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JarradHD Plays WWE2K20!
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FIFA 20 VOLTA vs AJ3!!!
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  • Daniel Mcgowan
    Daniel Mcgowan 49 seconds ago

    When he said they won the champions league

  • Angel Giurgiuman
    Angel Giurgiuman 54 seconds ago

    romanian club rebuild please

  • Stephen Frankland
    Stephen Frankland Minute ago

    Norwich Need A Rebuild, after there 1993 finish of 3rd and then great first few games of this season and beating man city

  • Nathan Ijiti
    Nathan Ijiti 3 minutes ago

    y would u sign stones and tah

  • Rabona Chicken Nugget
    Rabona Chicken Nugget 7 minutes ago

    This is unrealistic cause theres no way arsenal would give you a budget over 10 million pounds.

  • Sam Giles
    Sam Giles 17 minutes ago

    Can you do a Newcastle rebuild?

  • CoistMS
    CoistMS 20 minutes ago


  • Gangster Joey
    Gangster Joey 21 minute ago

    me waiting for the Steaua Bucharesti rebuild

  • AminZe Gunner
    AminZe Gunner 24 minutes ago

    the board: I think we've found our manager new manager

  • cancer research 1234
    cancer research 1234 25 minutes ago

    Can you do chelsea please

  • Gabriel Reis
    Gabriel Reis 30 minutes ago

    Can you rebuild benfica?? Give the portuguese league some loveeee

  • Raihaan I
    Raihaan I 33 minutes ago

    Just made my day

  • Real messyEstate
    Real messyEstate 34 minutes ago

    Manchester City player : **available for sale** Jarrad in this rebuild : i'll take your entire stock

  • Gabriel Pazmino
    Gabriel Pazmino 34 minutes ago

    Jarradhd can you please rebuild Olympique De Marseille It would be really nice if you can Thank you

  • Julien Muehlenweg
    Julien Muehlenweg 36 minutes ago

    Werder Bremen rebuild they used to be German giants and now they are fighting to stay in the bundesliga

  • Subbon 17
    Subbon 17 37 minutes ago

    Rebuild luton

  • MadGingerGaming
    MadGingerGaming 39 minutes ago

    This seems a long video for an Arsenal rebuild , probably get west ham a champions league trophy before them lol

  • gaming cat281
    gaming cat281 40 minutes ago

    Rebuild liverpool u haven't done them since fifa 18

  • Assaination Jk
    Assaination Jk 42 minutes ago

    Do derby or forest

  • XcB XcB_Strikez
    XcB XcB_Strikez 44 minutes ago

    Can you sign players like Sancho, Vinicius, Havertz, Mbappe, De jong, De ligt, donnarumma, Joao Felix and Alexander Arnold more often?

  • Sambo Playz156
    Sambo Playz156 49 minutes ago

    Rebuild Middlesbrough there not doing well at all

  • XcB XcB_Strikez
    XcB XcB_Strikez 50 minutes ago

    6:07 * Europa League

  • Riley Rueda
    Riley Rueda 56 minutes ago

    Good ebeni- *emery gets sacked and pulled out by his hair*


    Jarrad where is the arsenal career mode

  • perhe matis
    perhe matis Hour ago

    Dont never buy rashford to another english club

  • Unknown
    Unknown Hour ago

    Aymeric Laporte actually does play for city

  • Mick De vos
    Mick De vos Hour ago

    It wasn’t timo is was alex werner

  • milkspilled
    milkspilled Hour ago

    Jarrad, rebuild Coventry City, currently they sit 6th in the League One (England).

  • Shay Campbell
    Shay Campbell Hour ago

    God make hard rebuilds cause these r simple #rebuildmasisfakenews

  • Karolina Baltrenaite

    Playing CL Final on Semi -Pro as usual

  • Rohan Bains
    Rohan Bains Hour ago

    Rebuild Man City

  • Ben Jackson
    Ben Jackson Hour ago

    Colchester united rebuild? Playing man utd in the carabao cup next week

  • compotel samarineanul

    Pls rebuild FCSB

  • Bellamaffia 777
    Bellamaffia 777 Hour ago

    Rebuild feyenoord

  • Xavier O_g
    Xavier O_g Hour ago

    This game is so broken sometimes I select my first team and then it plays my second team

  • Sam Barnes
    Sam Barnes Hour ago

    Can you do a Blackburn rovers rebuild, we were premier league champions in 1995 however we are now sat in 10th in the championship, it would be great to rebuild and get Blackburn were they should be

  • Kearan Séan Gribble

    Thanks man

  • KillShotX So2
    KillShotX So2 Hour ago

    Pleeeeaaaassseeee do AC Milan ♥️🖤🙏

  • Oakgoat 600
    Oakgoat 600 Hour ago

    Arsenal The Gunners "Que Jarred spitting facts"

  • keegen mccurdy
    keegen mccurdy Hour ago

    Thank you for doing one of my requested teams. Keep up the good work

  • Oakgoat 600
    Oakgoat 600 Hour ago

    rEbUiLd Birmingham City

  • Sam Gollings
    Sam Gollings Hour ago

    It was Axel Werner not Timo

  • Jordan Rimmer
    Jordan Rimmer Hour ago

    Do Atalanta

  • AA 7
    AA 7 Hour ago

    Do a Celtic career mode

  • AA 7
    AA 7 Hour ago

    Do a Celtic career mode

  • AA 7
    AA 7 Hour ago

    Do a Celtic career mode

  • Gall 753
    Gall 753 Hour ago

    Rangers are irreplaceable because taveneir has played 200 games 0 trophies fingpong has played 1 but has won 1 🏆🤣

  • SuperNovaX7HD
    SuperNovaX7HD Hour ago

    Gud Ebening

  • Young Gabe
    Young Gabe Hour ago

    Rebuild Chivas, a Mexican team who are close to being relegated, they use only Mexicans so it would be an interesting to see you only sign Mexican players

  • gabriel onoratini
    gabriel onoratini 2 hours ago

    Jarrad you are the rebuild god but you should rebuild OM the team in the ligue 1 {french league}

  • Hasan Halili
    Hasan Halili 2 hours ago

    rebuild real murcia

  • Simon Randskov
    Simon Randskov 2 hours ago

    Please rebuild the Danish side Brøndby if. In 1990’s they won everything in Denmark and now the last time they won the the Danish league was in 2006

  • Lucas-jack Eaton
    Lucas-jack Eaton 2 hours ago

    Do Barnsley please I beg

  • Fifa20game NL
    Fifa20game NL 2 hours ago

    Do rebuild Fc Twente & merry christmas

  • Lucas-jack Eaton
    Lucas-jack Eaton 2 hours ago

    Do Barnsley

  • JR3
    JR3 2 hours ago

    Why do people dislike this guy

  • Samantha Mills
    Samantha Mills 2 hours ago

    Why don't you put all the championship teams in the champions league

  • Michelle Webb
    Michelle Webb 2 hours ago

    Or do my team man city

  • Michelle Webb
    Michelle Webb 2 hours ago

    Jarrad rebuild Peterborough

  • Frankie Swanson
    Frankie Swanson 2 hours ago

    Rebuild Crystal Palace for like no absolute reason

  • Reece midget boy
    Reece midget boy 2 hours ago

    Rebuild Everton

  • Reece midget boy
    Reece midget boy 2 hours ago

    Rebuild Everton

  • mutantsoulc BR8
    mutantsoulc BR8 2 hours ago

    Singing Chanel YES

  • Lauri95
    Lauri95 2 hours ago

    Rebuild HJK Helsinki please

  • JJ and Benzo
    JJ and Benzo 2 hours ago

    Jarrard: *does Arsenal rebuild* Tottenham: *Wins the league* Arsenal: *sad noises*

  • Best Gamer 21
    Best Gamer 21 2 hours ago

    Could you please rebuild bournemouth It would make me happy

  • Lo L
    Lo L 2 hours ago


  • Jeff The Cheff
    Jeff The Cheff 2 hours ago

    Could you do a retro take over like fifa 16 or something

  • Orguy Toko
    Orguy Toko 2 hours ago

    Retro Rebuild next video of Rebuildmas? 🌊🔥

  • Target56
    Target56 2 hours ago

    WBA career mode plz

  • Adam Liljegren
    Adam Liljegren 2 hours ago

    Swedish rebuild? Maybe malmo ff or ifk goteborg

  • Ceox YT
    Ceox YT 2 hours ago

    2 BILLION QUID 2:23

  • 1-2 HydxEuNitXd
    1-2 HydxEuNitXd 2 hours ago

    On the 10th day of rebuildmas jarrad gave to me the gunners in Shambles

  • liverpoolnfinity
    liverpoolnfinity 2 hours ago

    coutinho went back to inter

  • augusto carrizo
    augusto carrizo 2 hours ago

    proof that Jarrad isn't jewish 26:03

  • Ady TheGamer
    Ady TheGamer 2 hours ago

    FCSB Romania

  • Scottishtwat Whoneedsviews

    Dae a celtic wan

  • Callum and Luke’s Cooking channel

    I'm am a rangers fan 😀😀😀 most successful team in football

  • Tyler thomas
    Tyler thomas 2 hours ago


  • Lynne Curran
    Lynne Curran 2 hours ago

    Do celtic

  • Mitch zerafa
    Mitch zerafa 2 hours ago

    Thank you my man

  • RUS 163
    RUS 163 2 hours ago

    Ajax rebuild

  • Evan Pannekoek
    Evan Pannekoek 2 hours ago

    Do rkc walwijk because they are last in the eredivisie and probably will relegate

  • Axel Faes
    Axel Faes 2 hours ago

    Make an RSC Anderlecht rebuild they have the most landstitels of Belgium. They are now standing 10th in the Jupiler Pro League(Belgium)

    • Axel Faes
      Axel Faes 2 hours ago

      Ik ben antwerp supporter maar is wel die kunne wel ne rebuild gebruiken

    • druiven man
      druiven man 2 hours ago

      Yes Anderlecht rebuld💜💜💜💜

  • Tom lally
    Tom lally 2 hours ago

    6:08 champions league yeah? 😂

  • Tomás 123
    Tomás 123 2 hours ago


  • Albert Castaneda
    Albert Castaneda 2 hours ago

    Stoke next plz

  • Modupe Modupe
    Modupe Modupe 2 hours ago

    bro you made this career like the one in your other channel

  • CazzJK
    CazzJK 2 hours ago

    Rebuild derby county!

  • Rainy Rain
    Rainy Rain 2 hours ago

    How 't f do you get so much money

  • Carl Busani
    Carl Busani 2 hours ago

    I guess Pogba to Real Madrid is a scripted transfer...

  • Jothamvw
    Jothamvw 2 hours ago

    Guendouzi the absolute hero! Love it when originals stay, are captain in the final and lift the trophy up!

  • Anna Pritchard
    Anna Pritchard 3 hours ago

    do brentford

  • Carl Busani
    Carl Busani 3 hours ago

    Where's the Fulham rebuild

  • Orb Finster
    Orb Finster 3 hours ago

    Can u do Crystal Palace

  • Timo Karff
    Timo Karff 3 hours ago


  • Ward Nijland
    Ward Nijland 3 hours ago

    Rebuild PSV Eindhoven! Help them not only regain a competitive status on international level and bring them back to where they were in '88: the top of Europe!

  • King Kunta
    King Kunta 3 hours ago

    read the titile as (REBUILDING ARSENAL) wrong the title says :MY ARSENAL CAREER MODE IN RECAP.

  • Alve Jeglertz
    Alve Jeglertz 3 hours ago

    please do Malmö FF rebuild. I´ve been wanting it from when i first saw your videos at fifa 18

  • King Kunta
    King Kunta 3 hours ago

    Bayern Munich 2 rebuild.😂😂😂