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  • Johnny Renkiewicz
    Johnny Renkiewicz 5 hours ago

    Great detail, controller feels amazing. Would have liked to have seen mortal Kombat on it but overall very happy with mine. Hoping for a Dreamcast mini!

  • adeadlyn3rotoxin11
    adeadlyn3rotoxin11 6 hours ago

    You should really play machinarium. Really good point and click game.

  • Bowsette NC-17
    Bowsette NC-17 6 hours ago

    I hope MK Kollection isn’t online only 🤦‍♀️

    OUR WORLD TV 7 hours ago

    really looking forward for the MK Collection for switch. Greenscreen setup is awesome. Xbox X going to be lit thanks so much for sharing.

  • Khrndz8
    Khrndz8 7 hours ago

    I’m trying to think of a joke to make but this is just spawn wave with jokes

  • dj X.A.N.A
    dj X.A.N.A 7 hours ago

    I'm not a fan of the switch, wii ou Wiiu versions I'm more of a kinect guy for this kinda game or I'm grabbing my dance pad and play some good old ddr or pump it up

  • Trioxin G
    Trioxin G 7 hours ago

    Dude the game hasn’t been remade yet just give it time. It’s just repolishing and re releasing its such a classic but it needs farther along in the years to obtain an evolution

  • Frozen gamer
    Frozen gamer 7 hours ago

    Metroid Prime 4 2021 release date

  • Handi Suyadi
    Handi Suyadi 7 hours ago

    In term of graphic capabilities, Game Boy Color has one disadvantage compared to Game Gear. While Game Boy Color seem have advantage in color palette and color on screen, one sprite only have maximum four color (one of which being transparent).

  • Rick Diculous
    Rick Diculous 8 hours ago

    You should go to the gym with beatemsups. You're a flabby fatty and I'm not being toxic; theres a lot of grey area.

  • Mónica Pastor
    Mónica Pastor 8 hours ago

    1. You have to commit 2. If your latin ypu know all the songs 3. Im a fan i love it its fun its awsome with friends 4. Daddy Yankee its the best ....bye

  • Neal
    Neal 8 hours ago

    All those holes to trap dust in the xbox. After a month it will probably overheat and burn out its cpu/gpu.

  • KingBooty
    KingBooty 8 hours ago

    I liked the 2 second review style of this video :)

  • G B
    G B 8 hours ago

    Wouldn't be much better and cheaper if i play GC games on a Wii (1st gen) with a Wii2HDMI adapter on a very big HD TV?

  • ieetemos4breakfast
    ieetemos4breakfast 9 hours ago

    Could they rerelease metroid Fusion before they pump out the sequel? I never had a Gameboy advance so I never got to play it.

  • 0The152Cat0
    0The152Cat0 9 hours ago

    Calling it now... The discovered graphics menu for The Witcher 3 will be unlocked in a future update to allow for better performance on the new Switch Pro. Also DOOM Eternal, Metroid Prime 4, and Breath of the Wild 2 will be used to highlight the newer features/capabilities of the Pro model as a defacto launch window library. And I can't help but wonder about a lot of these higher end titles that have all been delayed this past month... Could it be possible that a few of them were pushed back once those developers were made aware that the newer Switch model would be able to handle running them? Perhaps Nintendo has reached out in an effort to build up a nice list of titles to entice more sales in a preemptive strike against the coming next gen consoles. The Pro IS coming and I would say ANY title that can run on PS4 Pro or XBox One X should play just fine on it when it arrives.

  • J M
    J M 9 hours ago

    Here's a story we won't ever see. Who is the person who leaked the new Xbox? And what happened to him for the leak? Please research this and let us know, RGT

  • J M
    J M 9 hours ago

    Cable box? Who still has cable or dish tv?

  • Hastubersan Thegamer

    Saints row 4 is also coming on switch

  • J R
    J R 10 hours ago

    Imagine playing W3 on switch...

  • TheJoonbug
    TheJoonbug 10 hours ago

    Omg! How many time does this guy have to repeat himself? 'Witcher 3 on the Nintendo switch, witcher 3 on the Nintendo switch.......' makes it sound like he is passing out his content, dont get me wrong though I do like this channel and the host but wow that can get annoying quick.

  • Anonymous Serial Killer

    I would buy the new Switch pro after a price cut, not at launch. I bought mine barely used on EBay probably stolen, back in 2017 with Mario Kart for $260 free shipping. Barely started using it for Pokémon and some Visual novels, and JRPG’s

  • Hump
    Hump 11 hours ago

    MK Trilogy online would be the most superior version eva!

  • Steven Bryan
    Steven Bryan 12 hours ago

    Stare into your SOUL!!!!

  • Tri4ce1
    Tri4ce1 12 hours ago

    6+ grand in games. Do you actually have bills to pay. Christ you buy multiple versions of the same game. I get it your a collector, but digital ver + hard copy is a little much.

  • Sub Noxious
    Sub Noxious 12 hours ago

    Ys VIII copy?

  • Shauns Arcade
    Shauns Arcade 12 hours ago

    do ever get to round playing all them games :)

  • SJ Tre
    SJ Tre 12 hours ago


  • Wiz Kalifa
    Wiz Kalifa 12 hours ago

    Nice review but the voice tho...maybe you should work on that😂😂😂👍🏽

  • jules
    jules 12 hours ago

    I thought you sounded like tmart in the beginning

  • Matthew Seal
    Matthew Seal 13 hours ago

    Crash team racing is the best kart racing game and one of the best games on the switch why u gotta be a sarcastic douche about it

  • Daniel Prieto
    Daniel Prieto 13 hours ago

    I honestly prefer the background with the arcade machines. It makes you different from all the other channels. If you keep the green screen setup; put yourself in the middle and standing and bigger; I wouldn't put yourself in the corner.

  • torres3800
    torres3800 14 hours ago

    Gave it away back in 2000. Really regret it until this day. I still remember the hours on it. I didn't have the backup cartridge so as a result, Never passed it. LoL

  • andres lopez
    andres lopez 14 hours ago

    My daughter has 180 hours on yoshis crafted world lmfao she’s a G

  • Javier Campos
    Javier Campos 14 hours ago


  • Dragne Horatiu
    Dragne Horatiu 14 hours ago

    People just need to see how good is the witcher in handle mode. For the mature audience is the best. No matter how much power could the new system have, nintendo will perform better giving the gamers a better experience in handle mode and in tv mode with exclusive games. Nintendo is just the future of gaming.

  • Samir Doshi
    Samir Doshi 14 hours ago

    it's the fact that nintendo focuses on game play not teraflops that makes it special.. why would they bring sand to the beach? They are setting up a villa on the other side of the island.... GAME PLAY over intensity #GONINTENDO! It offers consumers a different choice and compliments the rawness of the ps and xbox

  • Jon Adams
    Jon Adams 15 hours ago

    But that's kirby its ment to be low difficulty kirby is something you go back and play when another game pisses you off because it's cute and easy

  • seaweedbrain
    seaweedbrain 15 hours ago

    *casually telling dude is a dumbass for showing the leaked product but still shows the leaked images*

  • Juan C. Lucena
    Juan C. Lucena 15 hours ago

    These games are cheaper on PS4 smh

  • Ivan Vargas
    Ivan Vargas 15 hours ago

    Awesome video. I was wondering how your switch collection was going. I’m gonna wait till the prices of these games are $5 before I buy most of them.

  • gr8latino
    gr8latino 16 hours ago


  • Sade Jackson
    Sade Jackson 16 hours ago

    I got over 100 games myself about 150 total mostly digital copies.

  • Zohar Soto
    Zohar Soto 16 hours ago

    I want metroid prime 4 2020

  • Naz Zan
    Naz Zan 16 hours ago

    I regret buying it 🥺

  • Marco Olivier
    Marco Olivier 16 hours ago

    How many of these did you buy with your own money tho 🙄

  • D4ORM23
    D4ORM23 16 hours ago

    Thank god for the real mortal kombat kollection that’s what I was waiting for ...

  • scotty thompson
    scotty thompson 16 hours ago

    cool video tech talk rgt85 sean

  • John Krop
    John Krop 17 hours ago

    I love new games but I wouldn't mind mass effect, metal gear, and fallout ported to switch.

  • Mark Neal
    Mark Neal 17 hours ago

    People say Metroid is niche but since metroidvania games are super popular rn and castlvania is mia I think a ton of people will check it out and it'll surprise

  • jab- 0006
    jab- 0006 17 hours ago

    Don't buy this controller is very bad i have it

  • Jamesbundy1
    Jamesbundy1 17 hours ago

    You see how this loser hates on anything not Nintendo...You see How he makes things up like you're not supposed to leak the development kit are you kidding me they've already showcased the actual final product.

  • Poopie pants
    Poopie pants 17 hours ago

    When the video starts i’m fully clothed and by the end i’m butt naked. Yeah... idk..

  • Nicholas Bersito
    Nicholas Bersito 17 hours ago

    I did a little bit of a gameplay of color splash for Wii u wasn't that bad kind of enjoyed it

  • Nicholas Bersito
    Nicholas Bersito 17 hours ago

    Animal crossing new horizons is gonna be the biggest game of 2020 for the switch for sure

  • Earthworm James N64
    Earthworm James N64 17 hours ago

    Oh that Mortal Kombat tho. Might have to finally get a pro controller. Dammit.

  • Kenny Carter
    Kenny Carter 17 hours ago

    I wish I could play X box and Play station without a tv....

  • Kingsley Krusher
    Kingsley Krusher 18 hours ago

    I have played this game since day one, and I will say I never played CTR before, so I went Medium difficulty, realized I was a moron and restarted on Easy difficulty, now I can beat Medium difficulty easily. Also you insulted not only this game, but the N-Sane Trilogy as well, so I can't watch anymore of these videos.

  • KJ HX
    KJ HX 18 hours ago

    If this comment gets 50 likes, RGT will tell us what its like when he takes a piss, and how it affects his gameplay quality

  • Hshsisb Nejej
    Hshsisb Nejej 19 hours ago

    Company’s “leak” things intentionally some times

  • HighLanderPony
    HighLanderPony 19 hours ago

    Woah, slow down and calm down. It's ok.

    SILENT MIRAGE 19 hours ago

    Still waiting for a Advance Wars reboot on Nintendo Switch. Old school or continuance of Days of Ruin.

  • Nathaniel Alcaide
    Nathaniel Alcaide 19 hours ago

    Smash that like button if you want rgt to do timestamps

  • jjmBisoy
    jjmBisoy 19 hours ago

    Yey new witcher 3 patch! More boobies! 😉

  • Derick'
    Derick' 19 hours ago

    I really want banjo kazooie

  • Fives
    Fives 19 hours ago

    One must also realize that if there is a sequel to Metroid Fusion, that game will be Metroid 5. Which will be the newest adventure in terms of chronology and canon. But since Nintendo focuses only on Zelda and Mario, this is a beautiful dream at best.

  • Power Girl Productions

    Pikmin 4!

  • Shibby120
    Shibby120 20 hours ago


  • Shibby120
    Shibby120 20 hours ago

    Animal Crossing Amibo Festival? Literally never heard of this. Although I wasn’t into video games during the Wii U. Understandably.

  • Ssilnah
    Ssilnah 20 hours ago

    It would be awesome to have a graphical upgrade to Witcher

  • cristhianmlr
    cristhianmlr 20 hours ago

    I'm new to the channel. Are you Arlo's voice?

  • Shibby120
    Shibby120 20 hours ago

    Eithernet port.

  • bsmklein
    bsmklein 20 hours ago

    Shawn this video (amongst many others (but this one especially)) is why I love watching your content! No one else on TheXvid, that I know of, is making videos about “toxic” fandom the way you are!! Keep up the great work and #GetWellBabyRiker!!!

  • Kenny Schmitt
    Kenny Schmitt 20 hours ago

    Good video. Man every time I watch you I secretly just want to see how many arcade1up cabs you now have.....lol running out of room. I'm there too I got 8. Question what 1 cabinet would you really want if they had it. Mine is dragons lair trilogy. Take it easy man. Note: might have to break down and get a switch. I'm a Sony guy though. What is wrong with the tmnt cab. Or is it just off...lol

  • Johnny Rodeen
    Johnny Rodeen 20 hours ago

    Dude what

  • Johnny Rodeen
    Johnny Rodeen 20 hours ago

    That’s why u play season

  • Mike Zimmer
    Mike Zimmer 20 hours ago

    Speaking of Smash, Crash Bandicoot is actually rumored to be the next fighter for the second Fighter's Pass! Mayne that'll make up for Byleth (let's be real, the protagonists from the most recent Fire Emblem game will be repped in the current Smash game).

  • Carlos Canton
    Carlos Canton 20 hours ago

    Really good info!

  • Jim O'Brien
    Jim O'Brien 20 hours ago

    Stop referring to rumors and “leaks” as news.

    • Mathew Soltan
      Mathew Soltan 5 hours ago

      Well they're potential. There are leaks which end up true.

  • Jim O'Brien
    Jim O'Brien 20 hours ago

    RGTunchi twackin

  • joe abela
    joe abela 20 hours ago

    Wow what a banger

  • Mike O'Brien
    Mike O'Brien 21 hour ago

    Very nice collection man!! ✌🏻

  • Charlie B.
    Charlie B. 21 hour ago

    I think you a little Jelly you didn’t get one RGT 😭😭

  • Christopher Wersebe
    Christopher Wersebe 21 hour ago

    Unless they wanted him to leak some stuff to keep the xbox hype going. Trying to quiet the playstation anticipation.

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker 21 hour ago

    Could someone tell me in all honesty if the Witcher can be played from the cartridge alone comfortably without any updates? I'm planning to go without patches for games because I'm concerned about the stability of the Switch itself and not necessarily the games.

    • Michael Walker
      Michael Walker 16 hours ago

      @Low Static withoud patch?

    • Low Static
      Low Static 19 hours ago

      Sometimes can be a lil blurry but I’ve been enjoying it so much recently

    • Low Static
      Low Static 19 hours ago

      Worked just fine for me , I tried it out right when I put it in for a lil

  • SM Piano660
    SM Piano660 21 hour ago

    When Saber Interactive goes above and beyond for a game port but Gamefreak can't even do the bare minimum to give a decent Pokemon game. Anyway thank you Saber Interactive for doing God's work. Your devotion to bringing The Witcher 3 to the switch is appreciated.

    • Michael Rojelio
      Michael Rojelio 16 hours ago

      @SM Piano660 yeah not everyone can afford more than one console, I want to get the others but I am trying to get a vehicle so that will have to wait. Also those same people complain that the graphics look crappy but if it had came out on the PS3 and Xbox 360 would they complain about the graphics if they didn't have a PS4 or Xbox One? I think not, they just love to hate on Nintendo

    • SM Piano660
      SM Piano660 16 hours ago

      ​@Michael Rojelio Tell me about it, the people who talk about how they could get it cheaper elsewhere act as if everyone owns multiple consoles. Not to mention some double dip specifically so they can play the game on the go.

    • Michael Rojelio
      Michael Rojelio 17 hours ago

      That is why I bought it, to support them and CD Projekt Red for making it happen. On here I was told by one main person that I was waisting my money when I could buy it on other consoles for a lower price. I only have a Switch so I am glad to buy the game at full price since it is my first time playing it.

  • Caleb D.
    Caleb D. 21 hour ago

    Saying "A sequel to Metroid Fusion" but not calling it Metroid 5 is tripping me out.

  • T G
    T G 21 hour ago

    Still waiting for Punchout 2020

  • Natalia
    Natalia 21 hour ago

    Can you play The Witcher 3 without having played the other games? Or can you start off with this one?

    • Natalia
      Natalia 21 hour ago

      @Jonathan Medina Berio ok thanks!

    • Jonathan Medina Berio
      Jonathan Medina Berio 21 hour ago

      Natalia you can start on this one I never played the first two but the story will explain everything

  • JHarley17
    JHarley17 21 hour ago

    I have 18 but over 100 digital, I usually buy 1st party physical. unless its online multiplayer. that way me and the kid can play at the same time with one copy

  • Jeff Seward
    Jeff Seward 21 hour ago

    Dragons Dogma. Replayed as a child character on Hard. Using a pawn sorcer yoir freinds with from a previos play with a current level of 167. Gotta love it more than switcher. Dunnowhy

  • Claire McHardy
    Claire McHardy 22 hours ago

    Hey RGT. What white gaming chair is that you are using?

  • United Plays
    United Plays 22 hours ago

    Fantastic gaming news video !

  • Anthony Goulet
    Anthony Goulet 22 hours ago

    PAPER MARIOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!

  • matt22matt
    matt22matt 22 hours ago

    so stoked for a 2d metroid

  • Dan
    Dan 22 hours ago

    I think the switch square Enix announcement will probably be life is strange

  • Twig - E
    Twig - E 22 hours ago

    MORTAL KOMBAT TRILOGY! YES YES YES! I'd prefer the N64 one though. How about a San Francisco Rush or Cruis'N Cruis'N Trilogy? Smash TV/Total Carnage online? TMNT 2, 3, and 4 online? Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2? The Timesplitters trilogy? Duke Nukem and Zero Hour? The Rogue Squadron trilogy? Gauntlet Legends and Dark Legacy? WWF No Mercy, WCW/NWO Revenge, and Day of Reckoning 2? Hunter: the Reckoning? The Simpsons Road Rage and Hit & Run? A Rock Band Trilogy? NFL Quarterback Club collection? Super Tecmo Bowl Trilogy? Rad Racer Trilogy? Top Gear Rally and Overdrive? Road Rash online? Way of the Warrior Online? Bloody Roar Primal Fury? James Bond Gamecube collection? Punch Out collection? Super FX Chip game collection? Killer Instinct 1 & 2? Donley Kong Country Trilogy? Super Star Wars SNES Trilogy? Final Fight collection? Metal Gear collection? Gex collrction? Call of Duty collection? Medal of Honor collection? Earthworm Jim 1 & 2 + Boogerman! Clay Fighters 1, 2 , and 63 and a third? Tiger Woods collection? NBA Street Volume 1, 2, and 3? NFL Blitz, Red Card Soccer, MLB Slugfest, and NHL Hitz collection? Beetle Adventure Racing? Hexen and Heretic collection? Quake and Dai Katana collection? Shadow Man/Forsaken 64? THQ RPG collection (Quest 64, Ayden Chronicles, Summoner: a Goddess Reborn)? Bloodrayne collection? Bust-a-Move collection? Zoocube? Shit...I RAN OUT OF IDEAS!

  • Richard Rogers
    Richard Rogers 22 hours ago

    If the graphics improve with this patch I'm buying it asap

  • Miguel Alvarez
    Miguel Alvarez 22 hours ago

    Awhhh I thought he was gonna talk about Bioshock collection for the switch ..... 🤞🏻

  • D Dub
    D Dub 22 hours ago

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