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  • Karlei Bejan
    Karlei Bejan 4 hours ago's not caramel lol we normally put dark soy or dashi broth on eggs. I like okonomiyaki sauce.

  • Sappho
    Sappho 4 hours ago

    1. the "radioactive egg" is them trying to show how it looks if you've mixed the eggwhite and eggyolk together inside the egg. 2. Poke a hole in the big end of the egg. That's where the air pocket is. :)

  • Bettyfoody
    Bettyfoody 4 hours ago

    That oil and vinegar thing looks awesome

    KATAKLISMAN17 4 hours ago

    Walmart version of crazy Russian hacker

  • SlashBat
    SlashBat 4 hours ago

    So did that egg thing rip off an actual Gudetama product? How dare they do that to my beautiful egg son

  • Coffee Sandwich
    Coffee Sandwich 4 hours ago

    I work at ferrero & sometimes they have promotional Nutella knives that are plastic & more bendy. They actually work. I’ll try to snag you one. It’s like a spoon/knife hybrid

  • Kristin Marlow
    Kristin Marlow 4 hours ago

    I vote for a 4 3 2 1 video using only gadgets

  • ashley rupert
    ashley rupert 4 hours ago

    I work in a coffee shop that roasts all their coffees in house. I don't do the roasting but it is a very fun job.

  • Anew1008
    Anew1008 4 hours ago

    Use the Google translate to see the instructions. It works with your phone camera and you hold it over the instructions and they will be in English!

  • Lewis Harris
    Lewis Harris 4 hours ago

    Yes I do get the Seal reference, don’t ever stop it.

  • MayLing Tran
    MayLing Tran 4 hours ago

    So I followed this video and made clotted cream twice. The first attempt was with raw cream from my cow share. The finished product looked just like Barry’s in the video, not much whey at the bottom. The second attempt was with ultra-pasteurized organic heavy cream from the store. The end product was 50% clotted cream and 50% whey. And the second batch was runny compared to the first batch. From my experience stick with farm fresh, or in a pinch stick with pasteurized.

  • Off The Hook
    Off The Hook 4 hours ago

    I've never pierced my eggs and I've never had one explode, or get a cool afro. ;)

  • happy_123_ sophia
    happy_123_ sophia 5 hours ago

    You may already know this so please ignore me if you do but if you empty the frosting into a food mixer and give it a good mix the frosting gets more fluffy and increases in volume and if you also add some butter it makes it even more yummy...👍🏻

  • Peggy Penney
    Peggy Penney 6 hours ago

    Nothing like licking your finger to gently push the tip down on the macarons. Perhaps water on your finger is more hygienic.

  • uliduli
    uliduli 6 hours ago

    Can't believe you didn't name him Eggward.

  • Bonia
    Bonia 6 hours ago

    Wait what? What do you mean eggs are different in America?

  • Honestly Nope
    Honestly Nope 6 hours ago

    Politely requesting more egg videos with Ed & Collin as cohosts! 😊🥚❤

  • Miriam Kool
    Miriam Kool 7 hours ago

    Don’t lick your finger... 😱 just wet your finger under the tap or in a cup of water....

  • Kitty Kaz
    Kitty Kaz 7 hours ago

    I do like that jug, I assume it pops out for easy cleaning?

  • Loandia
    Loandia 7 hours ago

    Hey Barry, please consider to use the "Google-Translater"-App for those asian gadgets. You can view a live translation of the instruction in real time. It would be cool if you test this out. :)

  • Beamz Donster
    Beamz Donster 8 hours ago

    Bundaberg Queensland Australia

  • nyoko_0
    nyoko_0 8 hours ago

    omg they don't add chocolate to it its soy sauce

  • benvanderwegen
    benvanderwegen 8 hours ago

    Barry, you have to pierce the egg on the wide side, that's where the air bubble is so you don't spill any eggwhite.

  • AmyAmos Playz
    AmyAmos Playz 8 hours ago

    Really wana try this now, Think it would be great as a Christmas present for someone.

  • HarpoonLobotomy
    HarpoonLobotomy 9 hours ago

    Barry doesn't know what 'tare' is? I'm a bit gobsmacked.

  • perkelepower
    perkelepower 9 hours ago

    You are such fun to watch, keep it up ! cheers from Sweden

  • Malika Noyez
    Malika Noyez 9 hours ago

    Why on earth you put a hole in an egg to boil it... never did that and never heard of it in cooking school... you have to put some vinegar in your water... that's all

  • DownTriangle
    DownTriangle 9 hours ago


  • moon book
    moon book 9 hours ago

    Cool t-shirt

  • Conor C
    Conor C 9 hours ago

    So the Star Wars reference is a r2d2 casserole dish?

  • Maritza Rojas Jerez
    Maritza Rojas Jerez 10 hours ago

    Hi, just a little tip. When you make the little hole on the eggs, do it in the rounder part, not on the pointy one. That is where the air chamber is usually located.The hole is made to relieve the pressure from the air expanding and avoiding the egg to crack.

  • X
    X 10 hours ago

    that is definitely a butter knife, not a table knife, you couldnt cut anything with that

  • JanTheNan
    JanTheNan 10 hours ago

    Buy an egg piercer pierce the round end not the pointed end as that’s where the air pocket is.

  • fieryhun
    fieryhun 10 hours ago

    The sauce for the egg was Tonkatsu sauce not caramel. :|

  • the newz
    the newz 10 hours ago

    Egg Sheeran

  • Josh Reynolds
    Josh Reynolds 10 hours ago

    The opening bottl w with paper 100% works in fact you can do it with one piece of A4

  • Misty Wolf
    Misty Wolf 10 hours ago

    Does the measuring scale/jug come apart to wash it as it seems to pretty well stuck to the weight part but that being electronic it won't take to being immersed in water.

  • Anastasia Rose
    Anastasia Rose 11 hours ago

    The whole light and dark egg for the Japanese one is how you check if the egg has been mixed thoroughly. If it's dark it, its mixed, if its light it's not mixed. It's called candling an egg they do it to check for chicks. Just hold the egg up to a flashlight and the light will try to pass through the shell and egg.

  • SassyTheCopilot
    SassyTheCopilot 11 hours ago

    hope my bakery doesn't do your trick... or do i

  • gunfuego
    gunfuego 11 hours ago

    lol nutella knife? **looks at $1 spatula**

  • Ann Hope
    Ann Hope 12 hours ago

    Best way to cook eggs "boiled" is in the pressure cooker. Place eggs on the egg stand or on something so eggs are not touching the sides or water, add 1 cup of water. 6 min, medium pressure, let sit a few min then (after making sure all steam is gone) place eggs in cold water. They peal super easy to peal.

  • Alisha Davis
    Alisha Davis 12 hours ago

    It’s not caramel sauce!! It’s like a fish sauce teriyaki sauce type thing!! And when you spin it you have to spin it HARD!! Not necessarily longer but harder!!

  • That News Show
    That News Show 12 hours ago

    Where do you buy Almond Flour?

    • The Hungry Welsh Girl
      The Hungry Welsh Girl 5 hours ago

      That News Show You can buy it in Holland and Barrett, Amazon, the brand Sukrin do a nice one too. I don’t know if you’ve had it before, but it’s actually quite expensive and it doesn’t taste like almonds like people expect it to. 😊

  • creinstein
    creinstein 13 hours ago

    "With this plate lower down this is going to be a thinner one" ah cool "so I'm going to get the same amount of meat" wait what??????

  • chelsea chappell
    chelsea chappell 13 hours ago

    Love the cooking with just gadgets!!!!!!!

  • Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin 13 hours ago

    you really overcook your eggs, also no idea how you exploded him.

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor 13 hours ago

    Cooking with gadgets...yes, please.

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor 13 hours ago

    OK. I'm confused With the Japanese egg machine, are you telling us or was the Box trying to tell us you need to poke holes in the eggshell to Hard boil the eggs? Because I have never poked any holes in any eggs to hard boil them, As far as I know, I've never seen you Poke holes in eggshells to boil them. Also, as many Kitchen gadget testing videos, you have made I can't figure out why you've never used your cellphone to translate any instructions.

  • mkwda
    mkwda 13 hours ago

    You pierced the wrong side of the egg, it should be the round side, where the air chamber is, not the sharp side.

  • Citsjustme
    Citsjustme 13 hours ago

    You’re supposed to dip your finger in water not lick it 😂

  • Zylia Schultz
    Zylia Schultz 14 hours ago

    17:30 He just said "see" wich is Spanish (si) for yes and held it over Mexican Beans head. I'm dying.

  • Zulaigah Hendricks
    Zulaigah Hendricks 14 hours ago

    Is the next gadget the Le Crueset Han Solo dish?

  • GilEdSa91
    GilEdSa91 14 hours ago

    Tare. Lol

  • Jason Zastrow
    Jason Zastrow 14 hours ago

    I bought one of those egg spinners, a year or two ago, after seeing them on TheXvid. While I've had some positive and some negative experiences, I don't care for the eggs that 'work'. I heard the spun eggs referred to as golden or boiled-scrambled so I was expecting the cooked version to be sort of a consolidated scramble. Instead, it's a yellow boiled egg that has the texture of boiled egg white with no real notion of yolk. Super-disappointing.

    • Judy Vallas
      Judy Vallas 7 hours ago

      Jason Zastrow Maybe good if you have kids who won’t eat the yolk. I personally like the yolk to be present. 😏

  • Ibtisam70
    Ibtisam70 14 hours ago

    The pizza ovens seem like a good idea when you're insomnia shopping at 0300, but a good toaster oven is easier and less fiddly. Thank you so much for these videos. You have saved me from many cluttering "gifts" from my husband. I know he does it in love, but before you, he got me so many things that I had to keep like a gadget museum...Just...thank you. :-)

  • Thomas Clawson
    Thomas Clawson 14 hours ago

    That was bean paste. Not caramel!!!!

  • Ms Ren
    Ms Ren 14 hours ago

    ...Don't put onion in your burgers

  • ads311
    ads311 14 hours ago

    It was curry sauce on the egg in the Japanese pictures not caramel 😂

  • Lucy Heath
    Lucy Heath 14 hours ago

    Nope I'm last. Rotflmao

  • frank ferdinand
    frank ferdinand 14 hours ago

    which is the best onion chopping gadget ?

  • Camden Coble
    Camden Coble 14 hours ago

    eggs have to be room temp and can't be brand new to work!

  • Claudia Trammell
    Claudia Trammell 14 hours ago

    How are egg different in America from Britian

  • Joyce Wadzinski
    Joyce Wadzinski 14 hours ago

    I’d figure it was okonomiyaki sauce or another Worcestershire based sauce? Which I find a bit ironic... full circle that one.

  • Chris Hominski
    Chris Hominski 14 hours ago

    Barry you should download Google Translate

  • Frank
    Frank 15 hours ago

    An easy way to peel garlic is to put it in a glass jar and shake the blue blazes out of it.

  • #MAGA Rotan
    #MAGA Rotan 15 hours ago

    Is there not someway you could angle your phone where you’re not bending over the counter, you look ridiculous!!! OK in this part you’re standing so why not just stand behind the counter and work rather than bending over it looking into the phone! This is the second time I’ve tried to watch this and I cannot do it!!

  • G F
    G F 15 hours ago

    Did you MAKE that clotted cream yourself? That’s going full throttle!

  • G F
    G F 15 hours ago

    The two best scones I ever had were at the mock turtle tea room in Brighton England (go there! It’s a lovely little cafe) and then on the royal yacht Britannia in Edinburgh Scotland. In the cafe. Full Cream tea service. I was visiting the UK. Deeeellisshhhh.

  • FC360D
    FC360D 15 hours ago

    What is it with putting a hole in eggs to boil them? I never poke a hole in my eggs and they come out perfectly fine, although I never scramble inside the egg shell. Also how does someone who have a youtube cooking channel not know what tar means? It's on ever digital scale I've ever seen and used o.O

  • Monika Sturm
    Monika Sturm 15 hours ago

    That toasted bear reminded me of Wilson from the movie Castaway

  • Medha Shree Tak
    Medha Shree Tak 15 hours ago

    hey ..watched ur video first was awesome.plz make video on muesli

  • Randy Johnson
    Randy Johnson 15 hours ago

    Barry, go to ebay and get you a veg o matic. They came out in the 60s, I belive. They're the best for cutting fries!

  • InvisibleAvenger
    InvisibleAvenger 15 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure that was soy sauce on the egg gadget box and not chocolate sauce.

  • Camila León Rojas
    Camila León Rojas 15 hours ago

    I think that sauce on the eggs was teriyaki or something like that, not caramel. XD

  • TeacherTeacher
    TeacherTeacher 15 hours ago

    That looks so appetizing 😐

  • Courtney Lynne
    Courtney Lynne 15 hours ago

    The egg picture is to show that the yolk has broken up and mixed with the whites. If you put an egg on a flashlight you can see the yolk in there. When you've mixed it up properly and put it up to the light the egg won't have the spot for the yolk and is one color.

  • Sophie King
    Sophie King 15 hours ago

    you overcooked the egg!!!!!

  • K l
    K l 15 hours ago

    So the egg gadget is for egg pudding/flan. You spin the (uncooked) egg for about 2 minutes then boil for about 30 minutes according to the instructions. Also the image with the glowy egg and non-glowy egg is for you to see if the egg has been mixed. Glowy egg means NOT scrambled. Darker egg means Scrambled! :D

  • KT Raschko
    KT Raschko 15 hours ago

    Hot tip: no Nutella knife needed if you add a little warm milk and Bailey’s and give it a good shake.

  • hearttorn4U
    hearttorn4U 15 hours ago

    The Japanese one is telling you if you hold the egg up to a flashlight you will see if the egg has been mixed. Also tar is to zero out if you want to add another ingredient. Love your videos!!!

  • stacey
    stacey 16 hours ago

    Seal was our first dance at my wedding. It was the only thing my husband was adamant about the whole wedding haha

  • Michael Burgwin
    Michael Burgwin 16 hours ago

    @16:00 Somebody may have noted it already, but litre's are a unit of volume, and grams are a unit of mass, so they aren't directly interchangable. for example, 200mL of Mercury would weigh nearly 3 Kg, and 95g of mercury would be 10 mL.

    • katuk1
      katuk1 15 hours ago

      The only weight equivalent to volume is for water as 1 kg = 1litre Any other ingredient would vary sligtly to a lot.

    • katuk1
      katuk1 15 hours ago

      Michael Burgwin - I agree 👍 That is why I have a set of of cups if following the few US recipes I try as well as scales in grammes.

  • Ratdog 305
    Ratdog 305 16 hours ago

    Wonder how you wash the measuring cup? Also, Nutella makes a great industrial glue!

  • Blizardstar1200
    Blizardstar1200 16 hours ago

    I think the Nutella knife really only shows its usefulness when you’re down to the last bit of the Nutella and want to make sure you get every last bit from the sides of the jar. Not much more useful than a normal knife until that point.

  • Moons
    Moons 16 hours ago

    uh... that's not caramel on the egg in the japanese item... That's probably yakiniku sauce or ketchup

  • TweezleOhm
    TweezleOhm 16 hours ago

    Am I the only one who's never heard of putting a hole in the egg before boiling? I've been watching my grandparents make eggs for holiday meals all my life and nobody ever did that. lol Eggs don't explode. You're good. xD xD

    • katuk1
      katuk1 15 hours ago

      TweezleOhm - I think he meant only after shaking them to mix the white and the yolk.

  • jennalee001
    jennalee001 16 hours ago

    How did the macaron silicone mat work out? Sorta looked like the macarons stuck to it and the shells looked hollow...but macarons can be pesky like that...

  • ashley rupert
    ashley rupert 16 hours ago

    Macaroons are the coconut ones. Macarons are the one made with almond flour

  • Christina Miller
    Christina Miller 16 hours ago

    Omg Barry please clean the outside of ur bowl lol all I could see was the batter falling on the counter or you grabbing hold of it

  • the Celtic Crone
    the Celtic Crone 16 hours ago

    SUPPOSEDLY, if you put a DIP (thumb) in the Middle of your burger patty, it keeps it from shrinking so much.

    IWANTMYSNACKPACK 16 hours ago

    How did you think that sauce was supposed to be caramel

    • katuk1
      katuk1 15 hours ago

      IWANTMYSNACKPACK - The picture he tried to reproduce did say Sweets on it 😉 But I agree that the bottom right picture is probably savoury 👍

  • Erik Hughes
    Erik Hughes 16 hours ago

    The chalazae in Japanese eggs are generally more delicate, and easier to break (that's why you're spinning the eggs end-over-end, to break the chalazae (the ropey membranes within the egg that attach it to either end) and rupture the yolk) and "scramble" the egg within the shell. Please don't boil any egg for 30 minutes, it didn't do anything to you (yet). You want to puncture the egg at the wide end, that's where the bubble of air is (I've told you this before). Also, please don't add your saliva to the ingredients of anything; it's frowned upon... in... some circles. I am sure that, by the time they're tweens, your kids wouldn't appreciate it either (you don't chew their food for them still, do you?). Enjoyed the mini-barra-thon; I LOVE the anguish and laughter you put me through!

  • Teresa M.
    Teresa M. 16 hours ago

    How are eggs different in America ??? I dont want to eat strange eggs.

    • katuk1
      katuk1 15 hours ago

      Teresa M. - They are white. In the UK (where I live) and France (where I come from) they are brown. I have never seen white eggs in real life in 48 years.

  • AmiesSS1594
    AmiesSS1594 16 hours ago

    19:20 is the sole reason you need to watch that video :)

  • BSwithCas
    BSwithCas 16 hours ago

    I *think* if you shine a flashlight through a spin egg it should shine differently than the non spun egg. I suspect that’s what the photo is trying to convey.

  • 2dorfasis
    2dorfasis 17 hours ago

    I'd love to see you do a video completely outside your comfort zone. How about "Food Safety 101"? You could take clips from other videos, like this one, where you do something you shouldn't, like lick your finger and touch the food, and explain why it's a bad idea.

  • Geoff Crawford
    Geoff Crawford 17 hours ago

    Only just 3:11 into the video but maybe the nutella knife will work better when the jar is almost empty,to scrape every last bit? As opposed to filling with milk and microwaving like you've done in your other video 👍😁

  • Killian Coakley
    Killian Coakley 17 hours ago

    I'm a subscriber and I like your channel, but please stop conflating the criticism of these gadgets with the criticism of disabled people. 99% of the gadgets you review are cheap plastic garbage from China. No one is speaking ill of disabled people, just of the gadgets themselves. You're just trying to insulate yourself (and the comments section) from any trace of negativity, even though it may be merited.

  • MrRavenous
    MrRavenous 17 hours ago

    Mrs B is sexy cute

  • Ian Bonnar
    Ian Bonnar 17 hours ago

    Barry you gotta think for second mate. It was probably soy sauce man.

    • katuk1
      katuk1 15 hours ago

      Ian Bonnar - The picture he tried to reproduce did say Sweets on it 😉 But I agree that the bottom right picture is probably savoury 👍