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  • Roger Seow
    Roger Seow 3 hours ago

    Fought on boys!You are always the best of best! It's just first game!Forget about about all the mean people you will do well for the rest of the games!💪👏👍😘😍💯💕

  • Aditya
    Aditya 3 hours ago

    Only napoli fought hard. Salah and mane are not passing each other. You are exposed.

  • Andrei Rachieru
    Andrei Rachieru 3 hours ago

    Are they speaking English ???

  • ala' Arabyat
    ala' Arabyat 3 hours ago

    If he had made a drama out of it, everybody would understand who was the selfish

  • ih8mcfly
    ih8mcfly 3 hours ago

    Cash in on VVD while everyone still thinks he’s good. Shows yesterday that against quality opposition he is very poor. Klopp needs to be careful too, more results like these and he’ll be sacked by Christmas.

  • Alex Wilhelm
    Alex Wilhelm 3 hours ago

    Alisson seems like a Cool Dude 🤙🙌

  • krishna jadav
    krishna jadav 3 hours ago

    Actually , this is a good situation for Liverpool. City just lost , they would be more determined than us to close the gap and that's why we should be cautious( it's not that we are not cautious seeing we lost the league by only a point). Losing is a learning curve , regroup for now , and then go again.

  • MTY jr
    MTY jr 3 hours ago

    Nosé para que tienen el VAR si no lo usan cuando se debe

  • MTY jr
    MTY jr 3 hours ago

    No penalty.

  • BeYo Pro
    BeYo Pro 4 hours ago

    If this is blue you love Liverpool ❤️❤️ 👇 (I’m gifting my next 5 subscribers)

  • Dragonborn
    Dragonborn 4 hours ago

    Don't worry lads and haters dont celebrate too much. This liverpool side becomes stronger with every defeat they take. We will bounce back fo sure, bring it on, Chelsea!

  • carbono tostino
    carbono tostino 4 hours ago

    Looks like we have to do it the hard way again.

  • Som Dutta
    Som Dutta 4 hours ago

    Klopp is king of sarcasm ... :)

  • g flex_
    g flex_ 4 hours ago

    Everyone says Virgil caused the second goal but that's not Robertson

  • Nik Zainab Wan Mustapha

    Keep it up, boys. Better luck next time.

  • Adm Youssef
    Adm Youssef 4 hours ago

    where are Liverpool fans now when mane selfishness appear in the match against Napoli no one will get angry and attack mane because he is OK but when salah was selfish in one pass every Liverpool fan get angry and attack salah we all knows that mane always selfish with salah from last two seasons until now but every one calm and quit until salah pass because he is an Arab Muslim right shame on you all Liverpool fans racist bitches Liverpool fans doesn’t deserve salah he must leave Liverpool

  • Jaja 2205
    Jaja 2205 5 hours ago

    Napoli and slazburg will go thru the next round. Sure of it.

  • Gualter Couto
    Gualter Couto 5 hours ago

    Klopp has got an amazing personality, is not easy to answer biased questions after a losing game.

  • iamchampion8
    iamchampion8 5 hours ago

    Firmino is the playmaker

  • Sohail Din
    Sohail Din 5 hours ago

    Napoli always make us look like Brighton 😓😓

  • El Djibril Diagne
    El Djibril Diagne 5 hours ago

    Sadio mane

  • SYA Playz
    SYA Playz 5 hours ago

    Funny that Liverpool lost once even if it meant being unlucky, and apparently everyone thinks the squad is weak.

  • Adrodog
    Adrodog 5 hours ago

    Performance was fine, these games happen to good teams, it’s a good game to lose cos the team will want to bounce back on Sunday

  • Ibraheem Warrior
    Ibraheem Warrior 5 hours ago

    Its sad to see a big manager manages a small team like liverpool.... Come to Arsenal or Man United Klopp and drem big.

  • aviator2492
    aviator2492 6 hours ago

    Just be positive, we have all the reasons to be. No perfection at the final third, looked tired af. Unlucky pen ffs. Keep moving, the mongrels are out again calling out Mane, VVD etc.

  • じょにー
    じょにー 6 hours ago

    Who can say this is PK?

  • nobber d robber
    nobber d robber 6 hours ago

    Kop rule ok

  • Urin Adiyatma
    Urin Adiyatma 6 hours ago

    No goal scored vs PSG 2018.?

  • sami zorbey tahberer

    istanbulun hatta türkiyenin yarısı premier lig de LiverpooL U destekler... sevgiler...

  • Cristian Zárate
    Cristian Zárate 6 hours ago

    Stupid Mane pass the ball to salaaah 😠😠😠😠!

    • Cristian Zárate
      Cristian Zárate 6 hours ago

      @Hani Zizo what a chance today and he miss the pass!!, my lord! 😭😐

    • Hani Zizo
      Hani Zizo 6 hours ago

      He don't want salah score it's clear in 3 time in the match

  • Dan the Man
    Dan the Man 6 hours ago

    For Napoli's visit to Anfield, if I were Klopp, I'd have every assistant on the bench prepared with placards with "9.6", "8.1", "9.3", etc. on them. And everytime a Napoli player dives, I'd have 'em all stand up and raise their placards over their heads.

  • Wounderful Boy
    Wounderful Boy 6 hours ago

    The game was very square in my opinion. The PK is what broke the team

  • T LFC
    T LFC 6 hours ago

    He Talks so much sense .. no bullshit

  • EL. CO
    EL. CO 6 hours ago

    2:55 thunder⚡

    THE DON 6 hours ago

    Pretty sure that ref had a cheeky bet on the amount of free kicks he gave both nothing

  • Dan the Man
    Dan the Man 6 hours ago

    So Salah gets mugged in the box by Koulibaly, doesn't go down, but instead stays on his feet, continuing to play football, trying to score, and no penalty is called. Then Callejon flops in the box, like a rag doll shot by a sniper with a high-powered rifle, and the ref decides that is worthy of declaring Napoli the winner on the spot. And Callejon will face ZERO consequences, despite everybody on the planet (except those 2 morons in this press conference) knowing that he dove like Greg Louganis. He may even have pointed his toes when he went down.

  • JAMES Player
    JAMES Player 6 hours ago


  • Hyder Anwar
    Hyder Anwar 6 hours ago

    Everyone gave their best, lesson learned n move on, don't repeat the same mistake (i.e silly tackles/simple clearance etc)again, for they r the downfall for the team 🌛👏🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆YNWA

  • Zayneyboy Buscette
    Zayneyboy Buscette 6 hours ago

    I love firmino but there were he had to go for the shot instead of passing

  • Dan the Man
    Dan the Man 6 hours ago

    What a joke that the penalty a.) was awarded in the first place, and b.) that VAR didn't bother pointing out the obvious: that Callejon straight-up dove. All I want to know is: Who was the VAR official? And how much did Napoli pay him?

  • khaled-dybala
    khaled-dybala 6 hours ago

    It’s still early lads Ynwa ♥️

  • Aloha
    Aloha 6 hours ago

    No more Hollywood plastic smirk today..

  • Zika Said
    Zika Said 6 hours ago

    I am from Egypt and a fan of Liverpool. I know that Mane is not good at passing Mane is a good man and he was not selfish today, but he is really bad at the level of passing only 🇪🇬💙🇬🇭

    • Zika Said
      Zika Said 4 hours ago

      @Adm Youssef ههههه أنا شبه مش بفوت ماتش لصلاح أنا مجنون بصلاح هوا الهوا الي بتنفسة بس أنا بقول وجه نظري والله بكل حيادية أنتا لو متابع ماني من سنين زي ما أنا متابعو هتعرف أني الي بقولك علية صح ماني مش بيعرف يباصي ولا بيعرف يعمل سروهات ده الي أنا قولتو فقط وفعلاً مكنش أناني أنهاردة بدليل أنو باصي ولاكن للأسف الباص كان زي الزفت تحياتي ليك وكل واحد ولية وجه نظر

    • Adm Youssef
      Adm Youssef 5 hours ago

      التعريص ما في أفضل منك فيه ماني اللي كان اناني وما رضي يباصي والجمهور ما هاجمه بعكس صلاح الكل حط عليه روح نام الله يشفيك

  • rogerio carvalho
    rogerio carvalho 6 hours ago

    That wasn’t penalty at all, what a shame!!!!...where is the VAR???? Shock Penalty!!! was ridiculous!

  • Abdullah AlBshri
    Abdullah AlBshri 6 hours ago

    1:20 Is that Darren Till the fighter from UFC

  • YNWA S
    YNWA S 6 hours ago

    늘 이기기만 할 수는 없어. 늘 이기기만 한다면, 아마 우리팀은 더 발전할 수 없을 거야. 이번 나폴리 원정은 단지 환기였을 뿐이야. 리버풀 홧팅~!!

  • ahmad adityo anggoro

    Firmino 3 - 1 Newcastle

  • William Anthony
    William Anthony 6 hours ago

    Robbed by incompetent referee and shockingly stupid VAR. anyone can see he dived - and if you say he didn’t you are 1) delusional Napoli fan 2) hate Liverpool

  • Xxx Toasted
    Xxx Toasted 6 hours ago

    we need creativity in the midfield deperately. hoping naby keita is not unlucky this time around to fall in the hands of another setback of injuries. And that we really get to see the side of him playing football as was seen/ascertained by klopp when he decided to bring him on. C'mon NABY !!!!

  • Marco Traina
    Marco Traina 6 hours ago

    For all Liverpool fan screaming for var: 1 It was penalty. 2 there was a precedent penalty with handball of Arnold. The didnt even look at it

  • Kae Millz
    Kae Millz 6 hours ago

    Did they not see the come back against Barca? This is Champions League... it's all good for LFC.

  • Marioxian
    Marioxian 6 hours ago

    Van dijk didn't make any mistake js they gave him the ball when he was crowded by 3 players lmao

  • S A
    S A 7 hours ago

    Sadio Manè is one of the main reasons why Liverpool lost this game! Why he failed to pass the ball twice to Salah?! Why no body talked when Sadio slide intentionally in order not to pass the ball to Salah?! Why no body talked when in the second time he pretended to pass the ball to Salah but Sadio shot the ball farther from Salah’s position?! In the two scenarios, Salah’s chances to score for Liverpool were so so high! I’m so upset, if that didn’t happen, Liverpool would have won the match!!

    • Aloha
      Aloha 3 hours ago

      @S A Don't get upset. It's only a game..

    • S A
      S A 5 hours ago

      Aloha no I’m not! I’m so upset that Liverpool had to loose the game! But thx for adking

    • Aloha
      Aloha 5 hours ago

      Are you Ok, mate?..

    • S A
      S A 6 hours ago

      Youka Zen yes he did, look at minute 54, he slide on the pitch although there was no obstacle, he did that so that his intention to pass the ball in a way that doesn’t reach Salah looks normal or oversight, but it didn’ another scenario he also slide on the pitch without any reason, so that he doesn’t pass the ball to Salah, and as a result he lost the ball.

    • Ghana. com
      Ghana. com 6 hours ago

      @Youka Zen If that's the meaning of selfish , then yes he did.


    Klopp to make a shaqiri change with 4 minutes left is a joke. Liverpool Forever, but really Klopp needs to change the players if they can't produce in the moment.

    • Sharvaan Sharex
      Sharvaan Sharex 6 hours ago

      Maybe he hates Shaqiri because he played for Bayern (Klopp managed Dortmund)

    • Sharvaan Sharex
      Sharvaan Sharex 6 hours ago

      Should've brought him on in the 90th minute instead

  • Johan Isha
    Johan Isha 7 hours ago

    my happiest night 😅

  • Superflyy Family
    Superflyy Family 7 hours ago

    Ridiculous these reporters think Napoli was the better side. I don't kno what game they were watching. We had more chances possession and more control of the game. Just a lucky stupid decision game them a W. Var is a joke. 2 games in a row. Smh

  • Arche Albert
    Arche Albert 7 hours ago

    damn it..Napoli diving 👎 .. referee 👎👎

  • AHMED ahmed
    AHMED ahmed 7 hours ago

    Mo salah grande grande giocatore egiziani 🇪🇬💌🇪🇬✌️

  • Klopp AllTheWay
    Klopp AllTheWay 7 hours ago

    Nothing new for Liverpool, we will make it into the final,

  • Enzo Borrozzino
    Enzo Borrozzino 7 hours ago

    gg guys…. just say gg we are NAPOLI forza napoli sempre be good looser.

  • AHMED ahmed
    AHMED ahmed 7 hours ago

    Mo salah grande grande giocatore egiziani 🇪🇬💌🇪🇬

  • AHMED ahmed
    AHMED ahmed 7 hours ago

    Mo salah grande grande giocatore egiziani 🇪🇬💌🇪🇬

  • AHMED ahmed
    AHMED ahmed 7 hours ago

    Mo salah grande grande giocatore 🇪🇬

  • AHMED ahmed
    AHMED ahmed 7 hours ago

    Mo salah grande grande giocatore 🇪🇬

  • Aloha
    Aloha 7 hours ago

    Every time good old, slick Klopp loses a match, he complains about anything and everything. If it's not the referee, it's the VAR, if it's not the VAR, the pitch is too dry or the Sun is too bight or the snow is too white... LOL.. He can not accept the fact that the opposition played better football.. Very poor sportsmanship.

    • Robert Jaques-Watson
      Robert Jaques-Watson 7 hours ago

      Aloha Napoli wasn’t better though, a bullshit Pen and a mistake, if Mane and Salah were more clinical we would have won 4-2

    VITOR CARVALHO 7 hours ago

    Vamos Liverpool pra cima

  • Muslim Logic
    Muslim Logic 7 hours ago

    never give up ..defender still the best.

  • AHMED ahmed
    AHMED ahmed 7 hours ago

    The truth must not play because it is selfish manè. 😡😡😡😡😡😡 La verità manè non deve giocare perché è egoista. 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • raik z
    raik z 7 hours ago

    Barcelona: I am inevitable Liverpool: and I... Am.... Liverpool

  • Poo Poo
    Poo Poo 7 hours ago

    Those thighs tho! OMG 😍😍😍😍

  • cmbutterbell
    cmbutterbell 7 hours ago

    I shouldn't feel this bad about this game but I do! I feel confident that we will make it out of this group but I'm still feeling gutted. I am going to snap out of this because I know we have a great team, I know we will go again.

  • Niks Human !
    Niks Human ! 7 hours ago

    I was in Barca vs Dortmund match and this happened.. its ok! Next time I will definitely see Napoli at our home... Anfield. Lads hit the like cuz I will be there.. 😎👍 for LIVERPOOL.

  • Zanti
    Zanti 7 hours ago

    In january buy Davinson Sánchez Or Madison Is perfect to the team (Im Colombia, sorry to my bad speak)

  • dhan gurung
    dhan gurung 7 hours ago

    Should’ve kept milner and took off robbo... he was involved in international breaks and looked tired/off tonight. Big Shaq definitely needs more than 5 minutes to have an impact in the game. We learn from our mistakes and carry on. YNWA

  • B.P. Gaming
    B.P. Gaming 7 hours ago

    Go liverpool!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mo Rahim
    Mo Rahim 7 hours ago

    There will be many games like this in terms of performance just like last season, a team just can’t rely on a röntgen three alone, so Liverpool has the least creative and ball playing midfield out of all the top teams in Europe that’s just the reality. Liverpool do not dominate the ball in midfield and until they solve this issue they’ll depend on luck in many games like last season. As a top team a midfield dominates the ball and possession hence, fluid play and consistent always in their games. I’m a Liverpool fan too.

  • cmwong98
    cmwong98 7 hours ago

    Sooner or later we're going to lose games. Let's win some games in PL. 💪

  • Abdulrahman Mussa
    Abdulrahman Mussa 7 hours ago

    Bad day at the office no problem liverpudians

  • Michelle Edwards
    Michelle Edwards 7 hours ago

    It has made no real desire for me to be concerned regards our defeat to Napoli. Winning the champions league again ...coupled with victiry in rhe fa cup final ...would have no baring on anything if we dont win the premier league title. We will have failed miserably if we dont get our hands on the English crown come may. Our focus this season is heavily directed towards becoming the champions of England......... at last. Where as over the last few seasons all eyes....especially Klopps ...have been firmly set on achieving victory in Europe....this has now revoved and evolved into a desire of attaining domestic glory at all costs. No longer are players rested in league games so they can play in midweek euro is now the other way round. Resting players in Europe thus readying them to greater levels of performance in the bread and butter of the premier league is now the m.o. Dont worry or be concerned about Europe. We will qualify. We may even go on and make it three finals on the bounce. But ...if we do...or we dont matter. The only thing that matters is winning the title....its been much to long ynwa..

  • H
    H 7 hours ago

    I'm taking this result as positive thing for Liverpool. We got this.

  • Fergal Hughes
    Fergal Hughes 7 hours ago

    I'm just here to troll The Aspyrgides (or whatever her name is) ..

  • village AL Quran
    village AL Quran 7 hours ago

    Sheikh Saad Al - Ghamdi Al - Isra ادعمنااااا باشتراك ❤

  • Abraham Dabo
    Abraham Dabo 7 hours ago

    Classic Klopp"we only lost the game because of a wrongful penalty"😂😂😂

  • Maame K
    Maame K 8 hours ago

    Where is VAR when you need it? Liverpool will come back strong. YNWA

    • Hani Zizo
      Hani Zizo 6 hours ago

      Selfishness is the problem Mani and salah can't play togethrr after in one team. It's clear mani hate salah

  • Jojo Harper
    Jojo Harper 8 hours ago

    VAR rules should allow one challenge per team in each half, called by the captain or coach against what they think is an incorrect decision. It works in cricket and tennis, and it gets rid of the bad calls/shockers like tonight's penalty decision. At least the ref should be told by VAR officials to view the incident again on the VAR dedicated screen, and check it from all the angles.

  • Haydn Fitzpatrick
    Haydn Fitzpatrick 8 hours ago

    VAR means that someone else has control of the outcome. That's what their the game is. They are now MORE able to edit games to their liking. They can now, throw a spanner in the works, whenever they choose to do so Herr Klopp. YNWA Your neighbour, The Second Sun of Lenny Fitz x

  • Bardan Bikram Shah
    Bardan Bikram Shah 8 hours ago

    Adrian is a penaltie specialist...he would have save that

  • El Nino
    El Nino 8 hours ago

    oh my God he's so salty

  • Disconnected Roamer
    Disconnected Roamer 8 hours ago

    we lost 2-0 to belgrade lmao did it effect us?

  • Văn Thế Trịnh
    Văn Thế Trịnh 8 hours ago

    From việt nam.

  • shane stephenson
    shane stephenson 8 hours ago

    Step it up not good enough tonight losing to Napoli again is a joke

  • LFC 4 LIFE
    LFC 4 LIFE 8 hours ago

    We show them 2 much respect while they where throwing tackles left and right. Your tactics against this Napoli Team is way off again ,2 many space and time on the ball. Hendo and Milly in midfield not working(milly is our backup left back why start him and Rob at the same time). Shaqiri and Ox is fresh way aren't you believing in your bench, you playing 1 set of players far 2 often now. Why do we only think that we most play 4-3-3 ?.

  • sara saeed
    sara saeed 8 hours ago

    I think that would’ve won if they played in anfield ...not saying that they dont play good its just the Liverpool fans cheer more and they get more comfortable there

  • Otterysteve
    Otterysteve 8 hours ago

    Not a foul and so never a pen. VAR is a great idea but tonight and v Newcastle Utd it was not used intelligently. Never mind, we are Liverpool and we will overcome this. YNWA

  • TheLeprechaunjm
    TheLeprechaunjm 8 hours ago

    Klopp is such a good interview... he's just a solid communicator, no two ways about it.

  • sara saeed
    sara saeed 8 hours ago

    I was waiting for him to talk about mane’s selfishness but yeah they only see mo not passing to mane but they cant see mane not passing to mo :)

  • Joshua Allen
    Joshua Allen 8 hours ago

    It wasn’t our night. Playing in Naples, we struggle. The best player was Adrian. Needs to improve. YNWA

  • Jesus Richmoney
    Jesus Richmoney 8 hours ago

    Please sell Naby Keïta, then bring in Nabil Fekir and Timo Werner this'll help the team in my ways.

  • Rui Legrub
    Rui Legrub 8 hours ago

    You never haved Alone Boss this is Liverpool FC we are Strongr