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  • Da Choking Lad
    Da Choking Lad Hour ago


  • Lucinda Smith
    Lucinda Smith Hour ago

    It’s no wonder,look how he acts! This man is rude and doesn’t know how to treat people!

  • NVC-assassin AMV

    Me and my friends always joke about this stuff,maybe she was joking too

  • sɪʟᴇɴᴛ ɢᴜʏ

    *inside edition is like a social expirement channel*

  • End S.
    End S. Hour ago

    I wonder what music she's into? Basement?

  • Vijay Iyer VJ
    Vijay Iyer VJ Hour ago

    Who gets arrested for DUI??

  • matthewngwy
    matthewngwy Hour ago

    I once had a Cheeto the shape of a dick... Did I just lose 10k?

  • Cynnabuns
    Cynnabuns Hour ago

    I legit heard nothing but cackles so.....not defending them but not saying they said it either. All I heard was giggling.

  • Gabriella Cindy
    Gabriella Cindy Hour ago

    am 35 too

  • Eclipse YtTT
    Eclipse YtTT Hour ago

    If your drunk and you u drive a Tesla and u put it on autopilot is that still drunk driving??

  • NovahIsHere
    NovahIsHere Hour ago

    white people.

  • To fu
    To fu Hour ago

    Okay this is nothing, if you have seen that super nanny video where a preschooler get expelled 3 times

  • Gabriella Cindy
    Gabriella Cindy Hour ago

    my mom also young n beautiful

  • Lp12 Nos
    Lp12 Nos Hour ago

    That was the most polite compliment I've heard...

  • Cherrykye Waters

    Sooooo cute

  • Gacha Tuber 07
    Gacha Tuber 07 Hour ago

    Next up:Why going outside at night is bad for you

  • Chakshul Pandya
    Chakshul Pandya Hour ago

    **alien visits childs house** *Kid on fortnite:* "I'm just gonna go to Area 51 and kill some Aliens to increase my K/D" *Alien:* AIGHT IMMA HEAD OUT

  • Kyle Scott
    Kyle Scott Hour ago

    White peoples these day ha

  • Moist Oyzter
    Moist Oyzter Hour ago

    Oh but if that was a dude it would’ve been a WAAAAY different story 😒

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Hour ago

    1:07 Idk whether to laugh, cringe or feel bad for this guy.

  • Jacob Roy
    Jacob Roy Hour ago

    Ban assault rifles! Why did she have an AK-47 to start with?

  • Roman Rangel
    Roman Rangel Hour ago

    Omg my Minecraft girlfriend killed her self I am going to kill my self oh wait revers card

  • Camila Rose
    Camila Rose Hour ago

    R.I.P we always will love uuuuuuu

    FAKE CLAN Hour ago

    How is that not fair

  • Aaron Peters
    Aaron Peters Hour ago

    Dang that's spot on. Old timer rocks!!. Too bad she dont do daffy duck voice.

  • mr dashin
    mr dashin Hour ago

    Let's be honest she wasn't arrested for breaking any laws. She was arrested for arguing with a pig.

  • Majody
    Majody Hour ago

    All he did was call her beautiful

  • Claudia Richards

    She is disrespecting Ellen's face

  • The Fractal Curve


  • Pastel_Moon
    Pastel_Moon Hour ago

    Why would u trash a dress from your wEdDinG

  • Kon'nichiwa LA
    Kon'nichiwa LA Hour ago

    A photographer won and award for Taking a picture of a naked child running down a dirt road. Their clothes was burned off due to a fire attack in her village.

  • SleepLess
    SleepLess Hour ago

    Alright who did she blow The judge probably felt sorry for as the video went public

  • Brodan Maymuru
    Brodan Maymuru Hour ago

    Wtf is that actually a creepy comment because he’s a old man or what

  • WhereAreTheAvavados?

    People deserved to get scammed if they seriously believed that fake tummy lol

  • Austin Ahern
    Austin Ahern Hour ago

    The son does not answer his mom's calls or texts, so she makes an app that disables his phone? Really? What if he is in an emergency situation and his phone is disabled. It does seem like a good idea, but maybe the mom should have a long talk with her son instead.

  • Beth and Charlie fun things

    What do you want to be when your grown up: I want to be a professional bike tracker

  • Christian Estes
    Christian Estes Hour ago

    Do we even realize that the couple is so rich

  • the assassin251
    the assassin251 Hour ago

    Ha baby was white

  • Lanwarder
    Lanwarder Hour ago

    Why didn't they adjust colours and light to fit with the original video? And why would it be underwear and not a shirt or something else on his head? One thing though, if you look at the original video, that "creature" (most probably what we call a "kid" in the cryptozoology world) appears to be wearing boxer shorts or small shorts lol.

  • Dali Vigil
    Dali Vigil Hour ago

    What happened to equality ? If it was a dude he ho to jail no questions asked

  • Comment Warrior
    Comment Warrior Hour ago

    That commercial is retarded why don’t they use that money they used to make the commercial to help teacher identify problems.

  • Sanan ghias
    Sanan ghias Hour ago

    This is called as brother

  • Dakota Rain
    Dakota Rain Hour ago

    Oh god, it is like she stuck at the age of 16 🙄

  • Roblox Phoenix Connection

    We should make a saw trap for her... ....give me some ideas for a saw trap for her.

  • Beth and Charlie fun things

    My dresser almost fell on me but I was able to hold it up but RIP my Lego



  • Gucci Goes Wow
    Gucci Goes Wow Hour ago

    I thought this only happened in movies the judge 😛 oh boy

  • Flaming
    Flaming Hour ago

    Just go out there bash them to they pass out.

  • Isabelle and anqi Channel

    My left ear enjoyed this.....

  • Sarah Tonen
    Sarah Tonen Hour ago

    That is no friend.

  • x jas
    x jas Hour ago


  • I N V A D E R S K Y L E R

    this happend in my birth day :(

  • Flea Balzary
    Flea Balzary Hour ago

    *This robbery makes me thirsty. I think i'll grab a coke*

  • thiccboi
    thiccboi Hour ago

    the only reason inside edition put this on their channel is because she was a woman if it was a guy he would be a “lazy pig”

  • Hazel Lapidario
    Hazel Lapidario Hour ago

    “aNd giVes iT tO hiS oThEr sOn”

  • RadarUser
    RadarUser Hour ago

    If you're going to try and punch out the windows, put the tips of the key between your fingers. You need something blunt and denser than the glass to shatter tempered glass. Soft pliable objects like your hands, feet, or shoes just won't do without alot of force...

  • jodilynn spearman

    I started to have tears, what a dog, Jethro was a great partner and friend!

  • MonsterMetalManiac

    How isn’t this wreck less driving at the very least ???

  • hi hello
    hi hello Hour ago


  • Stacy Browder
    Stacy Browder Hour ago


  • Megan G
    Megan G Hour ago

    She's a stone cold psychopath, no one is falling for that innocent act, she is a cold blooded killer. Someone who is capable of doing that should be locked up and never be allowed to see the light of day again!!!

  • Junior Castillo
    Junior Castillo Hour ago

    Wheres the lightning when you need it

  • TheUnconventionalDeal

    If he was a 6'4 charismatic Chad the title would be, "amazing man compliments me".

  • End S.
    End S. Hour ago

    Marrow bottle bonno?... What a name.

  • Megatron Rules
    Megatron Rules Hour ago

    Don't mind me. I'm just here for the comments. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • IDropedMyHotPocket -_-

    I wish you a late happy birthday

  • I’m a gay motherfucker OWO

    I go to Harvard before even 2015

  • mulliization
    mulliization Hour ago

    Man! the Car is still there on the maps Can i again ping the Cops!

  • v04012014
    v04012014 Hour ago

    I wonder, if a man or men would now come forward to say Cardi drugged them what consequences she’d face?

  • Naiyala Marie
    Naiyala Marie Hour ago

    She probably was saying to herself I thought I was being rescued

  • Blap
    Blap Hour ago

    P: potential T: to S: stack D: dough

  • Anfinity Warframe

    Wow you can go to jail for threatening to shoot a school up? Words can go so far.

  • Poisonous
    Poisonous Hour ago

    Mm it’s fine it was only 2 seconds on the floor 5 second rule wasn’t up yet

  • nestroid _
    nestroid _ Hour ago

    *i sexually identify as a helicopter.*

  • Dick Cheney
    Dick Cheney Hour ago

    prognosis- grim

  • afeni shakur
    afeni shakur Hour ago

    this country is ran by greedy psychopaths.

  • JackView
    JackView Hour ago

    This should not be allowed...

  • SnatchTease
    SnatchTease Hour ago

    unsubscribe from this channel


    OMFG 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Bleach Boi
    Bleach Boi Hour ago

    He doesn't look like he can run at all

  • sɪʟᴇɴᴛ ɢᴜʏ

    *just use your finger as your toothbrush*

  • Lydia Stormberg
    Lydia Stormberg Hour ago

    How could they do thsi

  • Multi-Media Video


  • Leo J.
    Leo J. Hour ago

    They actually counted how many spins😂. Someone lost a bet

  • TheEeefs
    TheEeefs Hour ago

    Nope. Creepy.

  • T G P
    T G P Hour ago

    Until he gets kicked out of Harvard

  • Eatongee
    Eatongee Hour ago

    Here we go again. We have to give it a name so pretty people can feel included. We'll call compliments "beauty shaming" and now all the pretty girls and handsome guys can have their facebook/twitter/instagram uproar and march in the streets with signs that say "Beauty is not a choice!" Give me a break.

  • Theodore Simons
    Theodore Simons Hour ago

    He say it at 2:23

  • Drinete Animates

    I can't take it when old people do a Donald duck voice 😫👌

  • Baby SealBlox
    Baby SealBlox Hour ago

    Man that teacher went too far

  • Jon Freeman
    Jon Freeman Hour ago

    Not trying to defend her at all but if it’s ok to kill thousands of babies at abortion clinics then why give her any jail time at all. Just remember they will all have to answer for what they did on day then they can burn in hell.

  • Jay Enslin Fayza

    Imagine being a newlywed couple and already having to pay 1M to someone else and you'll never see that money. Good luck with the marriage and your finances.

  • Mason Jumps
    Mason Jumps Hour ago

    Imagine at the end when she’s kissing her and calling her a “good girl” the dog just takes a chomp at her face😂😂😂

  • Frank Esposito
    Frank Esposito Hour ago

    See Positively in Everything !!!

  • MonsterMetalManiac

    Perfect time for the old aluminum baseball bat to come out and play.. batter up !

  • Mr man
    Mr man Hour ago

    I can see in their faces why they needed a babysitter 😂

  • Torogikamlon
    Torogikamlon Hour ago

    Me: Hi, you're really beautiful. Inside Edition: Ugh! Creepy asf!

  • sam bandora
    sam bandora Hour ago

    U ruined the main story by calling this guy unfairly creepy!!

  • Zam Zero
    Zam Zero Hour ago

    What! Seriously?! Gosh. In 10 years time everyone will film herself/own spouse giving birth on social media. This is how stupid human brains become the more technogy advances.