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  • raymond swan
    raymond swan Hour ago

    Bro he's called cyborg

  • Vebby LaCampeona

    Why did they say that in the begging

  • Wicked Widget
    Wicked Widget Hour ago

    lmao so funny...

  • Breanne Holmes
    Breanne Holmes Hour ago

    Michaels laugh at the end 😂😂😂

  • Blakz Pimex
    Blakz Pimex Hour ago

    Tanner:Pickochooohhh!🤣 The best meme ever🤣🤣

  • raymond swan
    raymond swan Hour ago

    My friend has the first product

  • Astro - Gaming
    Astro - Gaming Hour ago


  • Melissa Waller
    Melissa Waller Hour ago

    I'm so glad I subscribed to your Chanel a couple of months ago. Tanner and Matthias are hilarious and Michael is a mood 😂

  • Cryght vaskallion

    anyone else wants to see them review real "guns" /Blasters... im courious if they can even shoot a gun.. make one use a old cowboy revolver you know the kind with a big recoil. of course not shooting real bullets. for safety but blanks.. so they get all the recoil fun without the chance to kill eachother.

  • Tyffanee Lavely
    Tyffanee Lavely Hour ago

    I love all the hyjinx, fighting over products and mistakes lol. I'm glad they don't cut that stuff out. Michael snort laughing at the end was fantastic. I love how they all 3 are like brothers xD

  • Meta Buu
    Meta Buu 2 hours ago

    Did tanner say Hawkeye Mihawk

  • Renee Elder
    Renee Elder 2 hours ago

    #Mr Moneybags

    FORMROII 2 hours ago

    These guys couldn't work out the sound bomb?

  • Ritik Raj Singh
    Ritik Raj Singh 2 hours ago

    So u fixed the basket ball hoop?

  • Connor Hofmann
    Connor Hofmann 2 hours ago

    Michal and his first world problems.

  • Pollywaffle 07
    Pollywaffle 07 2 hours ago

    You put it on your toast If you are an Aussie go like this 👇

  • Rachel Ann
    Rachel Ann 2 hours ago

    When Tanner said "mija" I could see the frustration on Michael.

  • David Powell
    David Powell 2 hours ago

    It's amusing on how sad the table looks throughout the year

  • Tweedtv6
    Tweedtv6 2 hours ago

    Jesus just reachin for jokes

  • Jose Cantua
    Jose Cantua 2 hours ago

    Micheal is back!!!

  • John Madbak
    John Madbak 2 hours ago

    Happy birthday Mathias

  • Full-Metal-Girl
    Full-Metal-Girl 2 hours ago

    2:13 I thought he just meant he was gonna go to another room lol 11:15 Yep, Michael is part of the X-Force! What's up with the table top? 16:59 Sexy lol

  • Naomi Bauer
    Naomi Bauer 2 hours ago

    This thumbnail made me laugh

  • Play guitar with me
    Play guitar with me 2 hours ago

    Happy b-day my thighs(Matthias)

  • JC Lina
    JC Lina 2 hours ago

    there is no join button

  • Rachel Ann
    Rachel Ann 2 hours ago

    Why did I just notice all of your videos were 24 minutes.

  • Asmr Relax
    Asmr Relax 2 hours ago

    😩 the mexican come back again

  • Monish Thapa
    Monish Thapa 2 hours ago

    Hawkeye mihawk!!!🙌🙌🙌🙌🔥😂😂😂

  • MURDERgz
    MURDERgz 2 hours ago

    this turned from spy gear to security for your own room

  • Muberra Zehra Cinal
    Muberra Zehra Cinal 2 hours ago

    Almost choked on my toast at 13:36 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jackie Valle
    Jackie Valle 2 hours ago

    Love micheals mood😂😂

  • iCrazy
    iCrazy 2 hours ago

    2:30 the microphones they have pic greater distances from that stupid watch.

  • PandaX
    PandaX 2 hours ago

    they should put traps around the office like that 17:30

  • Annalise Bluhm
    Annalise Bluhm 2 hours ago


  • Chris Saurdal
    Chris Saurdal 2 hours ago

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  • James Tweten
    James Tweten 2 hours ago

    Dope or nope it sucks free trendy is don't suck

  • Eva Faye Gibbs
    Eva Faye Gibbs 2 hours ago

    Happy birthday to Matthias !!!!!!!!!

  • _Cameron007
    _Cameron007 2 hours ago

    Do Apple Watch have a walkie talkie ( radio ) function on it already? Cause I do on mine

  • think games
    think games 2 hours ago

    Magnesium,flamethrower,my mom

  • Lane Bennett
    Lane Bennett 2 hours ago

    13:04 I agree matt

  • SomeCodingTutorials
    SomeCodingTutorials 2 hours ago

    Where is Liz?

  • Katelyn Peters
    Katelyn Peters 2 hours ago


  • Bryan Bartlett
    Bryan Bartlett 2 hours ago

    Dude.. that spy camera.. You got yourself a cheap go-pro type device for 14 bucks. and that IS good quality photos. That is a dope in my opinion. great for young kids more likely to break it

  • My Name
    My Name 2 hours ago

    Lolz Iron Man died Lolz

  • Storm Nasca
    Storm Nasca 2 hours ago

    omg omg omg I've seen the Matt scatt~egories happy fun doodle time type videos and just want to say (I paused it the second I saw the drawing guide book) I BELIEVE IN YOUR ABILITIES! Genuine hidden raw talent there (speaking as someone who goes for a pen before a pencil...thanks for the talent shout out haha). I hope I hit play and watch you wreck this (in a good way) but if not I'm going to credit you anyways on account of potential time constraints.

  • archna dewan
    archna dewan 2 hours ago

    That was an invisible ink pen

  • this channel will get 2500 subscribers

    That thing wich costs 120 💵 is way beyond overpriced and costs almost as much as my Huawei P smart wich costs 135 💵

  • V Bye
    V Bye 2 hours ago

    You are a coward if you don't give your daughter a mic!!

  • Javier Olayo
    Javier Olayo 2 hours ago

    Nope to the invited fans

  • Cheri Lockard
    Cheri Lockard 2 hours ago

    Did you get a new table or is it the same one also I just ditched homecoming ✌🏼it sucked and we went uptown lol 😂

  • Adiv Dholakia
    Adiv Dholakia 2 hours ago

    Same here some shows made me uncomfortable

  • Batman 5733
    Batman 5733 2 hours ago

    The creature with one eye is called a 'Cyclops' not 'Cyborg' Tanner

  • Clint Doolittle
    Clint Doolittle 3 hours ago

    That's thing in #8 it was a toy from years ago it was made of plastic with different colours on it this 1 is just metal

  • Michael Eenhuis
    Michael Eenhuis 3 hours ago

    Minecraft is TRASH

  • Crazy Dimension
    Crazy Dimension 3 hours ago

    Imagine your mom entering your room and all those spy gear toys get activated ...... (Mom tells dad)* Mom to kid :YOU DARE OPPOSE ME MORTAL 😂🙃

  • RickLeowSK
    RickLeowSK 3 hours ago

    You were supposed to write on the lie detector paper based on the light indicators!

  • Mike Provenzano
    Mike Provenzano 3 hours ago

    Luna doesn’t have an Apple Watch? Don’t they have a now functioning walkie talkie

  • Dylan Kaiser
    Dylan Kaiser 3 hours ago

    is it just me or is their table different

  • Delia Beardsley
    Delia Beardsley 3 hours ago

    I got those walk-in talkie watches for my brother they actually work they just forgot to open the top where the mic is

  • Marie Lover47
    Marie Lover47 3 hours ago

    i love how as we go by the videos, the dope or nope team starts losing it even more hahaha

  • Tyler E
    Tyler E 3 hours ago

    Oh my God they used to Call of Duty reference you guys are awesome

  • Matthew Gerdisch
    Matthew Gerdisch 3 hours ago

    I think this is my favorite episode yet. Not sure why ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but why not

  • Luân Huỳnh Khởi

    You should buy cozmo

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown 3 hours ago


  • Brandon Dixon
    Brandon Dixon 3 hours ago

    I used to work at a daycare too, I remember asking my class what state they wanted to visit the most and the first kid I picked said “China”.

  • Andrew Lane
    Andrew Lane 3 hours ago

    The first walkie talkie watches are probably the most dodgiest toys that I have ever bought for my kids and were a huge let down for my kids when they picked up 2 sets from a school book fair a few weeks ago now. My kids and their friends were imagining that they would be able to talk to each other from their own houses (one friend lives 3 doors down and the other is a few minutes down the street). The walkie talkies barely work over a range of 10 meters. They were played with for two days and then were just left around for my youngest boy to destroy. As for the "voice bomb", you are using it wrong. You are supposed to record something then toss it to distract your "enemies". It isn't to record them lol

  • Elijah Carnell
    Elijah Carnell 3 hours ago

    That's not a dart gun I just uploaded 2 videos go see them for a real blow dart gun....I couldn't find a way to add the vids in the comments

  • Amita Sharma
    Amita Sharma 3 hours ago

    Creepers asamblle

  • Cheri Berry
    Cheri Berry 3 hours ago

    If you haven't seen endgame by now, what are you doing with your life?

  • Kaylen debono vlogs
    Kaylen debono vlogs 3 hours ago


  • Breanna Timm
    Breanna Timm 3 hours ago

    Did anyone see Michael looking around @ 9:30 using the previous product lol

  • Park Mina
    Park Mina 3 hours ago

    With tanner's logic, *buys gucci* expensive

  • Ramia Lain
    Ramia Lain 3 hours ago

    the tan man, the con man, and the mad man. how iconic.

  • Jonah Larson
    Jonah Larson 3 hours ago

    I actually owned those walkie talkie watches. they were really fun to use.

  • Angel Gatong
    Angel Gatong 3 hours ago


  • Yotsuba&! Mochi
    Yotsuba&! Mochi 3 hours ago

    When Michael thought someone was talking to him from inside the ball lol. I just couldn't stop laughing for such a long time.

  • harper johnson
    harper johnson 3 hours ago

    Did tanner get his left ear pierced?

  • Creator Trash
    Creator Trash 3 hours ago

    “That’s not black! That’s smoke mail!”

  • Atharv Kharche
    Atharv Kharche 3 hours ago

    Happy birthday MATTHIAS🍰🎂🍰👑😘🍰🎂👑

  • Balsam Bb
    Balsam Bb 3 hours ago


  • Safzaidayla Mahmoud
    Safzaidayla Mahmoud 3 hours ago


  • Storm Nasca
    Storm Nasca 3 hours ago

    Sooooo you caught the time delay on the dart do~dad but not on the recording ball XD

  • I’m Rechue
    I’m Rechue 3 hours ago

    sneak diss on cody ko

  • Classy XD
    Classy XD 3 hours ago

    This should have been called "spy gear that'll get you caught" lol anyway love the video keep up the outstanding work 💙

  • 5A Samuel Saamik Hein Pedersen RudsVedbySkole

    we all know that this is the dope or nope but why the heck is matts logo in the bottom right side?!

  • Storm Nasca
    Storm Nasca 3 hours ago

    Does Matt have an angel touch in his beard I've never noticed before or was this filmed after a quick, rigorous lunch...? #whatsinyourbeardbro

  • jayden recolizado
    jayden recolizado 3 hours ago

    Matt wears two apple watches in the video 😂😂😂😂

  • Max Mar
    Max Mar 3 hours ago

    If u say "WHAT!"u should like it My headache is paining

  • M's Universe
    M's Universe 3 hours ago

    We're did the pokemon stuff come from???

  • Jason Rumble
    Jason Rumble 3 hours ago

    Spy camera where the oldest of camera phones have gone to die

  • Dana Gonzalez
    Dana Gonzalez 3 hours ago

    I really like the my hero academia is really cool and my favorite is todoroki

  • T.R. Luxx13
    T.R. Luxx13 3 hours ago

    This video perfectly sums up what it's like to have ADHD

  • Mackenzie Serger
    Mackenzie Serger 3 hours ago

    Wyatt= where you at tanning tanner😂

  • BatmanKid299
    BatmanKid299 3 hours ago

    I like cats

  • Alex Pfeifer
    Alex Pfeifer 3 hours ago

    We were duped... with the scissors XD im dying :,D

  • Jesse City
    Jesse City 3 hours ago


  • Joseph Jack
    Joseph Jack 3 hours ago

    8:41 Bravo Six, Going Dark

  • mew SP_on23567
    mew SP_on23567 3 hours ago

    so i have a legitimate question: can you mine by punching?

  • mew SP_on23567
    mew SP_on23567 3 hours ago

    wait why was connor using a pickaxe to attack a jellyfish?

  • Hanatta Wijaya
    Hanatta Wijaya 4 hours ago

    You guys ever showed this product