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Red - Live PromoRed - Live Promo
Red - Live Promo
2 years ago
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REDvolution 2012REDvolution 2012
REDvolution 2012
7 years ago
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  • Ron Dunlap
    Ron Dunlap Year ago

    Long time fan, just saw you guys for the first time last night at Club LA in Destin, Florida. You guys kicked ass! Loved the new song "Gone" live. The Electronica was unreal!

  • Al Ray
    Al Ray Year ago

    Hey guys, hope all is well. Was wondering if you will be uploading audio snippets of each track before the album releases like you did with "Of Beauty and Rage" Thanks!

  • Mr. J_Krr_
    Mr. J_Krr_ 2 years ago

    please keep it going, your songs are in the blood now. don't stop please :')

  • Marek Dewey-Goodwin
    Marek Dewey-Goodwin 2 years ago

    I like your songs alot, keep going with them. they are the best i have heared.

  • Ryan King
    Ryan King 4 years ago

    Red! I LOVE the previews for "Of Beauty and Rage", but when are y'all gonna make the album available for pre-order on iTunes?!?!?!?!

  • Maiden Soliven
    Maiden Soliven 4 years ago

    Hi RED! I don't know if you'll ever read this but here it goes. I'm a big fan, I also love your ambigram logo, being in the design industry though I've noticed your logo could be better, there are some ways you could make it better. I did a little something to fix some "errors" on your ambigram, making it cleaner. You can see what I did here: Let me know if you like it I can email the vector files for free! :)

  • ryan121995
    ryan121995 4 years ago

    hello, I am taking a choir class in college and we have to chose a song that we have to coach the class and perform solo. It is required to have the sheet music with ss aa bb along with the piano accompiment. I am wondering if could by some from you.

  • Matthew H.
    Matthew H. 4 years ago

    I love your remixes guys! Your band is amazing! Any original/new stuff coming out though? I miss your old style sometimes. Rock on RED!

  • Kaitlyn Sexton
    Kaitlyn Sexton 4 years ago

    Please come to Melbourne, Australia! You have no idea how much you have done for me the past few years. I have gone through a lot and through your music, you have made me come closer to God, to see happiness and colour in the world around me again. I have been in such dark places, felt like I have been locked in a room, wrapped in chains and locks that Satan has put me in and that no one can get me out. But there is nothing to difficult for the Lord, nothing. God din't even need a key to get me out of there. Thank you so much Red for everything that you have done. For not only me, but for everyone. Please come to Melbourne, Australia. It has been my dream to meet you guys. Love you guys so much. God Bless You guys and safe travels, Keep up the great work with your music career! :')

  • Brett Bowden
    Brett Bowden 4 years ago

    Hey red! I have a strange request! I know it probably won't happen, but it would be amazing if you did! You see, my girlfriend and I have both been big fans of your music for a while now. I want to do something very special for her that she will never forget. I was wondering if it would be possible for the band to maybe make a recording or send an email or make a video or something that I can give to her of the band telling her how amazing she is. I know it's a long stretch, but it would mean the world to me if you guys could do that for her!

  • xRedTnt
    xRedTnt 4 years ago

    I listen to you guys everyday for twelve hours straight. Not exaggerating a bit. And this summer I will literally be listening to it 24/7. I'm one of your biggest fans <3 (You guys are actually the inspiration for my icon wolf :3)

  • Poe Monae
    Poe Monae 4 years ago

    @Danny Tepper: "officialred".

    • Danny
      Danny 4 years ago

      Thanks for the post, I finally saw it. For future reference, it works better say +Bri Hall instead of @Bri Hall I am not mad at you, just for future reference

  • Danny
    Danny 4 years ago

    Which is more official, "officialred" or "REDVEVO"?

  • Chestil Other
    Chestil Other 5 years ago

    RED you are awesome! No other songs have so much emotions as yours :D

  • John Newsom
    John Newsom 5 years ago

    P.S. I recorded my own acoustic version of about 15 of your songs so my mom can listen to you guys too. Really inspiring stuff. She is going to poop herself.

  • John Newsom
    John Newsom 5 years ago

    So, yeah, I haven't been this obsessed with a music group since high school. I'm 38 now btw. Was on Pandora listening to Breaking Benjamin, "Fight Inside" played and it was - over from there on. My story is like so many others. I found Jesus in my smartphone.

  • Danny  Contreras
    Danny Contreras 5 years ago

    been a fan since 2008 and you guys rock haha I hope everything goes well and please upload more behind the scenes vids especially for release the panic

  • N8 Tearel
    N8 Tearel 5 years ago

    I hope your next album will have more remixes :D love your music guys :D !!

  • Rebeca Donovan
    Rebeca Donovan 5 years ago

    Dear Red, This year was my senior year and as my final highschool music video project I made a music video to the song "Feed the Machine" I ask permission from you guys as well as TheXvid to use this song and upload my fan video. I don't want TheXvid to delete the audio from my video. My friends and I worked very hard and would lie to share it to people. Please and thank you for your time, Rebeca Donovan

  • Zuriah Mele
    Zuriah Mele 5 years ago

    I am a huge fan! Thank you, RED!

  • WhySoSeriousHmmm
    WhySoSeriousHmmm 5 years ago

    You guys change my life <3 I feel so enlightened. Favorite songs by you are "Already Over" and "Pieces"

  • lily Barr
    lily Barr 5 years ago

    Awesome song Not Alone.

  • Sweetheartgurl19
    Sweetheartgurl19 5 years ago

    i just want to say my brother and i luv u guys. one of my favorite songs by u guys is never be the same

  • Bryce Foerman
    Bryce Foerman 5 years ago

    I have a question, Mike, how do you do your screams in your songs? I've tried but I'm not sure if you have a technique or if you just let it rip and scream

  • SWFREAK Productions
    SWFREAK Productions 6 years ago

    whut up Michael and the gang enjoyed winter Jam 2013 with you guys, Btw this is Caleb, I talked to Michael about showing you guys my bands single, well that will prolly be ready in about a month in a half when our youtube is up and running so I'll message you updates, later.....

  • jay Clark
    jay Clark 6 years ago

    Will you guys be teaching more of your songs later this year?

  • jordan hartell
    jordan hartell 6 years ago

    are you going to be autographing after the winterjam?

  • Noel Beltran
    Noel Beltran 6 years ago

    I've been listening to you guys since "End of Silence" and even saw you guys live three times when that was the only album! Get back to Yuma, AZ! haha, no, but you guys are easily one of my favorites along with Demon Hunter and As I Lay Dying, always true to your faith and your message, never letting up in your music. Pumped for this new album and can't wait for the next R3D song to make it to my Workout Playlist (like feed the machine or breathe into me) and my Worship playlist (like not alone and Pieces)

  • SimbaKoda4444
    SimbaKoda4444 6 years ago

    I hope you guys perform at Harvest Crusade this August.

  • SimbaKoda4444
    SimbaKoda4444 6 years ago

    You are one of my all time favorite bands. I hope the new record is amazing. Oh wait- it will be, because you guys have never let me down!!! R3D

  • Maya Leon
    Maya Leon 6 years ago

    I admire them, they inspire me, I sit that God this one across his lives. <3

  • MrDjwithers
    MrDjwithers 6 years ago

    Hey guys I'm from the UK and I want to purchase your merchandise but you only us US dollars, is there anyway for the UK fans to purchase your merchandise?

  • Paula Alves
    Paula Alves 6 years ago

    You better come to Portugal!

  • Gabriel Ornelas
    Gabriel Ornelas 6 years ago

    #REDINBRAZIL. I'm waiting. Thanks guys!!

  • Zunnurain Puad
    Zunnurain Puad 6 years ago

    lembab !

  • Blind Security
    Blind Security 6 years ago

    Best band ever! Why it's not that popular?

  • Vlad The Impaler
    Vlad The Impaler 6 years ago

    Thumbs up... great band

  • geetarism
    geetarism 6 years ago

    Will RED please come to raleigh!

  • Be'lakor UK
    Be'lakor UK 6 years ago

    RED <3

  • Jabber 27
    Jabber 27 6 years ago

    You should make "Who we are" into either a firefighting music video or a military video, I used this song in 1 of my videos for our banquet at the fire department i run with, You make great music!

  • Raphael Zeller
    Raphael Zeller 6 years ago

    Zürich, Abart was niiiice! thx..

  • Jacob Tillman
    Jacob Tillman 6 years ago

    Any chance of getting in contact with Anthony Armstrong? I had a quick question for him

  • xReFTyZzFTW
    xReFTyZzFTW 6 years ago


  • Amit Katzman
    Amit Katzman 7 years ago

    the best band band ever... RED 4ever

  • plugthemike
    plugthemike 7 years ago

    Im still missing Rauch! Hope to see you guys help Ben from Breaking Benjamin. You guys helped them with their album and they helped with the song shadows. Now Ben is a one man band. Really dig the new album but i still like Innocence and Instinct a little bit more. Hope to see you guys visit Atlantic City.

  • Enrique euqirne
    Enrique euqirne 7 years ago


  • premiumprime1998
    premiumprime1998 7 years ago

    awsome at harvest amazing performence. life changing day very spiritual thanks red

  • Lydia De Leon
    Lydia De Leon 7 years ago

    ahhhhhh!!!!! thank you for accepting my friend request!! it means ALOT to me that im friends with my all time favorite band!!!! xD come to Houston, TX again please because i missed your concert because i didnt know about it! :((

  • premiumprime1998
    premiumprime1998 7 years ago

    hey i dont know if you remmember but im the kid that had the batman superman shirt at the harvest crusade. i have two vids of you guys performing plz watch thnks.

  • Brygette Geiger
    Brygette Geiger 7 years ago

    Thanks for accepting my friend invite! I'mma big fan, and i've see you guys live once at Forty Fest and it was amazing, keep up the good work!!

  • Erasmo Vyse
    Erasmo Vyse 8 years ago

    How's it going guys?

  • Erasmo Vyse
    Erasmo Vyse 8 years ago

    My last TheXvid account got deleted (erasmovyse) but I still will ask you for the same question: Will you upload your video Ordinary World here?

  • LoveLyricalRideX
    LoveLyricalRideX 9 years ago

    Hey' Guys From Red! Blessed Merry Christmas! ;D

  • Amber jOHN
    Amber jOHN 9 years ago

    Hey guys, have plans on coming back around to pittsburgh anytime soon? I missed you last time around, and im dyin to get to see you perform!!!

  • downinthe808
    downinthe808 9 years ago

    U guys should totally come to Hawaii cuz u guys ROCK!

  • Alan B
    Alan B 9 years ago

    Can't wait for you guy to come to Oklahoma City! I'm excited. You guys rock!

  • Tiago Sousa
    Tiago Sousa 9 years ago

    Here a comment from PORTUGAL! RED ROCKS!!!!

  • parnmkie
    parnmkie 9 years ago

    thanks for adding me guys love mikey

  • Daniel Sousa
    Daniel Sousa 10 years ago

    Hey guys Im from Brazil, and you guys really rock! Man, for the past two months I couldt stop listening to your songs...come to brazil in 2009 PLEEEEAAAAAAASE

  • Weslei Lima
    Weslei Lima 10 years ago

    hey guys I am from Brazil and I lov your music ... wating for the new cd in 2009 \o keep rocking for Christ guys !!!

  • mattprd7
    mattprd7 10 years ago

    The CD couldn't come out a little sooner? haha i'm dying to hear more, you guys are my anti-depressant pill

  • DuchaneBros
    DuchaneBros 10 years ago

    Wow, guys, the Dante's inferno puzzle is pretty intense.

  • fleeky
    fleeky 10 years ago

    LET GO!!! Best song ever!! Red rules!!!

  • JOB 13:15
    JOB 13:15 10 years ago

    hey bro...thnx for accepting the invite! keep up the awesome work! God Bless!

  • DuchaneBros
    DuchaneBros 10 years ago

    I first heard you guys in 2006 when i got the album off iTunes, and I've been looking forward to the next one ever since. You guys rock!

  • Stephan Enckhof
    Stephan Enckhof 10 years ago

    You guys Rock!, Plz. Check out my RED AMV's =)

  • guitarfreak365
    guitarfreak365 10 years ago

    thank you so much for what you have done. your songs rock. they realy help me to the extra mile for god.

  • Megan Perez
    Megan Perez 10 years ago

    Check out my newest vid of Pieces!!!!!!!!!!

  • lynnbelford217
    lynnbelford217 10 years ago

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez come to evansville indiana

  • Daniel Sousa
    Daniel Sousa 10 years ago

    man PLEASE COME TO BRAZIL!!!!! You guys are awesome!!! I cant stop listening to your songs

  • johnreidsteenkamp
    johnreidsteenkamp 10 years ago

    You guys ROCK! Pleas come out with a new album, I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

  • Zane Brannon
    Zane Brannon 10 years ago

    How The Hell Do You Guys Play That Good?!!!

  • RealSmoothMoves
    RealSmoothMoves 10 years ago

    Honestly, guys. Let's see a new album out soon, please! You're fans are demanding for your awesomeness to continue!

  • Milo Meneses
    Milo Meneses 10 years ago


  • Shannon Stike
    Shannon Stike 10 years ago

    Love you guys!! Amazing song, amazing video...You know I love it!!!

  • MadJoe11
    MadJoe11 10 years ago

    Picked up your album with the suggestion of a friend, have it permanently stuck in the truck. The complete album is so dynamic with highs and lows, I listen to it over and over. Just missed you at the Crawfish Bowl in Jackson, MS, but will make the drive to see you somewhere anytime!! Keep rocking and praising.

  • Jason Ricci
    Jason Ricci 10 years ago

    Come to the New England area again. I haven't seen you perform live yet but a friend has. Lucky him! Love you guys!

  • Brian Nielson
    Brian Nielson 10 years ago

    just saw you guys at summerFest WI with 12 stones and Skillet. you guys rocked harder than either of them way to go. can't wait to have you back in wisconsin. can't wait for the second cd either.

  • Jachin Patlur
    Jachin Patlur 10 years ago

    Thank you so much for music! i love your passion and lyrics! The Christian scene needs to pick up on your realness and quality music to God! everyone can totally relate to your lyrics! its just crazy goood music! thank you so much! your music really helps me feel closer to God and connect with Him, especially "Pieces" and " Breathe" and " Hide" and all the songs! GOD BLESS YOU Guys! Keep rocking nations for our good LORD and keep ministering the Love of Christ to hurting young people. Much love! your bro, ...Jachin

  • Matthew Sgherzi
    Matthew Sgherzi 10 years ago

    You guys are amazing! I am literally dying to see your next album and I'll be seeing you in concert at Spirit West Coast. I can't wait! Out of all of the bands in the world that I love, you guys are definitely on top. Keep it up and HURRY UP with that next album! God bless, Matthew Sgherzi

  • Richard Cortez
    Richard Cortez 10 years ago

    You guys are like one of the best out there i bought your album off itunes and it is off the hook, i can listen to the whole cd from start to finish over and over, christians can rock

  • OX
    OX 10 years ago

    Hey RED! I love your music so very much! <33 You guys are awsome!!! So I only ask one thing Michael Barnesp plz shave your beard. =D Alright Thank you! <33 Lubb you guys

  • MrDyhr
    MrDyhr 10 years ago

    heey Guys from RED, I just wanna say thank you for you music, i listen to it all most everyday, and i love it. God bless ya. PS. i live in Denmark, :D From Asbjorn

  • MB
    MB 10 years ago

    Guys your work is simply amazing! Greetings!

  • Ivan Vilches
    Ivan Vilches 10 years ago

    You Guys absolutely Rock!!!!! I'm waiting for the next album

  • Karlen Warren
    Karlen Warren 10 years ago

    Love yall!!!!!!!!!

  • John White
    John White 10 years ago

    please come bcak 2 Lubbock, tx soon! u guys were amazing!!!

  • nsindermusic
    nsindermusic 10 years ago

    i have been waiting since red came out to put a video to this song its so awsome... deff top 5 favorites of all time great job!!

  • adc2223
    adc2223 10 years ago

    If you like space, watch my video! I hope you like it, I worked hard on it. Thanks a bunch! ~adc2223

  • adc2223
    adc2223 10 years ago

    I love Red! You guys are absolutely great. Keep singing for God, don't ever stop! -adc2223