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  • Kate_tv
    Kate_tv 5 minutes ago

    Wow you are telling people to cheat on there test how fun! What a good idea!

  • Beumadine Sweevy
    Beumadine Sweevy 15 minutes ago

    Funny! Tripped on long blue jean pants? Yikes ;)

  • Rashmi Sampath p
    Rashmi Sampath p 18 minutes ago

    Fell for it huh? Read more

  • Ilikeyoutubebeef 123
    Ilikeyoutubebeef 123 21 minute ago

    Can you make a lot more

  • Lam Hoiching
    Lam Hoiching 22 minutes ago

    Why do you need to cheat in exams or test?!but if you don’t learn than you never know.but it’s a smart trick though

  • Krissel03
    Krissel03 26 minutes ago

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  • Gwendoline May
    Gwendoline May 26 minutes ago

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    Krissel03 26 minutes ago

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  • Kevin Baez
    Kevin Baez 28 minutes ago

    Hey my name is Kevin

  • Lolah Lestal-braid
    Lolah Lestal-braid 28 minutes ago

    I just wanna talk with my friends 👬 day and time to you and your

  • Lolah Lestal-braid
    Lolah Lestal-braid 29 minutes ago

    Hi guys are welcome to my dad was the time of time I

  • Fortnite Pro
    Fortnite Pro 32 minutes ago

    Hold on pause the video what do you do with the stains on the bench thing

  • Lynn O
    Lynn O 36 minutes ago

    123 go. iS The best or. Toom toom💕💕

  • oliviadoeseverything UTAU

    6:28 because everyone Carries that around

  • Akram Productions
    Akram Productions 37 minutes ago

    I hate their acting

  • Vianka Ayala
    Vianka Ayala 37 minutes ago

    Wow 😍

  • silver hornet!
    silver hornet! 39 minutes ago

    4:02 I'll be honest The best thing to wear to a party is that

  • Kenneth Rosales
    Kenneth Rosales 39 minutes ago

    I don't like your the girls faces so that's why I give it a thumbs down 👿😈😠😡🤒😤

  • Hadji Hafiz
    Hadji Hafiz 39 minutes ago

    That is nice idea

  • Enrique Lemos
    Enrique Lemos 40 minutes ago


  • Akram Productions
    Akram Productions 40 minutes ago

    2:06 couldn’t you just make it stand up on those sunglasses🕶

  • Gacha Lover
    Gacha Lover 44 minutes ago

    123 GO: *teaches children how to cheat* 5 minute crafts: *teaches adults how to get out of handcuffs* 😂

  • T Zerra
    T Zerra 46 minutes ago

    I am really tall

  • Trish Belford
    Trish Belford 48 minutes ago

    What happens if the teacher sees this video

  • Jovita Pineda
    Jovita Pineda 51 minute ago

    i want to eat that food

  • David Ross
    David Ross 54 minutes ago

    This is our third, TROOM TROOM, folks!

  • Yazmin Ambriz
    Yazmin Ambriz 55 minutes ago

    Emily's makeup is nice

  • Dasha Estalilla
    Dasha Estalilla 55 minutes ago

    This is how many dinosaurs they have in their house ⬇️

  • Jesse
    Jesse 57 minutes ago

    Make some for kids

  • Dasha Estalilla
    Dasha Estalilla Hour ago

    This is how many people came for the thumb nail ⬇️

  • jennifer nguyen
    jennifer nguyen Hour ago

    What if you got the wrong answers?!🦄🐶🐣🐥😊😇

  • Susana Batres
    Susana Batres Hour ago

    I love this video

  • Mashnoon Nazaat
    Mashnoon Nazaat Hour ago

    where is Helly ?

  • Jesus Christ, Timmy

    I'm surprised this comment section isn't full of memes

  • Staci Barcuch
    Staci Barcuch Hour ago

    Wait for the eraser one How do you know the answers if you haven’t been studying? I thinks that’s a little weird

  • Darrin Wilkes
    Darrin Wilkes Hour ago


  • Parish Jackson
    Parish Jackson Hour ago

    She was fake crying

  • Aisya Umar
    Aisya Umar Hour ago

    Like : 123 go 👍💗😘😘

  • bsmith calista
    bsmith calista Hour ago

    What this is funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the girl is 😂😂💀

  • Nazim Buksh
    Nazim Buksh Hour ago

    Missing vikii

  • Kiaria plays roblox cuz I’m stoopid

    I like how the cup said enjoy when lilly was holding the broom

  • Sana Shaheer
    Sana Shaheer Hour ago

    I hate u guys so much

  • Miss J
    Miss J Hour ago


  • joanne hadley
    joanne hadley Hour ago

    I do all your diys

  • jhean cyrhlle
    jhean cyrhlle Hour ago

    1:15 is so funny😅

  • Mariecris Gamboa

    I suggest to not encourage kids to cheat

  • Paola Mendoza
    Paola Mendoza Hour ago

    Meh too

    JOKER FF Hour ago

    123 por fabor ablen en español con todos los bideos que an grabado con este canal

  • Adrianna D'Agnilli

    I watched never mind I am I didn’t watch my dad made this without even looking at your video

  • Sertopervine 52
    Sertopervine 52 Hour ago


  • Rayne_45 Sickly
    Rayne_45 Sickly Hour ago

    I low-key think that the girls made this channel on their own by their selfs

  • Marian Paraiso
    Marian Paraiso Hour ago

    10:08 whats that😏

  • Jayson Patrick Arinque

    Pos game if your the best or no go on the swiming pool

  • Grace Furno
    Grace Furno Hour ago

    1:55 why are you painting your nails at school :0

  • Joie Tan
    Joie Tan Hour ago

    The teacher has a double chin!!!!!

  • Anabella Gallo
    Anabella Gallo Hour ago

    Um some hacks are cool 😖😔😫

  • Sharon Toppin
    Sharon Toppin Hour ago

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  • Asya Litherland
    Asya Litherland Hour ago

    How do I make my crush fall in love with me?!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!

  • Leonor Garcia
    Leonor Garcia Hour ago

    So how does the voice telllllll mmmmmeeeeeeeeee

  • Audrey Tap-Keo
    Audrey Tap-Keo Hour ago


  • Maria_ Vlog
    Maria_ Vlog 2 hours ago

    Я тут одна русская ?

  • Mercedes Beck
    Mercedes Beck 2 hours ago

    Where the heck would you get a stapler if you're at a party

  • Mercedes Beck
    Mercedes Beck 2 hours ago

    Thay stole my idea of Facebook

  • A TO Z TO ME!
    A TO Z TO ME! 2 hours ago

    I am both some of this some of that like👍 If you are both

  • Kapiolani keone
    Kapiolani keone 2 hours ago

    There copei cats

  • Ariel Young
    Ariel Young 2 hours ago

    I love this video do more

  • Lucia Ortega
    Lucia Ortega 2 hours ago

    K bv

  • Ahmed Thameem
    Ahmed Thameem 2 hours ago

    I dont like to copy

  • Madison Porter
    Madison Porter 2 hours ago

    Okay for the high lighter one when you color it the next day it’s going to turn brown.

  • Djmj Euwey
    Djmj Euwey 2 hours ago

    That was FUNNY :D

  • Jeff Ellis
    Jeff Ellis 2 hours ago


  • Neringaneringa N
    Neringaneringa N 2 hours ago

    5 likes-$5 for medicine 10 likes-$10 please help I might no make it. Im in the hospital right now.

  • Mercy Rabanal
    Mercy Rabanal 2 hours ago

    The thumbnail infuriates me

  • Kylee Imagine
    Kylee Imagine 2 hours ago

    I agree with Both of them, the weird sides and SOME of the not-so-weird sides. Emily tho- Hopefully that was McDonald's fries, those be salty!

  • Seth Olague
    Seth Olague 2 hours ago

    Hit like if you love 💕 your mom ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

  • J. M
    J. M 2 hours ago

    What’s the point in watching the video if you’re just going to dislike it back off haters

  • lora Christian
    lora Christian 2 hours ago

    You are sexy

  • Esme Santos
    Esme Santos 2 hours ago

    Copi caters

  • Key'Asiah Morris
    Key'Asiah Morris 2 hours ago

    1 2 3 girl you want to know how you're funny

  • Deserae Harrison
    Deserae Harrison 2 hours ago

    I I just like this video 😂

  • Gacha Kitten
    Gacha Kitten 2 hours ago

    2:17 I love chips

  • Cindoeun Chhien
    Cindoeun Chhien 2 hours ago

    Out here I go baba baba baba baba

  • sonia rodriguez
    sonia rodriguez 2 hours ago

    Ye 5t77 <77 <ù4

  • Jessica Soloria
    Jessica Soloria 2 hours ago

    123 go

  • Henry Gerecke
    Henry Gerecke 2 hours ago

    Who’s the voice actress?

  • Jessica Soloria
    Jessica Soloria 2 hours ago


  • Atifa Ibrahimi
    Atifa Ibrahimi 2 hours ago


  • ram kat
    ram kat 2 hours ago

    U can also use the unicorn thing as a bookmark

  • Pegasus Girl
    Pegasus Girl 2 hours ago

    Why are they telling people to cheat on their tests and sneak notes and just plain not pay attention?

  • rajkumary das
    rajkumary das 2 hours ago

    oKay but like lily is so pretty

  • Indimar Pérez
    Indimar Pérez 2 hours ago


  • darksky gacha
    darksky gacha 2 hours ago

    You stole the bottle case for sarabeautycorner

  • The adventures of uni

    No not the red nails

  • Rita Siomia
    Rita Siomia 2 hours ago

    the camera is friken blury dumbo you should go fix your camera and fix your mouth dont talk about others like that

  • murxury
    murxury 2 hours ago

    Oh, damn....I have the same shirt as the girl on the yellow/brown hair :D

  • Yup It’s Ariel
    Yup It’s Ariel 2 hours ago


  • Nora Kejleh
    Nora Kejleh 2 hours ago

    🤩 that was cool

  • Kim Wood
    Kim Wood 2 hours ago

    I love you guysss😍😍😍

  • Baseball Boss
    Baseball Boss 3 hours ago

    you can also put your formulas on the inside cover of your calculator

  • jessahlyn Corro
    jessahlyn Corro 3 hours ago

    Omg I love 123 go