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  • Guinevere Baroque
    Guinevere Baroque 35 seconds ago

    My skin lookin like sun beige

  • Mythical ski:\
    Mythical ski:\ 3 minutes ago

    wait hes only 15 now but he was speeding in a car ???

  • Chickenasaurus
    Chickenasaurus 3 minutes ago

    Wait, what?

  • syhrf iskndr
    syhrf iskndr 5 minutes ago

    so proud to be a muslim !!

  • Papa's Tummy Fuzz
    Papa's Tummy Fuzz 11 minutes ago

    *E N D I N G I T*

  • Lalisa Manoban
    Lalisa Manoban 11 minutes ago

    I was born November the 8ths to

  • simona agostino
    simona agostino 13 minutes ago

    sounds like a sociopath, not a psychopath

  • Maitta King
    Maitta King 14 minutes ago

    CHILD SUPPORT, he needs that

  • don’t touch me fam
    don’t touch me fam 16 minutes ago

    I’m 160 pounds and I feel like a cow but who cares love yourself.

  • mdieart
    mdieart 18 minutes ago

    Her:I dOnt WAnT To rUiN MY tEaCHeR JOb Me:so your just going to let him touched the others student?

  • bangahz gaming
    bangahz gaming 22 minutes ago

    jeez what a tragic life to go through

  • porsha spice
    porsha spice 23 minutes ago

    When people are pregnant and there in jail the police are not that rude

  • K Scholes
    K Scholes 26 minutes ago

    This is just sad

  • Miranda Finch
    Miranda Finch 27 minutes ago

    I’m a victim of gun violence in school. I remember the gunshots, I remember the blood, I remember the shooters face.... I was less than 5 feet away from people who died. The worst part is that it all happened within a span of 5 seconds. I know this trauma will never go away, and I think about the shooting daily. Thank you for spreading awareness.

  • luny
    luny 27 minutes ago

    i hope they would add english caption sub

  • Jaxon Robb
    Jaxon Robb 29 minutes ago

    how unlucky ovarian cancer then past that then liver cancer and died a day after the most fun day of the year!

  • Heiwa Cassie
    Heiwa Cassie 29 minutes ago

    Waw, I had some damn things like that a few years ago with weed

  • Ava Beveridge
    Ava Beveridge 31 minute ago

    This guy has a sad life...1 like = 1 prayer for this guys life to get better 🙏🏻😢❤️

  • Linda Gaston
    Linda Gaston 32 minutes ago

    Your story is amazing.

  • al fahn
    al fahn 32 minutes ago

    How can you afraid of ending when you looking for one

  • Rip Bunny
    Rip Bunny 32 minutes ago

    So is this about u born in jail or your grandma

  • Jaxon Robb
    Jaxon Robb 34 minutes ago

    my mum survived overian cancer a couple years ago

  • Christian Leon
    Christian Leon 36 minutes ago

    Took a big fat L now my wrist is my cutting board? I'm never having kids

  • Ralyaa21
    Ralyaa21 38 minutes ago

    Just kick his groin😂

  • Inderpreet Bains
    Inderpreet Bains 39 minutes ago

    Yet if a boys under 5'8 girls think it's fine to find em gross

  • Christian Leon
    Christian Leon 40 minutes ago

    Imagine dating a ginger

  • kenzie ziegler
    kenzie ziegler 40 minutes ago

    He is 15 and can drive?

  • Candy 123
    Candy 123 42 minutes ago

    Damn poor kid I’m fifteen as well and can’t even imagine having a life like that I really feel for this kid and I will try to pray for him I wish him the best of luck and I hope he is doing better 😇

  • SkydivisionX
    SkydivisionX 42 minutes ago

    So.. this is the story of Diavolo..

  • Guac Amole
    Guac Amole 46 minutes ago

    This is so sad and dark that it cant be a fake one like a lot of them are

  • someone who lost his fortnut acount

    1 day off my Bday

  • diĐi
    diĐi 49 minutes ago

    Oh what are the odds a senior or college freshman hitting on a freshman

  • ツ*-Gacha Kate-*
    ツ*-Gacha Kate-* 51 minute ago

    Not Jimmy!

  • Ieatyomamacookies Gacha

    I was in a lockdown because someone had come in the school and went to one of the classrooms and barged in, He took a student and choked a student out soon the police came and he was gone.

  • daniela rivera
    daniela rivera 51 minute ago

    "would cheat on me behind my back" the logic in this ....

  • Sabine SPILLER
    Sabine SPILLER 52 minutes ago

    Anybody notice that Samantha and her Mum are both wearing the same clothes!?

  • jackie Harris
    jackie Harris 53 minutes ago

    When I was little I remember that I thought that school was the safest place now since im in 5 grade I realized that no where was safe anymore everywhere you go is not safe not even the police station was safe..........we live in a world where nothing is safe...we think there is one safe place in the world....but there's not⬛

  • diĐi
    diĐi 56 minutes ago

    Yea of course the middle child is the hated one

  • Hakrmii
    Hakrmii 56 minutes ago

    This is the funniest thing ive watched all day lmao

  • Holly James
    Holly James 56 minutes ago

    Problems being the middle child 🙄

  • REEE Man
    REEE Man 57 minutes ago

    How the hell does this relate to prison he was just born in it, how does people dying relate to him being born in prison

  • Sabine SPILLER
    Sabine SPILLER 58 minutes ago


  • Pierre
    Pierre Hour ago

    he is diavolo :c

  • Cupcake Muffin
    Cupcake Muffin Hour ago

    Why was ur mum is jail

  • Monica Antone
    Monica Antone Hour ago

    No it not your fault this happen to my friend that means your strong

  • Kodarpy
    Kodarpy Hour ago

    This plays out in almost exact parallel to Edgar Allan Poe’s life, but instead of cancer and diabetes it’s Tuberculosis

  • エイジャ
    エイジャ Hour ago

    I completely forgot about the title at the end of the video

  • Tripp Kayser
    Tripp Kayser Hour ago

    I was born in a prison cell to

  • Sandra Playz 0912

    I don't know why but this kinda videos entertain me

  • Nayara Simoes
    Nayara Simoes Hour ago

    This maybe helpful and important to know for others SO TheXvid CAN YOU STOP CENSORING WORDS

  • your local sleep paralysis demon.

    the best skin is peppas its pink 💅🏽

  • •Blue caterpillar•

    I feel so bad for this guy :( Edit: OML fifteen??

  • Lovely Maroon ラブリーマルーン

    The continuation of the Woman who gave birth in prison *(Inside Edition)*

  • Facts! Games life!

    Wow just like being born in a improved disneyland

  • _Knome_
    _Knome_ Hour ago

    *I just bet if they tried to fought the shooters they will send the students first*

  • JaeHee
    JaeHee Hour ago

    Your only 16? Why is ur life so tragic?

  • _Knome_
    _Knome_ Hour ago

    Dang so all these videos have their title

  • Puthideth Prum
    Puthideth Prum Hour ago

    How can that he’s fifteen years old and he drink

  • Sarah Browne
    Sarah Browne Hour ago

    What is the background music called? Thanks to anyone who answers!

  • Melany Acuna
    Melany Acuna Hour ago

    middle child things

  • fun time Diaz
    fun time Diaz Hour ago

    dude you only got in jail in the start the rest is just daing

  • XXMaxthegladitor5XX stay aweosme

    *this video really tried to get me crying but people in 2019 are more serious*

  • Star Butterfly
    Star Butterfly Hour ago

    Woah woah wait he’s 15 and he drinks??!!?

  • EvanLovesWhiskey

    I dont know who does the art for these but I love you

  • Tamisha Mazyck
    Tamisha Mazyck Hour ago

    No one should be treated this way, man or woman...I hope this girl gets the help she needs before she hurts herself or someone else!

  • Dehydrated water

    Cruising down the school ,gonna shoot

  • Jimin’s hair line Art trash

    My stepbrother touched me inappropriately tow times one was three years ago and the second time last year, so i had to tell someone and i told my mom and sister, thank god they’re the only ones who believed me cuz the others blamed me my stepsisters and almost all of our relatives and even neighbors they think that I’m making all this up to separate him from my fathers house but even my father doesn’t believe me until this day

  • Jaxon Sandford
    Jaxon Sandford Hour ago

    I want to be this guys friend

  • UwU god OWO godess

    Guys stop it's not gonna change that's actually happened not minute videos

  • NarwhalXD :]
    NarwhalXD :] Hour ago

    that sucks that you had to go through that i had to live with my grandparents as well

  • Thë Ünknøwn ツ

    I’m Latina- so I got dark skin naturally uwu *AnD iM pRoUD!!!!!!*

  • alex anyart101
    alex anyart101 Hour ago

    Me: HELP I GOT SHOOT! School nurse: here an ice pack

  • Cute as duck
    Cute as duck Hour ago

    Someone tell me what in the world happened with her I am so confused because they censored it out. Did he drug her??

  • Roselle Luna
    Roselle Luna 2 hours ago

    I tried to loss weight but my husband told me it would be better if I stayed chubby .💕he loves my body this way😘

  • ABL36
    ABL36 2 hours ago

    Sob story!!

  • IncineroarBeatsYou
    IncineroarBeatsYou 2 hours ago

    Me: i got shot Mom: it's cuz of that phone

  • sarjan sri
    sarjan sri 2 hours ago

    I’m the guy who got shot from the studernd

  • DaPanda :3
    DaPanda :3 2 hours ago

    don't be a whiny homophobic

  • Unlucky Shoe
    Unlucky Shoe 2 hours ago

    4:42 Bruh the door

  • Gelly M
    Gelly M 2 hours ago

    Ok soooo your 14 and a senior I’m confused ????🤔🤔😂

  • Yeetus Fettus
    Yeetus Fettus 2 hours ago

    1:38 *that don’t look like a mint, bud...*

  • Dehydrated water
    Dehydrated water 2 hours ago

    Creeper, aw man so we back in the mine got our pickaxes swinging from side to side, side side to side

  • Caleb Gill
    Caleb Gill 2 hours ago

    I fell bad so 1 like =1 prayer

  • • LOST • • ALONE •

    Me: I wanna go on a diet! Also me: *watches video* The last me: _no_

  • Kaleigh Ortega
    Kaleigh Ortega 2 hours ago

    Nobody: Not a soul: Not even Jesus: Her: he was very attractive

  • red drawer
    red drawer 2 hours ago

    I love how his girlfriend died will he was driving but know he is 15 that makes a lot of sense

  • Pheebs S.
    Pheebs S. 2 hours ago

    This video is what made me unsubscribe. It’s a slap in the face to LGBT youth. I’ve been told by me peers that I’m dirty and living in sin. You don’t choose your sexuality. You DO choose to be a bigot.

  • Ashleigh Williams
    Ashleigh Williams 2 hours ago

    Anybody here from Morges 👀

  • Jamie
    Jamie 2 hours ago

    Ah right I'm in the grade were most school shootings happens *frick*

  • Memory AEBDC
    Memory AEBDC 2 hours ago

    The thing that I like about Minutes Videos Over Actually Happened is that Minuets videos actually sound real and fake

  • Deany Starbuck
    Deany Starbuck 2 hours ago

    I would have called my family and had them purchase a ticket and left that dumb ass place. I would have trashed the place before I left too.

  • Joan Pars
    Joan Pars 2 hours ago

    Plot twist: Her grandson had really really bad breath thats why her grandma always gave him a mint and ate one herself so it wouldn't be obvious hahaha

  • Heba A
    Heba A 2 hours ago

    I cried when the frame said your grandpas there

  • DoX Pipe
    DoX Pipe 2 hours ago

    God bless

  • Anjel Rk
    Anjel Rk 2 hours ago

    Anyone who knows the husband I will smash his balls

  • L Godina
    L Godina 2 hours ago

    My mom has it to and she is almost gone

  • Sarah Christman
    Sarah Christman 2 hours ago

    Today was the day I lost my cousin in a dirt bike race like 8 years ago

  • Vad3r Gam3r
    Vad3r Gam3r 2 hours ago

    She could've put it on mute you know.

  • Olivia Ingrey
    Olivia Ingrey 2 hours ago

    My grandma died from cancer

  • DaPanda :3
    DaPanda :3 2 hours ago