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Australia's China Problem
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Boeing's China Problem
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The Nuclear Waste Problem
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Every State in the US
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Why Flying is So Expensive
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  • J Sixx
    J Sixx 6 hours ago

    It’s not a good job.

  • mets fan
    mets fan 6 hours ago

    2:42 ummm... There are two sets of escalators in my supermarket.

  • silversurfergw
    silversurfergw 6 hours ago

    Bohoo poor Australia.. Chill out.. Oh wait..

  • Laipeng Cheah
    Laipeng Cheah 6 hours ago

    This video had focus on geographic advantage, political stability and ease of business. But I think there is one segment that Rwanda need to pay attention to. And that's education. With more ppl having better education, the chance for them to improve their lives and financial stability will help to further elevate the country's overall state and thus more stable and prosperous

  • Allan Pereira
    Allan Pereira 6 hours ago

    Very interesting how imperialist thinking is so natural to Americans... It's like everyone are in desperate need of their culture or better called freedom

  • tchevrier
    tchevrier 7 hours ago

    Been to Heathrow once. Thought it was quite a dump

  • James Villanueva
    James Villanueva 7 hours ago

    It's over if Gojira sees this video.

  • Dan Punzalan
    Dan Punzalan 7 hours ago

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate the narrator's voice too? :)

  • tchevrier
    tchevrier 7 hours ago

    I just can't imagine sitting on a plane for 20 hours.

  • Froddy
    Froddy 7 hours ago

    So this is whats called foreshadowing

  • itsyourroblox990
    itsyourroblox990 7 hours ago

    when Qantas flight from Sydney to London operates in 2019 not 2021 or 2022

  • Genuine Ostrich
    Genuine Ostrich 7 hours ago

    Antarctica is not what you think it is. It is a wall of ice that surrounds our flat earth.

  • Hey Mister DJ
    Hey Mister DJ 7 hours ago

    If most Americans did not hear of Guam until recently, this shows you how dumb most Americans;and how they lack Geography skills

  • Jay Gee
    Jay Gee 7 hours ago

    the presidunce is such a freaking laughingstock. Even his massa Putin is laughing at him.

  • Jay Gee
    Jay Gee 7 hours ago

    fuck this clown piece of shit presidunce trump vonwannabanghisdaughter.

  • capo200christian
    capo200christian 7 hours ago

    only you can start forest fires

  • Spencer Gambill
    Spencer Gambill 8 hours ago

    i dont even understand why it exists in most of the country

  • chris dowsett
    chris dowsett 8 hours ago

    Just a note I'm sure someone else has already made, but Fukushima exclusion zone is open for residence again. Just like an oil spill, you clean up the contaminated material and you're good.

  • Ben Beauvais
    Ben Beauvais 8 hours ago

    Okay, the only difference between Pellston and South Bend isn't the number of airlines flying to each destination. A quick check of real estate prices will help explain why flying to a northern Michigan resort town costs more than flying from one crumbling former industrial town to another.

  • MaQuGo119
    MaQuGo119 8 hours ago

    ther is nothing wrong with racial profiling tho.

  • NJ
    NJ 8 hours ago

    Plot Twist: The president sits in the back of his mom's car and shes drives him to his destination.

  • Derek McNulty
    Derek McNulty 9 hours ago

    You don't need a degeee to get into flight school. But to get fully rated is still pretty expensive and it's tough to get into the larger airlines. And pay is shit. And like you say you don't get paid regularily. Only time in the air. Turnaround isnt paid. Not all airlines cover hotels and meals while between flights.

  • Yves St-Jean-Jacques

    So you never mentioned the CEO salaries but you attack union workers. these airline companies make huge profit while the workers get paid peanuts. What a biased video.

  • 강주효
    강주효 9 hours ago

    중국ㅡ대만 통일 ㅡ일국양제 통일지원 ㅡokay

  • 강주효
    강주효 9 hours ago

    통일시대ㅡ세게철도ㅡ세게도로ㅡ첨단생물 플랜트 ㅡ솔라전기ㅡ위성통신ㅡ해저터널ㅡ차량ㅡok

  • 강주효
    강주효 9 hours ago

    Oppa taewan and xijinping and oppa .Ximingze four man sign ok

  • 강주효
    강주효 9 hours ago

    Okay today 우체국택배 okay

  • 강주효
    강주효 9 hours ago

    The best of best good,okay

  • ばかブーマー
    ばかブーマー 9 hours ago

    intrusctions unclear, Brazil split into two. Civil war outbreak please I need a tutorial fast they are coming

  • Pilot Varchev
    Pilot Varchev 9 hours ago

    can you make a podcast? like please, I really need this to be a podcast.

  • Klaas de Boer
    Klaas de Boer 9 hours ago

    Why did he shift this fast over Estonia? Not really mentioning anything

  • Roskellan
    Roskellan 9 hours ago

    The Boeing 737 was an aircraft designed in the 60's. The 737 MAX was an effort to get an aircraft in service quickly to offset the success of the Airbus A320. What Boeing needed was a new aircraft, but due to the time scales in the commercial market they opted to put new engines on an old plane. This required the extensive modification to the undercarriage which they did not do. They put the engines in the wrong place instead and tried to patch up the considerable undesirable characteristic in the new design with software. In addition they tried to pass the plane off as a minor upgrade on the original airliner without the testing a new aircraft would require and without the new certification pilots would require to fly it. In all this, two catastrophic accidents came back to bite Boeing in the arse. It is unlikely this aircraft will get certification again and if it did, would anyone want to fly on it.

  • qrst2008
    qrst2008 9 hours ago

    I am sure KLM, BA, AirFrance, etc don't want Russia to grant the air corridor to budget airlines. Capitalism

  • Romax 24245
    Romax 24245 9 hours ago

    Still doing it better than what the West has been doing to it for many, many years.

  • FreeSpeech Forever
    FreeSpeech Forever 9 hours ago

    The greatest problem for Amtrak is that it has to rely largely on freight tracks. The money needed to have their own railroad would be prohibitive. Having someone who doesn't like trains is not a particularly helpful thing for the importance of the nationwide services of Amtrak. I suppose it's a wait and see situation.

  • Joe Patroni
    Joe Patroni 10 hours ago

    Boeing went to DC to have them slap a 300% duty on the C-Series. Now Boeing is out BILLIONS due to their trash Max. Karma is a Bitch.

  • Data Make Sense
    Data Make Sense 10 hours ago

    China - manufacturing is free real estate Robots - we will not take wages. Chinese workers - wait that was illegal

  • pako pepe fdez
    pako pepe fdez 10 hours ago

    It is an internal "struggle" between the capitalist need of markets and their own propaganda for the working class (all we) against what they call the "enemy." Like when the US air force stole titanium from the USSR for the Blackbird to spy the USSR, something well known from Karl Marx or earlier.

  • Celestae
    Celestae 10 hours ago

    What about Japan my guy? 🗾💮💴

  • Richard Hunt
    Richard Hunt 10 hours ago

    The NFL doesn't give a shit about anything but revenue m!! Not fans ,not players ,not Cities ,not law !!.....nothing but the Benjamin's !!🤬

  • Celestae
    Celestae 10 hours ago

    He never did Japan.... :(

  • Thomas H H
    Thomas H H 10 hours ago

    I would be drinking even more than i do now if I lived there.

  • Exoticomia
    Exoticomia 10 hours ago

    7:46 What's happening to his hand

  • Ben
    Ben 10 hours ago

    Trump worth every penny Barack Odumbo not so much

  • 김재환
    김재환 11 hours ago

    All their money or tax from the people mostly goes to nasa or space projects economy getting bad!

  • Reddit User
    Reddit User 11 hours ago

    How come many sources say pilots make 100-150 thousand a year but some say 25-30 thousand! Can anyone explain

  • macroevolve
    macroevolve 11 hours ago

    200 yrs. ago these trips would take months via sailing ships. I wonder what transportation will ne 200 yrs. from, if we still exist. We might colonize the Moon since it is only a 3 day trip or so, but it will be super expensive.

  • REMAKE 45
    REMAKE 45 11 hours ago


  • James Evans
    James Evans 11 hours ago

    But now airbus has re entered the competition with A321 NEO Especially since the A321 NEO can have 240 passengers with the range of 4000 nautical miles

  • 张丶Allen
    张丶Allen 11 hours ago


  • Bobbie Hayden
    Bobbie Hayden 11 hours ago

    If we recommission are old ships we would have the largest Navy in the world and the third largest Navy in the world

  • Xaverderschnitzelfan
    Xaverderschnitzelfan 11 hours ago

    3:44 but london is 3rd. First is moskow and second is istanbul

  • Ahmed Kamal Hasin
    Ahmed Kamal Hasin 12 hours ago

    Airbus was like The Undertaker suddenly entering the ring.

  • Gustavo Aragon
    Gustavo Aragon 12 hours ago

    All this shit for a bunch of assholes whom deserve nothing. Politicians creates wars and they run and hide with a logistics paid by the tax payers while the taxpayers are left behind to root out

  • The Jupiter
    The Jupiter 12 hours ago

    At the existing pace, if unstopped, Australia will become Chintralia in the next few decades.

  • David Schick
    David Schick 12 hours ago

    I'd be shocked if 43 percent of their long-distance trains were on time. I don't think it's that high of a figure.

  • I M
    I M 12 hours ago

    Knock knock FBI OPEN UP!!!!!

  • BlackAmex Vlogs
    BlackAmex Vlogs 12 hours ago


  • Chad Hoskins
    Chad Hoskins 12 hours ago

    Amtrak to NYC from DC is only $32.

  • Martin Polly
    Martin Polly 12 hours ago

    Fuck China

  • Koriander Yander
    Koriander Yander 12 hours ago

    Lovely. We welcome you China. We Africans and african diasporians welcome China.

  • Peng zhang
    Peng zhang 12 hours ago

    bitch the map is wrong Taiwan belongs to China 🇨🇳

  • Roboko
    Roboko 12 hours ago

    So boats become sitting ducks in modern warfare.

  • Keith French
    Keith French 13 hours ago

    Bombardier : Hey Boeing you cannot compete with us in this market Boeing: Enjoy that 300% tax Bombardier: Have you met our new partner Airbus? Boeing: damn Bombardier: LOL Boeing: Have you met our new partner Embraer? Bombardier: damn

  • Keith French
    Keith French 13 hours ago

    As an American... I am so disappointed in Boeing in so many ways... Between this ridiculous attack, and the 737 Max debacle, I have no respect for them I really no longer care if the fail.

  • 100k subs with no vids Challenge

    /\ | | \/

  • Carlos Quiroz
    Carlos Quiroz 13 hours ago

    Even if MCAS successfully deactivates due to AOA sensor malfunctions, the 737 Max is too inherently unstable to be allowed to be a commercial aircraft.

  • Dragon Beast
    Dragon Beast 13 hours ago


  • dandansfu
    dandansfu 13 hours ago

    Yet BA has one of the worst business class compare to many other airlines

  • jsmith42690
    jsmith42690 13 hours ago

    Dude, you answered the question within the first 70 seconds. Trains are subsidized by the government. Therefore the entire model suffers from Milton Friedman's third party problem. Everything subsidized eventually becomes expensive, inefficient, and obsolete.

  • art hoxha
    art hoxha 14 hours ago


  • Galaxy Papuc
    Galaxy Papuc 14 hours ago

    rly i waited like 25 mins for romania to pop up and it did BUT ONLY FOR HALF A FUCKING SECOND R U KIDDING ME 25 MINS

  • bear meneer
    bear meneer 14 hours ago

    the neterlands have a lot of roundabout so many like you get sick if you ride to fast like not fun

  • Veggie
    Veggie 14 hours ago

    95% of the comments: Australia 5% of the comments: anything else

  • ravens beast
    ravens beast 14 hours ago

    Let's just focus on the Bush fires instead of shit politics

  • That tarantula girl Girl

    I would make a joke bout how they only talk bout how smol rhode island is But me and everyone else is used to it

  • Dat Lil Taco
    Dat Lil Taco 14 hours ago

    This video: *created in 2016* TheXvid recommended: Let's just put it right there.

  • Roman Soiko
    Roman Soiko 14 hours ago

    انا اتكلام في كل علم في كل علم في سلام في كل علم我六语国unitednationdоранизацияобеденныйнвциnacionesunidas

  • corey wilson
    corey wilson 14 hours ago


  • Beeb
    Beeb 14 hours ago

    Pilotless planes. Ya if the accident rate is less than piloted planes

  • The Automaticist
    The Automaticist 15 hours ago

    Well, I guess these are our equivalent of star destroyers.

  • Billy You
    Billy You 15 hours ago

    channels like this on youtube need more recognition. not some shitty vlogs

  • Brett Karst
    Brett Karst 15 hours ago


  • Parth Modha
    Parth Modha 15 hours ago

    Summary of video: Economies of Scale & Ryan Air is also a monopsonist.

  • Bryce Schroeder
    Bryce Schroeder 15 hours ago

    Also worth noting that there are few privately funded airports in the US. Almost all US airports are loss-making, even with the fees they charge airlines. This is effectively a huge subsidy to air travel, but it's harder to see than the subsidies to rail.

  • Bhupendranath Mahato
    Bhupendranath Mahato 15 hours ago

    Don't worry usa you are not the only one...china is getting there fast

  • Aergga
    Aergga 15 hours ago

    It would be nice if you said which sports these organisations play, for people like me who don't know much about American sports.

  • Honda CRV
    Honda CRV 15 hours ago

    1:27 Inaccurate. Mauritania has a flag that has red.

  • Honda CRV
    Honda CRV 15 hours ago

    Chile has the southernmost mainland airport.

  • wg 5he
    wg 5he 15 hours ago

    Bruh , This guy must have thought of bendover and just replaced the w while making this channel. Imagine its name being bend over productions. lol XD

  • Honda CRV
    Honda CRV 15 hours ago

    The Sinai Peninsula is in Africa.

  • Mustafa Alabadi
    Mustafa Alabadi 15 hours ago

    I just watched two videos waiting to hear that my country borders Iran???? 😂

  • Honda CRV
    Honda CRV 15 hours ago

    Why did you skip Nauru? And Cyprus is one country.

  • Mahesh M V U
    Mahesh M V U 15 hours ago

    The territorial waters extend 12 nautical miles, not 12 land/statute miles from the baseline. 1 nautical mile/knot =1850 meters. 1 land mile = 1605 meters.

  • Ion Ymous
    Ion Ymous 15 hours ago

    7:34 Ming retires. "at this time anyone would have assumed this would have been the end of the NBA's rise in China" Really? As if they watched and played for one guy?

  • Honda CRV
    Honda CRV 15 hours ago

    1:30 Pssssh. The capital is Cape Town.

  • K4RMA
    K4RMA 15 hours ago

    So ur telling me that if a bunch of people from China had no visas and committed crimes China would be even bigger

  • Dean Winchester
    Dean Winchester 16 hours ago

    Bottomline: eu economy is sht and going bellyup

  • 0fficialYaboi
    0fficialYaboi 16 hours ago

    2:22 bound for new york lol

  • John Boudreaux
    John Boudreaux 16 hours ago

    Being Male Being Arab Being young Wtf Btw I went there and got 1st number 3