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  • blumenblut
    blumenblut 4 minutes ago

    Dude that's the best crash course I've seen. Mixing the knowledge from this one with power window tracking, masking etc will make my lief easy! Thanks!

  • Kane Dios
    Kane Dios 2 hours ago

    Amazing i like it so very much

  • Cliff Fennell
    Cliff Fennell 3 hours ago

    Exceptional information - this was very awesome of you to share this. Thank you very much. Will sub now!

  • Mr. James Cagney
    Mr. James Cagney 12 hours ago

    Smallest pair of eyes I’ve ever seen

  • John Albert Sulapas
    John Albert Sulapas 12 hours ago

    y you don't have a profile

  • UR DezigneR-PS Learn
    UR DezigneR-PS Learn 17 hours ago

    nice video

  • Mateusz Kusz
    Mateusz Kusz 17 hours ago

    Good stuff.

  • DaJeanius
    DaJeanius 22 hours ago

    How do i get the tools in premiere pro shown in the video i just see color wheels

    • Color Grading Central
      Color Grading Central 58 minutes ago

      You need to be on Premiere CC 2018+ to have access to the Lumetri tools.

  • Mon Mozza
    Mon Mozza Day ago

    Is the trail really free?

  • Senjaya Xiera
    Senjaya Xiera Day ago

    Simply the best color grading tutorial on TheXvid. 😊👍

  • sempei58
    sempei58 Day ago

    if this is for stuffed! LOL

  • Simon Nguyen
    Simon Nguyen Day ago

    good stuff! thank you!

  • Divine Fools Club

    UGH CinemaGrade isn't on PC wtfff :((((

    MUSA MEDIA Day ago

    I have watched over 20 colour correction video and this one really really give me a clear u man.u are awesome

  • LunaNova
    LunaNova 2 days ago

    isn't is supposed to be bada bing bada BOOM, not bada bing bada "bang"?

    JASON HUMPHRIES 2 days ago


    JASON HUMPHRIES 2 days ago


  • edvko
    edvko 2 days ago


  • Shutter_Drive
    Shutter_Drive 2 days ago

    Straight to the point no BS tutorial! That's A grade dope sh*t!

  • Adobe Expert
    Adobe Expert 3 days ago

    awesome explanation, i got well experienced in photoshop, when i try color grading for videos, i'm so much tired to understand that. When i watch your video... its really awesome... hatsoff


    amo esta pagina, GRACIAS!!!

  • Gary Boyle
    Gary Boyle 3 days ago

    As a web/print graphic designer - I've always wondered about how they go about the grading for applying color in films - this video explains it perfectly, I learned a lot today thanks so much!

    MINA PRODUCTION 3 days ago

    footage nya mana ?

  • Alexander Zhurovich

    Transitions as titles??? Yeah, to hell productivity. 😂

  • Dried Soup
    Dried Soup 3 days ago

    this dude just giving out free contant omg :>

  • Valérie
    Valérie 3 days ago

    when step 1 doesn't succeed

  • Anwesh Creations
    Anwesh Creations 3 days ago

    Superb bro

  • Haters Inc.
    Haters Inc. 3 days ago

    how would I install this on Sony Vegas Pro 17

  • Vitalia De Novelle
    Vitalia De Novelle 3 days ago

    Never knew about this trick, hugely helpful I do now though! Thanks!

  • luis pinto
    luis pinto 3 days ago

    Fabulous the methods you show us! I work doing this same type of work and watching your video helped me a lot! You are an inspiration with all your videos !! Thank you! keep it up!!

  • Vaxor0997
    Vaxor0997 4 days ago

    Is there any way to get lumetri color options in Lightroom ? so that I can edit my photos.

    • Color Grading Central
      Color Grading Central 3 days ago

      Some of the sliders will be similar to lightroom but it's going to be a different interface.

  • Luca Loschi
    Luca Loschi 4 days ago

    Great! 😄

  • Upgrade Your Mind
    Upgrade Your Mind 4 days ago

    Thank you so much!!! I am trying to grow my new TheXvid channel which is about self-development and I want my videos to look professional and cinematic . This video helps so much in making the shots look much better.

  • Vaxor0997
    Vaxor0997 4 days ago

    This is absolutely incredible!

  • rafael franco alatriste

    where can i find the costs for the course and info?

    • Color Grading Central
      Color Grading Central 3 days ago

      Sign up for our free webinar here for more info on our Academy:

  • Iulian Mihaita
    Iulian Mihaita 4 days ago

    i am partial color blind but i think i can make it work :D

  • Mohamed Zedan
    Mohamed Zedan 5 days ago

    great great great thank you man :)

  • Ashok Ramesh
    Ashok Ramesh 5 days ago

    There is a reason why Davinci Resolve is not popular even though it has so many futures and it is FREE. The interface is very complex. I started editing on Premiere Pro without learning, but can't do the same with Davinci.

    • abhay parihar
      abhay parihar 5 days ago

      IT is much simpler for me. Davinci also gives you an option to choose from FCPX and Premiere Pro interface

  • DangerousDmg
    DangerousDmg 5 days ago

    being the idiot i am tried the cinecom download didn't work tried a few times ,wondering why ,scrolled down the download page, says PREMIERE PRO 2018 OR HIGHER !! well that would be why it doesnt work then ,because mine is 2015!! practically antique !!!

  • Jun Madayag
    Jun Madayag 5 days ago

    Thank uou for this!

  • Joseph Creech
    Joseph Creech 5 days ago

    Thank you so much man!!! Definition saved me years of not so great colour grading 😂🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Jan Kiwalski
    Jan Kiwalski 5 days ago

    good video!

  • Ripley
    Ripley 5 days ago

    can we have the whole audio track present while we cut the video track so we can see how it is sinked up etc etc during the work flow

  • mani N
    mani N 5 days ago

    The most helpful and informative video about Color Theory in Films.I learned a lot of new things by seeing this video.

  • ᙅOᑎOᙅᙓᖇ
    ᙅOᑎOᙅᙓᖇ 5 days ago

    25:07 They miscalculated up to 7000 likes

  • Pablo Szuster
    Pablo Szuster 5 days ago

    i want a video about LUT contrast colors tutorial! thanx

  • Paul Stephenson III

    what's the difference between cinemagrade and color finale?

  • Yomi Bros
    Yomi Bros 5 days ago

    Really interesting watch, I honestly didn't know about this. Thanks for sharing!

  • D Rogers
    D Rogers 6 days ago

    A lot to digest her for this DIY filmmaker. Thanks!

  • Elliot Brice
    Elliot Brice 6 days ago

    woah man these are so amazing!! brilliant description brother!!!!

  • TheMyTFozzy Entertainment

    Love what you've done, but wouldn an adjustment layer be a safer option for the whole piece? If a scene requires adding later, which has happened, or removed. The adjustment layer will still cover it... Right?

  • Franklin Appiah
    Franklin Appiah 6 days ago

    seriously u are the best

  • Emilie
    Emilie 6 days ago

    Wow this is so informative. Thank you

  • Marthy J White
    Marthy J White 6 days ago

    I use Davinci Resolve after editing in Premiere Pro

  • Ron Brown
    Ron Brown 6 days ago

    Great video, I really learned a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  • K & P Vlogs
    K & P Vlogs 6 days ago

    Best video !!!!

  • Clairmont Bag Store

    Hi, I'm having trouble for finding color wheels. I have FCP X 10.4 but never find it Can I download separately? Thanks

    • Clairmont Bag Store
      Clairmont Bag Store 3 days ago

      @Color Grading Central already done that but no color wheels option to be added. only color board. should I install some plugins first?

    • Color Grading Central
      Color Grading Central 3 days ago

      The fastest way is to hit Command 6 on the keyboard. Then the color board will come up. Click on the words "color board" to add a new color layer, like the color wheels.

  • Jean Too Sicks
    Jean Too Sicks 6 days ago


  • Route Co. Creative
    Route Co. Creative 6 days ago

    Great insight on masking and using secondary HSL. Keep it up!

  • Claude Philips
    Claude Philips 6 days ago

    “Let’s begin by double clicking” Awwww yea this my shit. Nice and basic. Start me from square one, pop 😍

    • iPodiMaster
      iPodiMaster 3 days ago

      Every journey begins with a single step. And if that first step is successfully completed, you will get a morale boost to keep on going

  • Robert MacCready
    Robert MacCready 6 days ago

    Great video but I too can get a few minutes in and then I'm just getting about 20%. I think re-watching the video a few times will help. But I can see the big learning curve in front of me.

  • Johnny -
    Johnny - 6 days ago

    This is by far the best explanation for DaVinci ever on YT

  • Amrit Mehta
    Amrit Mehta 6 days ago

    Can't download the footage, it says there's aa 404 error!

  • Anthony Santiago
    Anthony Santiago 7 days ago

    this was excellent! never knew about this man, i appreciate you sharing as someone that doesn't have much experience

  • Brian Doherty
    Brian Doherty 7 days ago

    Wow very helpful! Great information at a great pace.

  • Bill Zebub
    Bill Zebub 7 days ago

    This was helpful. I'll be looking through your other vids. When I first purchased the Sony fs700, I lit people with LED lights, but those seemed unflattering. I changed the way that I light scenes after dealing with unflattering LED, but occasionally I dig up older footage and try to color correct, usually with poor results. I'll keep learning.. hanks again.

  • Tree Walters
    Tree Walters 7 days ago

    This video made me look like a kid with my grading. LOL! I need this more than you know.

  • charles david
    charles david 7 days ago

    I was looking for this kind of video. Really, It's excellent. I really appreciate the way you describe the entire video. Thank you brother!

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones 7 days ago

    Every time I right click and select show scopes, my davinci resolve force closes.

    • Color Grading Central
      Color Grading Central 3 days ago

      I'd reach out to Blackmagic Design support to see what's going on. Likely an issue with the hardware.

  • Max Osetskyy
    Max Osetskyy 8 days ago

    It isnt fair that such a tutorial is free. Period.

  • faithe sunny
    faithe sunny 8 days ago

    Really want to have them... Very expensive? How to get?

  • Domenic Rossi
    Domenic Rossi 8 days ago

    God's work. Saved me so much time and money.

  • Benjamin Yeo
    Benjamin Yeo 8 days ago

    Peter McKinnon would need 45 min to cover the same materials 😂

    • Sky Akss
      Sky Akss 2 days ago

      Also on a 2 min tuesday 😏

  • Everything Videos
    Everything Videos 8 days ago

    DaVinci isn't all that great when trying to keep a steady fps I was editing a 1920x1080p video on my hp envy & the damn software kept lagging the videos wouldn't keep a consistent fps & etc.

  • ramprasad kawdati
    ramprasad kawdati 8 days ago

    Wow awesome. We can save our time by using this way

  • Adrenaline White
    Adrenaline White 8 days ago my first experience as a adobe premiere pro, I’ve been studying for two days, who liked the video at least a bit, like it)

  • Seth Geoghegan
    Seth Geoghegan 8 days ago

    Fantastic video, exactly what I was looking for. I am just getting into editing video and started looking into Resolve. I found the level of detail perfect for my needs. Well done!

  • ZaRita August HetHeru

    How do you use the color changing tool in 16.1? It's sets up a little different.

  • Der Deacon
    Der Deacon 8 days ago

    This Color Theory and the Possibilities are amazing. But for me as a low budget Filmer i only get 35Mbit H264 Material out of my Cam. If i want to tweak the Colors via HSL the Picture falls apart.


    What version of premiere pro cc are you using?

  • black ghost
    black ghost 9 days ago

    davinci resolve : watch me

  • Charalampos T
    Charalampos T 9 days ago

    Amazing tutorial. Thank you so much

  • Tenet Tet
    Tenet Tet 9 days ago

    How about the CONTRAST on color grading for filmmaking? - or + ? Thank you, please help🙏

  • Daniiar Diushebaev
    Daniiar Diushebaev 9 days ago

    The way he explains it's AWESOME ! If you just downloaded DaVinci Resolve 16, watch this video 100% worth it your time

  • Sloat Media
    Sloat Media 9 days ago

    Just starting to switch over from Premiere- this video explained a lot in a very short time. Thank you!

  • Jake Borg
    Jake Borg 10 days ago

    Excellent tutorial!!

  • harry brown
    harry brown 10 days ago

    Wow, this is an amazing and very positive video

  • Ser Dombr
    Ser Dombr 10 days ago

    спасибо чувак

  • Crimson King
    Crimson King 10 days ago

    Yea!!! Monster!

  • Jesse Baltazar
    Jesse Baltazar 10 days ago

    Awesome tutorial.

  • Will Smiff
    Will Smiff 10 days ago

    Thanks for the advice, will have to try this.

  • batmanyk
    batmanyk 10 days ago

    really a time saver :)

  • Click
    Click 10 days ago

    Hello and congratulations on your work. Can you tell me if Da Vinci Studio 16 or Resolve can work RAF files? (They are the RAW compressed files of Fuji cameras). Or do you know a converter that can convert RAF files to RAW files that Da Vinci can manage? Thank you very much. Hello

    • Color Grading Central
      Color Grading Central 10 days ago

      I'm not familiar with that format, I'd download the Resolve manual and take a look. I don't think you can convert one raw format to another like BMD Raw though.

  • ShareThis
    ShareThis 10 days ago

    Whoa! This may be THE Answer to ALL My Color Correction problems! if i never have to watch another video on "LUTS" (still don't really know what they are) I will be forever grateful. Here's to making something so complicated -- into something SO Simple! or at least i hope? Potential new client for CinemaGrade software.

    • Color Grading Central
      Color Grading Central 10 days ago

      Thanks so much! Glad you got a lot out of it. We have a video on LUTs as well:

  • BlaNk ChApter
    BlaNk ChApter 10 days ago

    dhanyabad for being my 1st color grading guru.... jai sambhoo

  • Jacopo Marchini
    Jacopo Marchini 10 days ago

    Congratulation... u are amazing! may I ask you couple question about your studio setup? What do you use to see the full format video reference at the end of the room? is that a 85" tv? or projector? and how do you cable with it? don't you lose the accuracy with this setup? thank you in advance, jacopo.

  • klaps rap
    klaps rap 10 days ago

    Oh of coarse this is filmed in 12 bit or so. So when you have a low budget cam this technique works less beter because you will probably have a 8 bit footage

    • klaps rap
      klaps rap 10 days ago

      @Color Grading Central But I'm really grateful for the comment and happy we can discuss this so thank you! The technique is of coarse frequently used by professional colorists and therefore not "bad" or something it's still a great technique!!

    • klaps rap
      klaps rap 10 days ago

      @Color Grading Central It's depends in this matter of coarse how you will define "work". I never said it won't work I said: the example isn't a good reprensentation of the possibilities for the average teenage filmmakers (assuming this the average age of the people watching). Because color banding will appear much faster (when using a lower bitrate) when you want to push the hue and therefore the grade. So some colors won't be accessible because of the low bit rate and therefore m. parts of colors in the "raw" footage without ugly color banding. So therefore the grade is very hard to achieve when only using the edit with footage without a clear color scheme direction because most of the part has to be done on set!

    • Color Grading Central
      Color Grading Central 10 days ago

      The techniques will still work, you just have to be careful how far you push the grade.

  • Butterfly Creations Ke

    doesn't work with windows? too bad.

  • Rehman Abdur
    Rehman Abdur 11 days ago

    I have my first color grading lesson from you, thank you so much from Bangladesh!

  • Ben Bose
    Ben Bose 11 days ago

    Wow thank you man