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  • CCGtv
    CCGtv Year ago

    Hey, I just looked at your channel you feature some dope content ! Check out some of my channel and sub if you like the content. Thanks for your time !!!

  • 2 years ago

    you guys should play the dreadout series : act 0, 1, 2 and keepers the dark. knowing how u play, and how specific and hard the puzzles are, that's like 2 months of GT live :p

  • kfcroc18
    kfcroc18 2 years ago

    did they ever do notes of obsession?

  • TheBlack Kat
    TheBlack Kat 2 years ago

    Quick question, And this may sound silly But I can never catch up on when the next livestream is!!!!

  • Louiesplatootie
    Louiesplatootie 2 years ago

    Hey! Can you play The Walking Dead (Telltale Games)?

  • 死野子遊助
    死野子遊助 2 years ago

    How about trying Horror RPG Games such as: Ib, Witch's House, and / or Mad Father?

  • AssassinGrudge
    AssassinGrudge 2 years ago

    Hey MtPat best youtuber ever, good work u r doing specially live streaming every day. i just want to you to play some competitive 3A games like overwatch, evolve stage 2, team fortress, or mybe league of legend u and stepth jason and the dude who hacked zelda and finished it in 2 mins. it will be fun to watch

  • potato gamez
    potato gamez 2 years ago

    when is next live stream?

  • Nong_Ing
    Nong_Ing 2 years ago

    The quality of the videos is just not enough... I need my 1080p

  • JustAnotherPokeTuber

    Wheres the Scary Games Friday stream?

  • Slay A Ton
    Slay A Ton 2 years ago

    Plz put the Job Simulator stream in the archives.

  • AnimeLemonade
    AnimeLemonade 2 years ago

    #MatPat when is next strem?

  • Mindaugas Guobys
    Mindaugas Guobys 2 years ago

    Hey Mat maybe you want to do Zero Escape Zero Time Dilemma stream? Its really good game I would love to watch live stream of this game.

  • JustAnotherPokeTuber

    Here's hoping they'll play a long-running game that they like. Who's with me?!

  • Sergeant Doomkin
    Sergeant Doomkin 2 years ago

    wheres the 4th uranium stream? you streamed the 5th on thursday, wheres the 4th episode?

  • mrvalo90
    mrvalo90 2 years ago

    hay matpat try play outlast game is really screy game you go like it!

  • Tommy Sal
    Tommy Sal 2 years ago

    Where do they do there streams at? Do they just do it in youtube or like twich or something i have been trying to watch one of there streams but i have never got to and i have been looking every where to do so

  • B1u3 Charizard
    B1u3 Charizard 2 years ago

    I was noticed in his stream at the end!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ayriana Shenfeld
    Ayriana Shenfeld 2 years ago

    Hey guys! I was wondering if you knew: Do they upload EVERY stream onto GTLive? The visitor stream doesnt appear to be there, and i would love to be able to watch every livestream (Though i did catch the visitor live, so if they just missed uploading that one or something)

  • Uros Smiljanic
    Uros Smiljanic 2 years ago

    Dear Matpat i watched one of your episodes and you mantioned one site whom you used to learn many photo and video editor programs. I forgot the name of that site so would you kindly ( look bad BioShock pun ) tell me the name of it tnx :D

  • Last Impression
    Last Impression 2 years ago

    Hey I live in Indiana what time would they stream for me?

  • Mike Wallis
    Mike Wallis 2 years ago

    A new horror and jump scare game launched on Steam called CURSE. Would love to see you live-stream this!

  • zach colbert
    zach colbert 2 years ago

    i would like to see them play The Hat Man: Shadow Ward

  • Brady Shaw
    Brady Shaw 2 years ago

    when are they putting up the live streams from the other days?

  • Mar Tozlar
    Mar Tozlar 2 years ago

    I have a game suggestion for you. In the comments a lot of people have been wanting you to play Dangan Ronpa. It is super fun and I would !I've to watch you play it! Maybe give it a bit of thought? Oh and have Jason or Stephanie look it up because there are spoilers everywhere (it is a murder mystery).

  • Vetle Vedal
    Vetle Vedal 2 years ago

    when are the streams anyway i can't find a timetable anywhere

  • K 1
    K 1 2 years ago

    When does the next episode air

  • radpaff gaming
    radpaff gaming 2 years ago

    Do I watch his streams live from youtube if not what website

  • Trevor Pohlman
    Trevor Pohlman 2 years ago

    Hey, is there any way of getting the Game Theory Theme as a ringtone?

  • Martin Novotny
    Martin Novotny 2 years ago

    Can you play Alien Isolation, please???

  • Flimlover
    Flimlover 2 years ago

    when and where do u stream

  • Matteo Ar
    Matteo Ar 2 years ago


  • rip admiral ackbar
    rip admiral ackbar 2 years ago

    play hitman 2016 please!!!!!! matpat

  • daniel rivas
    daniel rivas 2 years ago

    anyone know when his next live stream is

  • Starofthecosmos
    Starofthecosmos 2 years ago

    when is scary games friday start

  • Gaucho
    Gaucho 2 years ago

    what happened to dlc quest?

  • Lyn
    Lyn 2 years ago

    not sure if you guys like anime but there's an Attack on Titan game just wondering if you're interested....

  • Brady Shaw
    Brady Shaw 2 years ago

    hey are they streaming i can't see

  • Brady Shaw
    Brady Shaw 2 years ago

    can't wait!!!

  • 1v1Dogfights
    1v1Dogfights 2 years ago

    @Matpat So i was playing the MK9 Towers with kano and then it hit me:How much damage does kano's kano ball do? Could you do a video on this?

  • Gaucho
    Gaucho 2 years ago

    they probably wouldn't but id love to see tf2

  • Bally Plays
    Bally Plays 2 years ago

    # Sheepmurder

  • Brady Shaw
    Brady Shaw 2 years ago


  • Brady Shaw
    Brady Shaw 2 years ago

    why they late

  • Brady Shaw
    Brady Shaw 2 years ago

    can't wait !!

  • Violet Bishop
    Violet Bishop 2 years ago

    And where do we see, here or?

  • Violet Bishop
    Violet Bishop 2 years ago

    How do you know when hes going to start streaming?

  • braum
    braum 2 years ago

    ?whan you do the naxt live

  • Maroki06
    Maroki06 2 years ago

    what is the schedule ?

  • Máté Szabó-Galiba

    Hey MatPat, You MUST play The Begginer's Guide...

  • Rbade //\。。/\\

    rockman 4 miuns infinity!!!

  • Quackingtheduck
    Quackingtheduck 2 years ago

    If this is the right place to comment give me a clap and a half

  • Quackingtheduck
    Quackingtheduck 2 years ago

    My first get live stream from greenwood Indiana

  • Kuronosa
    Kuronosa 2 years ago

    Um.....what happened to todays Uranium stream?

  • Gooseville News
    Gooseville News 2 years ago

    Should MatPat play Heavy rain? Vote here:

  • Chase Smith
    Chase Smith 2 years ago

    I want to see them play Dead By Daylight

  • Brady Shaw
    Brady Shaw 2 years ago

    its a 4 hour difference

  • Brady Shaw
    Brady Shaw 2 years ago

    did they decide to day or tomorrow?

    • Brady Shaw
      Brady Shaw 2 years ago

      it is 7 for me when they stream

    • Revenant666
      Revenant666 2 years ago

      +Brady Shaw Matpat and his old lady live in California, they stream at 4:00 for them. For me it's 6:00 a two hour offset. If amp has to wait until 12:00 then he has an eight hour offset from their start time.

    • Brady Shaw
      Brady Shaw 2 years ago

      its a four hour difference

    • Revenant666
      Revenant666 2 years ago

      +Amp Legends You have an eight hour offset to their time, you must live very far away or in a weird time zone. Either way I wouldn't bother waiting it doesn't look like the stream is gonna happen for whatever reason.

    • Brady Shaw
      Brady Shaw 2 years ago

      really i timed my whole schedule around there time zone and when the stream is

  • Panda Plays
    Panda Plays 2 years ago

    Play Yandere Simulator!

  • Reaper Wolf
    Reaper Wolf 2 years ago


  • Hunger_Gamer
    Hunger_Gamer 2 years ago

    You should try to make a GT Live of Warframe. I would like to see how you guys react to ninjas in space

  • Andrew Silverstein
    Andrew Silverstein 2 years ago

    i found a glitch in Pokemon uranium. it is in bealbeach city. if you go to the top left of the city, you can surf against the boat at the dock there. then you can turn around and surf everywhere

  • Alex Carolan
    Alex Carolan 2 years ago

    Were and when do you do the livestreams do you do them here on gt live or on a different channel please tell me because I really like your videos

    • Revenant666
      Revenant666 2 years ago

      Usually they stream at 6:00 central time, so they SHOULD be streaming right now but aren't. Usually there is a link on twitter for their video posted well before the stream starts. And if there is no stream then there usually is a post on twitter saying why, But other times there is no stream and they don't tell us jack, today is one of those days.

  • Woot Qoot
    Woot Qoot 2 years ago

    what happened to scary games friday?

  • The PUNisher
    The PUNisher 2 years ago

    Happy birthday GTlive! :D

  • Lazartes Tigus
    Lazartes Tigus 2 years ago

    Can't wait for MatPat to do a live stream of dead space

  • Brady Shaw
    Brady Shaw 2 years ago

    someone plez help

  • Brady Shaw
    Brady Shaw 2 years ago

    today is popcorns stream

  • Brady Shaw
    Brady Shaw 2 years ago

    they are deff doing one tho

  • Brady Shaw
    Brady Shaw 2 years ago

    My stream is not working

  • Nikie Pete
    Nikie Pete 2 years ago

    anyone know when the next live stream is?

  • joaquin rios
    joaquin rios 2 years ago

    is there a stream today ?

    • joaquin rios
      joaquin rios 2 years ago

      or better at what time is it (florida time zone)

  • Kelsey Moore
    Kelsey Moore 2 years ago

    I know when they stream, but does anyone know where they livestream (youtube, younow, twitch, etc.)?

  • Potato Couch
    Potato Couch 2 years ago

    I still have no idea how to catch one of their streams, or when they air. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.

    • Potato Couch
      Potato Couch 2 years ago


    • ghost writer
      ghost writer 2 years ago

      hope it's not to late to Reply ^^; as far as I know you just go rright here at the right time, what I mean is the GT live and then there should be a thumbnail with 'currently steaming' and that's it.I hope that was more helpful.

    • Potato Couch
      Potato Couch 2 years ago

      Sorry, I should have clarified, I know when they air, I just don't know where to go to join the stream.

    • ghost writer
      ghost writer 2 years ago

      Well, I belive there's one today at 1:00 am (in germany) on TheXvid, please correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Little Tea timer
    Little Tea timer 2 years ago

    play rolblox plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Gamer-Kun
    Gamer-Kun 2 years ago

    Hey, MatPat! I just thought of a great game you could do for GTLive! Spore! Its fun to watch, and you could incorporate sciency talk into it!

  • Felix Bräuler
    Felix Bräuler 2 years ago

    Hey MatPat how would you like to play town of salam. it would be awsome to see you struggle to convince everyone that you are innocent (we all know you are not :P)

  • Nanowana
    Nanowana 2 years ago

    Stream The Stanley Parable please! :D

  • 5had0w
    5had0w 2 years ago


  • 5had0w
    5had0w 2 years ago

    i dont have twitter

  • Don't Censor
    Don't Censor 2 years ago

    when is next GT live stream?

  • StuicideDesigns
    StuicideDesigns 2 years ago

    Here is a GOOD suggestion for you. Project AM2R. A fanmade Metroid 2 remake that is superior to the original gameboy verison in every aspect.

  • Vendy Hart
    Vendy Hart 2 years ago

    Hey MatPat and Steph! I just wanted to ask you if you could play a game called Danganronpa. It's a really cool game in which you need to use a lot of deductive skills to solve murders that happen at this special college. (The college is being 'ruled' by this evil teddy bear that won't let anyone out until they kill someone.) P.S. I love you both so much! You make amazing videos :3

    • ghost writer
      ghost writer 2 years ago

      Oh, yes please! It'd be great if you did that next...@Chica da Chicken: So glad you suggested it, it's a great idea

  • Nerding Out
    Nerding Out 2 years ago

    Is there gonna be a stream today?

  • Avada Kedavra
    Avada Kedavra 2 years ago

    I have no flipping clue what to search when it comes on. What's the account name on livestream?

  • DinoKnight DoesStuff

    mat pat do a sort the court live stream

  • Eduardo M_C
    Eduardo M_C 2 years ago

    Could you guys play Skyrim?It is an awesome game that would be really funny if you guys played.Thanks :)

  • Austin Stone
    Austin Stone 2 years ago

    Does anybody know if the episode of overwatch that he played with Peter Hollens will get uploaded? I only caught the last couple minutes but really want to see all of it.

  • Jacob James
    Jacob James 2 years ago

    I want to talk to him

  • Eduardo M_C
    Eduardo M_C 2 years ago

    when is the next stream?

  • Jonny Fabricius
    Jonny Fabricius 2 years ago

    I would like to see a stream about TABS (the totally accurate Battle Simulator) would be fun, i think. ^^ anyone else?

  • Sundanese Svenska
    Sundanese Svenska 2 years ago

    Please, PLEASE upload more of the streams to the gtlive channel! I know it's a hassle, but not everyone can tune in for them!

  • Silly Thoast
    Silly Thoast 2 years ago

    when is part 2 of magic circle coming on the channel

  • timeking bahamut
    timeking bahamut 2 years ago

    when is next stream

  • Dave VZ
    Dave VZ 2 years ago

    Do you think you could do anything with Attack on Titan? Maybe Soul Eater or Blue Excorsist?

  • Lydia Young
    Lydia Young 2 years ago

    Scary Games Friday?

  • dominikhue
    dominikhue 2 years ago

    i really hope they will stream "Case: Animatronics". it looks like something they would enjoy on a scarydays Friday. like if u agree ;P(u can watch the trailer on steam) #PutTrustIntoJason

  • rklover13
    rklover13 2 years ago

    Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for archiving this. I never seem to catch the streams, and I am really glad I can watch some of them!

  • RoyalPearl
    RoyalPearl 2 years ago

    I can never find the streams live on TheXvid, i go on yt when it starts but it never shows up! Any advice to help me find it?

  • ChattyKattykatkat57 Kitten

    How do I post comments on live streams? -🐱