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  • Neymar Jr
    Neymar Jr Hour ago

    You broken TheXvid

  • _proto_type_
    _proto_type_ Hour ago

    Its crazy that this feels "old" now, it's only been 4 years. Nuts

  • FaceSmacker! Studios

    I have an iPhone X and did a side by side screen compare to the new iPhones, including the regular 11 (and the older XR) and have noticed that the screen on my X isnt as bright anymore. It should at least be brighter than the XR and 11. Have you noticed any screen brightness degradation for these OLED screens? I know OLEDs loose brightness over time, but its surprisingly dimmer with only 2 years of use. 🤔

  • Guigui M
    Guigui M Hour ago

    why, why am i here

  • thomas Blizzard
    thomas Blizzard Hour ago

    Coming from a iPhone 11 to the note 10+ I deff feel like you get more of a phone this just a imessage phone. Compared the 11 camera to the 10+ and felt like the note made the pictures pop more. But that's just me great review 👍

  • Michael Faherty
    Michael Faherty Hour ago

    5:03 And I oop

  • Justin Cambie
    Justin Cambie Hour ago

    I dont know why but this video made me sad

  • Robert Neveux
    Robert Neveux Hour ago

    add a case. not slippery now

  • MrPerezOP
    MrPerezOP Hour ago

    Where do I purchase a 1TB American phone? The link you directed us is a Chinese 128 GB.

  • Daniel Moreno
    Daniel Moreno Hour ago

    You can tell this review is so biased

  • Shaun Anderson
    Shaun Anderson Hour ago

    iphone SE better arrrrrrrghhh

  • Eric Jiang
    Eric Jiang Hour ago

    That could actually explain why Apple not going into usb c. The connector housing will be thicker which gonna give the screen a big issue to solve.

  • ZorroMuerto
    ZorroMuerto Hour ago

    Thats more blue than green :'v

  • Marinel Andres
    Marinel Andres Hour ago

    y is this recommended? a major throwback! 😂

  • Connor Castleman

    It’s 2019 TheXvid...Holyyyyyyyy😅

  • Youssef Chanchah

    TheXvid recommended this to me after 10 years haha

  • denziiey
    denziiey Hour ago

    high refresh rate display with subpar resolution or 60Hz with ultra HD resolution and HDR capability. i pick the latter. It's obvious Samsung is developing an all in the box display. And also if you're trying to find usage for the S pen it shows you're not a note user which is fine. The pen is used when it needs to be used and not just to be used for using sake. but whatever!!

  • Alek S
    Alek S 2 hours ago

    or just buy a laptop and a 50 dollar s7

  • WuAgent
    WuAgent 2 hours ago

    i'm absolutely interested in this type of tech and would love a device like this as a daily driver. gonna have to wait a generation or two though.

  • Nicolás Mele
    Nicolás Mele 2 hours ago

    It's the second year that MKB don't recommend to buy this if you have de previous phone, hoping the next year will be better. Let me guess what will happen.

  • Cameron Davis
    Cameron Davis 2 hours ago

    Where do you get your wallpapers ?

  • Lean Mean Green Bean Machine

    Wow, thanks for giving me the notification five days later youtube!

  • Lover Forever
    Lover Forever 2 hours ago

    Huawei is fu$$$$, thanks to Trump 😂

  • Micheal Robinson
    Micheal Robinson 2 hours ago

    Bro TheXvid loves throwing these videos back up lol

  • Nicolas Mpenzi Archie

    Wow, this one is 😅😅 man since 2009 this is huge

  • Tanner Al
    Tanner Al 2 hours ago

    Omg the intro was so extra, I love this energy

  • Ziplock Bag
    Ziplock Bag 2 hours ago

    okay youtube recommended

  • Jerónimo Rodríguez

    Can you make phone calls with it?

    • Need you now
      Need you now Hour ago

      i have the 11 and i totally disagree with the face id angle thing, i dont need to lean at all. im testing it next to my iphone x and its way better. no lean needed

  • BackfallGenius
    BackfallGenius 2 hours ago

    "Best camera on a smartphone" Google: *Hold my Pixel 4*

    • Need you now
      Need you now Hour ago

      They've been saying this toughest glass on a smartphone BS since the iPhone X and it's just as BS now as it was back then

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump 2 hours ago

    The 13k dislikes were from communists.

  • Vassili Kioles
    Vassili Kioles 2 hours ago


  • Veer Maharaj
    Veer Maharaj 2 hours ago

    That bleeping sound effect is bleeping annoying. Could you please stop using the bleeping sound effect... please.

  • Skungy Jones
    Skungy Jones 2 hours ago

    Thanks for that terrible intro. My ears

  • Nick Morris
    Nick Morris 2 hours ago

    Saw this in my recommended. Not disappointed.

  • Logan Vinson
    Logan Vinson 2 hours ago

    the iphone 11 pro doesn't come with 3d touch? whatttt

  • Irwadi Zaini
    Irwadi Zaini 2 hours ago

    Really worth for long term investment. The super stabilization mode is a beast. Even if you video recording during an eartquake the video will be ultra descent and stable. Trust me, try it out.

  • Untold Story
    Untold Story 2 hours ago

    Illuminati! 🧐

  • matthew smith
    matthew smith 2 hours ago

    What IS the status of reverse charging?

  • Saaquib Rahman
    Saaquib Rahman 2 hours ago

    Did anyone notice his guns? Seems like he's been spending more time at the gym!

  • SL HyperXeme
    SL HyperXeme 2 hours ago

    A golf swing started it all

  • Olterior
    Olterior 2 hours ago

    no google bad google

  • SL HyperXeme
    SL HyperXeme 2 hours ago

    2019 anyone

  • TheBkdot
    TheBkdot 2 hours ago

    2:47 Did they put the "toughest glass on any smartphone" on the back and not the front?

  • Stephan Shaw
    Stephan Shaw 2 hours ago

    How does it fit in your pocket?

  • Tom Nook
    Tom Nook 2 hours ago

    yo can i get a link to that spiderverse wallpaper

  • Omanji sinkala
    Omanji sinkala 2 hours ago

    Wow that's he started TheXvid, I been uploading for sometime now

  • vias j
    vias j 2 hours ago

    Not the matrix 💀💀💀💀

  • Milton Ascott
    Milton Ascott 2 hours ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Kanye McDougall
    Kanye McDougall 2 hours ago

    Do a review on the umidigi f1

  • Timmy
    Timmy 3 hours ago

    Any motor over 20mph is ILLEGAL! Might wanna let the public know the law. It will have to be downgraded for public streets.

  • Mariabelle Azemar
    Mariabelle Azemar 3 hours ago

    What the-

  • KR Photo Booth Rentals

    What did I get from this review? More of a reason to keep my 8plus and wait for the iPhone to finally change it’s weight class. It still doesn’t live up to the hype of being a heavyweight phone. “Pro”? Yea right! 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Darryl Woodbury
    Darryl Woodbury 3 hours ago

    Why is TheXvid recommending this to me now?

  • Emmanuel S.D
    Emmanuel S.D 3 hours ago

    You can download text-plus and still be able to text your friends tho... might as well buy the Iphone

  • Taranjit Singh Takhar

    When is the iPhone 11 review coming out?

  • Shivking-2005
    Shivking-2005 3 hours ago

    2:35 Best Small Samartphone 👌🏼😂🤣

  • Lex_424
    Lex_424 3 hours ago

    Best Samsung phone imo

  • Jeff Arellanes
    Jeff Arellanes 3 hours ago

    I want to see the real difference between the camera’s in the pro and pro max

  • يوسف كيمز كيمو Yousif

    منو عربي .

  • Jett Soungpradith
    Jett Soungpradith 3 hours ago

    1:05 Price is 669, nice

  • jenuel vega
    jenuel vega 3 hours ago

    Started breaking or you all broke them?

  • Shomoy Scott
    Shomoy Scott 3 hours ago

    Odd part it’s still more powerful than most flagship current androids

  • Brad
    Brad 3 hours ago

    who else masterbated while watching this?

  • Atrinz7
    Atrinz7 3 hours ago

    The next iphone will be called iphone 11s pro max.

  • erickbooster1
    erickbooster1 3 hours ago

    13:17 MKBHD The Ghost

  • Goofy_Goober
    Goofy_Goober 3 hours ago

    The iPhone XS is better if you already have one but if you have a older phone the iPhone 11 is pretty much the same as the XS

  • Dave Holmes
    Dave Holmes 3 hours ago

    wow 30 seconds in and ive lost interest. they have to be the ugliest cars ever.

  • Stephanie Fausz
    Stephanie Fausz 3 hours ago

    I’ve been waiting for the perfect iPhone for years now LOL and I desperately need to upgrade from my 6S and can’t wait any longer!!! Anyone have advice which phone would be the best investment?? Pictures and video do matter a great deal! Thanks

  • Orlando Gonzalez
    Orlando Gonzalez 3 hours ago

    I actually want one. Just to flex a folding screen phone😂

  • UnashamedlyHentai
    UnashamedlyHentai 3 hours ago

    Months later, now that Amazon is buying hard into Rivian, this looks _way_ more like an actual product.

  • Hossen Rimon
    Hossen Rimon 3 hours ago

    Ambassador?? Glass is glass? Or Class is Class.? Please do a speed test with note 10 plus! And will be proved who is boss on smartphone 0lanet

  • Omar Zaldivar
    Omar Zaldivar 3 hours ago

    The s8 for notification system you could scroll down which it's very cool but with the fingerprint reader

  • Youssef Weheiba
    Youssef Weheiba 3 hours ago

    They've been saying this toughest glass on a smartphone BS since the iPhone X and it's just as BS now as it was back then

  • Leonidas Piperis
    Leonidas Piperis 3 hours ago

    Upgraded from 7 to XR best decision ever 👍🏽

  • Griknot
    Griknot 3 hours ago

    He speaks almost identically today.

  • ConLee
    ConLee 3 hours ago

    i have the 11 and i totally disagree with the face id angle thing, i dont need to lean at all. im testing it next to my iphone x and its way better. no lean needed

  • charles clark
    charles clark 3 hours ago

    Bing and Google

  • Raul Gabriel
    Raul Gabriel 3 hours ago

    What a beautiful phone!

    TECHNIQUE SAT 3 hours ago

    Shar in Chanel

  • M square
    M square 3 hours ago

    "Glass is glass and glass can break"- jerry rig

  • Mattia F.
    Mattia F. 3 hours ago

    i mean, the cameras of this new iPhone are pretty good, so good. but HOW can it be SO GOOD the Pixel 3 compare to any old or new phones? just wow. really can’t wait for the Pixel 4

  • Drrck11
    Drrck11 3 hours ago

    I don't like that 3 camera set up on the back. Looks tacky.

  • Shahbaaz Perwaiz
    Shahbaaz Perwaiz 3 hours ago

    Success in not earned in short time

  • poop tard
    poop tard 3 hours ago

    thanks for the review UrAverageConsumer

  • im probably going to jail

    wow what a time capsule

  • Aruny Boi
    Aruny Boi 4 hours ago

    Me: gets this video recommended in 2015 My beats headphones: heyyyyyyyyy, nah dat ain’t a good vid... Me: gets this video recommended in 2019 and clicks on it My beats: AhhhhhhHEyyyHEYHEY NOO DONT WATCH DAT

  • Irwin Rex
    Irwin Rex 4 hours ago

    Everyone calling Haptip.... but , it's TapTic

  • Youngsixxx On the beat

    TheXvid once again you have not failed to recommend me a gem.

  • Amyrul Hafiz
    Amyrul Hafiz 4 hours ago

    give me one phone

  • NFS Fanboi
    NFS Fanboi 4 hours ago

    *-Huawei Y5 2018-* *Nokia 3310 2017 best phone !*

  • Kayden jacques
    Kayden jacques 4 hours ago

    Hey man can I borrow your shoe charger Yo mines only at 38% charged Damn aight You can charge them when there at 50% Ay thanks man

  • LilTay Ege
    LilTay Ege 4 hours ago

    I just noticed a small change on the front speaker it’s slightly smaller on the 11 pro than the xs max.

  • Maria Amorim
    Maria Amorim 4 hours ago

    is it very or slightly 😓😓😓

  • Derek w
    Derek w 4 hours ago

    To turn off u hold the wake button and the volume down button at the same time

  • Yurick's Channel
    Yurick's Channel 4 hours ago

    I'm just bummed that we'll never officially hear the Airpower charging sound

  • Donrngiew Sohlang
    Donrngiew Sohlang 4 hours ago

    LG Face/Hand Gesture - Gimmick Google New Face/Hand Gesture - it's innovative and will be unique and amazing Wtf Tech reviewers

  • Andrea Barnaba
    Andrea Barnaba 4 hours ago

    I want your wallpaper !! Pleaaaase

  • Dylan Pierson
    Dylan Pierson 4 hours ago

    This is coming from a person that’s a had a iPhone X since the first release, I just got this phone because I wanted a second one for business only. It’s amazing! Honestly I kinda like it more than my iPhone in some ways. If you’re on the fence about getting this phone I’m telling you right now, just do it. You won’t have no regrets lol

  • Shamar Coke
    Shamar Coke 4 hours ago

    The only thing change is the camera

  • Teej
    Teej 4 hours ago

    The cameras look great but the way they arranged them on the phone is so ugly. Just looks like a little cluster of circles. I think they'd look a lot better stacked down the center, or aligned across the top of the phone.