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Echoes of Friendship
Views 1.5K2 months ago
Hijinks Will Ensue
Views 8262 months ago
Once Upon a Time
Views 2.8K2 months ago
A Special World
Views 1.9K2 months ago
Let's Duet
Views 8902 months ago
One on One
Views 1.6K2 months ago
Home Sweet Home
Views 1.8K2 months ago
The Arrival
Views 1.7K2 months ago
Downward Spiral
Views 1.2K2 months ago
Our Handshake
Views 9752 months ago
Feelings Flooding Back
Views 1.2K2 months ago
Crystal Gem Huddle
Views 8042 months ago
Search Party
Views 6672 months ago
Running Out of Time
Views 5792 months ago
Message to the Universe
Views 1.5K2 months ago
Change (feat. Zach Callison)
Views 1.8K2 months ago
No Ordinary Injector
Views 6772 months ago
With Friends Like These
Views 1.1K2 months ago
Not Good at All
Views 7532 months ago
The Missing Piece
Views 6512 months ago
Crystal Gem Huddle
Views 138K5 months ago
Let's Duet
Views 96K5 months ago
Home Sweet Home
Views 228K5 months ago
Search Party
Views 119K5 months ago
Hijinks Will Ensue
Views 92K5 months ago
The Missing Piece
Views 106K5 months ago
One on One
Views 215K5 months ago
Change (feat. Zach Callison)
Views 1.6M5 months ago
The Arrival
Views 184K5 months ago
Downward Spiral
Views 103K5 months ago
Feelings Flooding Back
Views 103K5 months ago


  • Gay-Lesbian Pink
    Gay-Lesbian Pink 18 minutes ago

    The instrumental sounds like the instrumental of Found...

  • youmeh
    youmeh Hour ago

    Bismuth singing is so Overpowering i get Goosebumps

  • Emetophobia
    Emetophobia 2 hours ago

    Do Mi So Ti ? But I heard as.. Don't me so tea.

  • Task1000
    Task1000 3 hours ago

    It's over, isn't it? Isn't it? Isn't it over? It's over, isn't it? Isn't it? Isn't it over? You won, and she chose you, and she loved you, and *S H E ' S G O N E.*

  • Dave pyrope
    Dave pyrope 3 hours ago

    Bruh all we had to known what was going to happen was in this stupid song

  • Kelsey Wu
    Kelsey Wu 6 hours ago

    "You weren't built for fighting" is such an underrated line. It was probably a huge step for Pearl to abandon her main purpose for the one she loved and it was just thought of as another thing she was "supposed to do" as Rose's knight

  • Kelsey Wu
    Kelsey Wu 6 hours ago

    "You don't need this. ...You don't need me."

  • Black hole With 10 subs

    i had to come back because this suddenly got stuck in head for no reason

  • • Mocca Universe •

    Now, everytime I see I white butterfly I feel this sadness and happiness at the same time. I Always get a weird Feeling in my chest and I Always smile at It and take a deep breath. Ik It sound stupid, but this "Kids show" changed my Life so hard, that I have and sffection to It that i will never feel for something else. Its been almost 7 years and I realized a dedicate literally half of my Life to this. I DONT REGRET IT.

  • Rika _
    Rika _ 7 hours ago

    I like that they didn't make everyone sing super well like in every cartoon. Ruby's voice sounds so bad while singing lmao but that's why we like her.

  • dorito :D
    dorito :D 7 hours ago


  • • Mocca Universe •


  • Stalios
    Stalios 7 hours ago

    I get this song stuck in my head so often its worrying

  • Sav-Chan
    Sav-Chan 8 hours ago

    You: This about XYZ to Character C. Me, an intellectual: Rebecca wrote this as a personal song to Ian then they decided to incorporate it into the ending theme.

  • MB7783
    MB7783 9 hours ago

    When you are your mother, your father and your son at the same time

  • jamie p
    jamie p 9 hours ago

    bingo... bongo

  • jamie p
    jamie p 9 hours ago

    14 year old boy that sounds 8 sings angsty song about his trauma

  • brookisshort
    brookisshort 9 hours ago

    Who's here because haroinfather used this for cutie :D

  • MasterIII67
    MasterIII67 9 hours ago

    Steven: Looking sharp Bismuth: Wait i thought I got the non sharp armor damnit Steven: *Should’ve left her in the bubble*

  • Bendy
    Bendy 11 hours ago

    Its been a few years and yet I still know all the lyrics to this song. ;-;

  • Cleber Filho
    Cleber Filho 11 hours ago

    Quem tive feito essa música eu amo ela ou ele

  • Cleber Filho
    Cleber Filho 11 hours ago

    Amo essa música 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Johnny Vavala
    Johnny Vavala 12 hours ago

    After I saw the movie for some reason I can't get the song out of my head Please make her a cuphead boss

  • BreezyBella Animates
    BreezyBella Animates 14 hours ago

    I really want the soundtrack that plays when lapis leaves

  • THE Berrby
    THE Berrby 14 hours ago


  • El tio Mark
    El tio Mark 15 hours ago


  • Sega Sonic 117
    Sega Sonic 117 16 hours ago

    The best song of the world

  • Robloxer Dos Guias
    Robloxer Dos Guias 17 hours ago

    Spinel (at the final)- We are in the in the future and it's WROOOONG Steven- hey spinel, we alrealdy solved this

  • Steven universe Fan
    Steven universe Fan 17 hours ago

    Let’s only think about love!

  • Robloxer Dos Guias
    Robloxer Dos Guias 18 hours ago

    who realize that the first part is basically a reference to windows and others computers theme when it gets on? '-'

  • 03 :-P
    03 :-P 18 hours ago

    개좋아ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 인생 노래다ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 드라이브 가면서 들으면 기분 째짐..

  • Pearl :3
    Pearl :3 18 hours ago

    Pearl: oh i can sing >:c Rose,amethyst, garnet: *laugh* Its over isnt it: Am i joke to you?

  • Dan Ramatan
    Dan Ramatan 19 hours ago

    Rose is the cause of all the problems of the show and dont forget that the diamonds were basic dictators that was going to commit a mass genocide on the earth

  • e j
    e j 20 hours ago

    omg y'all steven's got a NECK NOW WTF

  • Nc_ 774
    Nc_ 774 21 hour ago

    Song:we are here for fun TheXvid Captions: we are here (applause)

  • Haruki Hayashi
    Haruki Hayashi 22 hours ago

    I'm scared really scared ik I'm suppose to be happy, and I'm suppose to be brave. But, I'm scared for everything I'm scared of disappointing the ones I love or make the ones I love sad. I hate not being good enough I wanna make them happy. I want to know that they're happy. But it hurts idk why but It hurts. I'm such a crybaby and I hate it I wanna be stronger for them but I'm sitting in my room fucking crying feeling insecure feeling like I'm not good enough fuck. I hate it. This song makes me feel calm and I dont wanna worry anyone so I vent here. Sorry.

    • Haruki Hayashi
      Haruki Hayashi 21 hour ago

      I'm scared of losing the one I love most of all

  • bucket
    bucket 22 hours ago

    Wait, rose and young greg both have really long hair but steven doesnt?

  • Cvo777
    Cvo777 23 hours ago

    This is literally a different version than the one that plays in the episode, what gives lol

  • casablance
    casablance Day ago

    Pearl saying "Heck yes I am" has brought new meaning to my life

  • 서하
    서하 Day ago

    이 노래 언더테일 노래로 처음 들었을 때 별로 호감이 안갔는데 가넷이 부르니까 천 번이고 만 번이고 들을 수 있을 것 같음

    • 서하
      서하 8 hours ago

      @El tio Mark When I first heard this song undertale, I didn't like it very much. But in ver. Garnet, i like it.

    • El tio Mark
      El tio Mark 15 hours ago

      Algo así bro

  • Sunflower_Galaxy

    This song is...... Indescribable

  • CharlesPlayz MCPE


  • julian cortez
    julian cortez Day ago

    Honestly i was going through a lot before I listened to this song and not gonna lie it help a lot just cause it reminded me I don’t need to change for people I just have to be myself 😊

  • Big Osmosium Incorporated

    This might be a coincidence wut if u look at the top of spinel’s cut, there’s a pink diamond

  • Bonnie Bunny Buddy

    Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like the island song

  • Pøisøunøus Søda

    Spinel: - calmly arrives to earth in a small ship - Spinel: are you steven universe? Steven:Eeeh.. Yeah? Spinel:-loads gun - Good... *This version starts as spinel mess around with the crystal gems as a fucking mafia queen *

  • Scrubasaurus
    Scrubasaurus Day ago

    song starts at 1:02

  • MelonMCOfficial

    why are there portuguese auto captions

  • Kung Lao
    Kung Lao Day ago

    In the end of the song "True Kinda Love ", Spinel punched the freak out of Steven

  • Pidge DuhH
    Pidge DuhH Day ago

    saint i love you so much, my angel.

  • Garl Vinland
    Garl Vinland Day ago

    Feels like once Steven dies, pinks gonna jump out of his corpse like “I know how to human now :D”

  • Bammmyouuu Entertainment

    90s teenage girl rock music nostalgia

  • Shirley
    Shirley Day ago

    Ah yes, the song that made me thank timeskip that Zach Callison can finally sing in his comfortable register.

  • Mariana del Carmen Ortiz Zuñiga

    Pearl: It's over isn't it Me: I'm crying aren't I

  • THOTpatrol
    THOTpatrol Day ago

    spinels voice actor didnt have to go that hard for us but she did😳😳👌👌👌

  • shayna without the trio

    'i think ur just mad cause ur single' mE:HOW DO U KNOW!

  • LordAgirius S.

    Wow I can feel every bit of this scene! The burning rage! The bottomless sea of tears the fandom made.. ...Spinel deserves hugs

  • Robinfeather
    Robinfeather Day ago

    14 yr. old girl: You don't listen to Billie Eilish? Have you ever felt sad? Me:

  • PotatoHahaYes
    PotatoHahaYes Day ago

    ...Seventh comment...

  • Crying Cupid's Tears

    I went down into these comments hoping to read some wholesome stuff but now I can't unhear "here comes a thot"

  • Jaylon Durousseau

    I LOVE This song,i wish Steven Universe didn't have to go

  • dustydevil666
    dustydevil666 Day ago

    Pearl sings this song for Connie, but she was really talking about what she had experienced with Pink. She did everything for Pink, that was her only reason for existence.

  • dustydevil666
    dustydevil666 Day ago

    If I'm being honest, Greg is my hero. He's so awesome

  • Andrea Quinto
    Andrea Quinto Day ago


  • Aleisha Murphy

    Pink really disappeared like my Dad

  • Aleisha Murphy

    I need more Bismuth in my life

  • Aleisha Murphy

    *Focuses on Yellow's voice*

  • Aleisha Murphy

    Rebecca Sugar's voice really has me in tears rn 💀

  • Frostee
    Frostee Day ago

    steven, please think about your mom again and how could you forget about mindful education, it's okay to think about the bad, sTEVEN PLEASE-

  • GARN3T
    GARN3T Day ago

    Fuck I feel empty inside like my life is gone, and that since Steven universe is gone for awhile I just feel empty

  • SkyPL
    SkyPL Day ago

    I can make a promise I can make a plan I can make a difference I can totally rave to this

  • Hikarii Affirmations

    After listening to the change your mind version of this song, just, *wo W*

  • llamalambo
    llamalambo Day ago

    ngl spinel kinda stupid

  • Peridot
    Peridot Day ago

    *[Happy Birthday, Change Your Mind]*

  • Kathy Heller
    Kathy Heller Day ago

    Remember when we all freaked out over the "what we really are" loop teaser? Simpler times

  • Dóczi Rebeka
    Dóczi Rebeka Day ago

    Please, someone show this video, to bakugo, and Midoria.

  • uriy 40
    uriy 40 Day ago

    Matvey:I am Matvey here again I can't give up now you hate rules off your powers must I and you battle BEGIN. C'mon hit me if can because can't I can see your angry because you alone . We can be friends but I made of l.o.v.e l.o.v.e l.o.v.e (Dun dun dun.) This is who are you , this is who am I . And if you want hurt me think again because I think and I wont you hurt my planet , I don't won't you to hurt my friends and buddy . I am their hero , hope , defeat. I made of l.o.v.e l.o.v.e l.o.v.e . But I stronger than you .

  • RaphaelYeetz
    RaphaelYeetz 2 days ago

    "Than peace and love on the planet Earth " *"OWO"* forgive me for what I have done

  • meme
    meme 2 days ago

    *_[cries in Steven having a neck]_*


    This gets me pumped I'm sure It does for everyone

  • keiloun martin
    keiloun martin 2 days ago

    I was watching the moive and I seen Spinel and her power than I thought, wow she must have ate the Gum Gum Fruit

  • Imor Ahtarm Ogudrev

    I can't believe that it has already been a year since Change You Mind premiered! Dammit time flies way too fast! I'm crying 🥺

  • MalDambão
    MalDambão 2 days ago

    When the shit hits the fan in Steven Universe Future, i hope we get a reprise of this song but with Amethyst taking the lead instead.

  • Tornado Hair
    Tornado Hair 2 days ago

    honestly this song has a strong Super Smash Bros Boss Music AND I LOVE IT!!

  • Danny Decker
    Danny Decker 2 days ago

    Proving that garnet can kick any gems ass while singing

  • Spencer Domino
    Spencer Domino 2 days ago

    Damn. This was a minute ago

  • tyks ds
    tyks ds 2 days ago

    Happy anniversary, Change Your Mind!

  • Tessitoro
    Tessitoro 2 days ago

    daaaaaaaaang it’s already been a year huh

  • T-DiePie
    T-DiePie 2 days ago

    Adventure Time but in Steven Universe.

  • CrazyMadness
    CrazyMadness 2 days ago

    Pick up the phone, baby (like brrrrr) I know you're home, baby (it's lit!) I'm in the zone, baby (straight up!) I just poured up a four baby (yeah, yeah)

  • YourTokinFriend
    YourTokinFriend 2 days ago

    Chance the Rapper vibes shine all the way through

  • Dante Allen
    Dante Allen 2 days ago

    Fuck COPPA for marking the videos as "for kids".

  • You just burnt my rice

    This makes me sad

  • xXSpinel Xx
    xXSpinel Xx 2 days ago

    0:10, *THIS IS GARNET*

  • ¿CosmicEffect?
    ¿CosmicEffect? 2 days ago

    hey shake a leg it's mr. leg

  • FinalAspex
    FinalAspex 2 days ago

    Well, apparently the earth is flat in steven universe CONSPIRACY!!

  • Trevor Erickson
    Trevor Erickson 2 days ago

    I’m a horse

  • Canal Simples
    Canal Simples 2 days ago

    "This nowhere of a planet is too small for both of us mate"

  • Mercury
    Mercury 2 days ago

    "Come at me without any of your fancy tools" n i c e

  • PokeFox Kun
    PokeFox Kun 2 days ago

    Spinel:YOU CANT MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER BY SINGING SOME STUPID SONG! Also Spinel: Tday.. Right here.. Right now.. I already feel found