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  • Cammie Schuetz
    Cammie Schuetz 6 hours ago

    You made me get tik tok when you posted this and I still use it almost everyday I love it so much the good ones are worth it for the cringe

  • Techo The cat
    Techo The cat 6 hours ago

    If u ever have a baby that high chair will be a hand me down from the dogs lamo

  • Izzy willow
    Izzy willow 6 hours ago

    camit was not chasing a squirrel he was chasing marbles

  • I'mNotGoodAtThis
    I'mNotGoodAtThis 6 hours ago

    Me: *has own dog that cries all day* Me: *spends thirteen minutes watching your dog cry*

  • Emma I'mnottellingyoumylastname 69

    Okay so I know that this isn't at all sexual but there is so much sexual energy in this video.

  • that_bun_life
    that_bun_life 6 hours ago

    This is absolutely ridiculous and unimaginably pointless... Please tell me where I can invest. Just take all my money right now

  • Kel Fish
    Kel Fish 6 hours ago

    Living with Julien's chaotic energy would give me constant anxiety

  • Софа Like
    Софа Like 6 hours ago

    Все хейтеры идут в жопу

  • Nathalie Writer
    Nathalie Writer 6 hours ago

    When Jenna turned to Julian and said ‘stop putting glue in your mouth,’ I suddenly pictured her in an alternate universe where she was a mom in New Jersey yelling at her kid to stop putting clue in their mouth, in the middle of a supermarket, or at Thanksgiving dinner at their step-grandparents house. So in conclusion, I think this is the most profound scientific proof in human existence, that there are infinite parallel universes’ and in one of them Jenna is an exhausted, but happy, mom in New Jersey and that she and New Jersey Julian have a kid, called Cermet Peach Marbles Solomita, who has a pet Bunny, jumps on kitchen counter tops and eats glue. Fin.

  • Open your eyes
    Open your eyes 7 hours ago

    well, now i hate small breed dogs.

  • Lexi Lost
    Lexi Lost 7 hours ago

    julien is actually the funniest

  • Franky Rogers
    Franky Rogers 7 hours ago

    God this was a throwback. As a kid the resort we went to had a market every week, and a woman would come and do these. The best kind were one the ones with a thread with beaded flowers that she’d plait in. Absolutely loved it. I remember she had them hanging from her glasses too 😂

  • Abby Beatson
    Abby Beatson 7 hours ago

    When the corn is like...falling off the corn dog into her hand, I immediately thought of Twin Peaks and I’m not sure what that says about me

  • Lee And Dino
    Lee And Dino 7 hours ago


  • Narnia Latifah
    Narnia Latifah 7 hours ago

    my kind of ASMR

  • Mr. Weapons Guy
    Mr. Weapons Guy 7 hours ago

    thats why klondike is better

  • Dizzy
    Dizzy 7 hours ago

    Jenna 2014: sorry this is a weird video... Jenna 2019: I'm celebrating 20 million subscribers by taking a nap.

  • Aly Sam
    Aly Sam 7 hours ago

    I want another bunny update tho😭

  • Blind side
    Blind side 7 hours ago

    What are these dogs they look like little mr burns's

  • Kemal Duyar
    Kemal Duyar 7 hours ago

    That's an otter btw

  • Maranda Parker
    Maranda Parker 7 hours ago

    I love how supportive they are of each other's paintings ❤

  • Keishxmakeup
    Keishxmakeup 7 hours ago

    “Damn he’s a swimmer, come swim in this *whistles*” LMFAOOOOO

  • Contessa Nicholas
    Contessa Nicholas 7 hours ago

    The one where the girl throws the slime or whatever I could not stop laughing

  • Whalesnamedshark
    Whalesnamedshark 7 hours ago

    I love that someone’s pet lion and chimp are fighting

  • Mehak Atwal
    Mehak Atwal 7 hours ago

    at 7:49 he looks like kermit

  • Madison G.
    Madison G. 7 hours ago

    I cannot say enough, coming from someone who worked at a training facility (not as a trainer but witnessing many dog interactions and also having stopped fights myself) you guys are AMAZING. Recognizing that Bunny was setting a boundary with your other dogs is so important and its something I see many dog owners lacking information about. You guys rock.

  • Nich Citarella
    Nich Citarella 7 hours ago

    Jenna: I went to TJ Max to get cheap matching jeans for $20 Me: you ever heard of Walmart...

  • Jeffery Copeland
    Jeffery Copeland 8 hours ago

    I liked right away. This is funny af

  • ZackFrost
    ZackFrost 8 hours ago

    That's It. Kermit is the best dog ever, and if u don't agree with this you are poopyhead

  • Sam Hintz
    Sam Hintz 8 hours ago

    That is a Stitch-like alien pretending to be a dog.

  • KitKath
    KitKath 8 hours ago

    Kermit is a blessing from heaven

  • Jazin Milstead
    Jazin Milstead 8 hours ago

    I’m rewatching this and I’m laughing so hard I’m crying

  • ella
    ella 8 hours ago

    I was tryna watch this while painting but I was laughing too much and couldn’t keep the damn brush steady

  • Jack Artho
    Jack Artho 8 hours ago

    kermit looks like what you'd get if you asked someone who's never seen a dog in their life before to draw a dog based on description alone

  • Whalesnamedshark
    Whalesnamedshark 8 hours ago

    Friendly guy

  • Jeffery Copeland
    Jeffery Copeland 8 hours ago

    I think Kermit saw you taking a bath and using the soap now he sees soap and thinks it's bath time!! They eat it because you put it on the ground like you do Kermit s food. It's just association

  • Brad Callahan
    Brad Callahan 8 hours ago

    What the fuck is that rat? Train you dog. 🙄

  • Alexandra Cicco Sinno

    The end is so cute

  • Brianna Westmoreland

    Takes a shot every time she says “genuinely”

  • Allie Renner
    Allie Renner 8 hours ago

    i watched the whole thing even though the dog sounds made me cringe out of my mind

  • Quadmft
    Quadmft 8 hours ago

    We need Part 4

  • Lauren Noelle
    Lauren Noelle 8 hours ago

    I'd love to Brittany_Broski on the Jenna Julian Podcast! Who agrees?!

  • crazychris7417
    crazychris7417 8 hours ago

    Cheese greater🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Cassandra Martin.
    Cassandra Martin. 8 hours ago

    Okay but jennas hair is so long and healthy looking, I’m proud of her. But I miss her messing with it too lol

  • Chibi Babe
    Chibi Babe 8 hours ago

    Julien is either an annoyed dad or a 5 year old child

  • astralbabydoll
    astralbabydoll 8 hours ago

    i just realized she used the music Mykie (Glam&Gore) uses in the background lolol

  • joey ziebart
    joey ziebart 8 hours ago

    Omg marbles still had a soul here 😭❤

  • faithwilkison
    faithwilkison 8 hours ago

    I call this background music "The Jennassance" the Jenna Renaissance

  • Dayokai
    Dayokai 8 hours ago

    This video is mad underrated

  • SugarMunki
    SugarMunki 8 hours ago

    Giving myself a Perm---aban to weddings

  • DanceWormDance
    DanceWormDance 8 hours ago

    I would die for him

  • Sophie H
    Sophie H 8 hours ago

    What is that sweatshirt Julien!?!? Where can I get it?!?!!?

  • Alex Mansour
    Alex Mansour 8 hours ago

    Can this please be on Spotify

  • Yahel Acosta
    Yahel Acosta 8 hours ago

    Did someone shove a whole poop in a doggy bag dispenser? 😂

  • Julia S
    Julia S 8 hours ago

    Bunny smiles so much now. That girl has a beautiful smile.

  • Mary Curwick
    Mary Curwick 8 hours ago

    The m'lady fedora guy is 1000000% Julen from the future

  • Cameron Byington
    Cameron Byington 8 hours ago

    I'm a guy and I have acrylic nails and I just broke a nail

  • Whatzit tooya
    Whatzit tooya 8 hours ago

    Your dogs are gross

  • Bom Is Queen
    Bom Is Queen 8 hours ago

    3 years ago,when I first saw this,I was 22 now I'm 25..... stretch marks part still makes me salty cause I've had them since first puberty

  • Leonard
    Leonard 8 hours ago

    My Mini Dobermann died last November and he made the same sounds. We called it 'singing,' because he wasn't sad when he did it, but just really excited

  • Cameron Byington
    Cameron Byington 8 hours ago

    GoOd YaWn

  • Catherine Smith
    Catherine Smith 9 hours ago

    Julien got that mf CABOOSE

  • Andrea A
    Andrea A 9 hours ago


  • Insane Sanity
    Insane Sanity 9 hours ago

    I pick at my acne. All the time, every day. It always results in scabs. I can't wear foundation or any other skin-covering makeup, because trying to cover scabs with it makes it look worse. It doesnt work. But I wont stop.

  • Xandria Ahlbrand
    Xandria Ahlbrand 9 hours ago

    She said “you people” when it was still acceptable... poor Don Cherry

  • greg muniz
    greg muniz 9 hours ago

    Kermits hilarious

  • victoria bogdan
    victoria bogdan 9 hours ago

    This is where “ehh bep bep bep bep bep be” started omg

  • Sydney Ebel
    Sydney Ebel 9 hours ago

    From 2:40 to 2:50 is the same reaction I get from my girl when I'm in the kitchen😂😂

  • Poptarts123ism
    Poptarts123ism 9 hours ago

    I so want to make one when my cat gets hereeeee

  • Dead Toads
    Dead Toads 9 hours ago

    I want them to make another of these, it has made me laugh so much ever since it was posted-

  • Annie Medosch
    Annie Medosch 9 hours ago

    WHERE in their heads do they get these ideas of what to google

  • Talia B
    Talia B 9 hours ago

    Wow Julien killed me with this one. TedYells? Hey what's up you guys, good-bye? Chewing on glue? Sign me UP.

  • Justin Darden
    Justin Darden 9 hours ago

  • Brooklynworldgames
    Brooklynworldgames 9 hours ago

    I think peach should be princess peach from mario

  • karolina
    karolina 9 hours ago

    he's got anxiety

  • The Fandom Queen
    The Fandom Queen 9 hours ago

    No one tell Jenna about the dremel.....

  • Evelyn Jenkins
    Evelyn Jenkins 9 hours ago

    I have pets that correspond to Jenna's pets I think. Kermit is my nasty old cat Fred. Peach is his thicc brother George. Bunny is my nervous kitty goyle Lucy. And Marbles is my beta fish

  • Annie Medosch
    Annie Medosch 9 hours ago

    every word they speak is somehow so hilarious to me

  • Brooklynworldgames
    Brooklynworldgames 9 hours ago

    Is it kermit or cermit

  • lNonk
    lNonk 9 hours ago

    Can someone tell me if something is wrong w/ him ? Or is he just being a cute dog?

  • Asriel Dreemurr
    Asriel Dreemurr 9 hours ago


  • Ready2Learn 87
    Ready2Learn 87 9 hours ago

    I came here from a compilation video. Just to see when the Julien hits. It’s 1:05.

  • Moody BadMoodBird
    Moody BadMoodBird 9 hours ago

    Kermit’s swamp origin story made me laugh lots. 😂

  • Jayde Lopes
    Jayde Lopes 9 hours ago

    Her reaction to seeing the actual look has me in tearrrrs 💀💀

  • karicherrycola
    karicherrycola 9 hours ago

    It's been almost 4 years and this video still cracks me the fuck up

  • Lanni Lazaro
    Lanni Lazaro 9 hours ago


  • Christoper Fantone
    Christoper Fantone 9 hours ago

    Kermit is everyone's inner power animal sometimes.

  • Boba Violet
    Boba Violet 9 hours ago

    When a dog is a better model than you

  • Holly Caylynn
    Holly Caylynn 9 hours ago

    The fact that Julien is wearing a Kylie Jenner Rise and Shine sweatshirt is SENDING ME

  • Davis Benecke
    Davis Benecke 9 hours ago

    I hated the way she looked with the tape tbh. She looks better without

  • Edny
    Edny 9 hours ago

    I just wanna start off by saying that I've been on a Jenna marathon hence my comment on a 2013 video and I get that this doesn't matter at all lol BUT I noticed that everyone is saying that this is the first video Julien is in but if you go back and watch the Make or Break Relationship Moments video at 0:50 the watch Max is wearing is the same kind of watch in this video at 0:42 so maybe its max and not Julien? but I guess they could just have the same watch? idk no hate just an observation lol

  • MH
    MH 9 hours ago

    lol derpy

  • Heidi Forthofer
    Heidi Forthofer 9 hours ago

    I miss Jenna's Ratchet Salon. I really want it to come back.

  • Miss D
    Miss D 10 hours ago

    Still my favorite Jenna video. Makes me laugh every time 🤣 Wonder what happened to that turtle backpack?

  • Ready2Learn 87
    Ready2Learn 87 10 hours ago

    2012!?!?! Hello, WHAT!?

  • Pearl Stone
    Pearl Stone 10 hours ago

    This is like standard bulldog behavior

  • Mellodee Klemmetsen
    Mellodee Klemmetsen 10 hours ago


  • Alessandra Almaguer
    Alessandra Almaguer 10 hours ago

    2:08 looks like the old man that ate white paint

  • into the mystic
    into the mystic 10 hours ago

    Wait...a Jenna video Ive never seen?!! This is crazy!!

  • Cyka Bork
    Cyka Bork 10 hours ago

    Kermit sounds like autotune