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  • I Am Myself
    I Am Myself 2 hours ago

    I would go to school and trash the place

  • Xavier 2.0
    Xavier 2.0 2 hours ago

    But BFF is better But BFFF is better Best beeeep friend forever

  • joeponpon
    joeponpon 2 hours ago

    “That might decrease the chance of coming back here”Thomas Wait...doesn’t he not want to go there

  • adnin aqilah
    adnin aqilah 3 hours ago

    This is like hotel del luna 😂

  • Sama's Galleria
    Sama's Galleria 3 hours ago

    3:17 did you watch this with your friends or with your date? Me: neither, I'm home alone.

  • Joanna Cheng
    Joanna Cheng 3 hours ago

    I am a ghost to my friends.Even if I shout, they still ignore me.😨😥😥😥😥😣😢😩😧😰😣😱😵

  • Sama's Galleria
    Sama's Galleria 3 hours ago

    2:17 did anyone else notice that they just walked back the way they came after bumping into each other?

  • JM Digger
    JM Digger 3 hours ago

    I love pris

  • Miss Frog
    Miss Frog 3 hours ago

    i thought he was gonna say "hey im gonna get some drinks. do you want anything?" "oh yeah sure" "eh, nevermind." *goes away*

  • Aadvik Dhaul
    Aadvik Dhaul 3 hours ago

    If I were a ghost I would haunt my brother and friends

  • Esian
    Esian 3 hours ago

    You should re name is video to: “My friend died and he is being an asshole now”

  • Typical naps
    Typical naps 3 hours ago

    I think I would haunt and scare people who have wronged me so bad to the point they need therapy. Then, i get my revenge AND help therapists everywhere earn more money cause theyll be getting more customers. My best friend will be medium who has no choice but listen to me talk about joyfully tormenting my enemies

  • little miss cute
    little miss cute 4 hours ago

    Lol plot twist in the end XD

  • Daniel Ang
    Daniel Ang 4 hours ago

    Haha the ending tho

  • rexy eirah Doronila
    rexy eirah Doronila 4 hours ago

    4:59 "look behind you" 😂😂

  • Javier Lim
    Javier Lim 4 hours ago

    If i were a ghost i will prank people or even sabotage them


    If I was a ghost I would cursed some of my friends that I hate

  • Choco Pie
    Choco Pie 4 hours ago

    Did anyone notice that Audrey has two glasses in the Fashion Junkie? 😂

  • Jonaz Ng
    Jonaz Ng 4 hours ago

    Do the same

  • cloudy soul
    cloudy soul 4 hours ago

    you know, if I was a ghost I would slap everyone incredibly hard because i've never tried before.

  • mobile tricks
    mobile tricks 4 hours ago

    i am use iphone and anroid

  • pokemon fan club 2
    pokemon fan club 2 4 hours ago

    Hey I'm 4"8. And having same problem

  • Moriam Akter
    Moriam Akter 4 hours ago

    I'd go to "pizza hut" !!!! ❤❤❤

  • I AM 1/3 WANTED
    I AM 1/3 WANTED 4 hours ago

    Jack frost lol😂😂

    SANGEETA SHARMA 5 hours ago

    It's the reality of today world...they just assume too much and not try to understand the actual reality

  • Tanvi Rastogi
    Tanvi Rastogi 5 hours ago

    Q. what would you do if u were a ghost? Ans. I would burn my school first

  • SojuxDD
    SojuxDD 5 hours ago

    Keiji's black eyes are getting worse. 1like=1 prayer for his eyes

  • Lowell Lin
    Lowell Lin 5 hours ago


  • debtu
    debtu 5 hours ago

    Part 2 pleeeease

  • Clarissa Chandani Christopher

    hi Edit:Anyone live in Malaysia

  • ZelleZ Toys Review
    ZelleZ Toys Review 5 hours ago

    Very entertaining!

  • Joyce boba
    Joyce boba 6 hours ago

    jang man wol

  • Amy Hou
    Amy Hou 6 hours ago

    3:25 that's why your socks are missing

    ELITE ALPHA 6 hours ago

    Nuuuuu I miss fish:(

  • Bruce Banner
    Bruce Banner 6 hours ago

    Basically people with low EQ suck

  • Jerry747380
    Jerry747380 7 hours ago

    2:25 My uncle told me the story of the ghost that sat on the person.

  • I LOVE MALTA and gozo

    Welcome Adam I'm actually kej gi god: oh come on all you Asian people are the same

  • محسنة بنت يوسف

    If i were invisible, I would just hurt people SOOO bad , that they don't hurt anyone ever again

  • Sophia Kim
    Sophia Kim 7 hours ago

    Terence is back!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • Mihir Shah
    Mihir Shah 8 hours ago

    Awesome Video ! Really enjoyed every bit of it

  • sugar queen
    sugar queen 9 hours ago

    The no attention one had me going to the hospital. Lol this video was hilarious 😂😂 😂😂😂 😂

  • Kaela Imasa
    Kaela Imasa 9 hours ago

    *im sorry, but i got a bts ad. goodbye.*

  • AB EH
    AB EH 9 hours ago

    Most of the things you've mentioned arent related to the gym tho..

  • Maszrudean YearOne
    Maszrudean YearOne 10 hours ago

    I hate girls like that.That is always annoying

  • Abraham Solano
    Abraham Solano 10 hours ago

    I’m an Aries and if I were determined I would be buff.

  • CrystalPaint [Official]

    I'm a scorpio, my sister is a Aries, my mother a leo.. yes i live with the fire signs

  • Jessica Fang
    Jessica Fang 10 hours ago

    Isn’t durian smell horrible? That’s what I heard and smelled before

  • • K a i •
    • K a i • 11 hours ago

    2:42 no wonder the mall Brunei lift so cacat

  • ツAlpha
    ツAlpha 11 hours ago

    Snort is the one I do at home back then

  • wAiT WhAt
    wAiT WhAt 11 hours ago

    I’m an Aries but I’m NOTHING LIKE MY SIGN I’m more libra

  • Apeksha Adhikari
    Apeksha Adhikari 11 hours ago

    I would just still stuff

  • Aimi Syafiqah
    Aimi Syafiqah 11 hours ago


  • Anoushka LUTHRA
    Anoushka LUTHRA 11 hours ago

    At 2:28, if he is a ghost how can they see his hands?

  • Sky Kang
    Sky Kang 11 hours ago

    sagg would flirt at the gym just for fun

  • Meh 12lamo
    Meh 12lamo 12 hours ago

    At 3:10 the guy at the back is trying not to laugh 😝

  • No One
    No One 12 hours ago

    5:00 Look behind you 👻 👻 👻

  • AK Kua
    AK Kua 12 hours ago

    Now tell me the manufacturer of the elevator... That sensor can be made into a ghost detector!

  • Sergi Escrivá Morant
    Sergi Escrivá Morant 12 hours ago

    1 scene for Cancer but it owned the whole video 😂

  • Sergi Escrivá Morant
    Sergi Escrivá Morant 12 hours ago

    CANCER 😂😂😂😂😂

  • elisha baquial
    elisha baquial 12 hours ago

    Why is trev even there?! I though he is in Class T1T5 hahaha

  • Silvia Li
    Silvia Li 13 hours ago

    If I was a ghost I would board a plane to Korea and meet bts! <3

  • Natasha Gobin
    Natasha Gobin 13 hours ago

    I realy want to believe the sock one.

  • Velin Caroline Hua
    Velin Caroline Hua 14 hours ago

    Wow I Wanna be Invincible like a Ghost!!! Tease All Bad Guys without a Mercy LOL 👻👻👻

  • cherryxo
    cherryxo 14 hours ago

    5:00 ‘look behind you’

  • Nehru Thiru
    Nehru Thiru 14 hours ago

    I will help my friends in exam

  • Gacha Madison
    Gacha Madison 14 hours ago

    THIs IS ASMr GUys

  • Nishy Playz
    Nishy Playz 14 hours ago

    I think I’m in the middle of the two 😝

  • Gary Garratt
    Gary Garratt 14 hours ago

    Singapore will be bigger than Malaysia following a mass land re-claiming program by the PAP government. 😂

  • ArcherZER0
    ArcherZER0 14 hours ago

    Peeping at others in the shower is not okay even if you dont get caught. Not cool wah banana. Dont try to make such actions seem like normal things men can do

    • Wah!Banana
      Wah!Banana 13 hours ago

      the whole point of him not being able to do it shows we are not cool with it.

  • Sky Kang
    Sky Kang 15 hours ago

    Why was there so much of Taurus and soo little of Sagittarius? Sagg would be so much more interesting at the dinner

  • Random Boi
    Random Boi 15 hours ago

    Avengers infinity war has the most ambitio- Capricorn:Sir, thats where you are wrong

  • ChisakiTan
    ChisakiTan 15 hours ago

    so bodoh don't go see naked girl first

  • hobi_ hubby
    hobi_ hubby 15 hours ago

    3:08 Im a cancer and that has happened to me...I was meditating and i was thinking too much and i started crying...I tcalled my best friend and siad that i love him and that im not okay....LOrD HeLp Me

  • Achilles' Boyfriend
    Achilles' Boyfriend 15 hours ago

    Me, a Cancer with anger issues: *Leo, I fukcing dare you to tell me to shut up again, you uncultured bossy bitch-*

  • Kimani Jalane
    Kimani Jalane 15 hours ago

    Any Virgos ♍️ ????

  • Samia Haque Mithi
    Samia Haque Mithi 16 hours ago

    Where's the subtitle??

  • rosie vids
    rosie vids 17 hours ago

    Dude I hate how Aries are know for being bossy. Every Aries I know are nice and chill. *but ya us aries are impatient*

  • Beatrice Neniute
    Beatrice Neniute 17 hours ago

    As a Pisces, I'm very romantic and delusional. Totally!!! lol

  • Brian Loves Jungkook
    Brian Loves Jungkook 17 hours ago


  • Rawan Alhamwi
    Rawan Alhamwi 17 hours ago

    Why do all of zodiac sign vids either not mention cancer or mention it as its stupid or eM0Ti0Nal -_-

  • Georgia Friedrichs
    Georgia Friedrichs 19 hours ago

    The America one is so correct 🤣

    OFFICIAL BLINK 19 hours ago

    Why no Bangladesh?

  • Pascal Estienne
    Pascal Estienne 19 hours ago

    I love in England no one does that they slurp all the time but this is really funny and I love it

  • Simply Suga
    Simply Suga 19 hours ago

    The Thumbnail😂😂😅

  • Pascal Estienne
    Pascal Estienne 19 hours ago

    I am Russian and French and I don't do it

  • kookie monster
    kookie monster 19 hours ago

    What... Happened to chrysan

  • Always Wild Always Free

    Ohhhh! So thats why elevators do that 😂😁👻

  • zehra Ugurel
    zehra Ugurel 19 hours ago

    I would kill everyone if I was invisible cause nobody would know who did it

  • Lyle Angelo
    Lyle Angelo 19 hours ago

    “I want to see the naked Girl”

  • MORE! Gaming For Fun
    MORE! Gaming For Fun 19 hours ago

    I was watching Jian Hao Before Watching Wah Banana I dont watch Jian Hao Vidoes So Jian If U Saw this comment so im sorry but the 1st video That i watched In Wah Banana is Android VS iPhone

  • Whuduwant
    Whuduwant 19 hours ago

    Do so many bad thing still can go heaven tomorrow HAHAHHA

  • Giri Rajan
    Giri Rajan 19 hours ago


  • kshirja gambhir
    kshirja gambhir 19 hours ago

    Get onto planes and travel world without ticket

  • Itz Lisa
    Itz Lisa 19 hours ago

    wow this whole video is me.

  • Luviin' Lyfe
    Luviin' Lyfe 20 hours ago

    2:06 Wouldn't Keiji's hands just go through Jason?

  • Deft Pla
    Deft Pla 20 hours ago

    That sock part was funn af

  • Matti Park
    Matti Park 20 hours ago

    Why she always say Ah girl

  • Perth chameleon
    Perth chameleon 20 hours ago

    If I were a ghost, I'd take revenge on all them assholes who wronged me n find blackmail as icing on the cake so that I can use it if they become assholes again.

  • chas ames
    chas ames 20 hours ago

    Ghosts are miked?

  • Lilydiamondgamergirl 838484

    My story animated