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  • Ean Cafaro
    Ean Cafaro 19 minutes ago

    Stay strong Claude ❤️ so glad to see you’re doing better.

  • M. O.G.
    M. O.G. 26 minutes ago

    Sir Kolasinac LMAO

  • Ollie grigg
    Ollie grigg 44 minutes ago

    Copied the Harry maquire chant, shame you’ll only be able to sing it to the end of the season

  • Sayantan Das
    Sayantan Das 56 minutes ago

    Where is that guy who drops the timer when the football talk begins? 😂

  • James Stewart
    James Stewart Hour ago

    Thank you for making this video it made me cry, I myself suffer from depression and this video is so beautiful and I'm glad these things are being talked about. Loads of respect to AFTV and Claude. Proud Gooner here from Finland ✌🏻

  • Eltwaino 15
    Eltwaino 15 Hour ago

    Man Moh is a fuckwit

  • Courtney-Jai
    Courtney-Jai Hour ago

    Unai Emery has the next 3 months to prove himself , after that if he doesn't give arsenal a style and a winning mentality time to move on.

  • Eunice Obonyo
    Eunice Obonyo Hour ago

    As much as I like football, and feel it can be something that brings people together, sporting social spaces (whether that be at Stadiums, comments sections, bars etc) tends to bring out the worst in a lot of people. I don't know why, but it's an observable phenomenon that is actually quite off-putting. What's worrying is that, not only do those types of environments create victims of innocent people (for instance, some of the guys in this video like Claude) but it's also really revealing of the darkness so many people (particularly us as men) keep concealed, which is then releases in a space where we feel we won't suffer any repercussions.

    DAVID MCCONNELL 2 hours ago

    When ever I see the team sheet and see xhaka in the center the I just laugh. Any tactical analysis seems like a waste of time. Sorry

  • doucey1992
    doucey1992 2 hours ago

    Stop comparing your overrated team to Liverpool kmt if anything you're a btec version

  • MR T
    MR T 2 hours ago

    Love the mutual respect these guys have.... on camera. Great podcast! 👍

  • Musa Harper
    Musa Harper 2 hours ago

    Dear Emery, We're counting on you to bring this aftv back. Thank you

  • Non cookie cutter
    Non cookie cutter 2 hours ago

    Arsenal will look pretty good and then start to completely fall apart around Christmas.. just like every other season...

  • 45HOT5 444HEADZ
    45HOT5 444HEADZ 2 hours ago


  • Football Guy
    Football Guy 2 hours ago

    Stop having this idiot on your show Robbie he degrades your channel.

  • Football Guy
    Football Guy 2 hours ago

    Crap your forehead is crap you fool what do you know about football your'e a C list you tube celeb couldn't even fight for your own honor coward.

  • Sun Tzu
    Sun Tzu 2 hours ago

    A 6 for Nelson but a 4 for Pepe Robbie is high af this time around

  • kay wise
    kay wise 2 hours ago

    Stay strong claude we are all in your corner bro

  • Michael Lythgoe
    Michael Lythgoe 3 hours ago

    About right O,zil one game 4 Xhaka all games 6 says it all and he is the captain. We are playing slow stagnant football and who has the majority of the ball? let me think oh yes dick head

  • Michael Lythgoe
    Michael Lythgoe 3 hours ago

    Robbie no agenda Xhaka is crap end of, we will never be fluid with him in the side and he knows he can just turn up and emery will pick him which is wrong given the O,zil situation

  • kay wise
    kay wise 3 hours ago

    Well done everyone respect

  • Ash Rahman
    Ash Rahman 3 hours ago

    4 for Ozil is just ridiculous, maybe Robbie's been watching him in training and rating him based on that, because the limited minutes Ozil has played, he's been good. Against watford in that first half he was probably our best player, and he was decent against forest too.

  • J J
    J J 3 hours ago

    ?? Baised league show?? I'm not a Liverpool fan but, If milner was Spanish, French, Italian, German or South American you'd be bangin on about consistent high quality performances across a decade, CL winner, 2 premier league titles, FA cup & league Cup. Is it because he's English & played at rival teams you don't rate him?? He'd would be in my 'squad' all day long. Unfussy direct play, can run, tackle, cross & pass without constantly giving the ball away!!! What not to like?

  • Michael Lythgoe
    Michael Lythgoe 3 hours ago

    Don't forget the French wonder kid we signed at centre half for next season, with Teirney, Holding , Bellerin and this new kid what a defence with back ups like Luiz.......

  • bbdavoe
    bbdavoe 3 hours ago

    Robbie no man no. It’s unfair to rate Ozil as he hasn’t had a full game but mins in a league match and a league cup. Don’t do that it’s so not right G😕

  • Justin Cohen
    Justin Cohen 3 hours ago

    Robbie that's wrong, Ozil has not played enough you either Rate everyone based on what they have played or only rate players that have played enough football.

  • JEUXolim
    JEUXolim 3 hours ago

    Robbie is a fool

  • Jade Nickels
    Jade Nickels 3 hours ago

    DT this is not birdbox i repeat this is not Birdbox , Xhaka makes mistakes in every single game , he consistently switches off , however cant fault him on work rate ,

  • Julian Bomers
    Julian Bomers 3 hours ago

    Mandem can’t play ball 4 shit but its funny though

  • Jade Nickels
    Jade Nickels 4 hours ago

    Our best team would be, Tierney , Holding , Chambers , Bellerin , mid Torrira, ozil, Gundozi , Attack , Pepe , Auba , Laca , and , robbie piss off with your agenda against Ozil

  • Rudy Ramirez
    Rudy Ramirez 4 hours ago

    Claude,when did you start wearing the pork girdle? Or is your head shrinking??

  • mwas gophul
    mwas gophul 4 hours ago

    Best criticism I've heard all season bruh....!!

  • An Electrician
    An Electrician 4 hours ago

    Which player in Arsenal today has the same work rate as Milner ? He captain potential in any team. As for AFTV brilliant channel Best out there hands down.

  • Tayeeb Hussain
    Tayeeb Hussain 4 hours ago

    Wenger in charge was awful.

  • Charlie Warhurst
    Charlie Warhurst 4 hours ago

    arsenal 5 sheffield utd 1 big up pepe my guy we will win them i promise gs back again london is red

  • elvedin krlic
    elvedin krlic 4 hours ago

    For me martinez should be high not conceding goals judging games he played

  • Cameron Marks
    Cameron Marks 4 hours ago

    You can’t just look at results man, you gotta look at the performances if emery gets top 4 playing like this, I think we should move on, thank emery for getting us back to where we belong and get a manager that can push us to that next level because I don’t believe emery is the guy to do that.

  • Mark Dixon
    Mark Dixon 4 hours ago

    Emery 4\10.....This guy is just too conservative.With the attacking threat we have its boring and he always gives the opponents a chance especially away from home...Even with his all powerful PSG I say only but he won 10 drew 6 lost 2 away with a team that really should win that league unbeaten.He diddnt win a single away game in his last season at Seville and although it was Barcelona he threw away a 4_0 lead away from home..

  • Cameron Marks
    Cameron Marks 4 hours ago

    Bruv Robbie chats Shit

  • Victor Ovanes
    Victor Ovanes 5 hours ago

    So shite

  • elvedin krlic
    elvedin krlic 5 hours ago

    Dt loves man utd Hahaha any chance he gets laughs at them

  • vladizvladi
    vladizvladi 5 hours ago

    Sorry Robbie, but you are full of s**t about Ozil. DT was right not to rate him.

  • A C
    A C 5 hours ago

    Who actually watches this shite

  • Amal Devasia
    Amal Devasia 5 hours ago

    Var!!! Tottenham 9th now

  • Simpy
    Simpy 5 hours ago

    Tammy Abrahams

  • fakir raiyan
    fakir raiyan 6 hours ago

    18:46 dt flexing

  • Aman Vaidya
    Aman Vaidya 6 hours ago

    Jorginho for Xhaka next season a must. Jorginho is a player arsenal needs. He is a captain material. While Lampard is struggling to fit all the players in, they may be willing to let Jorgi leave.

  • Why me ?
    Why me ? 6 hours ago

    Emery's hate for and Robbie's agenda against Ozil is disgusting

  • Liam Browning
    Liam Browning 6 hours ago

    Where it all began

  • matt deacon
    matt deacon 7 hours ago

    Hi Robbie, any chance you can tell us where the game is being played so we can come along to watch?

  • Ken Cairns
    Ken Cairns 7 hours ago

    Ozil in the squad, you have got to be kidding! When has he ever, ever been man of the match against a top six side, ever? The simple answer is NEVER. It has been six years at Arsenal now he has had some good games, many more bad games but never had a good game against top opposition, in the Premier League or in Europe. Flat track bully! Mistake was made in the past, don't compound it by making another mistake now.

  • lee1sa
    lee1sa 7 hours ago

    Xhaka with a 6/10 is as generous as Spurs backline. He is dreadful and 3/10 at best.

  • Omar Larney
    Omar Larney 8 hours ago

    Agree with DT's rating of Emery we should have won more games with the squad we have

  • Ammar Yassir
    Ammar Yassir 8 hours ago

    johnny sins

  • TT Plumbing & Heating

    claude we love you mate , be strong man we need you buddy. ♥️

  • Semir A
    Semir A 8 hours ago

    Dt calls United fans mugs but he got his son ass wooped by a United fan great parent DT is A pussy that hides behind his Own Son sad

  • bbdavoe
    bbdavoe 8 hours ago

    I don’t like how we say he’s given young players a chance as if it’s not been our tradition from time. Our young gunz r that good and he’s been blessed with a structure that has been developed overtime and is ripe to harvest👊🏾💯👊🏾 He will be a dodo head if he didn’t play them.

  • Nicolas G
    Nicolas G 8 hours ago

    Robbie is so basic sometimes. I also wanna get into the top 4 but i want to stay on it and do well in the UCL. Not just get in and then go back down next season while getting battered in the UCL. So if EMery scrapes into while playing this badly only because everyone else collapses why would you keep him on the job. Use your brain Robbie

  • Aditya Joshi
    Aditya Joshi 8 hours ago

    1. Liv 2. City 3. Arsenal 4. Spurs

  • TT Plumbing & Heating

    another good video don robbie.

  • Adv JakJak
    Adv JakJak 9 hours ago

    Emery doesnt deserve fuk all from us he lost us top 4 an europa last season OUT

  • Mfundo Nkosi
    Mfundo Nkosi 9 hours ago

    Troopz, listen more and be quicker with the predictions fam.

  • الزعيم الحصري

    Aftv is a mental asylum 😂😂

  • Ian McGrevey
    Ian McGrevey 9 hours ago

    Much love Claude! Not so much to Ty.

  • Joe Cully
    Joe Cully 10 hours ago

    James milner still better than all of arsenal's midfielders

  • Linn Htet
    Linn Htet 10 hours ago

    Is anyone else watching this after all his goals for Arsenal?

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones 10 hours ago

    I agree with 5 rating for emery, I hate how we see 3rd as an achievement... we are arsenal!!!

  • Julian Banks
    Julian Banks 11 hours ago

    Unlike Troopz, DT actually has the ability to analyze games and football in general. Troopz found a little success so he tries too hard with his Back again, Aubama-bloodclat-yang, Blud and Fam.

  • official soccer tv
    official soccer tv 11 hours ago

    You cant rate ozil and he aint played more than e games

  • Nikki Nik
    Nikki Nik 11 hours ago

    Milner IS the most underrated player. The man's work ethics makes his 10% talent easily overshadow better players every game; fits in any team. Reminds me of Reds - Dirk Kuyt & Man-U Ji-sung Park. England messed up with Mr. Allardyce dropping Milner. Ozil 40 % work ethics & 90 % talent n point.

  • ...
    ... 12 hours ago

    *This is way better than the bias show. At least I can listen to 2 people having a convo instead of having Troopz talking over Robbie every second*

  • Official 23ro
    Official 23ro 12 hours ago

    So glad Claude is a part in AFTV FC!

  • arnn vernoch
    arnn vernoch 13 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣 Man said Robbie looks like Notorious B.I.G, big up the Legend that is Biggie btw, RIP

  • taylor sansom
    taylor sansom 13 hours ago

    Robbie shut up

  • SirAntoniousBlock
    SirAntoniousBlock 13 hours ago

    I missed the rating for Serge Gnabry. 😂

  • Kwame Osei-Bonsu
    Kwame Osei-Bonsu 13 hours ago

    robbie blud - what do you believe about ozil yourself. You seem to be flirting with both sides

  • Kalis takesalotta
    Kalis takesalotta 13 hours ago


  • SirAntoniousBlock
    SirAntoniousBlock 14 hours ago

    Everyone: Perfomances are terrible Emery out. Facts: We are 3rd 1 point off Man City lost only to Liverpool as every other team has.

  • Who’s Joe?
    Who’s Joe? 14 hours ago

    Klopps men won the golden boot.Auba(former Dortmund player)Mane and Salah.That guy was half right

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown 14 hours ago

    Shame. Sld of upgraded highbury. The newer plastic stadium has nothing on this. Hope Chelsea never move.

  • Legend RockPlot
    Legend RockPlot 15 hours ago

    why do the europeans propper murder us when it come to the chants the fans sing this one is pony!

  • PointFourFive
    PointFourFive 15 hours ago

    lol I was at that game for John Jensen was my 1st ever game I saw Arsenal

  • Tayeeb Hussain
    Tayeeb Hussain 15 hours ago

    Wenger the fraud.

  • TridentM4DM4X93
    TridentM4DM4X93 15 hours ago

    EMERY - 2.5 / 10 XHAKA - 1 / 10 PEPE - 1.5 / 10 SAKA - 7 / 10 WILLOCK - 7 / 10 TIERNEY - 8 / 10 GUENDOUZI - 9 / 10 MARTINELLI - 9 / 10 AUBAMEYANG - 10 / 10 ARSENAL DEFENCE - N / A

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 15 hours ago

    It's even better singing it after 8 pints on an away day

  • A gamba Gamba
    A gamba Gamba 15 hours ago

    4 with out play.What will happen if he plays

  • Ben L
    Ben L 15 hours ago

    I thought the Title was *Is It The End For Ozil & Time To Have Kids?* AFTV/Loose Women

  • Nino afc
    Nino afc 16 hours ago

    NILES is so shit

  • Nino afc
    Nino afc 16 hours ago

    Torriera sucks

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G 16 hours ago

    You guys did terrible this week. France still has to play though!

  • Mat's Thibau
    Mat's Thibau 17 hours ago

    Much love for you from France my gooners ❤❤❤ i love you boys

  • Arithmxtic
    Arithmxtic 17 hours ago

    TY (Deluded) & DT (Realistic)

  • Alia Imam
    Alia Imam 17 hours ago

    Real Madrid under Mourinho in 2011 12 scored 121 goals in 38 games in la liga..hell they scored over a 100 goals in all 3 seasons that mourinho was at Real Madrid.

  • SalSal87
    SalSal87 17 hours ago

    Martinelli at least 8 and wouldn't argue against a 9.

  • YellaYetti The Mythical

    Didn't they say the most under rated English player? Not the best of their generation.... Uhhh?

  • RblxPhantom
    RblxPhantom 17 hours ago

    I would of pissed on it and put it up the owners ass

  • Gilson Santos Teixeira

    man like poet 😂

  • Babu Suso
    Babu Suso 18 hours ago

    Rubbish is having a laugh how can you rate ozil he is not even playing at all is only you an Emery hate ozil you can't rate teiny an belarin but you can rate ozil an these have play more than him com on seriously Robbie absolute joke

  • Lizzie Fitzgerald
    Lizzie Fitzgerald 18 hours ago

    I hope we win the champions league and koscielny regrets leaving

  • Nalana Moshabi
    Nalana Moshabi 18 hours ago

    if you not going to mark tierney who has played more minutes than ozil then you shouldn't mark ozil. honestly robbie its unfair. if you dont think ozil good enough that's fine and understandable but conduct a fair and equal rating for all players. if you give tierney a rating then give ozil a rating. if dont give tierney a rating then dont give ozil a rating