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  • HunterC16 [ ••]
    HunterC16 [ ••] 20 minutes ago

    Release ela elite everyone knows it’s coming out now no sense in delaying it

  • kA change
    kA change 25 minutes ago

    Give tachanka the Ak12

  • younesdz 22
    younesdz 22 34 minutes ago


  • Patrick Wolf
    Patrick Wolf 40 minutes ago

    Widds does not play this game there are way better players in this game give them credit not someone who comes back only for views once every 3 months .

  • Женис Тасболатов

    10:40 Ummmm I got three keys for regular crates, not the Silent night crates. Are you sure?

    BLACKLIGHT CORE 43 minutes ago

    I have so many questions right now.....😳

  • Caleb Jarvis
    Caleb Jarvis 50 minutes ago

    Where's ela elite skin

  • Caden Kibble
    Caden Kibble 50 minutes ago


  • Wrestler KZ
    Wrestler KZ 51 minute ago

    Фуу Юбисофт скатилась и я уверен на 100% что они это за игнорят но я напишу Вы портите АС тот же ремастеред для 3 части ужасен. И ещё найдите нормальных разработчиков для АС ведь у вас люди которые не знают лор серий лучше было бы если вы делали игры раз в 3-7 лет то уверен качества выйдет очень хорошее для нас нужно качества а не количества.

  • jhnnykid3 -
    jhnnykid3 - Hour ago

    What a joke!!!!!!!!!

  • Joshua Hutson
    Joshua Hutson Hour ago

    Listen love the new hardcore mode but we need a stash And I think once we hit level 30 we all should get a Eagle barrel as a reward just give it to us all ready I know y’all got more exotic guns coming. And in Regular mode let it drop in one of the missions

  • EseChava 22
    EseChava 22 Hour ago


  • PuppetMaster
    PuppetMaster Hour ago

    I started a new game and it wasn't snow wtf.

  • JewishPancake
    JewishPancake Hour ago

    Is there a way to recalibrate named weapon stats to another gun? Or another named gear?

  • Harlemworldboy
    Harlemworldboy Hour ago

    Can’t RESTOCK grenades at the boxes!

  • Sales McSaleson
    Sales McSaleson Hour ago

    Why doesn't Ubisoft ban people typing Racial Slurs In the chat? Yet they force you to change memes about gender etc in the avatars....? Uh.... I've reported like 100 racist people and they still play everyday.

  • Glass Green
    Glass Green 2 hours ago

    Love this game but when are we getting a hunter stronghold or hunters in heroic .Seems like they have been forgotten

  • Intensive-Gamin
    Intensive-Gamin 2 hours ago

    I'm on ps4 & still sound bugs...

    JUSTIN TOONS 2 hours ago

    They seriously need to fix PVP people with high damage killing people with seeker mines with no Skill power and they need to change the mechanic how clutch should work.

  • Tyler Sanders
    Tyler Sanders 2 hours ago

    ... eye know thyz ain't real cause it would've been real life smokin' session & gamin'!!!

  • quizkill
    quizkill 2 hours ago

    It would be nice if the devs actually talked about what’s coming in the future for this game. There’s nothing wrong with transparency. It helps build hype within the community.

  • Daniel Hall
    Daniel Hall 2 hours ago

    Did he say Fistive or Festive? :D Has anyone mentioned invisible walls? Not fun in the DZ. Props to McGuns17 for using the snowball gun in PvP. I've used it with a clutch build and it was erm... Entertaining shall we say.

  • Kyle Froston
    Kyle Froston 2 hours ago

    Will we get some sort of incursions at somepoint n if you could add a cross save system so I could use my high level account from ps4 to pc would be fantastic

  • Stephen Henderson
    Stephen Henderson 2 hours ago

    Does anyone know how to fix Bravo-9 error. It started yesterday after update on xbox one

  • HunterC16 [ ••]
    HunterC16 [ ••] 2 hours ago

    Release ela elite everyone knows its coming out now

  • Irish Opinion
    Irish Opinion 2 hours ago

    I cant find the snowball gun anywhere

    • Irish Opinion
      Irish Opinion Hour ago

      @Jamie Dough lmao will do bud

    • Jamie Dough
      Jamie Dough 2 hours ago

      @Irish Opinion You're welcome, just make sure you confuse a lot of people for me lol.

    • Daniel Hall
      Daniel Hall 2 hours ago

      Legit advice. Just fast travel to the mission BUT DON'T START IT

    • Irish Opinion
      Irish Opinion 2 hours ago

      @Jamie Dough ahh Brilliant cheers bud appericated

    • Jamie Dough
      Jamie Dough 2 hours ago

      Go to Lincoln memorial and the guy will popup.

  • andrew moore
    andrew moore 3 hours ago

    Saying hi to you guys, I'm busy with Division 1

  • RiP5 5W38TYGG5B0T5
    RiP5 5W38TYGG5B0T5 3 hours ago

    we need new challenging missions and new npcs factions

    • RiP5 5W38TYGG5B0T5
      RiP5 5W38TYGG5B0T5 Hour ago

      theres a supposedly episode 3 content coming soon in 2020 about nyc so yes i want different faction since the developers spoiler the trailer

    • Somebody gotta say it okay?
      Somebody gotta say it okay? 2 hours ago

      Daniel Hall hell no. Hyena, outcast, black tusk, true sons, underground? And you rarely even see underground. Need at least 2-3 more one of these can actually be hunters randomly spawning with a tank version of a hunter spawning with them sometimes. Maybe russion recon invasion , and someone higher than elite black tusk

    • Daniel Hall
      Daniel Hall 2 hours ago

      You don't think the current number of factions is enough?

  • Blight knight9
    Blight knight9 3 hours ago

    Is anyone still playing the division 2

    • Blight knight9
      Blight knight9 Hour ago

      SOY_ SERGIO I gave the division 1 another chance and I was just tired of dealing with toxic darkzone rogues and this game that’s barely any different

      SOY_ SERGIO Hour ago

      @Blight knight9 give it another chance

    • Blight knight9
      Blight knight9 Hour ago

      SOY_ SERGIO I played it on day one I liked it and felt it was better then the first it was just boring when I finished everything and destiny to me is way better

      SOY_ SERGIO 2 hours ago

      I have the game for the Black friday and i think it is amazing 🥰👏

    • Sam Mullin
      Sam Mullin 2 hours ago

      Blight knight9 I am

  • V Cut
    V Cut 3 hours ago

    This SotG informs us greatly.. realize this guys: They're going to turn the game into Div 1. It's gonna be beautiful. Although, if there isn't one huge DZ, I'm still out.

    • RIP IXI
      RIP IXI Hour ago

      No they ain't heals on the ground and heal box with the movement of div2 will never work or feel anything like div 1 we need how it is in div 1 with healing and being at the end of ur life and being able to pop a med insta and be back in the fight along with or small perks like combat medic on the move div 2 lacks core pvp mechanics which we all know n loved from div 1

    • Daniel Hall
      Daniel Hall 2 hours ago

      Swings and roundabouts. You can have a huge DZ with double the capacity and never see another player or you can have it divided in 3 with half the capacity and still never see anyone 😂 More recently I have had DZ sessions in D2 that have felt close to what D1 got like.

    FABSDAZZ 3 hours ago

    omg theres just 3 comments wtf

  • Missile Gaming
    Missile Gaming 3 hours ago

    TD1 forever ❤️

  • The White Shift
    The White Shift 3 hours ago


  • Raheel Virk
    Raheel Virk 3 hours ago

    Just make it like division 1 and put back The house weapon 😭

    • SerjTargaryen
      SerjTargaryen 3 hours ago

      you can go and play the division 1 still.

  • Francis Canchola
    Francis Canchola 3 hours ago


  • Francis Canchola
    Francis Canchola 3 hours ago


  • Kaspar Andersen
    Kaspar Andersen 3 hours ago

    People say i love meditate. Wamai: i meditate with sharks 😎

  • A14418525 12
    A14418525 12 3 hours ago

    *Bwa bwah bwa bwah bwa bwah bw bwaaaah* _The rise and fall and rise of rabbids_ By bwah B. Wah

  • A14418525 12
    A14418525 12 3 hours ago

    This made me a little more happier

  • H0 PE
    H0 PE 4 hours ago

    You guys suck. Openly telling us that you didn't fix a simple, plain alarm bug for 9 months and do a "who cares Sue me" smirk... And the inability-u willingness to fix the sound bugs, and you just shrug about it... And that stupid silly boy, constantly apologiesing but not really caring about this and that.... You know that moving forward we will buy all your game for 8.99 at the end of the game dev. cycle, GOTY version cdkeys on cheap sites right? At this point it clear that you are making beta junk games that worth only 8EUROS and only when it's fixed at the end? You are a rubbish company and as developers you're disgrace of the gaming industry... But you don't really care for a few years now do you... Pathetic.

  • TalkToBurn
    TalkToBurn 4 hours ago

    RPG rainbow six siege

  • joElmo
    joElmo 4 hours ago

    Idk why but i still hear tobuscus lyrics in this video

    MIHIR DESAI 5 hours ago

    Unity is a masterpiece the player's combat styles , parkour , movements everything is out of the box and never seen in any other assassin's creed game. The Most Realistic graphics I've found in any assassin's creed game.. Wonderful Wonderful!!! and yes i'm talking about actual gameplay.

  • Omega %100
    Omega %100 6 hours ago

    OmG now plz we need ASSASSINS CREED THE EZIO COLLECTION Can we have it can we ?

  • Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng

    Do You Like A Old Far Cry Game? And Let Me Know!

  • Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng

    Do You Like A New Far Cry Game Trailer? And Let Me Know!

  • devil khanna
    devil khanna 6 hours ago

    It would be awesome games teaching us Indian history people's struggle and getting to know how they survived it by doing a simulation

  • Billy Hicks
    Billy Hicks 7 hours ago

    Why can't they make the guns as realistic as they were in real life true to their form

  • Aidan Salt
    Aidan Salt 7 hours ago

    YES!! Finally! I have waited years for this, very hyped!

  • Catholic Racialist
    Catholic Racialist 7 hours ago

    1. Ezio 2. Shay 3. Altaïr 4. Edward 5. Conor 6. Your mom

  • depresso espresso
    depresso espresso 8 hours ago

    So is this supposed to be its own game???

  • Fanta Cisse
    Fanta Cisse 8 hours ago


  • Fanta Cisse
    Fanta Cisse 8 hours ago


  • 汤建平
    汤建平 8 hours ago

    别修服务器了,越修越烂,noob ubisoft

  • Neuroszima
    Neuroszima 9 hours ago

    Wow it looks really simmilar to Warframe's Lunaro

  • DanPH77
    DanPH77 9 hours ago

    monitors need direct contact with skin...guess someone didnt tell the idiot feminist writers about that

  • KnowBuddy
    KnowBuddy 9 hours ago

    they need to learn fixing and repairing first.

  • Burning Flag
    Burning Flag 9 hours ago

    10:37 "You said that last time". You're joking about it but you've literally been saying that for months. Respectfully I won't speak for others players but ah... I think we're far beyond it being funny. You're live so you're speaking from the heart, not trying to hold it against you. But maybe not the thing to crack jobs about considering. BTW I stopped caring about free stuff because it's underwhelming.

  • MrEtnie's #Luftzeit
    MrEtnie's #Luftzeit 10 hours ago


  • SLiMMY
    SLiMMY 12 hours ago

    Guys, just remember not to expect these graphics like they did for siege 😂

  • Kund `
    Kund ` 13 hours ago

    Imagine seeing bandit elite in this game

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell 14 hours ago

    Grow Home music.

  • GhostPlayz
    GhostPlayz 14 hours ago

    This takes me back so many years ago.

  • Auracore _
    Auracore _ 14 hours ago

    1:11 yeah... Any level. Just like the guy on the left

  • Good_Prankster
    Good_Prankster 15 hours ago

    0:43 I think this was revenge to Rabbid Peach for disliking her

  • hektik 8626
    hektik 8626 15 hours ago

    When are you guys going to make titanfall 3

  • Scout 1032
    Scout 1032 15 hours ago

    This reminds me of Castle’s video but more badass.

  • Landa World
    Landa World 16 hours ago

    Its a great game in Special for the name

  • Lsd2ez
    Lsd2ez 16 hours ago

    We won’t tricks on the right Analog sticks

  • ツTiga_KD
    ツTiga_KD 16 hours ago

    Hmmm i don’t see all the same bearded Jesus lookin dudes in this

  • Ramzi Lottai
    Ramzi Lottai 17 hours ago

    Something dark is cooking

  • Sandb0xMagician
    Sandb0xMagician 17 hours ago

    The only way you can have this game is have FF on completely, and just let the game/community police itself. Or just shut off FF completely, and say screw it. All these in between decisions doesn't stop clowns being clowns in highly toxic community known as R6S

  • Jordan Holland
    Jordan Holland 17 hours ago

    Is there only one map?

  • Assassin Warrior
    Assassin Warrior 17 hours ago

    That's a great job

  • X1CrispyBrunchX
    X1CrispyBrunchX 18 hours ago

    I notice this 6 months later

  • joey kill
    joey kill 18 hours ago

    Can y'all make the jabbawockeez a new outfit for the recruits

  • jmhellison
    jmhellison 18 hours ago

    Ubisoft can barely make average games without glitches, they have no business putting this video out

  • Star
    Star 18 hours ago

    People arguing about Minecraft and Fortnite Us: *For The Creed!*

  • Star
    Star 18 hours ago

    Needed: Wild West China Russia Mexico WWI WWII Future Canadian (Just some)

  • Magee Nutter
    Magee Nutter 18 hours ago


  • Magee Nutter
    Magee Nutter 18 hours ago


  • Magee Nutter
    Magee Nutter 18 hours ago

    Give me ela

  • Magee Nutter
    Magee Nutter 18 hours ago

    Give me ela

  • Magee Nutter
    Magee Nutter 19 hours ago

    Give me ela

  • Umur Acar
    Umur Acar 19 hours ago

    Even though you said we could access this on steam if we bought the game prior to the cut off date. It doesn't appear on there. Is it coming later, or did you just lie to us. P.S. it still says on the page that we could access the DLC.

  • Steel Boy
    Steel Boy 19 hours ago


    JACKINDCEL 549 20 hours ago

    place a rayman 3D game

  • Shintaro Kisaragi
    Shintaro Kisaragi 20 hours ago

    Bruh it's already DECEMBER!! Did anyone find the song yet?! Or did it even come out?!

  • That One Man
    That One Man 20 hours ago

    I feel like if video games became a part of school it would get a lot of people more willing to go to school and enjoy it a bit more

  • The GameRoom
    The GameRoom 20 hours ago

    For Honor only came out 2 years ago?

  • Christopher John Ferrer

    Yeah it's good on paper, but we know you Abstergo, we know your agenda.

  • i_am_gohan92
    i_am_gohan92 20 hours ago

    perfect song by N.E.R.D. for the game trailer.

  • sungjin008
    sungjin008 20 hours ago

    In Trailer: GTA 6 in Game: The Crew 2

  • _
    _ 21 hour ago

    *Shark looked confused af*

  • The Darksider
    The Darksider 21 hour ago

    Tachanka our here lookin like Killa

  • francoisneko
    francoisneko 21 hour ago

    Looks great! I guess we have to wait another decade to play this one.

  • Peter Greek
    Peter Greek 22 hours ago

    Release the ELA skin Ubisoft. Come on. The cat’s out the bag already!!!

  • DJ Drue
    DJ Drue 22 hours ago

    Multi-Player CO-OP! Finally!

  • Praise The Sun
    Praise The Sun 22 hours ago

    When will we get ac kingdom trailer reveal??? I am a big fan of the last kingdom tv show.

  • Kaustubh Padwal
    Kaustubh Padwal 22 hours ago