with councillors volunteering for community service for just expenses only. Councils are parasitic entities who, anytime they need more money to waste or pay for their inflated pensions at 60yrs old, just increase the council tax. Absolute wankers!

  • M Jänã.582
    M Jänã.582 4 hours ago

    *Wearing sunglasses while laying in bed at 3 in the morning* : I swear mom am OK

  • Shmurda Hat
    Shmurda Hat 4 hours ago

    I wanna fart so loud in this tunnel..

  • Rebecca Meyer
    Rebecca Meyer 4 hours ago

    Fix World hunger? Poverty? War? Nah let's make musical roads instead!

  • Tyson Nielson
    Tyson Nielson 4 hours ago

    I think Trump is building his silly wall on the wrong side! 🤣😂🤪

  • l e g
    l e g 4 hours ago

    damn i know a fair few roads that would demolish this lolol

  • Dino Velocir
    Dino Velocir 4 hours ago

    I don’t even know what I dd 5 minutes ago

  • Lewis Skinner
    Lewis Skinner 4 hours ago

    How the hell did I find this? 😮

  • Sydney Olsen
    Sydney Olsen 4 hours ago

    Behind the store across from the civic trail theres a spot of land that grows blue crystals and has blue ish green water puddles (from the copper tailings) next to the trail

  • Richard Fölster
    Richard Fölster 5 hours ago

    Anyone else just saw Penis?

  • Rj Sekerk
    Rj Sekerk 5 hours ago

    *Grave robbers very well may have suffered from a mysterious curse. Whisk know knows? I get your point. I'm not a troll. Thanks for your research and dedication to making these interesting and educational videos. Cheers mate.

  • forkless
    forkless 5 hours ago

    There are only three things that control the tides. The lunar cycle, the winds and the Dutch.

  • Yungboigotenks
    Yungboigotenks 5 hours ago

    What makes it more ominous is that sunny days like the one in this video are rare, its almost always foggy

  • andriotik007
    andriotik007 5 hours ago

    1:23:28 most interesting part

  • noosebrother
    noosebrother 6 hours ago

    imagine the stillness illness coming down from a couple of months of that.

  • GlitterKiss111
    GlitterKiss111 6 hours ago

    Clucivity Tom: "It shows up in languages all over the world... apart from Europe" BSL users and learners: Erm... We (exclusive) have it.

  • TheNickness
    TheNickness 6 hours ago

    Am I the only one disappointed in him not yelling "hello"?

  • ubisoft pls
    ubisoft pls 7 hours ago

    i mean its possible to get close to a velar trill

  • Ban Y E E T os
    Ban Y E E T os 7 hours ago

    Why is this so amusing

  • Kiely Cushman
    Kiely Cushman 7 hours ago

    That’s the world’s longest RT60, not longest echo. Boo! BOO!!!!!

  • lefty
    lefty 7 hours ago

    Im definitely getting lung cancer

  • Jordan Hicks
    Jordan Hicks 7 hours ago

    so what im hearing is quantity over quality

  • Kim
    Kim 7 hours ago

    DODIE!!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • ToEs aRe h0T
    ToEs aRe h0T 7 hours ago

    this may be a thing for multiple languages, but how come we don’t have a punctuation for and exclamation point and a question mark used at the same time? (for example, “Are you okay!?”) The !? looks so immature and inappropriate.

  • Some Kek
    Some Kek 7 hours ago

    Ok b00mer

  • djcfrompt
    djcfrompt 8 hours ago

    It's Golf, not Gamma

  • eli li
    eli li 8 hours ago

    1:53 is the start

  • Isaac Newton
    Isaac Newton 8 hours ago

    Linux flatpaks have sandboxing

  • tea and biscuits
    tea and biscuits 8 hours ago

    Its not the most powerful it might be one of the fasted but you only have to go to Wales in UK the river Usk has 12metres at 10knots much more power and its only the second most powerful I believe the most powerful is in Canada

  • Skyl The Husky
    Skyl The Husky 8 hours ago

    I can go 5 G just fine, the Icon rollercoster in Blackpool Pleasure Beach has a max of 4.5 G and that was fine!

  • BlackWind
    BlackWind 8 hours ago

    2:09 did you notice the CLS 55 AMG and C 43 AMG on your right!? I think they were driving together, too.

  • Gabriel Soares
    Gabriel Soares 8 hours ago

    Mey ears were very please by the cues letf on screen! This headphone user is alive and well!

  • Acorn Productions
    Acorn Productions 8 hours ago

    Let me guess, it’s expressvpn right?

  • richardsim7
    richardsim7 8 hours ago

    It wouldn't shock me if Tom Cruise trained in this for a new MI movie

  • Ixions
    Ixions 8 hours ago

    *add to bucket list

  • Nakul Maletira
    Nakul Maletira 9 hours ago

    Tallest mammal on earth, and Toby HAD to go full Alan Davies.

  • xscallcos boss
    xscallcos boss 9 hours ago

    All languages should have the same spelling as slovenian Pros: Every letter in this language has its own sound except e,o and some more witch have wide and narrow variants Cons: There is no xqwy and there are other letters like čšž

  • Nakul Maletira
    Nakul Maletira 9 hours ago

    I love the implication that Scotland finally got fed up and left.

  • Friend Channel
    Friend Channel 9 hours ago

    3:32 somebody get me a cow, some mason jars, and a bunch of mango leaves!

  • Zontar
    Zontar 9 hours ago

    Wait how do you ban product placement in children's shows when any of those shows, including British ones, are half hour ads with a story?

  • The88Cheat
    The88Cheat 9 hours ago

    Why do the pilots not red out?

  • Cobra Filez
    Cobra Filez 9 hours ago

    Can door dash do this

  • RRP
    RRP 10 hours ago

    Why not use the solar or wind energy to heat water into steam and power a turbine like before?

  • Gleppy Gloop
    Gleppy Gloop 10 hours ago

    This looks really fun in a terrifying and chaotic sort of way

  • Louis Lang
    Louis Lang 11 hours ago


  • negative zero
    negative zero 11 hours ago

    This message is created by a mechanical robot suited with a bottom-up ai -mark Zuckerberg

  • 유son
    유son 11 hours ago

    Nobody saying about the empty traffic

  • Ashton Needler
    Ashton Needler 12 hours ago

    lmao i rode one of these at the fair

  • Robert Girtakovskis
    Robert Girtakovskis 12 hours ago

    Tom Scott automatically looses 50% of credibility without his red shirt I don’t trust this Tom Scott

  • Goldrusher 3000
    Goldrusher 3000 12 hours ago

    This was 3 days before cave game (minecraft pre-classic) came out

  • Mandi Miller
    Mandi Miller 12 hours ago

    What about the river in los patos in the Dominican republic?

  • Jakob N.
    Jakob N. 12 hours ago

    Why 2009 looks like 1999?

  • Miroslav Daniel Roshal

    lmao sponsored by SCOLD VPN

  • BlackWind
    BlackWind 12 hours ago

    This is the thing I absolutely love about the old NFS games. They had such a variety of culture in the tracks that made you want to go to that place and just explore and admire it wholeheartedly. New games simply don't, and never will, have that feeling. Thanks for this video.

  • CvD Games
    CvD Games 13 hours ago

    İmagine ur on top of the burj khalifa and the elevator breaks down

  • Tomáš Vyčítal
    Tomáš Vyčítal 13 hours ago

    new Array(100).fill(null).map((_,i)=>i+1).map(nm=>nm%3===0&&nm%5===0?'fizzbuzz':nm%3===0?'fizz':nm%5===0?'buzz':nm)

  • Leecifer Voorhees
    Leecifer Voorhees 13 hours ago

    Just walk you slithery, namby-pamby, southern despots!

  • Emokidrants95
    Emokidrants95 13 hours ago


  • BlackJaGuar
    BlackJaGuar 13 hours ago

    Recommend Why?

  • Liggliluff
    Liggliluff 13 hours ago

    (3:45) If I'm not mistaken. All traffic that goes across the Swedish border is logged. So if you as a Swede, uses a foregin VPN, all your traffic is still logged. If you use a VPN in Sweden as a Swede, the VPN traffic is logged, but you don't get the benefit of connecting from a foregin country.

  • Darlene James
    Darlene James 14 hours ago

    This is utterly ridiculous

  • Friendly Hologram
    Friendly Hologram 14 hours ago

    Wouldn't it be about 30 quintillion, rather than 74 quintillion? Correct me if I'm wrong, but if there are 64 possible characters and 11 are being used, surely you would use a permutation function (because order matters) and calculate 64P11, which is roughly 30 quintillion?

  • Lucas Liso
    Lucas Liso 14 hours ago

    Ah, the British Museum, stuff stolen from all over the world and kept under the justification that "The rest of the world is too savage to properly keep this thing"...

  • Esssnake
    Esssnake 14 hours ago

    When they changed the laws so you couldn’t cross the line. Imagine how many kids friendships were ruined

  • Milo Summers
    Milo Summers 14 hours ago

    Her solution for 3 pins doesn’t work, if you take out x it ends up with y-1zzyz-1z-1

  • Leif Harmsen
    Leif Harmsen 14 hours ago

    It's called chromakey, and was typically used with a blue screen. Analog chromakey was excellent and could be tweaked in real time. When the digital method took over it was impossibly slow to render for lack of fast enough computer processors, but studios had already trashed their analog gear, leaving many directors, producers and editors frustrated and furious with the inferior and impractical new digital filters.

  • itchydiscoman
    itchydiscoman 14 hours ago

    What would Canada do if they were attached to Mexico

  • Yana Co
    Yana Co 15 hours ago

    Its so funny your neighbours and some of your friends are canadian...