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Deadpool VS Mask BLOOPERS!
Views 119K16 days ago
Sasuke VS Hiei BLOOPERS!
Views 76K2 months ago
Hiei Peers into DEATH BATTLE!
Views 223K2 months ago
Ghost Rider VS Lobo BLOOPERS!
Views 123K3 months ago
Aang Airbends DEATH BATTLE!
Views 304K5 months ago
Johnny Cages a DEATH BATTLE!
Views 317K5 months ago
Weiss VS Mitsuru BLOOPERS!
Views 96K6 months ago
Views 256K6 months ago


  • Markelle Dukes
    Markelle Dukes 7 hours ago


  • Kryptic
    Kryptic 7 hours ago

    Can someone PLEASE tell me why Human Kenshiro's punches are having an effect on Stand Star Platinum? Even if the rules of stands are thrown out the window at times, one rule that has held up is that only a stand can touch another stand, a human cannot.

  • Power Lord
    Power Lord 7 hours ago

    Deathbattle: Bane is smart Game: bane is a dumbass

  • kenny
    kenny 7 hours ago

    I think vergil is better

  • Jalen Ikezeue
    Jalen Ikezeue 7 hours ago

    Hey guys can we have Kazuma Kuwabara versus Obi-wan Kenobi in 2020

  • C k
    C k 7 hours ago

    Darkseid is sooo badass with his hands at the back...🔥 thanos looks like a kid 😂

  • Charles Sanders
    Charles Sanders 7 hours ago

    You guys should do carnage vs the t-2000 (liquid metal android) from terminator 2

  • Robotic Zack
    Robotic Zack 7 hours ago

    You forget something,jotaro can DEFLECT THE EMERALD SPLASH

  • killermimmic101
    killermimmic101 7 hours ago

    I guessed u didn't watch mob psyco season 2

  • Nipple barrier
    Nipple barrier 7 hours ago

    Let me guess, Katara would be able to kill Shikamaru right?

  • François Music 1
    François Music 1 7 hours ago

    Hunter X Hunter

  • zinx43267
    zinx43267 8 hours ago

    if they don't have a clash between the eighth gate and united states of smash, i will be very disappointed

  • Isaak Ernst
    Isaak Ernst 8 hours ago

    I mean if it is actually no reasearch, then its just a young girl vs a buff guy

  • Nipple barrier
    Nipple barrier 8 hours ago

    Ok biased

  • Danny Yagami
    Danny Yagami 8 hours ago

    How'bout Kyo vs Ryu

  • Joseph Williams
    Joseph Williams 8 hours ago


  • Jalen Ikezeue
    Jalen Ikezeue 8 hours ago

    🗣 Dragon of The darkness Flame 🐉⚫️🔥

  • TenticLess
    TenticLess 8 hours ago

    Uhhh.. Buu threatened the actual Universe.....

  • Animegamer idk
    Animegamer idk 8 hours ago

    I find this just made to make the mario fans happy -_-

  • Victor Nieves
    Victor Nieves 8 hours ago

    Taskmaster can Deathstroke.

  • Jalen Ikezeue
    Jalen Ikezeue 8 hours ago

    I like Hiei he's awesome and Un Totally Badass

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 8 hours ago

    did... did Superman just beated someone who has surpassed the gods!? NANI!?

    • Best Anime Hero
      Best Anime Hero 8 hours ago

      Goku has never surpassed gods and Superman has fought several (and as matter of fact, much stronger gods) before At least this is what Superman defenders say in here

  • SLYbox
    SLYbox 8 hours ago

    You should have burned him in the sun, that bastard always comes back

  • Daniel Files
    Daniel Files 8 hours ago

    I’m glad Green Lantern won. That’s all I have to say.

  • AntiCuber
    AntiCuber 8 hours ago

    Deadpool still lives anyways because "Death" would resurrect him like always.

  • S4ndia '
    S4ndia ' 8 hours ago

    You guys should make a death battle of bullseye vs captain boomerang

  • Vin Ms
    Vin Ms 8 hours ago

    Jotaro should of had the comic books under his close this battle wasn't fair because u didn't have jotaro's smarts so....yea...

  • warrior124 jacela
    warrior124 jacela 8 hours ago

    Technically the two faces gave ben ten the choice right?Just as a joke from a blink of an eye we never see him ever blink?IDK maybe he never blinks or animation but MAYBE just maybe he blinks so fast its not possible t ever see that?

  • [RTLR]Cockatiel
    [RTLR]Cockatiel 9 hours ago

    Kiryu revage form mom XD

  • Blazeyt1 1
    Blazeyt1 1 9 hours ago

    Do Superman vs Saitama

  • Xiphos
    Xiphos 9 hours ago

    Everyone thinks that Yu is the best Wild Card user, while there's Makoto/Minato, the only user of the Universe Arcana to make the impossible, possible, or even Tatsuya, who could stop time, honestly Yu is overrated, of course this battle is the most one-sided, even more so than Deadpool vs The Mask, and that was just them wanting to see him lose

  • Chris Cheng
    Chris Cheng 9 hours ago

    Ultra instinct?

  • kodi Martin
    kodi Martin 9 hours ago

    Can you do killua(hunter x hunter) vs the 4th raikage(naruto shipuden) two lightning geeks show off

  • Carl John
    Carl John 9 hours ago

    Spawn vs Ghost Rider or Spawn vs Spectre

  • Bandile Mtembu
    Bandile Mtembu 9 hours ago

    He should fight bugs bunny or kid goku

  • Zenitsu Agatsuma
    Zenitsu Agatsuma 9 hours ago

    Did you guys notice the background of naruto -Full name: Naruto *_Uzukami_*

  • Luke Tan
    Luke Tan 9 hours ago

    Mob couldn’t beat the angry thot,but Saiki will WRECK her

  • Bandile Mtembu
    Bandile Mtembu 9 hours ago

    put gumball (the amazing world of gumball)in deathbattle

  • RandomGuyWithoutAName • 20 years ago

    Its funny that Ragna didnt use his Black Onslaught

  • Kaibun Gaichu
    Kaibun Gaichu 9 hours ago

    Why the hell is this age restricted??... Can't play the video

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh 10 hours ago

    Well the end of this fight isn't fair cuz you created a paradox there so this fight will never end like this

  • Am Duck
    Am Duck 10 hours ago

    The winner is always the person getting beat up at the first part of the battle

  • Marilen Hernandez
    Marilen Hernandez 10 hours ago

    So Luke is half sith and half Jedi

  • Generson Bryantheart
    Generson Bryantheart 10 hours ago

    next. Blastoise vs Zudomon

  • Samuel Santiago
    Samuel Santiago 10 hours ago

    Wonder Woman vs. She-Ra?

  • MicroKingz
    MicroKingz 10 hours ago

    Dang people are still watching this, wow

  • subatomic
    subatomic 10 hours ago

    Steven universe VS captain America anyone?

  • Enzo Salvador
    Enzo Salvador 10 hours ago


  • Michael Song
    Michael Song 10 hours ago

    We need 01 (Matrix) vs Skynet (Terminator).

  • Fajar - -
    Fajar - - 10 hours ago

    damn Sans lookin hot

  • Kenneth Bryan
    Kenneth Bryan 10 hours ago

    Jim carey would be proud (except the box office part)

  • Leegoe
    Leegoe 10 hours ago

    You should add lingering will from kingdom hearts to death battle and make him battle

  • Roktoof
    Roktoof 10 hours ago

    Mario: +Much more stronger and durable +More versatile +Greater use of varied arsenal +Extreme durability guarantees longer survivability +Consistent scaling to Wario and Donkey Kong reinforces durability +Power ups trumps Sonic's arsenal =Matched Sonic in reaction speed -Cannot compete against Sonic's physical speed Sonic: +Greater speed =Matched Mario in reaction speed -Physically weaker and less durable -Cannot seriously harm Mario -No options in how to kill Mario -Arsenal pales to Mario's power ups

  • C k
    C k 11 hours ago

    Pure dumb...flash is like concord...quicksilver is a tuk tuk before flash

  • Grebanche
    Grebanche 11 hours ago

    People can’t comprehend and keeps on referencing that “Came to bargain” scene. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • The Bearded Lady [TBL]

    Wait is this updated for dragon ball super?

  • RunningRiddler???
    RunningRiddler??? 11 hours ago

    Are we supposed to feel bad for deadpool here? I've been waiting for him to be killed off the show. Thank you mask for your service

  • TaskMaxer
    TaskMaxer 11 hours ago

    For some reason I don’t think that’s how that fight would play out 🤔

  • MadHatterCiesus
    MadHatterCiesus 11 hours ago

    Guys. Spawn vs Scorpion. The two most famous chain wielding, Hell hopping, death defying hellspawn in fiction.

  • Siddharth Khirwar
    Siddharth Khirwar 12 hours ago

    Lol , they took all of Robocop’s best feats and all of T800’s low showings .

  • Nikolai Carpathia
    Nikolai Carpathia 12 hours ago

    Came here just to listen to people talk about my favorite movie..the mask!

  • frankespinoza31
    frankespinoza31 12 hours ago

    Can we please get a sebastian Michaelis vs Alucard from hellsing death battle 🔥🔥🔥🙌🏻

  • Daniel1200 Daniel1200
    Daniel1200 Daniel1200 12 hours ago

    Haven't you ENOUGH ! making fight until death, I'm bored of your sh#t video

  • Learon Holmes
    Learon Holmes 12 hours ago

    They should put yujiro in death battle also

  • antonio Montealegre
    antonio Montealegre 12 hours ago

    They make a good team

  • Woof Woof
    Woof Woof 12 hours ago

    I only watched Fairy Tail when I first watched this and I originally thought that Zoro winning was bs. But when I finished watching One Piece and watched this video again, I knew that Erza actually had no chance from the start

  • Kaylen Pugh
    Kaylen Pugh 12 hours ago

    ALL MIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Captain Pipsqueak
    Captain Pipsqueak 12 hours ago

    Okay but why, though?

  • Prince Lheo Palogan
    Prince Lheo Palogan 12 hours ago

    Can you please make Goku vssaitama deathbattle

  • Roxxas theDemonslayer
    Roxxas theDemonslayer 12 hours ago

    Underdog vs Mighty Mouse!

  • Siauw Ling
    Siauw Ling 12 hours ago

    What about john connor the nano fase terminator

  • Kieran Games
    Kieran Games 12 hours ago

    Wait... where’s..... rem from Re:Zero?

  • rudra raghav
    rudra raghav 12 hours ago

    You Guys Can Better do a vs episode of Deadpool and Lobo.

  • Gold Cross
    Gold Cross 12 hours ago

    Green Lantern straight up murdered a 10 year old

  • YeetMaster 2006
    YeetMaster 2006 13 hours ago

    Dude.... Hearing Pits screams.... You just reminded me of the screams of my burning friend.... YOU JUST GAVE ME A SCAR THAT WILL NEVER GO AWAY! I COULD'NT SAVE HIM! and you.... AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

    ECHO KING 13 hours ago

    Can you do Ashura from Ashura’s wrath vs ether Naruto or Kratos

  • Mr duckieten Jr
    Mr duckieten Jr 13 hours ago

    They should do the mask vs the joker

  • Samsung Smartphone
    Samsung Smartphone 13 hours ago

    Man this is so funny and awesome

  • Josh Taylor
    Josh Taylor 13 hours ago

    9:47 😂😂

  • Jose del valle
    Jose del valle 13 hours ago

    Just finished fairy tail EZRA'S METEOR FEAT!!!!!!!!

  • Jangsonpau Vaiphei
    Jangsonpau Vaiphei 13 hours ago

    Nightmare:... How is this... Even possible... Ur a mere human!!!?? Guts: *git gud*

  • Sean Montevirgen
    Sean Montevirgen 13 hours ago


  • insane ream
    insane ream 13 hours ago

    Saiki kusuo vs the mask

  • Kvn
    Kvn 13 hours ago

    Alucard can see Dio's STAND???????????? And Dio couldve just used time stop and put all of his missing body parts back

  • Silver Sweigart
    Silver Sweigart 13 hours ago

    This was a little one sided in my book i hate to rain on death battles parade it was a good fight indeed. But they werent even in the same class of fighters.

  • Jangsonpau Vaiphei
    Jangsonpau Vaiphei 13 hours ago

    Ironic how Guts would be a better antagonist than nightmare....

  • pepOnshow
    pepOnshow 13 hours ago

    fought thor to a stand still? did they guy who did the investigation only read bits and pieces? Thor killed cap

  • yeet the taco Hensher
    yeet the taco Hensher 13 hours ago

    So they decided to start at 10:20 ?

  • Doughnut_ luver_
    Doughnut_ luver_ 13 hours ago

    Goku is way stronger you fool

  • EpicFights789
    EpicFights789 13 hours ago Just leaving this here cause I don’t even need to look at the comment section to know that there are only very few Dragon Ball fans who *actually* know anything about Superman.

  • SuperPokemon64
    SuperPokemon64 13 hours ago GET BACK HERE, PAILLOT!

    • Charles PAILLOT
      Charles PAILLOT 7 hours ago

      @Best Anime Hero Just ignore him. Nobody cares about what he says. If you really want to annoy him, add Arceus VS Omnimon in the Official Death Battle Suggestion Form.

    • Best Anime Hero
      Best Anime Hero 8 hours ago

      @SuperPokemon64 Learn what words like "FICTIONAL" and "NOT CANON" mean, dumbnut

    • SuperPokemon64
      SuperPokemon64 8 hours ago

      @Best Anime Hero You are telling me that nothing will happen after the Megazord's loss to Voltron? Its common sense. If you understand the show better and the consequences of deleting said characters, you will abhor death battle as well. If you want, i wll recap 'Top 10 worst death battles'. How about i do anyway? 10: Without Smoky, people wield guns, 9: Obvious 8: Jedi don't murder. Also, THE LAST JEDI. 7: Aang is Buddha. Does Buddha murder anyone? 6: HEAVEN ASCENSION DIO! 5: with ben 10's loss to green lantern, wilgax now has the universe and there is no one left to save the world 4: Combine every mario related death battle. Things won't go well for SMG4 and SML 3: My project is still dead. 2 (Aka this video): 2 things. Team RR, Ordinemon. 1: Where will be the other rangers without the original?

    • Yurimail
      Yurimail 9 hours ago

      You not gonna stop?

    • Nier- -Animatrix 2.0
      Nier- -Animatrix 2.0 9 hours ago


  • EJ
    EJ 13 hours ago

    Leonardo Won because he’s The Best! 😁👍

  • Jonathan Escobar
    Jonathan Escobar 14 hours ago

    Actually enjoyed this one ☺️

    INFERNOFEROCIOUS 14 hours ago

    Who Would Win a lesbian with futuristic guns and teleportation abilities or a pervert with shotguns and a baseball bat and radioactive soda

  • b hardy
    b hardy 14 hours ago

    How do I suggest a fight between Android 17 and Sasuke uchiha... Better yet, Android 17 AND 18 vs. Sasuke and Naruto!!

  • NIGHTMARE 999 4
    NIGHTMARE 999 4 14 hours ago

    *a marvel character loses* Marvel fans: not fair the other character was over powered you put them against someone who can't die!!!! Other fans of different genres: get over it marvel doesn't always win and they lose a lot everyone loses at some point Marvel:we still have the avengers and all those awesome heros Other fans of different genres: that's true

    DOPEST VLOGS 14 hours ago

    Smfh she lost again in death battle 😂🤣

  • Jonah Mercer
    Jonah Mercer 14 hours ago


  • Jonah Mercer
    Jonah Mercer 14 hours ago

    So like? Version of this but with different teams if Power rangers?

  • Black Ace
    Black Ace 14 hours ago

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot...what about Minecraft Steve? In creative mode the only thing that can kill him is the void and using cheated he can just enter spectate mode which makes him intangible, invisible and while he can no longer interact with the physical world he can still summon things into the world. Only a reality bending person can take him out of those modes. But even in survival he can still buff his health and apply an absorbtion buff that practically doubles his stupidly high health. Not mention resistance and regeneration. I’m just saying if you really think about it, Steve could put up a hell of a fight