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  • Frito Bandito
    Frito Bandito 23 seconds ago

    Thank you Marques, very nice! wow, what a clever way to expand your audience. mmm, how about a Motorola Brick?! or also fitting for anniversaries...I believe the Sony Walkman just had a birthday. Keep up the great work.

  • Lucas Echenique
    Lucas Echenique 39 seconds ago

    This phone doesn't even seem like a Samsung. It looks like one of those other Android phones from all those brands that are carbon copies of each other and desperately trying to do everything Apple does. Sucks that Samsung has to go down that path

  • Black Scorpio
    Black Scorpio Minute ago

    not a easy phone. we need easy phone like iphone.

  • super game
    super game Minute ago


  • Black Scorpio
    Black Scorpio 2 minutes ago

    not good for Uber and Lyft driver.

  • Shickey Shickey
    Shickey Shickey 2 minutes ago

    i like the phone but the price is a bit of a problem.....

  • Christopher Greenfield
    Christopher Greenfield 2 minutes ago

    I'm super stoked about this. So glad Motorola will be in the spotlight again since they really make great phones. I also think this form factor will be the future of smartphones

  • Randy NoLastName
    Randy NoLastName 2 minutes ago

    Bruh! You are coming down on yourself way too hard. Chill homie. You did a great job

  • Fosta Boy
    Fosta Boy 3 minutes ago

    Tyga: I had the biggest comeback of 2019 Sonic: I made the biggest comeback of 2019 Motorola: Nostalgia

  • AJT222
    AJT222 3 minutes ago

    How much did you say ? fuck that .

  • Anthony Rowe
    Anthony Rowe 4 minutes ago

    I do!

  • Alex oso
    Alex oso 6 minutes ago

    $1500 hahahahahahaha

  • Ahmad Syauli nadima
    Ahmad Syauli nadima 6 minutes ago

    opening music - dangdut

  • Joshua Lopez
    Joshua Lopez 7 minutes ago

    What about apps like Snapchat and ig live no front camera??

  • Robert Toledo
    Robert Toledo 8 minutes ago

    I want that shirt!!

  • EnVy
    EnVy 9 minutes ago

    Apple plotting rn...

  • Joe G
    Joe G 10 minutes ago

    Bruh, how bout the fact that this $1,500 screen is made of fragile, and extremely SCRATCHABLE PLASTIC 😒😒😒

  • Steven Shawa
    Steven Shawa 10 minutes ago

    Skip to 4:15

  • Gunzee
    Gunzee 10 minutes ago

    The 3rd to 4th Gen will be reliable and priced lower, right now I'm cool to wait.

  • Tyson Cain
    Tyson Cain 11 minutes ago

    People don't really listen that's a siri voice using text to speech

  • Ryan Juliantara
    Ryan Juliantara 11 minutes ago

    Dont buy this the price will i can get one

  • nitinsharma12
    nitinsharma12 11 minutes ago

    Everyone please start making razor replicas....

  • Valve Timing
    Valve Timing 11 minutes ago

    Macaroni box pot roast mmmm

  • Ryan Carter
    Ryan Carter 12 minutes ago

    I'll finally be able to close my phone dramatically again after an intense conversation. That alone is reason enough to buy this.

  • Austin Swaim
    Austin Swaim 12 minutes ago

    I want one so bad.

  • realdomdom
    realdomdom 12 minutes ago

    Surprised it took them so long.

  • vicky vicky
    vicky vicky 14 minutes ago

    Moto best n unique brand still Moto user from 2005.... Value for money look camera design 👌👍👌

  • crappy firedog
    crappy firedog 14 minutes ago

    2019 and still using s7 lol 😂😭

  • Krishna Sharma
    Krishna Sharma 15 minutes ago

    Which wallpaper app do use on your phones

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones 16 minutes ago

    How does that selfie cam work with Snapchat?

  • rocker rocky
    rocker rocky 17 minutes ago

    Still its a Motorola

  • inquizative44
    inquizative44 17 minutes ago

    Great exercise in simplicity. They took what was already a great success in the RAZR and incorporated the latest, unnecessary feature of folding a screen. Which will wear out no matter what. Most likely before you tire of it and want a new one. However, we have a new innovative toy!! Isn't that what it's all about?

  • Chris Armijo Ayyoub
    Chris Armijo Ayyoub 18 minutes ago

    I'll wait a few years for version 3.0 that's much cheaper and likely much better. That said if I had the money to throw at it I'd get it immediately.

  • ub umer
    ub umer 18 minutes ago

    if they selled it under $1000 it would have been a most selled smartphone of 2020.

  • Terrence Rowe
    Terrence Rowe 19 minutes ago

    Just defeats the purpose of say I’m not gonna nit pick...seconds after nit picking.

  • ub umer
    ub umer 19 minutes ago

    but does folding the phone cancels the call ? 🤔

  • Ronkiegurl27
    Ronkiegurl27 20 minutes ago

    Yes is the best but wanted bigger screen

  • Dr TJ Techie
    Dr TJ Techie 21 minute ago

    Dear Oneplus? Dear Google? Dear Samsung 2.0?

  • Ashutosh Chandrakar
    Ashutosh Chandrakar 21 minute ago

    For video calls it will require to shut the display and rely on the outside small display😅

  • Music Memories
    Music Memories 22 minutes ago

    Only thing its lacking is physical keyboard under that small display to answer messages.

  • armygonz
    armygonz 22 minutes ago

    That last part 🤣🤣🤣

  • Paul Chabot
    Paul Chabot 22 minutes ago

    What you cant do with this one, but could do with the original... Snap the screen off and the phone still works... though you only have buttons and need hands free... amazing phone that old razor.

  • Riley Huelseman
    Riley Huelseman 23 minutes ago


  • Nathan Castellanos
    Nathan Castellanos 24 minutes ago

    I think it’s a perfect size Especially since it’s considered a new model of the razor . Flip phone junkies really are use to smaller display in my opinion .

  • thesmashtvnetwork
    thesmashtvnetwork 24 minutes ago

    now this is how you make a Folding phone

  • Alex YeeHarr
    Alex YeeHarr 25 minutes ago

    2:43 “ it slaps, it’s pretty nice” *-Marques 2019*

  • Leah Bana
    Leah Bana 25 minutes ago

    Since we doing throwbacks 🤔 let's get a side kick going!!!! I always wanted a blue one but they discontinued the line. If I could have my note and a slide out screeennnn boiiiiiii couldnt tell me shit

  • Jesus M. Rodriguez
    Jesus M. Rodriguez 25 minutes ago

    Great looking phone, very cool. Not worth $1500 :) I do hope it catches on.

  • Gitch Fitness
    Gitch Fitness 28 minutes ago

    Snapchat sounds like it will be royally fucked up on this phone

  • Teketayi
    Teketayi 28 minutes ago

    Bro why are the captions in Japanese

  • ForObviousReason
    ForObviousReason 29 minutes ago

    “If anyone thinks smartphones are getting boring, please show them this vid...” bro it’s the same thing but it easier to break. How much corporate marketing can you buy into before you realize your entire youtube career is just one giant advertisement?

  • AK Sells Florida Real Estate

    Doesn’t this kinda defeat the purpose of flip phones? Everyone I hear say “I want a flip phone again” are over 60 and they want it because it wasn’t a touch screen.

  • sai krishna
    sai krishna 30 minutes ago


  • Donald's perspective
    Donald's perspective 31 minute ago

    Hey but 5g is killing us and other animals 5g is shit

  • daddydojang
    daddydojang 31 minute ago

    Beam me up Scotty

  • Martin Jönsson
    Martin Jönsson 31 minute ago

    This is like everyone’s wettest dream

  • Mozes Berrospi
    Mozes Berrospi 32 minutes ago

    Now my friends would not make fun of me anymore for having a flip phone

  • Dan The Man
    Dan The Man 33 minutes ago

    And soon 8 track tapes players will come back for only $2000.00 bucks along with the idiots to pay that much cash.

  • Edem A.
    Edem A. 33 minutes ago

    Too expensive. I would rather buy a note.

  • weezybaby226
    weezybaby226 34 minutes ago

    I don’t think this will sell well....

  • L3NN0X
    L3NN0X 34 minutes ago

    I still got my mothers razr v3

  • Alex
    Alex 34 minutes ago

    Ouch....that price! But it’s so cool!

  • JustSomeOldGames
    JustSomeOldGames 35 minutes ago

    Bring back the Rumor! I want my sliding keyboard!

  • Swag Trooper
    Swag Trooper 35 minutes ago

    We need a elders and adults react for this phone

  • Muhammad Ibrahim Siddiqui

    dude do one on alien ware!!!

  • Moglee Vlogs
    Moglee Vlogs 35 minutes ago

    nice design

  • Vick s
    Vick s 36 minutes ago

    Definitely gonna get this I miss that shutting the flap hard especially when someone I don't like calls, as if it makes any difference except the good feeling of slamming the door😁

  • M3Vader
    M3Vader 37 minutes ago

    Folding hinge is super impressive. Very cool!

  • Brady Hartsfield
    Brady Hartsfield 37 minutes ago

    I like it but I'm happy with what I got.

  • Timmi
    Timmi 37 minutes ago

    I planned to buy this as my 1st mobile phone, but got a Nokia 5200 instead as this was expensive.

  • Aristotle Aquino
    Aristotle Aquino 38 minutes ago

    Awesome! Finally. Hands off commands still work?

  • Akash Barman
    Akash Barman 39 minutes ago

    Marques: What justifies the price of this device? Motorola: *nostalgia*

  • Andrew
    Andrew 39 minutes ago

    $1500 no $800 yes

  • Kacper Olszowski
    Kacper Olszowski 39 minutes ago

    i hope there is a option to pick up a call when you open phone and end call when you close it

  • Çağatay E.
    Çağatay E. 41 minute ago

    finally something new in design. Edit: What I'd like to see: * better camera quality * thinner body * better display quality * lower price

  • RuslanforPresident
    RuslanforPresident 41 minute ago

    Some improvement ideas: Bigger 90Hz screen, bigger battery, no notch, no rounded screen, camera button , ...

  • Cody Lanoue
    Cody Lanoue 41 minute ago

    When do we get a full review. I need to know if the i9 thermals hard. I cant decide on the i7 or i9.

  • Sean
    Sean 42 minutes ago

    Does it only hold a charge for 2 hours like my old RAZR? That's a must

  • realradiant1 R
    realradiant1 R 43 minutes ago

    You’re so mesmerizing to watch. Your voice is like liquid gold.

  • Simple Reviews
    Simple Reviews 43 minutes ago

    Stupid price daaaaamn

  • Patrik Reiske
    Patrik Reiske 43 minutes ago

    I think the relatively small battery capacity might not be that bad, since the screen time splits up between the two screens.

  • Karvan
    Karvan 43 minutes ago

    What a waste. The notch and skewed top screen design is just aweful. I feel like they could have straightened that out, took out the sensor and moved the ear piece in to the top bezel like other devices have done. The specs are a joke, the price is a joke. It looks okay when closed, when opened it's ugly. Wish it was a better phone.

  • a tribute to Yeah, Sure
    a tribute to Yeah, Sure 44 minutes ago

    $1500... that's a hard pass.

  • Hsiung Bear
    Hsiung Bear 44 minutes ago

    stupidest design still lives in the 90s

  • Miles Thompson
    Miles Thompson 44 minutes ago


  • Nightbot
    Nightbot 44 minutes ago

    Wow RAZR 🤣🤣🤣

  • Patrik Reiske
    Patrik Reiske 44 minutes ago

    I'm not into folding screens but Motorola did there a really nice job! I remember wondering what was wrong with Samsung deciding that some creased screen was okay.

  • SenseiLori
    SenseiLori 45 minutes ago

    Wow, we can finally close the phone vigorously after arguments again 😂

  • Julian Lonzoe
    Julian Lonzoe 45 minutes ago

    I want this phone, but do I really want to sacrifice flagship specs for a foldable 6.2inch screen? Do I want the extra space in my pocket? Yeah, I gotta try it, will be trying this out and switching to Verizon in January!

  • Debopriyo Basu
    Debopriyo Basu 45 minutes ago

    Google needs to buy Motorola again, this time for the folding technology patent for their next Pixel.

  • Bablu Konai
    Bablu Konai 45 minutes ago

    What price this phone ?

  • lewisjorg
    lewisjorg 46 minutes ago

    What about video calling????

  • Enigma McC
    Enigma McC 46 minutes ago

    What’s the point of folding. It doesn’t change the size. It can fit in your pocket fine at a normal size. Now you just make it fat. Literally useless and just a buzz to make money

  • BTW
    BTW 46 minutes ago

    I was expecting a $350 price tag! Guess I was wrong big time lmao

  • Edwin Jr
    Edwin Jr 46 minutes ago

    just fuck damn men I can't afford it..

  • randy bruno
    randy bruno 46 minutes ago

    You lost me at $1500 ✌🏼👋

  • Rob Hasselo
    Rob Hasselo 47 minutes ago

    Nice shirt! Hup Holland Hup!

  • Ocean Bongdropper
    Ocean Bongdropper 47 minutes ago

    I am wondering how to put a cover case for this?

  • TechGuYdee
    TechGuYdee 47 minutes ago

    This is the most bizarre phone I have ever seen. whats the point of folding a phone when we don't need to do it in that size and $1500 for not even a good cam, battery or processor. Absolute disaster.

  • Isaiah Rodgers
    Isaiah Rodgers 48 minutes ago 1😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😁😁😁😁😁