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  • Nova.exe
    Nova.exe 27 minutes ago

    In June 2018 I was on a trip to Colorado and I had to evacuate our campground because of a wildfire it smelt like smoke all day everyday and we could see it about 20 miles away, it was huge

  • zhongyufan
    zhongyufan 30 minutes ago


  • Ulysses Rant
    Ulysses Rant 45 minutes ago

    How does amazon do 1 day shipping???

  • my channel
    my channel 49 minutes ago

    End of the video got deep tho

  • Nqobizwe Nyide
    Nqobizwe Nyide 53 minutes ago

    If Brentwood institutions don't use their cloak and dagger tactics in Rwanda the leopard will shed its colours.

  • lzy4202 J
    lzy4202 J 54 minutes ago

    But lucky won’t keep forever.

  • Plubus Domis
    Plubus Domis 59 minutes ago

    "Much of history is defined by chance, not by circumstance, because reality is just a confluence of chance and circumstance." This sentence was actually said in this video. I'm not sure if that just makes you a human or a lie... nice video though.

  • Dan Wally
    Dan Wally 59 minutes ago

    How about no

  • Nurs Malik
    Nurs Malik Hour ago

    Wth it feels like I'm the only person who is not american and have never been there

  • Eurekify!
    Eurekify! Hour ago

    Wendover productions? more like... *Bendover productions* I'm sorry I don't even know

  • Oblivion
    Oblivion Hour ago

    Carriers are faster then that

  • tre luglio
    tre luglio Hour ago


  • vic c
    vic c Hour ago

    stupid expert. china can take all the small countries in the region if china wanted. war nowaday is about technology not about how many men in the army. china can in 24 hours destroy all major militaries bases of all small nations in the region. after that it is just a small mop up.

  • Olix
    Olix Hour ago

    Can’t they just have team planes

  • Daddy Saw
    Daddy Saw Hour ago

    Russian women are gorgeous and have class. Love from America

  • Mike Barrows
    Mike Barrows Hour ago

    Jeff- Well done. I thoroughly enjoyed this production. I'm an old bubblehead, serving aboard the USS William H Bates(SSN-680) in the torpedo gang. I notice there are still torpedoes, in a torpedo room, but no more torpedomen...they're all missile techs?? My brother lived in Wilmington for many years and I have great memories of going to see Charlie the alligator at Battleship North Carolina! Thanks again. -Mike

  • frawldog
    frawldog Hour ago

    Can’t wait to go there!! I’ve been 131 Countries but not Rwanda

  • Xander mclain Jhonsons

    U. S:im the richest country in earth CHINA: really?

  • Lewis Castro
    Lewis Castro Hour ago

    Here after Qantas JFK to SYD?

    VISION N 2 hours ago

    Rwanda Forever

  • Itzel Neptune
    Itzel Neptune 2 hours ago

    From Miami to Anchorage? I'm trying to send a package from California to Iran! But not overnight...I really wonder how long it'll take on standard shipping

  • cornskid
    cornskid 2 hours ago

    Your implication that a collision between nuclear submarines could cause a nuclear detonation is beyond stupid. Why did you say it?

  • Plubus Domis
    Plubus Domis 2 hours ago

    We had "time to develop" because WE were the invaders. Not because we weren't worried about other invaders. The whole world basically invaded America, and we act like we just "owned it since the beginning of time." No brother, our ancestors pillaged and forced America into being. The land didn't magically hand itslef over to us

  • wally1050
    wally1050 2 hours ago

    Let’s just shoot those mf’s in space

  • The Crimson Fucker
    The Crimson Fucker 2 hours ago

    Good news: They're building an airport in your neighborhood. Bad news: They're building an airport in your neighborhood

  • Your daily dose of Stupidity

    Why the hell did he put Obama in as president like he’s ignoring president trump

  • Andrew Lankford
    Andrew Lankford 2 hours ago

    Gas remains cheap by any metric. Doesn't require the eeeevvvvviiiiillll Republicans to make it cheap. It just requires keeping socialist ideologues out of power so that they can make it artificially scarce.

  • JJ
    JJ 2 hours ago

    Focus on getting to the moon first if you can commercialize moon travel you can fund mars easily.

  • Timmy Failure
    Timmy Failure 2 hours ago

    I live right by a chicago trainyard!

  • Veronica Christopher

    I would've preferred this was broken down by continent first. From there, start breaking down countries from the oldest to newest continents.

  • Andrew Lankford
    Andrew Lankford 2 hours ago

    You've pointed out that 1) the reprieve for public transport was a result of the government introducing artificial scarcity. That is, given a choice, people prefer to rely on their own automobile. 2) Buses are less expensive than other forms of mass transport because they don't require infrastructure. That isn't quite true, because I don't know of many buses that can run without roads. The interesting thing is that they can share these roads with personal automobiles, and so buses sound kind of promising, although not as sexy as expensive failure-prone infrastructure projects. Technically speaking, roads predate rails by thousands of years for some reason or another. 3) The big car companies used their vast wealth and influence to destroy mass transit. If I recall correctly, in the heyday of the railroads, they were hated by the common man as wealthy and powerful and viewed with suspicion. But here's the thing: how did railroads and car companies get so wealthy in the first place? I submit to you that countless people preferred railways to horses, and countless people preferred the freedom of "cheap" personal automobiles to railroads. The trouble with advocates of mass transit is they don't realize that they're out of touch with reality.

  • Paulo Bezerra Cruz
    Paulo Bezerra Cruz 3 hours ago

    I think it's quite interesting how the entire ecological aspect of Brazil's geographic features is spoken of as a hindrance to development and economic growth. Oh, and apparently the simple fact it's in the southern hemisphere means it's doomed to forever be underdeveloped? "The question why tropical countries are less developed" is NOT one without a clear answer. The answer is actually quite simple: Open. A history. Book. Then, look up words "invasion", "colonialism" - and while you're at it, "neocolonialism" - and the such. You might be surprised by what you find. I must say that using so many hard facts (almost all of which are correct, although Brazil does NOT sit "entirely" in the southern hemisphere as mentioned) without bothering with an actual historic, sociopolitical and economic analysis of the subject matter is quite insidious to me. Hard to figure out if it is well meant ignorance or blatant propaganda, but I'd rather to give the author the benefit of the doubt.

  • Mid AnGel
    Mid AnGel 3 hours ago

    Why do people bully our slow growing Transit

  • Dharsh Srinath
    Dharsh Srinath 3 hours ago

    No No No Le hooray

  • Dharsh Srinath
    Dharsh Srinath 3 hours ago

    What the hell are you doing upside down in our lavatory? Southwest - 20??

  • sinekonata
    sinekonata 3 hours ago

    > There's a reason that none of the largest 18 economies in the world are landlocked countries. Why 18? And if you think that the reason is being landlocked, the biggest economies are also on average the biggest countries (because if you count GDP/c, Switzerland/Luxembourg are among the richest) and the biggest countries are geometrically statistically much less likely to be landlocked. Sure having access to sea is a plus, but your explanation here is as flawed as if I said "There's a reason none of the UN security council nations are in the southern hemisphere : not being upside down". > Ukraine progressed to be more pro-EU. No it didn't, but NATO mounted a coup, a "colour revolution" as known in NATO countries, and installed a fascist pro-NATO/EU government with the local compradore bourgeoisie who now sells Ukraine to imperialists for a dime. > Which was a major reason for Russia's invasion of Crimea. It wasn't an invasion it was the Russophone population from eastern Ukraine who democratically seceded from the fascist anti-Russophone government who was threatening its population. After which Ukraine threatened military intervention and Russia intervened on the side of the Crimean people. No one in the Crimea calls it an invasion, that's a fact. Only the Ukrainian fascists and the NATO countries media do so. And finally none of the problems you exposed for Russia explain why it is so underdeveloped since virtually all those geographical parameters were true under the USSR yet it was the 2nd economy fast on its way to becoming the 1st economy. By now, if we extrapolate the GDP growth of the USSR before the coup, its GDP would be 25T$, way ahead of the US/EU with a measly 15T$ and it would have the GDP/c of Switzerland. If you don't believe me that the USSR would be the 1st economy, you can calculate it yourself with wikipedia numbers or any other encyclopedia. Your science is all wrong and very ignorant. Why the fuck was this video autoplayed? TheXvid should know my tastes by now but it doesn't care, it constantly tries to steer me away from anti-imperialist content and towards this kind of ill researched propaganda.

  • Samuel Wells
    Samuel Wells 3 hours ago

    so basically dont go for any american airline and lesson learned go for foreign region airline to make bank

  • Rin Minami
    Rin Minami 3 hours ago

    Just don't talk about it. Easy. Being deep underground, they probably will never find it ever forever.

  • Gao Chenxuan
    Gao Chenxuan 3 hours ago

    Next video, how Europe becomes Africa's africa

  • jeff13151
    jeff13151 4 hours ago

    No one "votes to allow gun ownership." It is a Constitutional right.

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I 4 hours ago

    Im not surprised to see Brazilians in the comments

  • Reagan Penner
    Reagan Penner 4 hours ago

    Thanks for the great video. I was wondering why you did not mention the sea port up at Murmansk?

  • Njim Terah
    Njim Terah 4 hours ago

    We prefer China, France is crippling us.

  • SandboxArrow
    SandboxArrow 4 hours ago

    Alabama is a shithole

  • sumerbc
    sumerbc 4 hours ago

    Wait a minute. Not Even Moscow occupies all of Russia... not by a long shot.... So saying a foreign army couldn't occupy all of Russia, hell, not even "Russia" occupies all of Russia. Invaders don't have to "Occupy" the physical land.... just take down strategic goals and then Russia falls....

  • Annie
    Annie 4 hours ago

    What's up with this stupid melodramatic background music?

  • R. A.
    R. A. 4 hours ago

    Look at how smart the Chinese are. How do you think they manage to sustain through this trade war started by the Trump administration. Better not underestimate the China. The fact that China had been the Middle Kingdom for thousands of years reflects China's potential and capability. Don't speak as if you ever care about Africa. There are of course political motives but China is also improving lives there. Globalization has already entered a second stage where the developing world will have more say in the future and China is playing a big part contributing in this process.

  • Diosdado Sasil
    Diosdado Sasil 4 hours ago

    What, the Singapore of Africa? ? ? What a silly proposition.

  • MrTop5
    MrTop5 5 hours ago

    I like Riding Trains, I’m a railfan and if I am a Railfan that means I would love riding a Public Transit

  • R. A.
    R. A. 5 hours ago

    If the Chinese market is no longer competitive because of wage increase, explain why the Americans aren't shifting their factories to Africa LOL Yes, Africa is a source of labour. Isn't that why the West sold them as slaves?

  • CallmeMilton
    CallmeMilton 5 hours ago

    Government Sponsored misinformation/propaganda.

  • Eris
    Eris 5 hours ago

    democracy is just a word used by americunts to bomb other countries.

  • R. A.
    R. A. 5 hours ago

    The West should be asking themselves: when didn't we make Africa the West's Africa when we could.

  • The_London Dude
    The_London Dude 5 hours ago

    China has many people because of rice?! Wtf?!

  • Atomic Gamez
    Atomic Gamez 5 hours ago

    Lyon is 7th on the list

  • Moe
    Moe 5 hours ago

    *without watching video* *shakes fist* GRETAAA!!!!

  • 4HEad
    4HEad 5 hours ago

    belgian and dutch people when he says Maastricht: TRIGGERED

  • Lukigt YT
    Lukigt YT 5 hours ago

    My country Pewanía: 200M population Capital: Ikaná 12M population Language: Spanish Location: Atlantic Ocean near Europe Size: 400km2

  • mike burns
    mike burns 5 hours ago

    Musk is more of a showman than a good businessman or a good engineer. He's the PT Barnum of the modern era.

  • KYS FaG
    KYS FaG 5 hours ago

    Bottom line we are lacking brains cell simple

  • Ian Andersen
    Ian Andersen 5 hours ago

    I feel dumber having watched this. Ya. Mountains are what cause a country to be unproductive, bankrupt and corrupt. Thanks for the lesson.

  • Geert Polmans
    Geert Polmans 6 hours ago

    You should make a video about the logistics of Tim Horton's. They have locations even in the most remote northern settlements. Would be very interesting to see how they supply them, how they can still sell things at an affordable price.

  • Salmane Gharbi
    Salmane Gharbi 6 hours ago

    Sony batteries : I'm i a joke to you?

  • M James
    M James 6 hours ago

    Well, that's whatcha get when your navy is run by skateboarders.. Turn your carrier into a giant half pipe.

  • voyage voyage voyage. eu

    Brasil só irá avançar longe do socialismo que só atrapalha rouba e finge ser útil { but should show more our manufactures cities our sea church our political and robber preacher & co , is possible show more us no have geographic problem with our neighborhood } alors on danse au revoir

  • Leo
    Leo 6 hours ago

    India and China didn't have much contact hum what about Goutham Buddha and one more thing during that time Nepal was part of India so don't give me that no he is from nepal BS yes he was but it was past of India so don't even because i will not reply

  • Free Spoken English Course


  • Virus Xtal
    Virus Xtal 6 hours ago

    Ok. As you said in the video, all these “neocolonialism” bullshit narratives are not about Africa but “Africa doesn’t bow to the US anymore”...

  • A very weird boi
    A very weird boi 6 hours ago

    I find it very unfair nobody recognises Wales as an individual country but instead call it the the Uk along with Northern Ireland,England and Scotland.

  • S!nner
    S!nner 6 hours ago

    i still wanna try it

  • Sam Morrell
    Sam Morrell 6 hours ago

    $419.98, we were so close to perfection

  • Nguyen Huu Vinh Khang

    Hyperloop trains go faster than airplanes

  • Gordon Ou
    Gordon Ou 6 hours ago


  • Paul Kachur
    Paul Kachur 7 hours ago

    Crimea is a real ball of wax. It was traditionally a part of Russia, but signed over by Khruschev to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic because it made more administrative sense. Back then, the move made little difference, they were all one big happy family. Although I do not support Russia's annexation of the Crimea, they do have a certain historical and political claim to it.

  • Bom Bom
    Bom Bom 7 hours ago

    Jackson out there🤘🏻!!

  • Kyle Curtis
    Kyle Curtis 7 hours ago

    Don’t forget about Bahrain

  • frawldog
    frawldog 7 hours ago

    🇺🇸 is 👍

  • Pat Curry
    Pat Curry 7 hours ago

    China wants to become Africa's new Imperial masters. Bribed African politicians are willing to sell their countries Independence and future to China a Communist Country.

  • Guilherme Castro Lima da Silva

    I think you meant wakanda

  • Hugh G. Rection.
    Hugh G. Rection. 7 hours ago

    I don't feel bad about the Okinawa base. We conquered that shit fair and square

  • zondaintheair
    zondaintheair 7 hours ago

    The greatest thing about American history is the BBC has Lucy Worsley telling lies about your history.

  • UltimoScorpion
    UltimoScorpion 7 hours ago

    32 people did not die at Chernobyl. That's what the soviet union claimed so it didn't seem bad. In reality about 70,000 people died. This video is inaccurate

  • Angelo Vildasol
    Angelo Vildasol 7 hours ago

    8:12 - lol at the lone white girl in the crowd

  • Jose Villamil
    Jose Villamil 7 hours ago

    7:30 La Paz <3

  • JMH
    JMH 7 hours ago

    "When you don't have to worry about protecting against potential invasion, you can devote more time to education, development, science and politics..." 2019 'Merica: Well, we spend our time on at least ONE of those things! (*Hint: It ISN'T "education", "development" or "science")

  • rmbt
    rmbt 7 hours ago

    You forgot spies!

  • San Jacobs
    San Jacobs 7 hours ago

    0:17 *"Ten times cheaper" isn't a thing.* 50$ multiplied by -10 (which is what ten times cheaper means) would be -500$. You might be looking for 1/10th as expensive. That would be 50$ / 10 = 5$.

  • thomas
    thomas 7 hours ago

    This is the exact reason why they were a few tube I seen last night people complaining how wasteful the empty city's building are a waste. No you got to build high speed rail between 2 city over empty land. So you sponser with the private company to build on new city's at choice land for the future. And keep doing that city location planing now. That why we are so f# up and can't build high speed rail now. You cross over people yards and farmer land and you can put a city there it too late. We didn't plan for central rail. So we're stuck with everybody needed cars.

  • Michael J Collins Jr.

    is there a.possible direct.transtion link say.from air force and navy pilots?

  • San Jacobs
    San Jacobs 7 hours ago

    >Video about economics >Starts off by saying prices affect demand The price of a product is defined by the intersection point of supply x demand. Price literally can't change demand by definition.

  • EdP IV
    EdP IV 7 hours ago

    Yes it is worth it.

  • Doke3331
    Doke3331 7 hours ago

    some fake facts 2

  • Kirahvin Sielu
    Kirahvin Sielu 7 hours ago

    I mean like... Shoot everyone But that penetrates humans

  • Yiannis P
    Yiannis P 8 hours ago

    People believed medical stuff were the ones spreading the disease. Epic facepalm..

  • D Nickaroo
    D Nickaroo 8 hours ago

    US regulatory bodies have virtually no reputation left. The head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) worked for Monsanto before her appointment -- she reversed the EPA's opinion on glycphosphate (Roundup). The FAA also has lost its reputation. If China had not grounded the 737, it appears unlikely that the FAA would have done so. It will be difficult getting passengers back onto the 737 MAX. Airbus would win every time.

  • Conner DiPasquale
    Conner DiPasquale 8 hours ago

    Sounds like a whole lot of propaganda

  • Bryan Pascual
    Bryan Pascual 8 hours ago

    MCAS: dumb and dutiful Boeing Chairman: smart but irresponsible

  • Hr Chen
    Hr Chen 8 hours ago

    total bullst and overtalking

  • Jessy Ya Girl
    Jessy Ya Girl 8 hours ago

    I hope this video will never be shown to the american goverment...

  • SindraXO
    SindraXO 8 hours ago

    "a loose collective of regional powers" *laughs in maratha empire*