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[CHOISKZ(초이슼)] EP.03
Views 121K2 months ago
[CHOISKZ(초이슼)] EP.02
Views 170K2 months ago
Stray Kids "TMT" Video
Views 3M2 months ago
[CHOISKZ(초이슼)] EP.01
Views 302K2 months ago
Stray Kids "19" Video
Views 2.6M5 months ago
Stray Kids "STEP OUT 2019"
Views 413K8 months ago


  • ko ko
    ko ko Minute ago

    Soon I.N will become one of the hottest funny actor 🤗

  • ephi 0111b
    ephi 0111b 10 minutes ago

    Woojin 🐻🐻

  • tomo ka
    tomo ka 18 minutes ago


  • Calvin Smith
    Calvin Smith 36 minutes ago

    What their obsession with censoring the member faces with no explanation

  • jan s
    jan s 39 minutes ago


  • baby blue stars
    baby blue stars 49 minutes ago

    13:47 *Hyunjin: kEeP GoinG bRo MaN*

  • vanyus ix
    vanyus ix Hour ago

    not into kpop that much but that song is really good as well as all of their songs and woojin is really hot

  • Daksha Krishnan
    Daksha Krishnan Hour ago

    I listened the first time and I was like it's a fire beat and it's just savage. Now I just think this is their meme song

  • Chang! Chang!
    Chang! Chang! Hour ago


  • Corporal Light
    Corporal Light Hour ago

    yes I love them

  • Taehyun's Eyes
    Taehyun's Eyes Hour ago

    It sound a little weird hearing the old version but it was so cool

  • snowann ann
    snowann ann Hour ago

    Love Lee Know's voice 😍 So good 👍

  • icha icha
    icha icha Hour ago


  • skz dong
    skz dong Hour ago

    Entah apa yang merasukimuuu~

  • mitch tommo
    mitch tommo Hour ago


  • Kaiser King
    Kaiser King Hour ago

    Have you ever just wanted to cry because you just heard something so beautiful... yeah that’s me right now...

  • Jaye GV
    Jaye GV Hour ago

    I miss them... please go back here in Manila😭

  • Kaiser King
    Kaiser King Hour ago

    I first started loving stray kids after Hyunjin’s dancing caught my eye and I realized realizing ‘oh he can dance and he’s attractive’ and then I say Minho and was like ‘Are all of them talented and attractive!?! Unfair!’.

  • mitch tommo
    mitch tommo Hour ago

    jeongin braces AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Aeri 1485
    Aeri 1485 Hour ago

    First time listen to this and immediately fall in love with this. Also, Thank you SKZ. The day you announced that you were debut as 9 is my Birthday TT

  • Suga Kookie
    Suga Kookie Hour ago

    Finally subtitles😭✨

  • Alexandra Boivin

    Binnie's voice is pure love!

  • ix lovely
    ix lovely 2 hours ago

    14:20 i love how patient and supportive they are while waiting felix to translate message from English to Korean

  • Maayan Suner
    Maayan Suner 2 hours ago

    And i think that when the camare is oof skz tickling Binnie ALL THE TIME

  • Maayan Suner
    Maayan Suner 2 hours ago

    18:48 did anyone else notice that Chan was tickling our sensitive Binnie to dead?

  • haniesya hassim
    haniesya hassim 2 hours ago

    Where can I watch with engsub ?

  • Hi, welcome to chillies

    not gonna lie at 0:52 i nutted

  • Yanna Kim
    Yanna Kim 2 hours ago

    A group where I can't pick my bias wrecker cuz all of them is wrecking me!

  • سرحان الحارثي


  • ella jess
    ella jess 2 hours ago

    Please click on #projectstayactivated and watch our thankyou video to stray kids ❤️

  • ella jess
    ella jess 2 hours ago

    Please click on #projectstayactivated and watch our thankyou video to stray kids ❤️

  • ella jess
    ella jess 2 hours ago

    Please click on #projectstayactivated and watch our thankyou video to stray kids ❤️

  • ella jess
    ella jess 2 hours ago

    Please click on #projectstayactivated and watch our thankyou video to stray kids ❤️

  • amna abdulla
    amna abdulla 2 hours ago

    Hans hair bouncing the entire time is my new favorite thing to watch 🥺

  • Sheetal Kukadiya
    Sheetal Kukadiya 2 hours ago

    I wish there was a dance on this song. I want it so bad

  • invaderzyym _
    invaderzyym _ 2 hours ago

    Jisungs hair needs a fancam.

  • Yanna Kim
    Yanna Kim 2 hours ago

    I'm so disappointed that I Stan them so late just like what i did to BTS. Fuck.

  • Pedro Majarro
    Pedro Majarro 2 hours ago


  • Sasha Kim
    Sasha Kim 2 hours ago


  • Sock •-•
    Sock •-• 3 hours ago

    *,,Let’s eliminate people“* ~ Meanhoe, 2017 This iconic line shall not be forgotten.

  • Kira
    Kira 3 hours ago

    Y is this not 1 million views yet? Probably it is because people think it is sinful! Lol!?

  • Lee Felix
    Lee Felix 3 hours ago

    16 minutes and 46 seconds of StrayKids being a crackhead

  • chan's dimple
    chan's dimple 3 hours ago


  • Luna Haunt
    Luna Haunt 3 hours ago

    How much sugar did JYP give them????

  • Yesenia Ibarra
    Yesenia Ibarra 3 hours ago

    Chan being a tease then laughing about it. 😂❤ 1:56 These are some of my favorite humans on 🌎

  • peerasit watsanit
    peerasit watsanit 3 hours ago


  • peerasit watsanit
    peerasit watsanit 3 hours ago


  • Lee Felix
    Lee Felix 3 hours ago

    I can feel Hyunjin and Jisung's dark aura during the hug

  • Lee Felix
    Lee Felix 3 hours ago

    5:29 Fish Minion Hyunjin when taken out of water

  • Andrea
    Andrea 3 hours ago

    1:06 Minho was so smooth tho. Or was that part of the choreography?

  • Lee Felix
    Lee Felix 3 hours ago

    3:50 Fish Minion Hyunjin flapping its single tail

  • Dalal Adams
    Dalal Adams 4 hours ago

    Umm... anyone gonna point out that Robin Hood isn't Batman's sidekick it's just Robin

  • Lee Felix
    Lee Felix 4 hours ago

    *"Even though you failed Show me the money Season 4"* .... I'm dying

  • Rain Drop
    Rain Drop 4 hours ago

    I live near Blacktown

  • AMV Era007 - OFFICIAL

    I am already in love with that grandpa....

  • Lee Felix
    Lee Felix 4 hours ago

    ChangLix getting bullied in the intro. Relationship goals. Lol

  • Lee Felix
    Lee Felix 4 hours ago

    I'm waiting for Seungmin in the building but it betrayed me :<

  • личико Намджуна

    Любимые стрэйкидс поют песню любимых Бэнгов)))

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 4 hours ago

    They put little make up yet looks so cool . I was thinking that if the other members were also given high make up and hair colour like bang Chan, the stage would be filled with light. So beautiful. I love bang Chan hair colour here and he should stay like this.

  • Melis Balboa
    Melis Balboa 4 hours ago

    Me :*song starts*oooooo I like this Felix: 0:31 Me: WhAt ThE-

  • Lifeless Byotch
    Lifeless Byotch 4 hours ago


  • Ruby F
    Ruby F 4 hours ago

    pls i'm convinced that my kids are the funniest kids in the world 😭 no one else can make my face hurt from laughing in just six minutes with a video i've already seen 😫👌

    BTS COCO 4 hours ago

    he his eating my fouvirite thing

  • Stick Stiffle
    Stick Stiffle 5 hours ago

    *me , an international fan, trying to understand korean for 19 minutes straight.*

  • Hory Maki
    Hory Maki 5 hours ago

    ☹💛حياتي تجنووون

  • nurul hidayati
    nurul hidayati 5 hours ago

    2:56 "I look really handsome today" I ADMIT! Petition to chris hairstylist, to make this Chris's hairstyle back!! Bcs he slayin it😍

  • nurul hidayati
    nurul hidayati 6 hours ago

    Keep coming back here, bcs chris is slayin here 😍

  • Georgie Barron
    Georgie Barron 6 hours ago

    I should stop listening to this in college I'm gonna end up falling down the stairs 😂😂💜

  • Moonmoo
    Moonmoo 6 hours ago

    I can’t stop watching it help- THIS IS- WHY AM I BREATHING HOW?!- like I’m out here screaming mentally "TUCK IN YOUR SHIRT MY DUDE NO" "stop growing upppp" " NO- NOT YOU TOO HAN" "woojin noOoO omGgsndukdhdkdbdkd" "FELIX I THOUGHT- SKSKSKKSK NO" the story is- this era snapped, tyvm- and im in love

  • Small Bubble
    Small Bubble 6 hours ago

    Felix is sweating lol he is a romantic guy And hyunjin is a human downy

  • Joyleen nepomuceno
    Joyleen nepomuceno 6 hours ago

    "I don't like this color" ~changbin "This color doesn't like you, either" ~lee know 2k19 HAHAHAHAHA!

  • bts sonyeondann
    bts sonyeondann 6 hours ago

    Minho and yongbok's foreheadddd 💟💟💟💟💜💜💜

  • Terry Kang
    Terry Kang 6 hours ago

    "I cAnT SpEaK kOrEaN" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • A C E
    A C E 6 hours ago


  • Noah is a BiTcH
    Noah is a BiTcH 6 hours ago

    Fucking uWu

  • shut up
    shut up 7 hours ago

    I feel like i wanna to cry

  • Ahgase-Aroha-Army-Wiz*ONE

    Their choreos are one of the best and their execution is neat and with their own styles.

  • Georgie Barron
    Georgie Barron 7 hours ago

    THANK YOU 💓💓

  • Georgie Barron
    Georgie Barron 7 hours ago

    Don't listen to this in college I nearly fell down the stairs dancing 😂😂

  • sammy hwangy
    sammy hwangy 7 hours ago

    So deadass sATISFYING

  • sammy hwangy
    sammy hwangy 7 hours ago

    Then compare this to the heart ver. Asjshsjshjkl sO TALENTED GOODNESS

  • sammy hwangy
    sammy hwangy 7 hours ago

    Did y'all notice that fly on 1:35 ? LUCKY FLY, THAT THING GETS IN THE PRACTICE ROOM WITH SKZ HMPH

  • taesmiroh
    taesmiroh 8 hours ago


  • Meiru Chen
    Meiru Chen 8 hours ago

    Guess what time is it for me rn :) yeah I can’t sleep

    • Meiru Chen
      Meiru Chen 8 hours ago

      And it’s Monday tmrw , gonna sleep at school

  • sammy hwangy
    sammy hwangy 8 hours ago


  • • daiii •
    • daiii • 8 hours ago

    This whole video is about them talking smack about Changbin behind his back😂 smh

  • Puspita Dewi
    Puspita Dewi 8 hours ago

    Yg nangis mana suaranya?

  • Sara Tasneem
    Sara Tasneem 8 hours ago


  • madeforsana
    madeforsana 8 hours ago

    *i can't understand a thing but I CAN RELATE*

  • pramudya koko
    pramudya koko 9 hours ago


  • • daiii •
    • daiii • 9 hours ago

    5:19 aw, that was sweet tho🤧😂

    LOLLL HAHAHAH 9 hours ago

    Listen to this 胜战歌!

  • Kerrie malsbary
    Kerrie malsbary 9 hours ago

    Okay, but Jisung's smile at 3:14

  • Angkuam Angkuam
    Angkuam Angkuam 9 hours ago

    I like all song stary kids

  • Océane Dth
    Océane Dth 9 hours ago

    I’ve just discovered Stray Kids and wow they’re fucking awesome

  • Barbara Mancilla
    Barbara Mancilla 9 hours ago

    Minho is bella ❤🤣

  • jocelyn
    jocelyn 10 hours ago

    i showed this to my friend who hates kpop and she was surprised by how clean it was *mission accomplished*

  • Nefertiri Silva
    Nefertiri Silva 10 hours ago

    No es por nada pero solo paso por aquí para decir que amo que tengan sub en español en serio gracias :’3

  • Black Heart
    Black Heart 10 hours ago

    The lyrics is.. it's so

  • Black Heart
    Black Heart 10 hours ago