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Halsey on the BTS ARMY
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  • Atomic Sunshine
    Atomic Sunshine 18 minutes ago

    Ok but his voice is sooo soothing i love it

  • Panda Sammy
    Panda Sammy 30 minutes ago

    Every sip of water makes me cringe LMFAOOOO but everything else was amazing KSNFKS

  • Lexi Kaiser
    Lexi Kaiser 43 minutes ago

    This is what made me listen to her album

  • Natou
    Natou Hour ago


  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt Hour ago

    Yessss / call out these feminist losers! They’re sooo insane and hypocritical

  • Nene Maebelle
    Nene Maebelle Hour ago

    She's sooooo cute! 😍

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 2 hours ago

    All these kids that grew up on social media complain about how it negatively affects them But not one of them ever deletes their accounts and doesn’t come Back

  • jay craig
    jay craig 2 hours ago


  • Gabe Ryan
    Gabe Ryan 2 hours ago

    “...and then you listen to it the next day and it’s just like...that edible kicked in WAY too early.” 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Thiago Souza
    Thiago Souza 2 hours ago

    I just have no words to describe how much this woman inspires me. I first heard of her back in 2006 and became a huge fan ever since. Her music always finds a way to touch my heart and my soul in such an indescribable way. Thank you, Holly, for everything. Love your art. Love your soul.

  • Slazior
    Slazior 2 hours ago

    sorry ladies, he is taken now

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 2 hours ago

    Open relationships are the best. My bf and I have both slept with other ppl and knew it. I’ve been lied to so many times by my ex’s and my ex wife .. I’d rather just know what he’s doing.. I know he looks at porn and fantasizes about other women. It’s not a big deal for us. It doesn’t work for everyone though

  • I have no name
    I have no name 2 hours ago

    This interview just lifted my spirit.

  • SofiaLoren S
    SofiaLoren S 2 hours ago

    Kylie had a natural beautiful face.

  • Skinny Grande
    Skinny Grande 3 hours ago

    He looks so different now than he did 3 years ago

  • Stefany Lima
    Stefany Lima 3 hours ago

    It's really cool to watch this interview when you already heard the album kkkkkk like, I know what she's talking about and they don't

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 3 hours ago

    Growing up I never had goals .. nothing sounded interesting. Being an adult and having responsibilities sounded like a dreadful way to live until you just fucking die. That’s probably how and why I became a drug addicted escort for 10 years. I went to jail this past April and found out I was pregnant when I got to intake that night. Now I’m sober and 7.5 months along with my son.

  • Slazior
    Slazior 3 hours ago

    More EDM artists!

  • jamjamjameee
    jamjamjameee 3 hours ago

    "live instruments, they're not as popular as they once were" me: ha.... my heart: I'm gonna stab the bottom of myself and tell me how it feels ok but my heart actually hurt

  • Anthony Fay
    Anthony Fay 3 hours ago

    Madison saying “I want both of the hemsworths” and now she’s fucking Liam hemsworth, is this isn’t proof of the law of attraction I don’t know what is 👏🏼

  • Willy Jeeps
    Willy Jeeps 3 hours ago

    Can you for mustard me jake time to for party sauce

  • don't care
    don't care 3 hours ago

    He looks just like my boy trigga tre

  • destini hostetter
    destini hostetter 4 hours ago

    omg i love the zach sang show on the radio and looks nothing like how i thought he did

  • Jenna Radella
    Jenna Radella 4 hours ago


  • Alika Litovski
    Alika Litovski 4 hours ago

    I love him bye

  • Jenna Radella
    Jenna Radella 4 hours ago

    Zach, you did an amazing job interviewing our boys:)! You made them feel so comfotable, they were smiling and laughing! The questions you asked were well thought out and in-depth... they aren't used to American interviewers asking well thought out questions like this, and im sure they enjoyed that. Loved this! I'll go ahead and subscribe, you rock dude!

  • Spice T Music
    Spice T Music 4 hours ago

    She seems like a nice person

  • Zoey Oliver
    Zoey Oliver 5 hours ago


  • Mck R
    Mck R 5 hours ago

    seems like a nice girl but i just tried to watch her tall girl movie and omg that shit is BAD

  • Gangsta Macc
    Gangsta Macc 5 hours ago

    Get Idubbztv on the Show

  • Edward Gonzales
    Edward Gonzales 6 hours ago

    i watch this interview, A LOT

  • j twinny
    j twinny 6 hours ago

    Her blackcent is literally the only thing about her that pisses me off like it really makes me so uncomfortable

  • Poetic Justice
    Poetic Justice 6 hours ago

    You can be tough, or too tough, and then it's too much.

  • mursalim mursalim
    mursalim mursalim 7 hours ago

    So first time i heard i love u i hate you when i was alone in the hotel room and i left the tv ON and i got right back up just to see who sang this beautiful song and had to wait until the end of the song til the singer's name poped up Been a fan of this guy eversince And Now this interview makes me love him more. Such a positive dude. We need people like him in our life

  • Isabella Espana
    Isabella Espana 7 hours ago

    mamamoo saying they’d need to prepare for a world tour... they can show up in trash bags and is still pay $1000 no cap

  • hey QT
    hey QT 7 hours ago

    them treating her like a child is sending me

  • mursalim mursalim
    mursalim mursalim 7 hours ago

    Those two guys are the coolerst interviewers ever!!! They know the exact things the fans want to hear So THANK YOU Zack and Dan

  • Sh!t.Takei Kitchen
    Sh!t.Takei Kitchen 8 hours ago

    Decent?! Jackson Wang is a dope Hip-hop artist!!!! He's lit!!!

  • nugsdageek
    nugsdageek 8 hours ago

    Why does she keep reminding me of Ariana grande?!? Lmao the way she talks. It's trippin me out dawg

  • nugsdageek
    nugsdageek 8 hours ago

    Her talking voice reminds me of Arians Grande at some parts, lol some things she says thooo.

  • Diamonds Aesthetic
    Diamonds Aesthetic 9 hours ago


  • Wach auf Christe
    Wach auf Christe 9 hours ago

    Jesus is coming!!! WARNINGS

  • Completely normal
    Completely normal 9 hours ago

    WE WANT MORE POPPY! please...

    • Skylar Grey Updates
      Skylar Grey Updates 6 hours ago

      im a poppy stan and i love poppy but we already have 2 poppy interviews let us breathe

  • kittykatz
    kittykatz 9 hours ago


  • tarsun Euqah
    tarsun Euqah 9 hours ago

    namjoon is in love with zach.

  • T.J. Duvall
    T.J. Duvall 10 hours ago

    Dude it is SO rad that you are interviewing Skylar, she is amazing. Please interview Alexz Johnson!!!

  • d k
    d k 10 hours ago

    so many comments are just talking about him and rm like the first 30 mins didn’t even exist

  • Clara
    Clara 10 hours ago

    I see red, Jackson. LOTS of red lol.

  • Boss Hog
    Boss Hog 11 hours ago

    Isaac is homo

  • loyd
    loyd 11 hours ago

    omg zach and kim would look so good together wtf........

  • uh oh
    uh oh 11 hours ago

    i want zach sang to interview some khiphop/ aomg etc artists i think it would be really interesting, like ph-1 or jay park or something

  • Artemis Amory
    Artemis Amory 11 hours ago

    I want Pete to know that he is one of my biggest writing influences. If it wasn't for him and Fall Out Boy, I probably wouldn't write like I do today. Pete's dog's name was Hemingway, which got me to read Hemingway and get into literature and modernism. A lot of people talk about writing influences, and I think I raise some eyebrows when I say Pete Wentz, Ryan Ross and Conor Oberst haha.

  • audrey
    audrey 11 hours ago

    brian's so articulate like IM IN LOOOVE

  • Kenzie’s Vlogs
    Kenzie’s Vlogs 11 hours ago

    30:55 !

  • fakefrenchboy
    fakefrenchboy 12 hours ago

    Wanted to hear her talk about Céline but couldn't be arsed to listen to the whole 44+ minutes

  • sondos sh
    sondos sh 12 hours ago

    34:08 for who came for Rm 😘\\ Push the like button as a thx 🙈

  • sondos sh
    sondos sh 12 hours ago

    26:04 to be blessed😂😂😂

  • sondos sh
    sondos sh 13 hours ago

    Has Jackson told the cameraman that his right side is better looking 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kat Guzman
    Kat Guzman 13 hours ago

    literally no one knew about jake UNTIL tana lmaooo

  • sondos sh
    sondos sh 13 hours ago

    CAn we agree about his English is hot 🔥 ❤️🙈🙈🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Fabiola Cañas
    Fabiola Cañas 14 hours ago

    1:47 my favorite one HAHAHAHA Pete is a freaking king it will be amazing a FOB ASMR I would pay for it haha 💜👌🏼

  • brownie
    brownie 14 hours ago

    I was always interested in Brian, but duuude.... Now I'm so WHIPPED.

  • niladri saha
    niladri saha 15 hours ago

    We talk bout Harry Potter. .. Awww

  • whysosirius
    whysosirius 15 hours ago

    She's woke and will continue to wake up

  • Punk Rock
    Punk Rock 16 hours ago

    Please can you invite billie joe armstrong next time? ❤😍🎸🤘

  • sapphirerose solouota
    sapphirerose solouota 16 hours ago

    I can't wait for her album to drop ❤

  • Aisah Syah
    Aisah Syah 16 hours ago

    Rose is carrying the whole team 😂😂

  • Maduri Kanchana
    Maduri Kanchana 16 hours ago

    Jakson you are actually blessed ❤

  • Michael Palmer
    Michael Palmer 16 hours ago

    "How did you write 'Dear Future Self (Hands Up)'?" "Well...years ago, other people wrote it and released it. Then we re-recorded it and added some unrelated lyrics. Now it's a song we can say we wrote." "Wow."

  • grenadejumper
    grenadejumper 17 hours ago


  • grenadejumper
    grenadejumper 17 hours ago

    “ definitely bigger than you “ come on zach sang stop insulting his height!!

  • nhc
    nhc 17 hours ago

    23:22 zach = confusion

  • V R
    V R 17 hours ago

    Well the whispers are gone now just tell the fucking warpers to shut up:() I hate these videos but with Pete wentz I might as well suffer he can't control his laughing I'm crying tell next time

  • allison muszynski
    allison muszynski 18 hours ago

    She always says she's a TheXvidR first and for most but she rarely even posts. She uploads like a couple times a month, if that! And as for Jake, he just hooked up with her once she bagged that MTV gig. 100% FAKE!!!!! Shes a sweet girl who wants love and way to good for Jake Paul! The only time their together is when the cameras rolling.

  • PrinceOfJinhae박진영

    She is so charming and chill❤️

  • Tampan Bijaksana
    Tampan Bijaksana 19 hours ago

    His voice 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Drew Playz
    Drew Playz 20 hours ago

    Really like Jake and the band but idk why Jake is singularly given attention and credit, not the whole band

  • Jakob Strand
    Jakob Strand 20 hours ago


  • Mr. T
    Mr. T 20 hours ago

    Am I like more than you bargained for yet like I’m dying to tell you anything you like wanna hear

  • PastLegend
    PastLegend 22 hours ago

    I feel like people criticize Poppy on what she says and if she says “they” and doesn’t say who this or they are that shouldn’t be a problem. In my opinion, people are judgmental on how Poppy’s personality is, Poppy is Poppy, expressing herself.

  • Avery Horvath
    Avery Horvath 23 hours ago

    “I’ve been starting to lean towards that A-E’s time period” 😂 ☘️ 🇮🇪

  • Angel Nelson
    Angel Nelson 23 hours ago

    I love you ❤❤❤❤

  • mario betancourt
    mario betancourt 23 hours ago

    EVERYONE READ THE WPRD FOR YOURSELVES!!! SERIOUS... Don't be deceived by WHAT SOMEONE SAYS let the Holy Spirit convict you lets US ALL be held accountable

  • Niha Puri
    Niha Puri 23 hours ago

    Dan is kinda rude though, even in other interviews he says some shady shit making the artist feel uncomfortable

  • Mary Redmon
    Mary Redmon 23 hours ago


    • Mary Redmon
      Mary Redmon 23 hours ago


  • Mason Ventura
    Mason Ventura Day ago

    Love Skylar Grey such an amazing songwriter....🎼🎼🎼🎤🎤🎤

  • Briana Spillman

    She said it early on. Her parents are gone all the time. Parenting shift needs to happen, all these children fallin through the cracks.

  • Zenon
    Zenon Day ago

    Ugh, Christianity is sooo ridiculous. We have 150 years of research in Biology/Anthropology/Paleontology proving evolution is a scientific fact. And that dinosaurs lived 300 million years before humans evolved. Therefore, Adam & Eve is a myth... therefore there was no magic fruit... therefore there was no original sin... therefore there is no reason for a 'savior' in the first place, and Christianity falls apart. That's why so many Christians deny multiple branches of Science whenever it conflicts with their religious dogma. There are tons of reasons NOT to believe Christianity, but in a nutshell, the Bible is a morally backwards, scientifically backwards creative-fiction book with made-up historical claims and made-up historical characters - a book that took decades to write, centuries to canonize, and in the end they leave out the book containing Jesus's childhood and teenage years, and they still get slavery wrong. When your religion is causing you to deny the Nonfiction section of the library, it's time to step back and re-think your religion.

  • Kevin Ortega-Rojas

    Omg she’s so happy. I love this so much.

  • mendystar13
    mendystar13 Day ago

    I'm super happy for this interview, we got to hear more about how DAY6 write songs, and how YOUNG K specifically write songs. The fact that he's trying to create songs so every relates to it speaks volumes. When I first fell in love with DAY6, it was in a concert setting. I only knew about two songs (Freely and Congratulations) and I decided to go see them in concert even though I didn't know much about Kpop back then. I was super into pop punk and going to Warped Tour, and seeing DAY6 perform with live instruments felt familiar. Hearing the fans, My Days, sing back korean lyrics and how it echoed in the room as the band stood there on stage, playing along and allowing the fans to sing their hearts out, I fell in love. The messages they give, the songs they write. I'm looking forward to the next album and what messages it brings.

  • mendystar13
    mendystar13 Day ago

    Thank you so much for this interview.

  • Avigayil Carmon

    I wish next comeback they will have a long interview with him. He is really the only interviewer that actually cares about their music and asks interesting and meaningful questions

  • Luca Ravosa
    Luca Ravosa Day ago

    Skylar and Bebe should definitely collaborate on a song together! That would be EPIC!!!

  • liz pgh
    liz pgh Day ago

    my favorite interview

  • Holli S.
    Holli S. Day ago

    I love Skylar, she’s on so many awesome songs. Beautiful and talented

  • Luca Ravosa
    Luca Ravosa Day ago

    Skylar's story is kinda similar to Bebe Rexha's story. Skylar said that she got dropped from her label in 2008 and then she wrote "love the way you lie" for Eminem and Rihanna and that was when things started picking up. Bebe's story was, she got signed to island records and then got dropped and then she wrote "The Monster" for Eminem and Rihanna and things started picking up for her. What a small world this is...

  • Kevin Ortega-Rojas

    I’ve heard a ton of her music and love her voice but I’ve never seen an interview before. Thanks Zach for this.

  • Alex Brandsted

    I love you both so much ❤️

  • kso 40
    kso 40 Day ago

    I truly love Skyler!! I've been absolutely obsessed with her music since she's worked with Eminem!! This interview makes me happy. Thank you so much!!

  • LOKU_ lxk
    LOKU_ lxk Day ago

    i hate everything at this point but on the other hand i would love to meet her and see her get mad