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  • Coleen Cowap
    Coleen Cowap 3 minutes ago

    Make some tiny food please

  • Link TheOrdonianHero
    Link TheOrdonianHero 50 minutes ago

    This video made me really hungry

  • HyperIon
    HyperIon Hour ago

    This is cool and satisfies the challenge, however, lets be honest. Its citrus acid flavor jello. I would have maybe tried to mimic the lemonyness more but there was no way youd replicate the creamyness. Overall a good attempt.

  • Danechip
    Danechip Hour ago

    Linda Hamilton? I was thinking more Carol Smilley !! I wanna see Becky host a show ??

  • caiden heath
    caiden heath 2 hours ago

    Here for a barrithon and my goodness, what an absolute throw back

  • I am Atlas.
    I am Atlas. 2 hours ago

    After a certain Barshens episode I’m here to see what all the fuss was about. It did not disappoint, it’s been awhile since I’ve literally cried with laughter. Thank you Barry Lewis❤️

  • Ian Lundquist
    Ian Lundquist 2 hours ago

    I love those Canadian Oreos.

  • Kara Stewart
    Kara Stewart 4 hours ago

    Absolutely hilarious! My children and I laughed our booties off!! Great job!!

  • TheDemoniusX
    TheDemoniusX 4 hours ago

    XD his fridge says "Smeg" on it.

  • Markus Havers
    Markus Havers 5 hours ago

    This is !!! NOT !!! the way Croquembouche is done. You have a cone inside and glue (mostly done with tempered chocolate) the profiterols on it and then spun them with caramel.

  • Tim Bell
    Tim Bell 5 hours ago

    Makes me think of pizza cake

  • Fire Bomb
    Fire Bomb 5 hours ago

    that last bit is why I hate kids

  • Halion1990
    Halion1990 5 hours ago

    that is AMAZING. it seems to work really well. does the base get hot as well?.

  • Richard Poole
    Richard Poole 5 hours ago

    That haircut...

  • Richard McGregor
    Richard McGregor 6 hours ago

    Just having Homer in the background when your making Doh is genius!

  • Belle Stewart LVT
    Belle Stewart LVT 6 hours ago

    Because the Australian and Maine accents are non rhotic and both don’t use the normal rrr sound similar to you accent ahhhh instead of arrrr Linguistics is so fascinating isn’t it!

    • Belle Stewart LVT
      Belle Stewart LVT 6 hours ago

      Oh and this is coming from a born and raise Mainer by the way!

  • Elijah Plummer
    Elijah Plummer 6 hours ago

    Barry I'm not gonna lie when you was whacking your chicken I couldn't help but think oi oi oi

  • Kredenc
    Kredenc 6 hours ago

    It's so sad how misunderstood spiders are. I've never been attacked by any spider, even wolf spiders, they've always been sweet and little scared weirdos. Spiders are unbelievably adorable to me, especially jumping ones, they're so cute.

    DEVILS ACES 7 hours ago

    The cheapest I seen is 79.99

  • Sean Abrahamsson
    Sean Abrahamsson 8 hours ago

    I had a regular electricity bill ($20/month) until I bought one of these...

  • Drew So Many Memes
    Drew So Many Memes 8 hours ago

    Oh that's great. Bet you could put some rouladen held with toothpicks on there too! What a neat gadget!

  • Lyn Utermark
    Lyn Utermark 9 hours ago

    I appreciate the tempered Salmon with avocado and cucumbers... garnished with Ginger and Wasabi

  • 권기영
    권기영 9 hours ago

    You shoud try making some Kimchi!

  • adultmoshifan87
    adultmoshifan87 9 hours ago

    I’d love to make my own frosted rice and chocolate rice cereal! Here in the UK, thanks to government pressure, Kellogg’s discontinued Ricicles and reduced the sugar in Coco Pops by 30%! Therefore, I’d love to be able to make my own full sugar chocolate rice and frosted rice cereal! If I had the packaging resources, I’d go as far as to sell boxes of it to others! I’d even go a step further and work on being able to make my own wooden trains (Brio compatible) and include one free inside every 1000th box!

  • Mark Lyne
    Mark Lyne 10 hours ago

    It's smoking.......all that smoke.......Flashbacks to the American "cheese toaster" toaster lol

  • Filip Butkiewicz
    Filip Butkiewicz 11 hours ago

    "Can't stand the heartEGG!"

  • mnym8ts
    mnym8ts 11 hours ago

    Omg I've always wanted this machine now I'm sold that chicken looks yum.ur daughter is so sweet

  • Marja Guldemundt van leeuwen

    What fun to watch! Just lost 75 pounds 💪🏻 but this is perfect on a cheatday 🙏🏻❤️ btw new member 😍

  • Zombie Ghost Warrior
    Zombie Ghost Warrior 11 hours ago

    I made kebabs once in a double boiling can in the oven. And the consistency was much better in the video it looked more like a meat love crumble down.

  • FuzzyDragon Cosplay
    FuzzyDragon Cosplay 11 hours ago

    The deal you got on eBay made me curious, I just found one for $15.00 US. I’m now looking forward to cooking stuff like this.

  • Matt's Place
    Matt's Place 11 hours ago

    BBQ sauce is gross!! Meat should not be sweet! Savory and Salty :D

  • rambobunny1
    rambobunny1 11 hours ago

    no not these days everything has to be fresh by lrar

  • Katelyn Laleh
    Katelyn Laleh 12 hours ago

    Barry you didn’t need to smack the garlic that hard to get the skin off lmfaooo, just give it a light tap and the skin comes right off

  • ArchiesBrew
    ArchiesBrew 12 hours ago

    I’ve never seen a man get so excited over a piece of meat 😂😂

  • ClockworkFirebird
    ClockworkFirebird 12 hours ago

    Whoa, so much love for you pointing out that these gadgets help people who have limited mobility. Thank you!

  • Flóra Móricz
    Flóra Móricz 12 hours ago

    The Balaton isn’t in Budapest!!!!!😂

  • Fire Bomb
    Fire Bomb 12 hours ago

    a lot of these aren't used as much any more because of false advertising allegations, they just tailor everything now but use the normal ingredients

  • Keep Smiling
    Keep Smiling 12 hours ago

    Yeah Barry. You don't get any response from a woman when she's enjoying chocolate 😂

  • Juutube989
    Juutube989 13 hours ago

    These treats are from Finland not Åland.

  • Lindsey Johnson
    Lindsey Johnson 13 hours ago

    Barry, I once nearly lit my down coat on fire in the church as a child. Backed right up into an electric heater and singed a huge hole into the backside of it. Imagine if all the feathers had gone up in flames!

  • Gixer750pilot
    Gixer750pilot 14 hours ago

    Jamie Oliver’s slightly chubbier older brother lol

  • DisMemba
    DisMemba 14 hours ago

    With my eye condition your hands shooting out at the camera proved too much for me, I'll get the jist from the comments, thank you.

  • ScarAnrew
    ScarAnrew 14 hours ago

    until you got that icecream ready you have burned the calories to eat it

  • Johnny Linnie
    Johnny Linnie 14 hours ago

    You had 2 hours to cut your tomatoes and onions and both were a disgrace

  • Susie McButterpants
    Susie McButterpants 15 hours ago

    If you have a stand or hand mixer, just throw it in a high sided bowl (i use my kitchen-aid stand mixer with whisk attachment-but hand mixer works also) it shreds the chicken In seconds and the shred is AMAZING-it allows the chicken to kind of soak up the sauce when I shred it this way-so much easier and tastier than fork shredding!

    • Susie McButterpants
      Susie McButterpants 14 hours ago

      And that’s not pizza sauce, that tomato paste - pizza sauce is SO much different -completely different flavor and texture

  • J K
    J K 15 hours ago

    4:35 Battle scar galactica :p what do you mean, "wrong movie"?

  • Hadmin
    Hadmin 15 hours ago

    took a few minutes scrolling through the comments, and there is surprisingly no hate for coriander! WTF is wrong with you all!?

  • jeffery nordgulen
    jeffery nordgulen 15 hours ago

    What the hell is wrong with your hands, are you having a seizure or something?

  • Eren Enrique
    Eren Enrique 16 hours ago

    Its £60 ffs

  • Limey
    Limey 16 hours ago

    The lamb was an unfortunate part of the Doner party.

  • dsipos2you
    dsipos2you 16 hours ago

    i Love you 2 !! and all the channel, i am addicted ( I know this is an old one but trying to catch up,,,if ever HA❤

  • natasa don
    natasa don 17 hours ago

    I think the defrost tray didn't work great because of the shape of the steak on not much was actually touching it

  • Idiot Kings
    Idiot Kings 17 hours ago

    Can’t afford Barry White, but we’ve got a white Barry.

  • Hannah Griffiths
    Hannah Griffiths 17 hours ago

    I think that's my favourite gadget, Chloe.. You mean me!!? 🥰😍

  • Amirah Rahman
    Amirah Rahman 17 hours ago

    how considerate you bleeped out your command for alexa, so other alexa owners haven't had alexa activated :')

  • Sharon Scott
    Sharon Scott 18 hours ago

    Ok a need the measuring cups love to bake they look brilliant xx

  • Zombie-Process
    Zombie-Process 18 hours ago

    "....try a leg first?" "FIRST!?"

  • Jamie Owns
    Jamie Owns 18 hours ago

    aw man this is great no need for a roaster gadget thing.

  • chamaeleonnz
    chamaeleonnz 18 hours ago

    the worlds largest cookie was nearly 25m in diameter good luck dude.

  • MonoDiTriSub GameTrailersThaiSubtitle

    Making a 3-course meal with just 1 gadget challenge, please.

  • GJW
    GJW 19 hours ago

    Gyros is not pronounced ‘euros’ it’s pronounced ‘your-oss’. Come on mate.

  • Branson Stevens
    Branson Stevens 19 hours ago


  • Tottenhamtillidie
    Tottenhamtillidie 20 hours ago

    Try a full english 🤣🤣

  • Danechip
    Danechip 21 hour ago

    I used to just fizz it until it farted ??

  • Markus Havers
    Markus Havers 21 hour ago

    Learn to cut open a mango the normal way befor using som dumb hacks... they don´t work.

  • kkrispy2009 P
    kkrispy2009 P 21 hour ago

    Yummmmmmmmm cake is fit

  • Neeva C Vlogs
    Neeva C Vlogs 21 hour ago

    I know that everyone noticed the wink after shaft but did anyone else see the wink after rim?

  • Danechip
    Danechip 21 hour ago

    The smoke it actually mineral oil on the heating element from when it was made to prevent oxidation (rusting) when in storage. New cookers do the same but a lot smellier. Whack the oven (and grill) on max until it has stopped, Just open the window...

  • safia O
    safia O 21 hour ago

    Where is the link for the one you bought from eBay please?

  • Kelly Katsimpardi
    Kelly Katsimpardi 21 hour ago


  • Gregory Ashton
    Gregory Ashton 22 hours ago

    Where did Mr Bean come from? 😳

  • mixwell1983
    mixwell1983 22 hours ago

    $10 is super cheap. Hell even $20 would be a steal so long it worked half assed. Its $69 on amazon, howd you get it for $10

  • mixwell1983
    mixwell1983 22 hours ago

    I have the cap gun and youre supposed to pull the top part back and it should catch. Then open bottle and pull trigger to shoot. I drink beer from cans so I have never used it. I got it more as a novelty from a family member. Will have to buy some bottles next time to try it out. Edit: your daughter redeemed you, I was panicking that you would never figure out how it worked. Haha.

  • andrea ato
    andrea ato 22 hours ago

    Today i am doing this georgeous gyro recipie, thanks Barry..

  • Alex Carnaby
    Alex Carnaby 23 hours ago

    it would be real stoner food if he put the grease from the chicken in the mix

  • Hannah Sian
    Hannah Sian 23 hours ago

    Wow Barry that was a lot of flour there fella 🤣

  • Clay3613
    Clay3613 Day ago

    Barry, do you not have any insulated oven gloves?

  • simpl456
    simpl456 Day ago

    @9:45 that fish looks really good, I know it's from a package but is there a recipe to make something like it?

  • Please Enter Name Wang Chang Yang Mang

    There’s something on your nose mate

  • zach mann
    zach mann Day ago

    The Queen... she watches from the shadows... First time seeing your videos btw

  • Hulk Norris
    Hulk Norris Day ago

    Happy to see Jamie Oliver finally reviewing some equipment rather than just cooking.

  • Becky Lawson
    Becky Lawson Day ago

    LOVING the shirt in the beginning. ;-)

  • Elliott Fontaine

    Typical white person. 0 seasoning on the chicken. Triggered lmao

  • Brendas Anderson

    I want your fridge can I buy one in 5he USA its cute as heck

  • Burial
    Burial Day ago

    no salt in the lamb mixture?

  • Foxy
    Foxy Day ago

    Wow, that's like half a minced sheep - in an upright oven with no door to keep the heat in. Can't you get nearly the same result from a pack of fried lamb burgers at quarter the cost?

  • angelgoldennight

    At 12:31 it looks like u might have just splattered the heat element

  • Credo
    Credo Day ago

    hes like off brand gordon ramsay

  • Russian Slav27

    That is not how you use a pitta

  • LadyRedHawk
    LadyRedHawk Day ago

    Well ...he's a virgin in the kitchen for a reason. But i do agree with everyone below that you should have refrigerated the 10 liters of raw milk. I would assume that since the seller you got it from had the paperwork you had to deal with I would assume that the chances for the illnesses is a bit lower but also there is the fact that we worry about getting illnesses too often etc etc...

  • shannon crowe
    shannon crowe Day ago

    Oh my goodness this is the funniest video ever! I cried laughing! Especially the orange part! 🤣

  • Charlena Wharrie

    Your family is my favorite part of all your videos. Your girls are just precious and your wife is too funny. Love from Canada ❤

  • caiden heath
    caiden heath Day ago

    I have never seen hot dogs in a can before now and I don't want to ever again, I hate it.

  • hartsf33
    hartsf33 Day ago

    its missing the window door

  • LDM2015
    LDM2015 Day ago

    Chloe is soooo cute <3

  • Chlo B
    Chlo B Day ago

    Hi Barry we made this yesterday and it was so delicious!!!!! P s corriander missing from online recipe x

  • slimkt
    slimkt Day ago

    Handy tip: the doner kebab meat will be sticker and easier to slice if you grind it up in a food processor beforehand.

  • Rhianna Yamoah

    Please season chicken beforehand next time, it's giving me anxiety. Greta videos though!

  • HaPyro720
    HaPyro720 Day ago

    I would use the food separator as a device to hold a mixing bowl into place if you need to whisk anything

  • Propa Nawty
    Propa Nawty Day ago

    U need to do fake kitchen series