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  • Khalid M.u-20
    Khalid M.u-20 3 days ago

    What happened to Jason after this?

  • Luke Huizenga
    Luke Huizenga 3 days ago

    What?? Arkham Knight was Jason Todd!?!? Who would've guessed? I'm floored!

  • Bruno Valadares
    Bruno Valadares 5 days ago

    Ok man, this was fairly obvious for whoever read batman comics, but nice spoiler out there.

  • xR0s3XniNjAx King
    xR0s3XniNjAx King 5 days ago

    I kinda wish Batman or Bruce really acted like a father to his sons and I wish Jason gave him a chance for bruce to be there for him

  • franc bacaron
    franc bacaron 5 days ago

    bats eyes is like turning into hulk

  • Faizaan Ahmed
    Faizaan Ahmed 6 days ago

    "Tri-weave titanium coated armor plating, nice...Unless you know exactly...where...to shoot." - The Arkham Knight

  • Alexander Már Bjarnþórsson

    My favorite part is Jason heroic save 29:07

  • badreedine Djellali

    wait a minute that's why it called batman arkham knight because it's the arkham knight villain he sayes that he is better than batman but he runs a way like a coward

  • Michael Mclendon
    Michael Mclendon 6 days ago

    So not only did Batman let joker live after he’s killed not only millions but he’s killed Jason Todd Batman’s own son basically and even shot Barbara Gordon in the spine crippling her for life but Batman still doesn’t care

  • Ash Bert
    Ash Bert 7 days ago

    I like how there is just a football between batman and redhood

  • Monric
    Monric 7 days ago

    Arkham Knight: If he even looks like he's planning something, shoot him Batman: I'm deciding which one of you guys to take out first *BOI*

  • Monric
    Monric 7 days ago

    I would hate to be Dick Grayson in that situation

  • Monric
    Monric 7 days ago

    The voice actor for Jason is also Sam's from Uncharted 4

  • Bryan Garcia
    Bryan Garcia 9 days ago


  • Ikmalreza 1998
    Ikmalreza 1998 10 days ago

    Batman uses his version of talk no jutsu.

  • George Khidasheli
    George Khidasheli 11 days ago

    "This ends tonight." Me: OH RRLY?

    NV SNAKE 11 days ago

    Didn't really like how they made Red Hood/Jason Todd sound like an angry whiny kid. It would've been better if his demeanor was more stoic, cold and detached.

    • NV SNAKE
      NV SNAKE 9 hours ago

      Lightner445555555555 That is quite the assumption. Different people react differently to different things.

    • Lightner445555555555
      Lightner445555555555 15 hours ago

      NV snake. I'm sure you would be the same way too, i'f you were tortured by the Joker.

  • Jamal Jankson
    Jamal Jankson 12 days ago

    Why is Jason using guns when batmans suit is bulletproof

  • Vic Diesel
    Vic Diesel 14 days ago

    The character development of Batman is become extraordinary over time. So much more complex than your average comic book hero. The psychology behind the entire story is intriguing in and of itself. So cool man.

  • tom cox
    tom cox 15 days ago

    can i just say, it was pretty obvious jason todd was the arkham knight. on their character info they both have that same height and weight and it just makes sense for jason to be the arkham knight

  • Abhishek Chakraborty

    6:14 I always love this Scene 😂😂

  • JoeDotPHP
    JoeDotPHP 16 days ago

    I love that line when you drop in on him. "Copy that. He's gone, Sir." "Is he...?"

  • Nicholas Win
    Nicholas Win 17 days ago

    Arkham Knight should be a Lego MiniFigure and his Helicopter and those tanks should be Made into lego batman sets

  • Penis De _Milo
    Penis De _Milo 18 days ago

    16:35 calling Batman a son of a bitch. Ouch.

  • Kids In America
    Kids In America 19 days ago

    When the character who’s name is in the title only has less than 31 mins of screen time

  • Alga MV
    Alga MV 19 days ago

    I completely can understand Jason's point and feel for him how Batman left him behind, betraying him while he was getting tortured by Joker for A YEAR, and Bats recruited Tim Drake short after his missing. Such a sad tragedy for an amazing hot character. I hate both Joker and Batman for what happened to Jason. 😭😭

  • El-Mustapha Janga
    El-Mustapha Janga 19 days ago

    Batman sucks

  • Luis Joya
    Luis Joya 20 days ago

    Why they show that Tim is inlove with Barbara here. Isn’t she older by a lot?

  • The Brilliant And Amazing Gamer

    Okay seriously, the whole mechanical reveal of the red hood is really, REALLY well presented, the slow camera turn, the way he combines the guns, the way he tears off the outer plating to reveal the red helmet underneath. it's just fucking brilliant.

  • Mr. Magistral Malik

    6:14 When the FBI meets Joker.

  • runningwild09
    runningwild09 21 day ago

    the voice actor for Jason Todd, did an AMAZING job at voicing the pain that Jason has gone through. You could just feel the emotion in his voice

    • MikeRiderOOO
      MikeRiderOOO 18 days ago

      runningwild09 Troy Baker sure knows how to play video game characters with tragic storylines.

  • Andres Herrera
    Andres Herrera 21 day ago

    Don't know what's worse on how Jason died, from this game or with the movie

  • Giovani Justo
    Giovani Justo 22 days ago

    I love how there is a football standing there at 25:32 not standing but laying there

  • Destiny Nóir
    Destiny Nóir 24 days ago

    At 7:31 to 7:37 when I was progressing through the game, but I couldn't help but guess it was Jason. I was like, "Jason?!" I thought it was pretty obvious, the angry outbursts, knows who Barbara is, calling Batman old man, and the flashbacks/hallucinations. So pretty much I already figured out the Arkham Knight's identity wayyyy earlier before the final showdown.

  • kevinblk91
    kevinblk91 24 days ago

    Too bad the game was bad

  • Haze Slash
    Haze Slash 24 days ago

    Arkham knight will be free for PS plus September 2019

  • TheCommentSuperhero
    TheCommentSuperhero 26 days ago

    If you look into the game files, you can learn that the jump scare guy at the diner actually is Jason.

  • Raymund Lavadia
    Raymund Lavadia 26 days ago


  • Cerebral Assasn
    Cerebral Assasn 26 days ago

    I love how the inner part of the arkham mask is redhood!

  • Cerebral Assasn
    Cerebral Assasn 26 days ago

    I always loved marvel more than dc, but I love batman and the bat family. Jason Todd is literally the best comic character ever made. So much depth and backstory to him. Im a HUGE sucker for Red Hood!

  • ty gotta yeet
    ty gotta yeet 27 days ago

    so The Arkham Knight was the Red Hood was the Jason Todd all along?

  • Oscar Tibbs
    Oscar Tibbs 27 days ago

    5:40 how come he got a pistol but throughout the entire game you cant use it

  • Seb V
    Seb V 28 days ago

    “Stop tAlking to me” lmaoo

  • Wedding Studio
    Wedding Studio Month ago

    poor Jason

  • Jayson Lauza
    Jayson Lauza Month ago

    6:50 was that Green Arrow's company?

  • MakeUFumble
    MakeUFumble Month ago

    Which one is the best Batman skin

  • Niko P
    Niko P Month ago

    Scarecrow at the beginning tells Jason not to kill Batman. Then proceeds to have his henchmen shoot at him with their little tanks. smh

  • Justin  Snyder
    Justin Snyder Month ago

    60fps AND 4k ?! I bought a brand new gaming console and graphics card for this game and the game itself legit said my machine couldnt handle it lol

  • Logan malough
    Logan malough Month ago

    They should make a fifth game!

  • Anthony Stark
    Anthony Stark Month ago

    Remember when the devs said “The Arkham Knight is not Jason Todd, it’s a new character created for this game” yeah fuck off.

  • Joel Hardaway
    Joel Hardaway Month ago

    I think Jason has a sadder story than Bruce does. Bruce just lost his parents. Jason was tortured by the joker for a whole year and found out he was replaced and then later on killed. Feeling abandon and afraid by someone who you though was like a father to you. And he didn't make since with all the resources batman has that he couldn't find jason

  • Nick Kunwar
    Nick Kunwar Month ago

    The bat who laughs from dark dimension is what we would get if joker toxin succeeded here.

  • CherrX Music
    CherrX Music Month ago

    I cant believe this all happened in one night

  • Nathan Roland
    Nathan Roland Month ago

    They made Jason Todd kinda weak he relies too much on weapons and technology. The red hood animated movie version was much cooler

  • Ricardo D Alvarado


  • Duch ess
    Duch ess Month ago

    15:07 is he showing him clips or what is happening? Is Jason even actually there?

  • Duch ess
    Duch ess Month ago

    That voice of Jason's makes it so much harder for me to understand 😫

  • Duch ess
    Duch ess Month ago

    So Jason's other name is Arkham Knight

  • Duch ess
    Duch ess Month ago

    Should I play this game?

  • Duch ess
    Duch ess Month ago

    Is it true that DC fans had an online petition to have Jason killed off?

  • Duch ess
    Duch ess Month ago

    The fact that he usually calls him "old man" is cute to 🤗

  • creator Space
    creator Space Month ago

    We made it well. blog.naver.com/7heppy7

  • Jared Hanif
    Jared Hanif Month ago


  • Anas Shaaban
    Anas Shaaban Month ago

    Tim: let's lock you up Batman: (pulls uno reverse card)

  • DiBBagE
    DiBBagE Month ago

    I think the real question is does the burnt J on his face represent Joker or Jason..... Or Both?

    • j c
      j c Month ago


  • oCrisis-x
    oCrisis-x Month ago

    i love how jason took the time to put a red bat logo on his suit 😭 29:07

  • CrimsonNerd
    CrimsonNerd Month ago

    Wish Jason was in more of this game. He was great.

  • Joseph Stallin'
    Joseph Stallin' Month ago

    "Aim for the shoulders, his padding!" As Batman stands there with his mouth completely unprotected

  • Zero
    Zero Month ago

    First cutscene. He was about to shoot from the helicopter which is closer to batman and more accurate. Then you tell him that the dead don't fear so he should stay alive. So you open the gates and try to kill him anyway. This aint it chief

  • Itachi Kun
    Itachi Kun Month ago

    This reminds me of Tokyo Ghoul so much it’s scary

  • Samuel Graves
    Samuel Graves Month ago

    this game was so fun to play

  • Lando Calrission
    Lando Calrission Month ago

    Arkham knight had all the chances to kill him but nah

  • Jesus Pabon
    Jesus Pabon Month ago

    People think spiderman games copied the press circle to dodge but no. It was batman games that copied the gameplay mechanic. It was a Spiderman 2002 game that first had it. Batman games copied it after.

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star Month ago

    7:26 I feel bad for Batman He’s choking a robot

  • Wolfpack3305
    Wolfpack3305 Month ago

    Bro Jason Todd is the best anti-hero

  • JustAGuy
    JustAGuy Month ago

    20:28 Thank God

  • vipic wavver
    vipic wavver Month ago

    I would have kept looking for jason if i were batman

    DADA THAGOAT Month ago

    Wait was the joker ever there are hallucinations

    • Silent Warrior
      Silent Warrior Month ago

      No joker's is not there, Batman's hallucinating due to exposure to Scarecrow's fear toxins.

  • Mercury 88
    Mercury 88 Month ago

    “Unless you know exactly where to shoot”..... shoots him in the mouth

  • Elkite Saga
    Elkite Saga Month ago

    The question is... How did Batman not look for Todd? For someone to figure out a crime in a hour, he never bother went looking for him. Now that sad.

  • YourBroKace
    YourBroKace Month ago

    i love how Jason speaks while he's the Arkham knight it's so sassy and hilarious

  • Jonas Jay
    Jonas Jay Month ago

    What if Damian Wayne was Arkham Knight?? ahahaha oh shit

  • Lewie Cristole
    Lewie Cristole Month ago

    4:01 "Straight for the butthole"

  • Raft203
    Raft203 Month ago

    I nutted @ 22:18 🔥🔥😍😍😍

  • Nina ifallintofantasy Elliget

    15:10 I got to be honest with you guys the first time i saw this i was crying and was easily spooked. It was so heart breaking Joker: "Hey i never asked... what is the big secret? Who is the big bad bat? What is his name? Tell me his name.." Jason: "Of course sir, it's...." (gets shot in the chest) Joker: "I never could stand a tell-tale." TT_TT

  • Nina ifallintofantasy Elliget

    I always throught it was amazing that they add a scene of Jason stopping Batman's heart by putting pressure on chest armor at 4:23

  • Nina ifallintofantasy Elliget

    Troy Baker's voice nail this character

  • Start Quest
    Start Quest Month ago

    I wonder how long it took to animate that movement from 15:22 to 15:26

  • EnterpriseKnight
    EnterpriseKnight Month ago

    Heey, remember when the devs told us he was a completely new and original character that had nothing to do with Jason Todd even though we called it from a mile away and when it happened we were all like "Oh, what a surprise..."

  • Fuscomania !
    Fuscomania ! Month ago

    You'd think that after being ripped to shreads by Croc, that he'd be Scarecrow's greatest fear...

  • Kakka-Carrot-Cake

    I feel like this whole story doesn’t work right without the joker still being alive.

    • D M
      D M Month ago

      I mean, he is a alive through other people but not actually alive in his original body

  • cosmic-sarcasm 18

    The gameplay concerning the bat mobile is what took this game under, but the story, the graphics for the most part, the voice acting, and the melee and scenery were awesome. The side stories were great as well, especially Professor Pig he was my personal favorite. Honestly, I have replayed the game quite a bit and Jason being in this game and the whole Scarecrow plot was Uber interesting.

  • blood hazard 13 gang 6ix9nine

    4:25 when batman gets shot in the kidney he should be dead but he is alive BECAUSE HES BATMAN!!!

    • D M
      D M Month ago

      He'd be fine, he doesn't need both.

  • Rapidspeed Kills
    Rapidspeed Kills Month ago

    So glad that he helped batman at the end.

  • Prometheus 7080
    Prometheus 7080 Month ago

    So Batman can stop Scarecrow, Harley, Penguin, Two-Face, Riddler, Deathstroke, Professor Pyg, Arkham Knight, Killer Croc, Mr.Freeze, The Mad Hatter, Ras Al Ghul, Decon Blackfire, A hole Fricken Army in a WHOLE NIGHT!!! But couldn’t find Jason who was in Arkham Asylum for a YEAR!!!!

  • Robert Li
    Robert Li Month ago

    Wtf he didn’t run away from missiles but from guns? Ohh no no no it’s too much.

  • miguel the miner 1928282

    How sad

  • James Stillings
    James Stillings Month ago

    Wait wait wait..never played this game. Loved the others though. So Scarecrow tells Jason not to kill him, then the tanks rip off a hundred rounds??

  • Shubham Kawale
    Shubham Kawale Month ago

    I wonder if instead of Jason, AK was Anarky. How would that fit into the story? And if they kept Jason as a side mission..

  • Nefritee
    Nefritee Month ago

    tim sounds like young justice roy