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RV - Fire In The Booth
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Yizzy - Fire In The Booth
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M Huncho - Fire In The Booth
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Mist Has A New Ting
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JAY1 - Fire In The Booth
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Kwengface - Fire In The Booth
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Who is Charlie Sloth?
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Slim - Fire In The Booth
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Tunde - Fire In The Booth pt1
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Dax - Fire In The Booth pt1
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Loski - Fire In The Booth pt2
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Nasty C - Fire In The Booth
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Young Dolph freestyle
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  • icingon dacake
    icingon dacake Hour ago

    Bro.. Does anyone realise how shit tb3 was?! Such a letdown wtf?!

  • Porkopio
    Porkopio Hour ago

    I really like it when I can understand what they are rapping about.

  • mark lane
    mark lane 2 hours ago

    What is the first beat fucking filthy

  • Rolando G
    Rolando G 2 hours ago

    This is the best English class I could ever get

  • The Reload Blog
    The Reload Blog 2 hours ago

    Charlie when I look at you you it's like looking in the mirror, like two fly fat guys looking for some damn fries LOOOOL I love that self deprecation

  • Clarkey Dan
    Clarkey Dan 2 hours ago

    ash and kano are Gz

  • mentally ill
    mentally ill 2 hours ago

    Why this man screaming???

  • nathan boycott
    nathan boycott 2 hours ago

    I seriously hope my mans lost his virginity after this

  • Freddie Watson
    Freddie Watson 2 hours ago

    Peter Griffin got bars😂🔥

  • S C
    S C 3 hours ago

    Peter griffin spraying fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • Stuussy. J
    Stuussy. J 3 hours ago


  • Doc Doon
    Doc Doon 3 hours ago

    Just to let you all know, in the new seasons the two crackheads are feds fam 🤷‍♂️😂

  • Wayne Tomlinson
    Wayne Tomlinson 3 hours ago

    That breaking class sound was so annoying..

  • The Boy
    The Boy 3 hours ago

    This hasn't been approved of by the boy

  • johnnydaniels18
    johnnydaniels18 4 hours ago

    Short answer: Because he's moist

  • Lee Hughes
    Lee Hughes 4 hours ago

    I was privileged to watch Bullet boy , kidulthood & finally now Top Boy is back wit a bang 💥💥 ! Light um up !! 🔥. Blessed yeah I'm out peace . ✌🇬🇧🎧💯

  • Aadam Hassan
    Aadam Hassan 4 hours ago

    What’s the first instrumental called?

  • Say Nothing
    Say Nothing 4 hours ago

    Big up Dave, outstanding performance

  • Phil Mitchell
    Phil Mitchell 4 hours ago

    Drake is rich, but still a wet don.

  • AlchemistOfNirnroot
    AlchemistOfNirnroot 5 hours ago

    Still can't believe how good Dave was. Wasn't expecting that level tbh

  • Original.ZTszz.Jr.Trigga38

    There has to be more seasons of top boy it needs to continue as it’s deffo a mazza n I love watching it I’ve watched it lyk 4 times now so deffo hoping for more seasons ❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾✊🏾💯

  • Guapo Dre
    Guapo Dre 5 hours ago

    Would like to have heard so solid on the soundtrack

  • Эльмира Муксинова

    They just fake it to death Man caught beef, you're mistaking the chef OG when I'm taking them steps Turntables and I'm breaking them decks Pissed off, they're just making me vexed Money's on Giggs and he's taking in bets Fat pussy just making me sweat Big money just making me flex Big money just wake up and stretch Pussy, you get money and pay for respect Pricks, try diss it, we break up the deck Man, get wicked and make 'em regret They're like Hollow buss me Is he plugged in? They're like, Hollow must be And it's never disrespect, they know Hollow touchey I'm like, trust me my yout, they're like, Hollow trust me Real nigga shit Fake niggas stand up, real niggas sit Pussy this ain't banter, peel niggas quick They was talking all that, 'til niggas dipped Little rapping liar Wrap him up, or click it up to rapid fire Break that prick, get ducking when that maccy fire Man get trigger happy in that black attire Yeah, Hollow trusting Hollow hungry, nigga, Hollow busting Hollow hustling Quick time, Hollow sussed him

  • Jeremiah Mityero
    Jeremiah Mityero 6 hours ago

    why is there a echo

  • Paul's Den
    Paul's Den 6 hours ago

    Did you see his face when Charlie said nitty or a police officer looool

    QUICK DRAW 7 hours ago

    Not one fake bone in this fat nigga... I rate him sml 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • steven161183
    steven161183 7 hours ago

    If drake was in top boy I wouldn't have watched it.

  • Jehan Zib
    Jehan Zib 8 hours ago

    Mic is one of the realist rapper alive, please share and support mic let the world hear about this mofos beast

  • Samzy .a1
    Samzy .a1 8 hours ago

    That was hard no lie

  • ILove games
    ILove games 8 hours ago

    M huncho is too cold

  • Ben Robinson
    Ben Robinson 9 hours ago

    6:40 funny how the nittys are actually police officers 🥶😂

  • GrandHaji
    GrandHaji 9 hours ago

    *Spoiler* Batman dies.

  • Nick Burkhardt
    Nick Burkhardt 9 hours ago

    I’ve been Fat so Long, I’m scared to be thin 😂... This guy is 🔥

  • Mohdnazri Nazri
    Mohdnazri Nazri 10 hours ago

    Beats 1 best radio👍🖖🙌🇺🇸

    KVSINO 10 hours ago

    Top Boy is the best show on Netflix right now, hands down

  • KindaTechy
    KindaTechy 10 hours ago

    Charlie is too jokes 😂😂

  • Victor
    Victor 10 hours ago

    "It's hard to not sin when everybody's sinning, God willing I don't die without being forgiven." Fr 🙏🏾

  • BigTalapiaOG
    BigTalapiaOG 10 hours ago

    FAMMMMM words can’t explain how glad I was to not see drake in topboy 🙏🏾

  • Jack Gall
    Jack Gall 10 hours ago

    Kano = BAFTA

  • TheLemonyOrange
    TheLemonyOrange 10 hours ago

    Why is the echo mad in this? Tryna listen with headphones on is unbearable bro, fucking peeeaaakkk

  • Kayla Jay
    Kayla Jay 10 hours ago

    fireeeeee nigggggggggga

    TERRY TOTH 11 hours ago

    only real fire in the booth was done by LOWKEY

  • HTFC fan
    HTFC fan 11 hours ago


  • Logikal Minds Records
    Logikal Minds Records 11 hours ago

    Phone readers boring

  • Trey btw
    Trey btw 11 hours ago

    Aye she went fuckin crazy... for 5mins 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • xavier daniels
    xavier daniels 11 hours ago

    This beat was trash

  • Farky145
    Farky145 11 hours ago

    Someone really needs to take that soundboard from Charlie 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  • rob 2406
    rob 2406 12 hours ago

    drakes a wasteman n dont deserve to be in top boy hes to corny

  • Certi N
    Certi N 12 hours ago

    Top boy the modern day kidulthood/adulthood

  • iMoazy
    iMoazy 12 hours ago

    Is it wrong man was rooting for Jamie - ZT gang over Dushane - summerhouse. Only liked sully from summerhouse this year no lies.

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 12 hours ago

    bando should of kept goin at end started rippin it

  • reyehl
    reyehl 12 hours ago

    Saw him at nando's with his kids

  • H. B
    H. B 12 hours ago

    The British version of power

    • L T
      L T 7 hours ago

      Nah Power is the American version of Top Boy

  • rick james
    rick james 12 hours ago

    "7 days a week I lay low for the payroll"

  • SoundBankzRec
    SoundBankzRec 13 hours ago

    Dushane still have that dead bomber jacket from first season 🤣🤣 easy mista one jacket

    • bored
      bored 11 hours ago

      @Jason Bourne word i noticed the upgrade lool

    • Jason Bourne
      Jason Bourne 12 hours ago

      Nah he upgraded look at the drip on the sleeves 😂😂😂

  • inkzry
    inkzry 13 hours ago

    We just going to ignore the fact ra nell not in it no more I hope he turns up on season 4 as a boss kinda thing that would be interesting

  • G G
    G G 13 hours ago

    🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀 this interview funny af

  • Frankie Cameron
    Frankie Cameron 13 hours ago

    ‘Like a var decision I’m taking it back’ 😂

  • Adam mo
    Adam mo 13 hours ago

    Its funny because there are so many man like Modie who are crazy but we just brush it off because there from the ends, we don't usually expect that demonic shit from mandem

  • Tamyra Mariie
    Tamyra Mariie 13 hours ago

    Whats the name of the second junt

  • Don AA
    Don AA 13 hours ago

    Sheff City my akh 🤝

  • Gary Main
    Gary Main 14 hours ago

    dunno why guy reminds me of the GZA oldschool feels

  • Gary Main
    Gary Main 14 hours ago


  • Renethia Kirby
    Renethia Kirby 14 hours ago

    She did that!!!

  • Active Smoker
    Active Smoker 14 hours ago

    Dave killed it for his first acting role 💯👌

    • coronas for the lads eh?
      coronas for the lads eh? Hour ago

      Active Smoker most convincing character imo. Modie gave me anxiety, deffo a scary bredda

    KRATOS 14 hours ago

    Can't wait for season 4 those last 3 episodes were a MADNESSSS

  • lil dick
    lil dick 14 hours ago

    "you don't get fat nitties"😂😂😂

  • Lang Tosun
    Lang Tosun 14 hours ago

    Faaaaam top boy was some madd shit They need to make season 4 ASAP

  • UNKNOWNgamer
    UNKNOWNgamer 14 hours ago

    Ashley Walters mostly said yeah, really , ok

  • kevin dyer
    kevin dyer 14 hours ago

    Mr Tumble Junior has finally come through 🙏

  • majesty lynch
    majesty lynch 14 hours ago

    it wasnt bad

  • Ryan Malone
    Ryan Malone 14 hours ago

    I mean she killed it and all but.... I can't get over my man voice, that mess is HILARIOUS!

  • Elijah Mwanga
    Elijah Mwanga 14 hours ago

    The producers and the cast absolutely smashed it. Season 4 needs to come out soon

  • HitlersMissingTesticle

    The ending to season 3 made my jaw drop

    • steven161183
      steven161183 7 hours ago

      When i saw them crack heads sat there in the police station I lost my shit. 😂

  • CezaMVO
    CezaMVO 14 hours ago

    This show is incredible. You can hate drake, but when he’s passionate about something, he makes shit happen

    • 420 GAMING
      420 GAMING 10 hours ago

      U momma kiss ma bulls

    • bored
      bored 11 hours ago

      @rob 2406 now its better lol

    • rob 2406
      rob 2406 12 hours ago

      its was incredible before he got involved

  • ThE JoKeR
    ThE JoKeR 14 hours ago

    Ye man😂

  • Joshua Brayford
    Joshua Brayford 14 hours ago

    Get fredo on top boy snm !!

  • Joel Tunstall
    Joel Tunstall 14 hours ago

    Bandos flow at the start was too cold

  • Hayes
    Hayes 14 hours ago

    Kinda upset I found this

  • Tom
    Tom 14 hours ago

    Sloth always using them sound effects

  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse 14 hours ago

    I have just finished watching top boy series 2 on Netflix amazing %Ashleywalters

  • Killa Conz
    Killa Conz 14 hours ago

    Daves acting was terrible !!! It was mad over the top screaming acting like some gassed up yout

    • Mikes S
      Mikes S 5 hours ago

      I disagree. Dave’s character was psycho and therefore the emotions were supposed to come across a bit unauthentic and OTT.

    • inkzry
      inkzry 13 hours ago

      Killa Conz yeah needed toning down I was laughing at his acting no hate on the guy but man can't act

  • Ash Impreza
    Ash Impreza 14 hours ago

    Got bored of the kmt every 5 seconds but other than that it was sick. Hope we get another season 💯

  • oasdfe
    oasdfe 15 hours ago

    Why would drake be in top boy? What his role be? Pussy clat acting all gangster? Nah let keep that fake shit in his music

  • Twitter DeebzRealRap
    Twitter DeebzRealRap 15 hours ago

    Your in your mansion 😂😂

  • Justice Parhar
    Justice Parhar 15 hours ago

    They just slapped bare reverb on this interview sound like they talking in a dome

  • Tee Montana
    Tee Montana 15 hours ago

    Drake wasn’t in the series you guys sold us dreams

  • Red Eye
    Red Eye 15 hours ago

    I think we shud lie🤔....SOO DRAKES MAKING A CAMEO?!😂 charlie funny tu ras

  • Nathan Roberts
    Nathan Roberts 15 hours ago

    Always spits the truth underated

  • gary cummings
    gary cummings 15 hours ago

    TOP BOY 10/10 boom London Ting

  • Lewis Pilgrim-Howe
    Lewis Pilgrim-Howe 15 hours ago

    Thumbnail sitting on dildos

  • Joe M
    Joe M 15 hours ago

    Dushane dies in episode 8

  • Rchung
    Rchung 15 hours ago

    drake shouldn't have been in it it woulda took away the realness still

    • Harry Singh
      Harry Singh 10 hours ago

      @Bang dave is from there tho, plus he played a sick role. Icouldnt have taken drake srs if he played any role in it.

    • Bang
      Bang 10 hours ago

      Dave was in it tho

  • Spaz
    Spaz 15 hours ago

    Nobody: Charlie: 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  • mr cracko
    mr cracko 15 hours ago

    Charlie was hating on him 😆😆😆

  • UK
    UK 15 hours ago

    Charlie must walk the streets with that soundboard 😂

    • AJ Mckenzie
      AJ Mckenzie 14 hours ago


    • FB TV
      FB TV 15 hours ago

      I swear I thought Ashley was gonna do a fire in the booth with that Charlie intro

  • Callum Needham
    Callum Needham 15 hours ago

    Big L comes to mind!!!

  • Slaver Chief
    Slaver Chief 15 hours ago

    Since when does FITB do pop

  • Andrew Hancox
    Andrew Hancox 16 hours ago

    sick but did anyone notice the rhyme scheme was pretty similar to lunar? fair ones though.

  • Gritish Bas
    Gritish Bas 16 hours ago

    Charlie looking like Eddie hall

    • inkzry
      inkzry 13 hours ago

      Thought that last week 😂😂😩

    • lucas deji
      lucas deji 14 hours ago

      Gritish Bas 😂😂😂😂