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  • Junior Alaba
    Junior Alaba Hour ago

    This gonna help me recover from my groin injury which has kept me way from the pitch for three months now😢

  • Alejandro Salcedo
    Alejandro Salcedo 4 hours ago

    Seriously. You rock... No mean to offend, but for what I in all of my life of experience have ever seen, Bryan Massa was definitely more fame and viral mass liking than actual talent and hard work... Back in the moment being the very only one who seemed to have literally bleed playing and walking nearly from city to city training on my own on a fusion of Nike's 'make the difference' and 'joga bonito' philosophy and then suddenly losing it all thanks to a cardiological ultimtatum and some other things just made me go insane... It was a complete... psychological... infernal... TORTURE... But..., looking at you...; I see a true possible rival (back in the day...)..., and someone truly worthy of recognition... The footballing me would have definitely loved to play with or against the footballing you... And..., ¿why didn't you either get the Mercurial Vapor 6 Elite series' boot...? 😕 And, if you have the time...; ¿would you please share me the name of your country...? And your playing position details... 😕 I'm gonna need them in my videogame version of my boulevard of broken dreams and I like to specify the worthy players of it perfectly put all into my team... 😕 And..., after all...; best wishes for your life and path wherever it leads you..., bro... 😔

  • Taylor Reis
    Taylor Reis 5 hours ago

    Was lucky enough to have Tom as a coach in America, absolutely top class when it comes to detail. A top trainer in the UK without a doubt!

  • Eduardo Souza
    Eduardo Souza 6 hours ago

    Great!!! So useful!

  • Tlmy Tesfai
    Tlmy Tesfai 8 hours ago

    I love soccer but I love other sport like jiu jitsu and muay thai been for four days and my recovery is take cold bath for 8 or 10 minute. so love recovery from other company I decide to save my money until I come back. thank you for show video about recovery your body and be responsible. I been busy got so many that learn for you but one by one again than you.

  • Amirul Hamzah
    Amirul Hamzah 9 hours ago

    Man like 7mlc wearing the Luton gear and that 🤩

  • Nada Emam
    Nada Emam 10 hours ago

    The neymars real name i fenomeno

  • Vincent Pereira
    Vincent Pereira 10 hours ago

    I can driblle past multiple defenders but can't get the ball into the nets . I m bad at finishing. I need to work hard in that area. Anyways. Thanks brother keep up the good work 😄😍🤗🤗

  • Emre Birgül
    Emre Birgül 12 hours ago

    Altyazı olsun

  • many more33
    many more33 13 hours ago

    what is the name of your hairstyle?

  • many more33
    many more33 13 hours ago

    what is the name of your hairstyle? please answer it😂

  • Goblin The Gamer
    Goblin The Gamer 16 hours ago

    I train individual and with my mates too but still I don't improve I done Many drills and Consistent with them but still I m lacking back

  • K P
    K P 16 hours ago

    From California here.. Your conditioning training skills are just I what I needed to improve my stamina! My team won 3-1 in a rec league today. And I scored a goal in the first game of this season! Never felt so accomplished! Thanks to all your videos! Keep it up mate!

  • Musically.J
    Musically.J 19 hours ago

    Didn't realize denis suarez had a TheXvid channel

  • Turner Reich
    Turner Reich Day ago

    Bro you make the best videos! 🔥

  • Let's sing with AJAY

    Can cricketer do this drill please tell me

  • FAD3 BrinO
    FAD3 BrinO Day ago

    I love how I come back every time to learn more stuff from the same video. Good job man

  • Timarie Gumbs
    Timarie Gumbs Day ago

    This is the best channel

  • Vibtrozz Z
    Vibtrozz Z Day ago

    I'm so happy that these skills made me won a tournament in school thx so much u have a new sub btw Lol I'm late

  • Luke Chatten
    Luke Chatten Day ago

    Boy dat some mad dip

  • Cecil McIntosh

    Best coaching / drilling I've ever seen. Man I really hope that when you get done pursuing your own career that you help develop U.S. players. Please Please start a camp for U9 - U14 to help get us some real ballers coming out the U.S.

  • Jabir Johnson
    Jabir Johnson Day ago

    I always use your drills to improve in my football carrier I play for fourth division. Of course it works

  • Jabir Johnson
    Jabir Johnson Day ago

    Thanks you Iam from Moshi, Tanzania

  • ckbe353
    ckbe353 Day ago

    How far apart do you space the cones?

  • Shreyas Dharasurkar

    He shot himself once at multiple angles. Nice trick!

    • 7mlc
      7mlc Day ago

      Shreyas Dharasurkar Thank you very much!

    • Shreyas Dharasurkar
      Shreyas Dharasurkar Day ago

      I'm not complaining anyways. Cool videos man!

    • 7mlc
      7mlc Day ago

      Not really a trick, just a way to get multiple perspectives of the same drill 👍

  • md.nazimul nayan



    Could I know? What is the name of grid inside goal?

  • john joseph Anthony

    it needs more grip in plant foot?

  • Quang Pham
    Quang Pham Day ago

    Best 15 AUD$ spent of my life. It totally changes me! I am really appreciate! Thank you. Order Number: #03682 (placed on January 22, 2020 at 8:41 AM ET) Thank you for your order at 7MLC Training. Your purchase includes digital downloads. Click the links below to get the files. Note that they will expire within 24 hours of your first access.


    To much pain


    Why knee pain can you tell me running time only pain knee please tell me

  • Supratik Roy
    Supratik Roy Day ago

    Can you make a video on your training session please ...

  • Janjo Jose
    Janjo Jose Day ago

    Really appreciate man for this video. keep gping :)

  • Young Khanic
    Young Khanic Day ago

    Wow! Very good dribbling.👍

  • Sagar Pradhan
    Sagar Pradhan Day ago

    Ankle exercise

  • Anti Dictator
    Anti Dictator Day ago

    Thank you, 7mlc. Body feints are the most effective during the game. I learned a new move today.

  • Maxwell G
    Maxwell G 2 days ago

    Why no calf raises?

  • Ángel Saúl
    Ángel Saúl 2 days ago

    Por favor activa los subtítulos al español en tus videos

  • Andrew Cox
    Andrew Cox 2 days ago

    Have you ever played against FC Buffalo?

    • Andrew Cox
      Andrew Cox 2 days ago

      7mlc thanks for replying Michael brilliant content👍. I was asking you this because a guy named Kieran Toland who has played for them is currently on trial with the club I support which is Shamrock Rovers in Ireland, just curios to know if you know who he is by any chance.

    • 7mlc
      7mlc 2 days ago

      Yes I have a few times 👍

    ARIOS. JÚNIOR 2 days ago

    I'm living in Copenhagen

  • kimondi M
    kimondi M 2 days ago

    Thanks for all your videos, my ball control had improved over the past year, I just need to take it to the field now, haha, much appreciated!

  • Vlada Tosic
    Vlada Tosic 2 days ago

    greetings from Serbia,absolutely genious! Svaka cast

  • Harshwardhan Shinde

    Is these exercise improves vertical jump for volleyball

  • HuPluTiN __
    HuPluTiN __ 2 days ago

    I'm playing in jjl

  • Gar Singh
    Gar Singh 2 days ago


  • Sunyata Sunyata
    Sunyata Sunyata 2 days ago

    Winger training every day ??

  • Gabb Monte
    Gabb Monte 2 days ago

    I have a question to ask . Are all fast footwork drill equally important or are there some foundational moves I should always be practicing . There’s so many different drills out there so I’m wondering if doing any is good ?

  • airtellvoip airtellvoip


  • Syab GD
    Syab GD 2 days ago

    This is never like pes 2020 mobile

  • Olu Mayor
    Olu Mayor 2 days ago

    I started going to the gym about 4 months ago, I'm 20, but my weight has increased, though I have stopped lifting weights, could it be that some of the work outs are responsible for increase in weight? Is it something I should be worried about? And for the treadmill, how many miles per hour did you run for the 30 seconds on and off? How many calories did you burn at the end?

  • Alexander Gimas
    Alexander Gimas 2 days ago

    Thanks mate. This episode has helped me make the team!

  • turbogurk
    turbogurk 2 days ago

    your the best mate, keep up the good work!!!

  • turbogurk
    turbogurk 2 days ago

    Hello, love your MAESTRO videos!!!

  • suresh m
    suresh m 2 days ago

    You are an inspiration to me bro, keep posting more, sincere thanks in putting your efforts to teach us, I will see one by one and keep trying, two months ago I started football and love the game, will love the game forever:):):)

  • Jessica Villauneva
    Jessica Villauneva 2 days ago

    Thanks Michael, hopefully this works during one of my soccer games. This Tutorial has really increased on my shooting. Keep up the good work!

  • Turner Reich
    Turner Reich 3 days ago

    Right foot weave 0:30 Left foot weave 1:10 Single leg sole left 1:51 Single leg sole right 2:31 Inside foot push 3:10 Outside foot push 3:50 L drag push 4:37 Inside foot figure 8 5:20 Sole figure 8 6:06 Multi surface figure 8 6:47

  • Javi HD
    Javi HD 3 days ago

    Man said the la croqueta 😂

  • Appiagyei Gideon
    Appiagyei Gideon 3 days ago

    Too difficult

  • Pexgy FN
    Pexgy FN 3 days ago

    Thanks... just wondering what is better on Astro, idk what is better laced or non laced :/

  • Jaden Watson
    Jaden Watson 3 days ago

    Are these boots only for defenders?

    • 7mlc
      7mlc 3 days ago

      Boots aren’t made for specific positions.

  • Majacks Lelo
    Majacks Lelo 3 days ago

    Thanks man

  • Roosevelt Peters
    Roosevelt Peters 3 days ago

    How long should each drill be done and how many times or does it matter?

  • Alen Varghese C.k
    Alen Varghese C.k 3 days ago

    Can i do this with barefoot

  • Zoya Zeeshan
    Zoya Zeeshan 3 days ago

    Could you please use slow motion? As I get really confused when I want to actually perform the skills

    • 7mlc
      7mlc 3 days ago

      I start eat movement slowly, even slower than slow motion so that you can grasp the movement.

  • Rolf Hackler
    Rolf Hackler 3 days ago

    Gute einfache Übungen!

  • rj qadeer
    rj qadeer 3 days ago

    I want knee training without gym

  • Sochukwukamma Chime

    Hi sorry to disturb you I have a question Is it good to go at 19 mph in the speed or is too much ? Cauz I feel 12 in my gym Doesn’t makes me tired ( if I stay on 12 I need to stay in the treadmill more than 40 mins) so I’m not sure what to do thanks for this video keep going on and wish you the best.👍🏾👍🏾

    • Sochukwukamma Chime
      Sochukwukamma Chime 18 hours ago

      Harv21 km/h my bad

    • Harv21
      Harv21 2 days ago

      Is it 12kmh in your gym or 12mph? Because they are both very different speeds.

  • Bradly Cheong
    Bradly Cheong 3 days ago

    Thank you

  • It's the THUG
    It's the THUG 3 days ago


  • It's the THUG
    It's the THUG 3 days ago


  • Triggered Boi
    Triggered Boi 3 days ago

    Still practicing the air akka right now. After some few hours im pretty decnt at it

  • WM10 Officialfootballchannel

    I wish I could film a video with you 7mlc

  • Tyvan Vang
    Tyvan Vang 3 days ago

    Matt Sheldon from become elite went through something very similar to this! Reach out to him if you haven’t already! I know y’all know each other lol

    • Tyvan Vang
      Tyvan Vang Day ago

      Mark Warburton aye stop hating man. You have no idea what it takes to get to their level. You‘re just jealous you can’t do shit with your life.

  • kalakikuth kalaki
    kalakikuth kalaki 3 days ago

    how many times per day

  • Jose Reyes
    Jose Reyes 3 days ago

    0:20 1:17 2:10

  • Octavio Campos
    Octavio Campos 3 days ago

    Hey, for the SLV Cuts, does your calf burn after doing it for awhile. Hope you answer this

  • Habeeb Dh
    Habeeb Dh 4 days ago

    this is Habeeb from Iraq . l always watch you, you are good player!

  • Krysto Snare
    Krysto Snare 4 days ago


  • Ricardo Flores Guerrero

    Your drills help me out a lot!! The vids are 🔥!

  • Krysto Snare
    Krysto Snare 4 days ago

    Thanks buddy. Need to start training

  • Hyper Lemon
    Hyper Lemon 4 days ago

    Who here is watching it 2020

  • يوسف المالكي


  • Ritcherson M.Pattersen

    Nice vid man💪🏾

  • Ivan Karev
    Ivan Karev 4 days ago

    ah, americans guys who call it soccer...

    • 7mlc
      7mlc 4 days ago

      Yes they do 👍

  • Jose Bau
    Jose Bau 4 days ago

    woow, these are the videos the world needs! xDD gj

  • Mohammad Raees
    Mohammad Raees 4 days ago

    Love you sir I am Indian

    HAPPY GAMERS 4 days ago

    Bro I'm a indian how to adopt from barefoot to boots

  • Thamzeer Hiba
    Thamzeer Hiba 4 days ago


  • Zhaive
    Zhaive 4 days ago

    You're so good man, i just wish im that good

  • Shikiba Z
    Shikiba Z 4 days ago

    Can u please give more tips for attacker like what to when you have opponents behind you. Btw love all of your videos❤❤

  • Bhuban Shrestha
    Bhuban Shrestha 4 days ago

    Skipping ??

  • Old KURKINO Max
    Old KURKINO Max 4 days ago

    Этот комплекс работает!

  • xuan zhang
    xuan zhang 4 days ago

    wow! you are so good in soccer/football . I don't get the rainbow and how to flick it

  • Yash Shelar
    Yash Shelar 4 days ago

    Wish you a speedy recovery

  • Nate Rain
    Nate Rain 4 days ago

    I play futsal, just curious. How does the speed ladder make you faster.

  • raul valencia
    raul valencia 4 days ago

    Sometimes elásticos don’t work when the other player is calm and patient body feints for the win

  • Carlito 123
    Carlito 123 4 days ago

    Tofu bad for you by the way

    • 7mlc
      7mlc 4 days ago

      Not true at all, I would recommend doing real research instead of just reading one article and being influenced 👍

  • Ground Ed
    Ground Ed 4 days ago

    How many rounds for each drill??

  • Muhammed Ali
    Muhammed Ali 4 days ago

    Is it recommendable for u16 player to start gym workout?