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  • MrTiDiNi
    MrTiDiNi 42 seconds ago

    Grace, it's like you're oblivious to what sources say about these series - that's exactly what the plot will be! The government are gonna take the shield from Sam becuase they don't believe the people will accept a black Captain America and that's why they'll give it to John Walker who's gonna turn out to be not a very nice guy.

  • Éric's Channel
    Éric's Channel 2 minutes ago

    the new guy doesnt have the jaw line and the nose for the job he looks like a too well dressed cosplayer!! No that doesn't work for me!!!

  • Michelle Foucault
    Michelle Foucault 3 minutes ago

    Watchmen was fantastic! I think that people will give it a chance after knowing it's a one season show. People are afraid of committing to multiple seasons that might decline in quality.

  • bob obo
    bob obo 3 minutes ago

    I think new cap shield won't be real. It will probably just be a metal shield that keeps getting replaced.

  • Swaelo
    Swaelo 6 minutes ago

    shut up about watchmen omg

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G 7 minutes ago

    If you are a witch with a Swatch watches - Watchwatchmen!

  • MrASxY
    MrASxY 8 minutes ago

    grace you are the only one making the watchman comparison

  • Thanasis Ouzounis
    Thanasis Ouzounis 10 minutes ago

    Take a shot for every time Grace says watch Watchmen!

  • Francois Ste-Marie
    Francois Ste-Marie 11 minutes ago

    You can try all you want, there is absolutely no chance in hell I will watch Watchmen,! ever

  • Tarka Jedi
    Tarka Jedi 12 minutes ago

    Whatever they claim it was not Watchmen....

  • Akash Kumar khosla
    Akash Kumar khosla 12 minutes ago

    The shield is government property, accords (captain America: civil war)

  • Tarka Jedi
    Tarka Jedi 12 minutes ago

    Wokemen was not Watchmen!

  • MrASxY
    MrASxY 13 minutes ago


  • Jacob Niedzwiecki
    Jacob Niedzwiecki 16 minutes ago

    i bet u wish they made a sequel to this

  • NATsoHIGH !
    NATsoHIGH ! 17 minutes ago

    I have a feeling the shield isn't even Vibranium. There will be a scene where he's fighting and it will break showing its not legit. Sam still has the Steve shield

  • Tim M. Bradley
    Tim M. Bradley 19 minutes ago

    Sounds like I'm skipping two shows. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Daedalus
    Daedalus 21 minute ago

    Anyone could make a shield. It doesn't have to be vibranium, especially if he's just a "product of the marketing department".

  • The Sci Fi and Fantasy cast

    i think watchmen problems weren't the content it was the marketing, the title should have been " watchmen beginning " or something

  • Kompatainment
    Kompatainment 27 minutes ago

    MCU Villains are either created by Iron Man or a rip-off of Captain America. 😂

  • Iphone
    Iphone 31 minute ago

    You’re actually stupid if you think the original movie took place any other place than Denmark, the fauna and flora fits Denmark, so does ariels and erics white skin. Try again blondie

  • dale lee
    dale lee 31 minute ago

    They should've just gave it to Bucky, if their changing the Captain America now.

  • Dr. Man of Culture
    Dr. Man of Culture 34 minutes ago

    As a DC fan, the Watchmen show was trash, it made Doomsday Clock look like a magnum opus..

  • Ibrahim Mahmood
    Ibrahim Mahmood 34 minutes ago

    I'm confused

  • Dani Best
    Dani Best 34 minutes ago

    You know, for an attempt to replicate US Agent's original costume, it's not bad at all. I'm interested to see where they go with it.

  • Malthizar
    Malthizar 35 minutes ago

    1. The story breakdown isn't nearly as upsetting as you're making it, Grace. It's clear this is both a story on America's view of a Black Cap as well as Sam's personal view of inheriting the title of Captain America and his struggle with worthiness. Pretty interesting, actually. 2. For all your talk about Watchmen, it was interesting that you never considered it worth reviewing.

  • Iphone
    Iphone 41 minute ago

    It’s gonna be called “Lil’ mermaid”

  • Formal Ranger21
    Formal Ranger21 44 minutes ago

    Watchmen was good until the last three episodes. Im not sure if i would recommend it or not

  • 15awesomehighfive
    15awesomehighfive 46 minutes ago

    If you liked the original graphic novel, you more than likely won't enjoy the Watchmen TV show.

  • CanyonFox45 This is my good side Hah!

    No Sir, I don't like it! thought we'd see Sam and Bucky in sweet new gear? Fucking Falcon flying around throwing the shield,takes out 6 baddie's and Bucky can catch it with his L-arm on the ground. triple threat!

  • Woozle 03 Productions
    Woozle 03 Productions 58 minutes ago

    I actually kinda like that costume. I think it looks good.

  • Alvarobrien
    Alvarobrien 59 minutes ago

    I am SO lost

  • Brion
    Brion Hour ago

    Calm down Grace. He may play Cap at first in the show, but I don't see it lasting. I bet he will go up against Falcon & Winter Soldier. From best friend to enemy (even though its a new person underneath)

  • Sam
    Sam Hour ago

    One of the rare episodes where Grace sounds a little unhinged. Just a little.

  • Elizabeth Wright

    My reaction is fucking pissed the fuck off

  • B W
    B W Hour ago

    I trust Marvel

  • James Zaman
    James Zaman Hour ago

    I'm sure they will explain it, Grace not sure why you are so upset but loving that you are! It will be fine I am sure ;) Did try Watchmen but that first episode was so gard to get through...I' try and get to the 2nd one

  • bah378
    bah378 Hour ago

    @Grace how come you’re not covering the results of the SAG awards?

  • Victor Huertas
    Victor Huertas Hour ago

    well, mostly people do not like Watchmen, because most people do not like stuff they have to think about

  • alexguskov25
    alexguskov25 Hour ago

    Never watching Watchmen. I hate cliffhangers and knowing there is no season 2 defeats the whole purpose. I rather watch the boyz on Amazon or witcher.

  • Gospel Fusion Show

    How many black leads? I will pass

  • Gregor Clegane
    Gregor Clegane Hour ago

    Who's the actor?

  • JP Brown
    JP Brown Hour ago

    lol, watch them "kill the black guy" on the first season XD

  • Max K-Z
    Max K-Z Hour ago

    watched watchmen, yeah its really good. Don't jump to criticisms about US Agent until at least the trailer comes out. Seems to me the similar look to Cap is gonna make Sam and Bucky's conflict with him personal. Buckle up.

  • Nikhil Kharbanda

    no one: grace: watch WATCHMEN!

  • stryfetc1
    stryfetc1 Hour ago

    It had nothing to compete with

  • hunter12555
    hunter12555 Hour ago

    I’m not gonna watch watchmen

  • Dion Erawan Usman

    Woow John walker agent Super villian from The Falcons and Winter Soldier😲

  • Fancy Dragon
    Fancy Dragon Hour ago

    You had me sold on this video from the first 2 seconds 😃. One of your best for sure!

  • desert punk
    desert punk Hour ago

    This suit looks worse than the avengers one(2012)

  • Lil Ambivert
    Lil Ambivert Hour ago

    Now he got 2 awards and 11 nomination

  • Brian Bendett
    Brian Bendett Hour ago

    In parasite he has regret for stabbing, that's the difference with joker, so I thnk your missing the point a bit. Snapping for an instance vs sustained violence.

  • JesusSavedJoshua

    Grace, my gut reaction to hearing you swear is not one fit to print.

  • Brand X
    Brand X 2 hours ago

    Looks like the government doing to Cap, what they did to War Machine.

  • Tyler Harris
    Tyler Harris 2 hours ago

    Gotta say as a black dude I really don't like a passing of the torch with superhero's i think you can create new original characters that have their own legacy in the same context of Say a captain america or thor etc.

  • Hot Chocolate Fitness

    It will be interesting how this all plays out. I’ll be bummed if Sam doesn’t become captain America at some point.

  • TIMI
    TIMI 2 hours ago

    It could be possible for a lot of people to get vibranium now since wakanda went public to the rest of the world so I think it’s okay to assume that vibranium is more accessible now

  • zorak
    zorak 2 hours ago

    Pollock's art is kind jazz it's so erratic

  • oolong2
    oolong2 2 hours ago

    Like the original comic, the Watchmen TV series was just too good for it's viewers. I'm amazed at how good of a job they did with it.

  • Jorge Gonzalez
    Jorge Gonzalez 2 hours ago

    I watched Watchmen and I completely agree with Grace. Go watch it, it's brilliant.

  • hunter12555
    hunter12555 2 hours ago

    Nobody: Grace: What. The. Fuck?

  • David Jacobs
    David Jacobs 2 hours ago

    Waste a 7 mins.

  • Proloy B
    Proloy B 2 hours ago

    I think John became Captain America after Steve and then Steve took the shield from him went back in time and gave that to Sam. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Rockstar 1996
    Rockstar 1996 2 hours ago

    It had its moments but I didn’t think it was as good as Ritchies other gangster flick “The RocknRolla” he set up for a sequel and it’s really far away from his Lock Stock and Snatch movies

    JAMIE LEWIS 2 hours ago

    What Party? I'm confused.

  • barry taylor
    barry taylor 2 hours ago

    Wow!!! Dumbarse overload.

  • hi
    hi 2 hours ago

    I have a feeling that the route that kevin feige and MCU will take with this new captain america will be a comical, unwieldy character compared to evans serious and noble portrayal of it. Maybe the series will be about this S.H.I.E.L.D captain america being clumsy at the start but will develop over time to fit in the same shoes as Chris evans'.. not that I think anyone will ever match evans' portrayal of this beloved character ;) EDIT: I also would like to mention that these risks that kevin feige takes will be the reason why marvel will rule yet again this decade.

  • TheRManProds
    TheRManProds 2 hours ago

    I think WW84, Venom 2, Dune & Tenet have a Shot at a Billion!

  • Gr8&PowerfulOz
    Gr8&PowerfulOz 2 hours ago

    I told u that this film was good and now we’ve got a 95% positive review. I hope everyone will enjoy the fil-em.

  • TheRManProds
    TheRManProds 2 hours ago


  • TheRManProds
    TheRManProds 2 hours ago

    LOL THAT'S HARSH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheRManProds
    TheRManProds 2 hours ago

    WOW 28 DAYS LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the best #1
    the best #1 2 hours ago

    This character Is MEANT to be a captain América knock-off

  • Silvya Wambui
    Silvya Wambui 2 hours ago

    Maybe he's the villain

  • mercurywoodrose
    mercurywoodrose 2 hours ago

    the new cap suit is kirbyesque. yes, hes got to be a villain, and caps suit was never a kirbyesque alien suit, but here we are.

  • Will Elli
    Will Elli 2 hours ago

    I couldn’t wait till the watchmen series came out on HBO. I thought it was fantastic. I did not realize that it didn’t get a large viewing audience. However I do have several friends that are Avid movie watchers and streaming bingers that really weren’t familiar with the watchmen history. My sister-in-law told me that she tried to watch watchmen but was lost ....and stopped watching after a couple of episodes. Too bad because it’s a brilliant show.

  • Sir Galahad of The Grail 2004

    Grace, *why all the Wyatt Russell Hate?* jeez. 🤨

  • VizZzion
    VizZzion 2 hours ago

    Whole lotta conclusions jumped to. But as for Watchmen maybe nobody watched it cause the movie itself sucked. I know I didnt like it. But this is a wait and see what the story is really gonna be kinda thing

  • coateskylie
    coateskylie 2 hours ago

    Dude no one watch watchmen it’s from the garbage writer of Damon Lindelöf

  • hi
    hi 2 hours ago


  • Matt Hooper
    Matt Hooper 2 hours ago

    Well. After Endgame and Skywalker(and an 8 year relationship with my X), I'm done with that phase of my life. Time to move on. It was fun.

  • Dan H
    Dan H 2 hours ago

    Wouldn’t he have an urge to consume small insects and fruits?

  • Rose's are red
    Rose's are red 2 hours ago

    Noo :(i was really ready to see so much more of Anthony :<

  • Nicholas Kedge
    Nicholas Kedge 2 hours ago

    It seems pretty spot on. I mean, US Agent is definitely supposed to be a bit of a showboat and the kind of guy that you absolutely can’t stand (a douche, to put it simply) so Wyatt Russel looks like he’s doing a good job of that in these pics.

  • TQ LLA
    TQ LLA 2 hours ago

    Why did they even stop making Bad Boys? Bad Boys 2 was great, one of my favorites. Star Wars Ep 9 making 1B is not a major accomplishment. Episode 7's 2.1B was supposed to be a starting point, not the peak of the Star Wars mountain.

  • Joe Buchanan
    Joe Buchanan 3 hours ago

    Grace's comics knowledge game is strooooong

  • Outlaw By Nature
    Outlaw By Nature 3 hours ago

    Sam better get HIS Cap suit, that's the best one!

  • Xyzzyx
    Xyzzyx 3 hours ago

    7:32 very interesting choice of words made months before the movie came out

  • Pedro Vera
    Pedro Vera 3 hours ago

    we shall trust Feige. he earned it!

  • Grant Anderson
    Grant Anderson 3 hours ago

    Watchmen was awful. Bad acting, worse pacing and the dialogue was abysmal. It’s done and gone, easily forgotten to time.

  • Diyon Wicker
    Diyon Wicker 3 hours ago

    Theo is fine and Ambrose can love girls every show has lbgt

  • chimneysweep07
    chimneysweep07 3 hours ago

    as for the diversity angle, I mean the cast is mostly white bc theyre bringing back familiar characters that just happened to be white. Ms. Marvel, Moonknight, She Hulk, Wanda Vision. We have enough diversity coming to disney plus. not to mention Black Widow, Eternals , Shang Chi. Etc. lets not nag them on diversity they´re doing more than mostly all of hollywood

  • chimneysweep07
    chimneysweep07 3 hours ago

    i think this Cap is supposed to look like a rip off. bc i dont think they would intentionally present a new Cap. Like I feel like he´ll prob be evil or some kind of shallow celebrity that doesnt even compare to Steve or share his ideals .

  • El Rey
    El Rey 3 hours ago

    So he could be like homelander 🤔

  • Christopher McAnally

    Watchmen the movie or HBO series??

  • Jordan B
    Jordan B 3 hours ago

    Grace, thank you for your Watchmen advocacy. That series was BRILLIANT and not enough people are acknowledging it. Please watch it, yall!

  • lwandile dube
    lwandile dube 3 hours ago

    Watchmen failed? It was my No1 favourite show.

  • paul green
    paul green 3 hours ago

    Where watchmen failed??? Lol grace yea sure all gooooofy

  • Tow Dow 3
    Tow Dow 3 3 hours ago

    why does grace always have a hard time saying words? like bruh....breathe...slow down. take your time.

  • Robert Zimmerle
    Robert Zimmerle 3 hours ago

    Taskmasters shield isn’t vibranium like Caps

  • Dusk Dawg
    Dusk Dawg 3 hours ago

    I actually forgot to finish Watchmen. Thanks for the reminder 👍