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  • Ozy Mandias
    Ozy Mandias 6 hours ago

    Robbie dealt with both Jordan and Jim brilliantly it was a two on one attack on him and he came out on top. I was surprised with Jim Whyte he was moving like a pagan.

  • Kingdom Judah
    Kingdom Judah 6 hours ago

    Can Ty turn up to a loss pls rob 😂

  • dennis matveev
    dennis matveev 6 hours ago

    Lol Lewis Dunk? Last year was just as bad statistically as Mustafi. Tyrone Mings or Nathan Ake, yes.

  • Dee Naijaboi
    Dee Naijaboi 6 hours ago

    Simon dinosaur with low IQ children Jordan.

  • Cot Adrian
    Cot Adrian 6 hours ago

    For me wait end of the season and to get pep Guardiola because last year a Manchester city.

  • Breel Embolo
    Breel Embolo 6 hours ago

    Kelechi in the thumbnail looking like an african witchcraft village warrior

  • Joe Barnes
    Joe Barnes 6 hours ago

    Skettle man.

  • wozzi71
    wozzi71 6 hours ago

    Aftv is a good show the trouble most of the fans that represent it are low iq retards,with the charm of a bowl of porridge ,overweight ,badly dress and very low intelligence

  • Declan C
    Declan C 6 hours ago

    Lads you can't be anti racist whilst working with the most racist, xenophobic, working class hating rag on planet earth. You worked with the sun you helped to promote racism.

    BRUTALGn5 6 hours ago

    Duo of the decade

  • 5thDawg
    5thDawg 6 hours ago

    Part 2. Get DT & Troopz to rant on this matter. Let the beef begin

  • Cuh Baby
    Cuh Baby 6 hours ago

    Who else watches to see if their comments make it into the video?

  • Ari S. Nandi
    Ari S. Nandi 6 hours ago

    Ty’s laugh

  • FaZe DsR
    FaZe DsR 6 hours ago

    TCHU TCHA TCHA..TCHU TCHA TCHA (like na na na hey hey hey goodbye rhythm) WE NEEDED A GOAL, GABRIEL BROUGHT THE SAMBA

  • The Adventures Of Beef

    If Simon Jordan was in the studio he would have lit up the place from his fake tan glow!!!!

  • koketso k
    koketso k 6 hours ago

    As a international viewer most of us don't even know who guys are talking about that's how big Aftv is Keep up the good work to the crew and other fan channel

  • roukside 48
    roukside 48 6 hours ago

    AFTV has by far the most reach in NIGERIA now !!!!!! i had a cousin once send us a video of a recording of troopz , please help us tell the media Bums that AFTV is not into all sports but everything ARSENAL FC

  • OUTLAW 187
    OUTLAW 187 6 hours ago

    Robbie u said 3-1 to arsenal ,u got it right

  • saintylife jnr
    saintylife jnr 6 hours ago

    Rice rice baby 🤣🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • spooky1025
    spooky1025 6 hours ago

    Simon Jordan is Sewar Rat bullied Gordon Taylor on talk sport with his acid tongue chatin garbage like you said Robbie destroyed Jordan in his own backyard well done...

  • Peter Brown
    Peter Brown 6 hours ago

    For me it's simple. The Agenda is to shut down the Aftv and the business. The corporation such as talk sport can not accept your success. So many contradictions; "The daily Arsenal" Dont waste anymore of your time with talk sport and such. this is the new media format allows you to be free from them upstairs. Watch out that talk sport don't buy you out. I don't enjoy some of the content but I do have a choice also. Well done for not rising to the bait. Yes you run a business but so does everyone else. Keep up the good work. Support from a spurs fan. Peace.

  • Abdullah AAA
    Abdullah AAA 6 hours ago

    Your pocket is up here 😂

  • Winston Churchill
    Winston Churchill 6 hours ago

    Arsenal are back we are getting top 4

  • Zork1915
    Zork1915 6 hours ago

    Robbie I dont even know why you are wasting your time on those clowns tbh

  • reza mirshekar
    reza mirshekar 6 hours ago

    Stop hyping up this Simon clown! Who gives a toss about what he has to say! Didn’t even knew the guy or talk sports before you guys brought it up. Stick to what you doing AFTV cos we (Arsenal fans) loving it.

  • Gareth Piggott
    Gareth Piggott 7 hours ago

    Smith Rowe is better than Grealish and Maddison. Time will show that.

  • Adam_E
    Adam_E 7 hours ago

    Robbie schooled Simon Jordan.

  • Toby Woolgar
    Toby Woolgar 7 hours ago

    Well done robbie for sticking up for yourself them two made fools of themselves especially jim white what a snake!

  • Sam Rowbotham
    Sam Rowbotham 7 hours ago

    The club has been in free fall since they parted company with David Dein, David was an Arsenal Fan he understood what the fans wanted and were all about. I would even now sack the board and put Dein in charge of all operations.

  • Dominic Peña
    Dominic Peña 7 hours ago

    Don't do that in Times Square you'll get arrested very quickly.

  • Mohd Farhan
    Mohd Farhan 7 hours ago

    Simon who? Simon whaaa?

  • Bruised Banana
    Bruised Banana 7 hours ago

    Condolences for the victory this weekend, nightmare situation. All the best going forward and losing games, I’m so, so sorry for the win.

  • Darth Sidious
    Darth Sidious 7 hours ago

    Arsenal fans are dumb (especially DT) imagine a £15 Millon player from the championship is better than a £75 million player. And they won't have it. Your saying he has to be consitand from now. But he just won't

  • Robin Timmers
    Robin Timmers 7 hours ago

    A "pakkie" is Dutch lingo for "present" or "gift"...

  • MrHanky Colt
    MrHanky Colt 7 hours ago

    Over the past year or so I've started to lose respect for AFTV, these fans are so hypocritical and reactive. The way they constantly bash our players is unacceptable, these are professional athletes who have worked very hard and sacrificed so much to get to where they are today and week in and week out they play and put the shirt on for your entertainment only to be scrutinized every time one of them makes a mistake, we should support the players, our players, not constantly bring them down and tbf as much as they are professional footballers I'm sure when they're constantly getting abusive shit from the fans it brings down their confidence and self esteem, bare in mind they don't have to be playing every week, they are already established and successful but they give their all for our entertainment. I'd like to see the whole lot of you try and when you find out how difficult it is, all the trainings, games, fitness/diet, leaving your family behind, how would you all cope, I bet you'd have a lot more respect for them if you actually understood what it takes for them to do what they do. I love this club and the players are just as important as the fans, this negative shit is killing our club, it's killing the identity of our great club and sooner rather than later this whining bs is gonna be the remaining legacy of Arsenal FC

  • HMQ
    HMQ 7 hours ago

    Welegation Wobbie Top 4 Wobbie Welegation Wobbie

  • ashley knight
    ashley knight 7 hours ago

    He goes on about grant xhacket swearing at the supporters and there children watching. What about his language on arsenal tv it’s a lot worse and I bet there’s a lot of children watching arsenal tv

  • Lawrence Lam
    Lawrence Lam 7 hours ago

    this guy kinda concerns me

  • koustav mukherjee
    koustav mukherjee 7 hours ago

    DT IS soo sober these days! Much love ~ from a United fan

    JOSHUA MAGONDU 7 hours ago

    A month? Too long... Great content... Merry Xmas. Kevin C, could you link up with other older players from good old Arsenal days to come to the show? Thanks!

  • Ishan jalan
    Ishan jalan 7 hours ago

    I think Simon is in the wrong here but I think Robbie is too much about whether you have been to any games or not I think he should also take in consideration global fans who don't get a chance to go to a game but still know a lot about Arsenal maybe even more than those who go to a game

  • Colin W
    Colin W 7 hours ago

    I agree with this lad. Drop ozil for laca and watch productivity increase.

  • AFTV
    AFTV 7 hours ago

    Here is a link to listen to the full interview -

    • reza mirshekar
      reza mirshekar 6 hours ago

      Just listened to the interview. It’s just pathetic how they try to destroy Robbie with every single opportunity. Stop hyping up this Simon clown! Who gives a toss about what he has to say! Didn’t even knew the guy or talk sports before you guys brought it up. I’m an Arsenal fan living in Holland and I can assure you guys that no one knows Simon or talk sports over here but AFTV is well known. Stick to what you doing AFTV cos we (Arsenal fans worldwide) loving it.

    • Robert xerxes
      Robert xerxes 6 hours ago

      Now we got it, tnx. Simon Jordan is sneaky mofo (mother fouler) sitting on the high horse all the time

    • Caleb Bourbon
      Caleb Bourbon 7 hours ago

      people should watch the interview first or go find it themselves instead of complaining about clickbait. maybe if you find it yourself and don't expect everything given you can come back and enjoy aftv side of things and I found this great to watch after that shitshow on Talksport.

  • Tim Chiu
    Tim Chiu 7 hours ago

    Six years ago, we were talking about winning the league After six years, we are talking about the relegation battle....

  • Mike Yuille
    Mike Yuille 7 hours ago

    Good analysis on xhakas performance. Absolute garbage for 75 mins, doesn't deserve another start.

  • Terry Moriarty
    Terry Moriarty 7 hours ago

    The central defender positions need sorting a strong defence gives confidence to the rest of the team.

  • John Mwangi
    John Mwangi 7 hours ago

    Troopz look in the beginning of the show 😂😂😂

  • Johannes
    Johannes 7 hours ago

    'pakket' is parcel in Dutch

  • Tristan Feinauer
    Tristan Feinauer 7 hours ago

    That power cut was BRILLIANT.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 7 hours ago

    wheres the interview??????

  • Daniel Bonner
    Daniel Bonner 7 hours ago

    Disrupt those mainstream propaganda fagits 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Given Edgar
    Given Edgar 7 hours ago

    How can we listen to that interview? Upload it on AFTV TheXvid most fans want to listen themselves.

  • zio slim
    zio slim 7 hours ago

    I love this channel. Love the show. Man city I’m not too worried about it. my prediction is gonna be draw 2-2 and will beat united for sure. We gonna do this!

  • Ade Bakre
    Ade Bakre 7 hours ago

    I love the channel but it was Robbie that kept talking over everyone. Also, Robbie didn't answer most of the questions and kept pushing the fact that Simon Jordan doesn't go to games. Fact is, some of the content in AFTv is cringey at times. Troops tweet was also unnecessary

  • Alechenu Samuel
    Alechenu Samuel 7 hours ago

    How can I watch it listen to the interview? I'm from Nigeria.

    • Onyi Ernest
      Onyi Ernest 7 hours ago

      Alechenu Samuel Write Robbie vs Simon on aft

  • Given Edgar
    Given Edgar 7 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 touch of class with the power thing.

  • The Ambassador
    The Ambassador 7 hours ago

    We stand with you Robbie, and commend the way you handled yourself in that uncomfortable situation. Well done Robbie.

  • zookid4
    zookid4 7 hours ago

    When he asked Robbie if he happy to make money off the channel he should have asked Jim if he's happy to make money off talk sports and sky sports

  • Ireeta
    Ireeta 7 hours ago

    Parte after parte - Bigtril...this is the second Ugandan song (including collabos) that Kelechi is doing on the show. This guy is not in a box, his knowledge is from far and near. He has a doctorate too. Respect!

  • Chucky
    Chucky 7 hours ago


  • Cliff Maleek
    Cliff Maleek 7 hours ago

    We can play lacazzette at number 10.... arsenal the first club to play a false 10...

  • Yebo Man
    Yebo Man 7 hours ago

    Talksport invited Don Robbie for the views. They’re a dead channel and tryna revive that shithole.

  • Sabudin Miya
    Sabudin Miya 7 hours ago

    this channel even promotes the win in negative light...someone should shut it down

  • Ben Dagostino
    Ben Dagostino 8 hours ago

    Anyone got a link to the video?

  • Sean Dennis
    Sean Dennis 8 hours ago

    We must not have watched the same game as Pepe was on the floor for about 90minutes

  • GIA
    GIA 8 hours ago

    Even though you CANNOT admit it, success of the AFTV came from a major decline of your beloved club. People are having fun when listening to the likes of TY and Troopz, because they are fools. Most loved comedy series, shows and movies are about idiots acting idiot, people falling, talking shit, etc. If I wanted to get a professional view on something, why would I listen to someone like TY or Troopz? We can watch AFTV as long you entertain us by being fools. We ain't seeking your professional views on anything, all we want is to laugh at your stupidity and idiocy. In a nutshell, Simon's spot on, and he got you guys by the short and curlies. lmao

  • Tim Chiu
    Tim Chiu 8 hours ago

    Watching this video again after a few years, where AFTV has gained over a million sub, I would say that currently the the most famous Arsenal Fans at this moment must be Robbie, Troopz, DT, Kelechi, Claude and ty.

  • eric kariuki
    eric kariuki 8 hours ago

    just paid for wi-fi to hear Robbie and Troopz speak..

  • Moses Mudegu
    Moses Mudegu 8 hours ago

    Dont argue with fools Robbie,that Simon is a fool, even Robbie has made him famous coz a lot of people didn't know him.

  • fuad ahmed
    fuad ahmed 8 hours ago

    TalkSPORT used to make money on daily Arsenal now day's no one calls them that's why they can't handle the heat of losing money they used to make fun of Arsenal fans raging over the phone but not anymore thanks to AFTV 🤣🤣🤣👏👏

  • Samuel Zubrycki
    Samuel Zubrycki 8 hours ago

    As an Arsenal supporter I find this show crude, destructive and embarrassing.

    • Tristan Feinauer
      Tristan Feinauer 7 hours ago

      As an Arsenal fan, I couldn't care less about what you have to say.

    • Chucky
      Chucky 7 hours ago

      Samuel Zubrycki that’s your opinion we welcome it ...good for you

    TOTAL FOOTBALL 8 hours ago

    You were not racially abussed man. But the fact is every spurs fan hate aftv and a***nal

  • Jack Britland
    Jack Britland 8 hours ago

    Where can i find the interview?

  • Youssef Malaeb
    Youssef Malaeb 8 hours ago

    Don Robbie bodied Jordan. Come at the king you best not miss

  • Adonis Blake
    Adonis Blake 8 hours ago

    You wanna see him suck Robbie’s toe? That’s some freaky Bollywood Bhav business. I don’t know about all that. That a bit spicy for me

  • Clinton King
    Clinton King 8 hours ago

    Thought they were shooting in South Africa for a second when the lights went out

  • Peter Charles
    Peter Charles 8 hours ago

    Heard you on Talk Sport radio, respect, you held your own against 3 x hostile hosts Robbie 👍🏿 !

  • J D
    J D 8 hours ago

    I’m not an arsenal fan but I love the channel, win or lose. AFTV is an inspiration to all fan bases. Football is about the fans and our opinions matter. The traditional media is scared of the rise of TheXvid, because now, the fans control our own content. Keep up the great work

  • Paul Young
    Paul Young 8 hours ago

    Who killed Jeffery Epstein?

  • ricardinho1484
    ricardinho1484 8 hours ago

    I’ve loved ozil for a while now and still do but the more I keep hearing of playing laca at no 10, the more I’m liking it.. like u guys I at least want to see it in action!

  • zio slim
    zio slim 8 hours ago

    Robbie is the man. Respect ✊🏽 ma brotha

  • Bradley Kwok
    Bradley Kwok 8 hours ago

    Ty: we got the W cause the opposition team name starts with a W

  • nb7 9uk
    nb7 9uk 8 hours ago

    Simon Jordan is Shane Warnes gay brother

  • Godson Michael
    Godson Michael 8 hours ago

    One of the best shows ❤ from suriname

  • Goldbridge Fan
    Goldbridge Fan 8 hours ago

    I heard the entire conversation, Simon never interrupted Robbie. I support Robbie on this issue but pls don't spread lies.

    • ne he
      ne he 7 hours ago

      Simon jordon and his sidekick both spoke over Robbie. Robbie killed them with words.

    • Messi Ending
      Messi Ending 7 hours ago

      What was you listening too? They were all doing it to him even the women was like let him speak 😂😂

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith 8 hours ago

    Don’t listen to them there just haters. Fans should be allowed to have a voice and a say

  • Jeffrey Mathews
    Jeffrey Mathews 8 hours ago

    Robbie talk sport is jealous of the popularity of AFTV. We know AFTV is built on fans voice and if the club is not winning games then naturally fans will be angry and vent in their own manner. Simon on the other continues to be the pompous posh brit who speaks like he's got his plums in his mouth(Ali G), he has to understand Arsenal fans that put their heart and soul including money, time for Arsenal have the right to put their views it may be in the form of rant or praise depending on the form of Arsenal. AFTV did a brilliant job of making things more transparent and vocal to the board of Arsenal and the public as well. Talksport/Simon cannot comment on something based on the recency of an issue. Also, their comment is an absolute joke compared to the comments of an Arsenal fan who has spent his entire life watching Arsenal.

  • The Real KD
    The Real KD 8 hours ago

    Thanks to simon jordan aftv is brought to the forefront again and no doubt this will bring even more praise for the channel , love the hate , normal people would rather listen to normal fans , were all one over here and your detached but cant handle it , well done aftv keep climbing

  • iGF99
    iGF99 8 hours ago

    Intro was funny

  • kay wise
    kay wise 8 hours ago

    Haters will hate talk sport is old news them soon done there ratings are going down

  • Sullay BJ
    Sullay BJ 8 hours ago

    Why did Robbie go? Its clear some old school people are intimidated by fan channels. Don't give dem attention

    • Sullay BJ
      Sullay BJ 7 hours ago

      @Chucky Exactly bro. I would've advised Robbie not to go

    • Chucky
      Chucky 7 hours ago

      Sullay BJ you are right ..they are trying to bring Robbie channel down...the only difference btw talkSPORT and ARSENAL FAN TV is that arsenal fan tv fan are allow to express themselves fully but other fans don’t because of using swearing words

  • nila ronda
    nila ronda 8 hours ago

    Thank you.. need more vlog videos like this

  • Jamie Jones
    Jamie Jones 8 hours ago

    Bhavs your 19 leave off

  • Jameel Raymond
    Jameel Raymond 8 hours ago

    I always play laca at the 10 in FIFA

  • Alhaji Jalloh
    Alhaji Jalloh 8 hours ago

    No!Where is bomboclat?

  • Ridwan Patel
    Ridwan Patel 8 hours ago

    Simon Jordan is a clown 😂😂

  • mcdonaldi 12
    mcdonaldi 12 8 hours ago

    One day bro.. One day

  • Genuine Ostrich
    Genuine Ostrich 8 hours ago

    "Stop hating, you pompous dinosaur."

  • matteastwood87
    matteastwood87 8 hours ago

    That bloke on the left is the dictionary definition of neckbeard

  • Uyi Ikhu-Omoregbe
    Uyi Ikhu-Omoregbe 8 hours ago

    I want Ty to do my performance review... i would get a payrise every time... Xhaka n Ozil 7?? U lot r taking the piss