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  • CasualNerd
    CasualNerd 16 minutes ago

    I’m asexual and aromantic, but I do want a child in some way. I’ve always thought of adopting, but of course my family would never approve of that idea, since I was little my parents would tell me that my role in life was to graduate college, get a steady job, marry a wealthy man and then have children. As I grew older, I realized that I wanted kids, but as an aromantic asexual, I experience no sexual or romantic attractions. My family doesn’t know yet, so they still think I’m going to start a family. I want to adopt since, well I most likely won’t have any partner to have a child with, but I feel like it’s a bad idea. One, because of the climate crisis, and two, if I adopt a child and raise it by myself without a partner, I don’t want the child to feel like our family isn’t normal, or get made fun of for only having a mother. I’m in high school now, so I’ll just have to see what my future holds. Hopefully, everything will end up alright.

  • Porsche Vonne
    Porsche Vonne 18 minutes ago

    I get them understanding our language, but I googled this because I was curious. Meanwhile.. in 2013 😂😂😂 I watch Ted Talks yet never came across this one!

  • Sander Luís
    Sander Luís 19 minutes ago


  • frank simba
    frank simba 19 minutes ago

    I used this video for presentation during my final year course in Lasers and optics some years ago and I got the highest mark!

  • Margaret Morris
    Margaret Morris 24 minutes ago

  • Jorge
    Jorge 25 minutes ago


  • Philip Sanders
    Philip Sanders 26 minutes ago

    Did you get the last sound he made..Mmmmmm That's the pure syrup ectacy of love.🌅

  • Sara Rostenkowski
    Sara Rostenkowski 26 minutes ago

    this is the best explanation of addiction I've seen wow, nice work!

    EMELY RUT CALIXTO PEREDA 26 minutes ago

    Porque no lo han subtitulado? :(

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 27 minutes ago

    As often in science, from Copernicus "we're not at the centre of the universe" to Darwin "we're related to all other creatures" to the present day [consciousness is grounded in biological mechanisms shared with many other living creatures], with a greater sense of understanding comes a greater sense of wonder, and a greater realisation that we are part of and not apart from the rest of nature.

    EMELY RUT CALIXTO PEREDA 27 minutes ago

    Porque no lo han subtitulado? :(

  • Kerri Simonsen
    Kerri Simonsen 30 minutes ago

    Also, anyone ever notice the movies that we watch like about world disasters or people living on “another planet”, notice how scientists and NASA are trying to really make this happen? I find it a little bit odd that some of the things that have happened in Hollywood movies are actually happening in real life. Not that it wasn’t already predicted as far as the Bible goes with weather, wars, Armageddon, what have you. Which are things that will take place and have already taken place. Who believes that these Hollywood movies that have been made throughout all these years have somewhat “predicted” things that have already happened? That’s just something to think about. I believe there is some thing behind all that. Buuuut, we shall see then. 🤷🏼‍♀️ another things, how are we suppose to have babies??? Reproduce? All without some thing bad happening. Idk I don’t think this will fully happen. But I could be wrong.

  • HighEndMe
    HighEndMe 32 minutes ago

    While I agree that the problem is quite a bit worse for women than men, I'm disappointed by how she only ever talks about this problem in women. On one hand, it's cool that she talks from experience, and on the other it dismisses the fact that men also go through this kind of stuff. We get told that sterile men are weak, lesser men our whole life in many more or less subtle ways. We get told the will comes when you meet the right woman. We get told we are meant to perpetuate the legacy... Yeah, what I mean here is that I fully support her and respect her courage in bringing all this up onto a stage, I just wish she would have been more inclusive about her points, as many other "gendered" talk hosts do... Either way, this was such a heartfelt, frustrating, touching talk with such true experiences being related. I hate hearing about how little these people thought of her. It makes me wish I could tell them how little I think of them. I wish her the best going forward

  • Harsha Joshi
    Harsha Joshi 33 minutes ago

    Made me cry! Amazing and helpful talk. Glad I could watch this!

  • Jen Klen
    Jen Klen 35 minutes ago

    She’s literally telling us to stop eating animals bc animals and killing them produce the most amount of CO2

  • Ольга Трунова

    oh this is so much bullshit. at the point where everyone claps after he tells the amazing story about cow being an antidepressant, let me remind you that his sadness was caused by a pretty significant event, his leg got blown off. but what about others including him who are just literally sad for no reason but they still are sad

  • kelvin washington
    kelvin washington 36 minutes ago

    This person murdered Gilberto Medina Gil in cold blood. RIP.

  • Kerri Simonsen
    Kerri Simonsen 37 minutes ago

    I just wonder what God really has intended for Mars. I mean really, are we going to end up loving on Mars? Does anyone even see this really happening. I see bad things happening for this tempting theory. How is anyone really suppose to live there without something bad happening? Who else feels this way? Now, not meaning that this couldn’t happen. Cause it very well could. But idk; I just feel that there are other intentions for our other planets.

  • Jessy Sons
    Jessy Sons 37 minutes ago

    I'm just here to eat elk meat and take DMT.

  • Kris Desandreau
    Kris Desandreau 38 minutes ago

    For a model (former) she's very intelligent, but a little conceited.

  • Pending Case
    Pending Case 39 minutes ago


  • rupesh tumyahang
    rupesh tumyahang 40 minutes ago

    327dislikes from north korea

    KAMAL 40 minutes ago

    I started watching this vid but got distracted and procrastinated by going on Snapchat 😅

  • mag steel
    mag steel 42 minutes ago

    There are many low cost public options for a college education. Instead people choose to borrow money to pay for a college they can't afford.

  • California Hwy 1
    California Hwy 1 43 minutes ago

    Veitch is the cutest nerd

  • Chase Music
    Chase Music 43 minutes ago

    Thanks man this was awesome

  • holly wiley
    holly wiley 43 minutes ago

    So Bill have you figured out that this is all wrong by now?? You’re a smart man do you know that all this CO2 you’re talking about is all wrong.??Because we’re going into Sun cycle 25 which is a grand solar minimum which is going to be a mini Ice Age. And you would know that if you had talked to scientists that aren’t given Grant money from the government to keep their narrative. Recently many scientists are coming to the forefront and telling the truth

  • E K
    E K 43 minutes ago

    I’ll save this and watch it later

  • Robin P
    Robin P 44 minutes ago

    Depressed? Anxious? Try God. He loves you. ☺️

  • RADman 11
    RADman 11 45 minutes ago

    What a beautifully crafted lecture. My fear is that between the climate crisis and the fact that there now exist nearly 8 billion of our filthy greedy species on this once exquisite planet, that we've run out of time to work on being civilized and flourishing and other niceties. I rather doubt extinction can be averted at this point. Quite enjoyed the Ted talk though.

  • nathan512
    nathan512 46 minutes ago

    She was Bjork's drummer for years.

  • TheWiseMan
    TheWiseMan 47 minutes ago

    10:29 Must add "Comedian", above all. Ah, boy... If only anyone who feels bored with his work had the same creativity! He could also add "TheXvidr", with over 4M views here. :-) I liked most the ending: "take on roles in your own work"... Respect, professor, respect.

  • igulla
    igulla 50 minutes ago

    I am procrastinating on writing my diploma about cognitive functioning of the originals by watching ted talk about how originals procrastinate. I feel weird.

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M 51 minute ago

    "Why, why is this happening to us." - I thought it was obvious. 90% of the women in America got FAT.... Speaking for men only.

  • Zombie Foot Soldier
    Zombie Foot Soldier 51 minute ago

    So then I can eat them

  • V G
    V G 53 minutes ago

    The machine that us designed to make us depressed and anxious is called capitalism. It's economic system that makes sure that we never have enough money, never have secure job and if we have something- we can lose it in a heartbeat. In the USA, we have additional healthcare unaffordabilty anxiety. However as our financial guru Greenspan said- anxiety is a major factor that contributes to economic productivity. Our economic growth is result of anxiety of middle and lower classes that have to push themselves to the limit in order to survive. This is why need for socialism or life with lower level of stress became so attractive to many Americans and all over the world. These little groups that create little meaning in our lives are fine, but they are just bandaids, not solution. I lived in both systems, btw. While many people need push in order to succeed, pushing to brink of collapse produce anxious, depressed and explosive society.

  • Alex G
    Alex G 55 minutes ago

    7:38 I also agree with this. We need to spend the same resources, time and energy that we already do for space.

  • Elena Kim
    Elena Kim 55 minutes ago

    I like how your hand gestures and moves are still Black. Cool Black. :) Handsome.

  • damien morrow
    damien morrow 56 minutes ago

    I love this man

  • La morte dei francesi e il grido dell’Italia

    This guy sounds like it's a struggle for him to breathe

  • Bone Lad
    Bone Lad 56 minutes ago

    You know what they say about common sense. It's not all that common :/

  • Patricia Reilly
    Patricia Reilly 57 minutes ago

    Don't forget about cat deprivation syndrome. You need an average of one cat per every 200 square feet of living space.

  • Skvora Limited Media
    Skvora Limited Media 57 minutes ago

    Correct, however, what do people who literally have NO other choice than do what makes them depressed just to stay alive (fed, family fed, shelter, etc)? Like probably 80% of global population don't have much aptitude to simply go and be able to change their routines. An uneducated person who has say, 2-3 children cannot be a manager at their retail job, nor can they up and quit. And this person's friend in a similar situation, isn't quite in a position to help either. And whole medical industry in the US is purely about capitalism, so yea, it's pills or good luck Chuck.

  • Gary Hawkins
    Gary Hawkins 58 minutes ago

    You'll surely discover what you seek in the energy described by Wilhelm Reich. It is life energy but it scared you so you destroyed him. Now you sit around playing with your hubris.

  • heureka47
    heureka47 58 minutes ago

    99.99 % of the people are affected by a pandemia that makes them unable to see or feel it. Everyone can see the symptoms of it, but is unable to realize them as symptoms, but has learned, that it is the "normality" of civilized society/ modern life. Warnings have been given to us not only by few exceptional scientists of the last abt. 100 years, but already 2000 or more years ago. But the affected majority is alienated to the symbolic language of those old legends, sagas, tales, stories and moreover, afraid of the truth. Without healing, this "Disease of Society", called "Emotional Plague" by W. Reich, will kill us.

  • Dragonfly16450
    Dragonfly16450 Hour ago

    Life purpose!

  • Slap Stick
    Slap Stick Hour ago

    Young people saddled with school loans they cannot pay, nor can ever claim bankruptcy on. They see their futures as bleak as they cannot reach those values which traditionally give people sense of family...marriages, kids, home with a backyard, or even a pet. Too preoccupied with making their loan payments. Here is my prescription: ONLY VOTE FOR CANDIDATES THAT WILL GIVE TAX CREDIT (not a stupid deduction) for graduates paying off their loans. Should be up to 15k a year till paid off. You will cure half these struggling adults. So yes, it is about money whether you like it or not. (No, I’m not speaking for myself, but I understand). Tell your congressman.

  • Not ur average Joker

    And that was 8yrs ago at least, and that’s just wat they show us. How far are the ahead of us for real?

  • James777921
    James777921 Hour ago

    Amazing talk, what a great guy

  • Protus
    Protus Hour ago

    Meh, this would have been better if they weren't able to see each other as she was pulling up her arm. Looks a bit too easy to fake.

  • Adam Chapman
    Adam Chapman Hour ago

    Wow this ol chestnut again. Ignore me, just a russian bot here.

  • Tidis Military Robotics

    Dang that cool

  • Matthew Quinn
    Matthew Quinn Hour ago

    I watched this because I confused procrastinator with a pessimist. I didn't realize it until like 5 minutes in.

  • Sy Hong
    Sy Hong Hour ago

    Joseph. You are amazing. Your soul is beautiful. I hope and pray that you find your family ❤️

  • Olga Herrejon
    Olga Herrejon Hour ago

    I've never done drugs,

  • Aaron Cochran
    Aaron Cochran Hour ago

    NASA's Project Apollo was an epic team with over 300,000 contributing team members. That was 50 years ago so yes we know it can be done-- what required is the motivation.

  • Grinded Gears
    Grinded Gears Hour ago

    He lost me after 3 minutes. Women aren't oppressed. They actually have more rights than men.

  • Connor Fitzgerald

    Are there people who aren’t like this?

  • Asami xd
    Asami xd Hour ago

    This is honestly great

  • Maya M.
    Maya M. Hour ago

    I do totally agree, but I would also add that bad nutrition can contribute a lot towards depression. Finding it all in researches, observations and personal experience I can defintly approve it. Even if bad nutrition most likely isn't the actual cause, it's still a pretty significant factor since once you feel sluggish or fatigued, you might get or stay way easier in unhealthy mental habits. Instead of pursuing healthy goals you might prefer to get comfy and "relax" in front of TV etc. So if you are in a depression it might be easier to firstly improve your diet, so you have more energy for the social things. And no, you do not need to to go crazy on it... Just check out what makes you feel good and what steals your energy. In my personal experience a lot of the social adjustments resolved themself easily once I felt better. I don't know if there is a perfect diet for everyone, but for me a low carb diet + IF was the magic key. Once I was off the bloodsugar rollercoaster, I just didn't get tired anymore and therefore I had a lot of additional time for the social stuff that I needed. Similar things I also did observe with people around me.

  • Harry Gibson
    Harry Gibson Hour ago

    Tony Robbins was teaching human needs in the 80"s as part of his program and people through out history have known about this for a long time. Johaan Hari has now joined this link of good information. Hope it helps those of you going through a rough time.

  • Jaume Cabistany
    Jaume Cabistany Hour ago


  • oscaredodiazb
    oscaredodiazb Hour ago

    No aguanté, insoportable el ruedo o chasquido que hace después de terminar cada palabra, aunque el tema es bueno.

  • jason Wilkerson
    jason Wilkerson Hour ago

    Thank you God for the timing of this video. This is one of the few exceptional TED Talks. So inspirational. It's interesting that I've been thinking about including something about meeting our needs in my vision statement.

  • Ross Modesto
    Ross Modesto Hour ago

    You are a TOOL lady

  • panos karanasios

    ......If you want to save planet, first of all loose weight.

  • Aniket Shinde
    Aniket Shinde Hour ago

    Now virtual life is available in dark mode as if real life wasn't dark enough

  • JP Abraham
    JP Abraham Hour ago

    Most indian writers and historians are dis-honest. Totally untrusted . The north indians elite are are always seen to take on an idelogical or political view to serve their vested interest.Tony Joseph is another fraud denying the ancient indian civilization as being a Tamil civilization. The rejection of Indo-Aryan Migration theory are the Hindutva people that are scared of being accused as the descendents of Aryan invaders/migrants. They are fearful of being seen of an ethnicity not native to India different from the native dravidians .They were also fearful to be seen with a culture inferior to the Tamil civilization .The tamils are the authentic indians

  • Wagner Barboza Cunha


  • Len Kaiser
    Len Kaiser Hour ago

    To be an excellent musician you have to "Feel" it, not just play it.

  • Katie Miller
    Katie Miller Hour ago

    Me: ... Nobody: TheXvid Recommendations: tHis CouLd bE whY yOu'RE DepResseD or AnxIouS I mean, they're not wrong, but still.

  • panos karanasios

    ....Who needs all these sick persons? The tittle of this video should be ''a new way to get every child under more and more control and restriction''. I am very glad that I don't live in the States. American people wake up!!!

  • maryanne o'neill

    what a paradox !

  • The Artist
    The Artist Hour ago

    This guy is a victim of the new fad sweeping this nation's universities., "Post Modernism" with this new weapon of the left, everyone can be a victim. At 1:43 he says , "Racial bias baked into every stage of the process" (The justice system) Lets put criminals in jail and keep good people out and when we see a provable instance of racism, call it out. But to say the system is the reason for incarceration instead of crime is bullshit!! Lets judge a man by his character please and leave color out of it.

  • Ravi N.
    Ravi N. Hour ago

    Watching this public reaction in 2019 is quiet shocking ! Lol, they are giving standing ovation. !

  • Nikhil Bhaskar
    Nikhil Bhaskar Hour ago

    It's not simply being part of a group that will solve it, though. It depends on WHICH group. You can have a friend circle that parades in junk food, sugar, alcohol and/or social media, and you will still be depressed. Find a group that prioritizes physical and mental strength.

  • a 9 year old that watches you through your window

    Remember that channel called...I forgot what it was called, but it was a channel with a dad and his two daughters, one of their names, I think, being "Annabelle," I forgot the other girl's name. But that channel was terminated.

  • Omg
    Omg Hour ago


  • Ravi N.
    Ravi N. Hour ago

    I will not accept this public reaction in 2019

  • Odd-Arne Dahle
    Odd-Arne Dahle Hour ago

    We built a domestic chicken, then we build a wild chicken again... Stupid scientists...

  • saryn toews
    saryn toews Hour ago

    What happens when the bear comes home every night? 😰

  • JC Torres
    JC Torres Hour ago

    This has already been used by American comic. Totally flows the same. Nice copy cat

  • Oliver
    Oliver Hour ago

    Vietch nice pants

  • Viviana Gimenez
    Viviana Gimenez Hour ago

    So simple yet so hard: we've come a long way just to realize we need to go back to tribes. Find it in your zumba classmates, your gardening club, your meditation group. But find it! We're social beings: needing other people doesnt make us weak: it only makes us more humane. Excellent talk, thank you!

  • Joel Ceda
    Joel Ceda Hour ago

    ...I want that swarm of robotic fireflies as my pet.

  • Silverite Q
    Silverite Q Hour ago

    This is always where I go when I want to cut.

  • Joshua Crisp
    Joshua Crisp Hour ago

    If materialism is true then it is a biology cause since needs aren't physical, they aren't material.

  • IKnow
    IKnow Hour ago

    Bunch of bolognese

  • Julian No
    Julian No Hour ago

    this guy is hopelessly optimistic and in some denial, he is also married like most all techies to his own love of 'cool'. Moving from isolation to connection? I fail to see the logic in that futurist conclusion near the end of this presentation.

  • eemGotJokes
    eemGotJokes Hour ago

    She’s built like a 12 year old boy

  • Tanbi
    Tanbi Hour ago

    Kevin James really took a turn since here comes the boom

  • Ivan Lendl
    Ivan Lendl Hour ago

    If there is intelligent life out there they’re likely nothing like us. We evolved over a very long period of time on a planet with specific conditions. If you notice whenever scientists discover a possible habitable planet there are always numerous significant differences that make it unlivable for us earthlings. Humans evolved on a planet that has a specific level of gravity, abundant oxygen, isn’t tidally locked, has plate tectonics etc. We are equipped for a very specific type of existence. And if intelligent life out there ever discovers us we shouldn’t jump for joy, we should be very worried.

  • Bertrand Riberprey
    Bertrand Riberprey 2 hours ago

    very very good

  • cherry b
    cherry b 2 hours ago

    why was everyone laughing at the statistics of stress related death...

    LCL BOTELHO 2 hours ago

    Not a rising China , but a rising BRICS .And if war happens , It will be a war against the perception of an barbaric deep Anti Social and inhumane Corporate bourgeois Aristocratic Capitalistic World (USA and some Allies) .It could happens in the same time USA will be engulfed in a new horrible diffuse "secession" war of ethnic origin.On the improved Marxism 1-Stalinism , USSR become titanic on military .On the improved Marxism 2 -Deng Xia Ping , China become titanic on Economics .

  • Eugene K
    Eugene K 2 hours ago

    What a beautiful woman with a beautiful message!

  • Lotus LT
    Lotus LT 2 hours ago

    great talk!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 hours ago

    "We're all hallucinating all the time, including right now. It's just that when we agree about our hallucinations, we call that reality. "

  • LAMM youtube
    LAMM youtube 2 hours ago

    I never expected this video to say something positive about playing video games

  • NewWhirledOrder
    NewWhirledOrder 2 hours ago

    When I was a kid it was just "LGB". The world gets a little more insane and these people act more and more entitled with every letter they add to it.