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  • Irina Cha
    Irina Cha 4 days ago

    Он лепестки в коньяк обмакивал? Кто знает?

  • Irina Cha
    Irina Cha 4 days ago

    Он лепестки в коньяк обмакивал? Кто знает?

  • Irina Cha
    Irina Cha 4 days ago

    Он лепестки в коньяк обмакивал? Кто знает?

  • Happy Days
    Happy Days 8 days ago

    Love this

    KIMBERLAND 10 days ago

    Talk about being late to the party, I just heard about Dr. Ceri last night, though another channel Auntie's Cakery, she was singing his praises so, I had to come see him for me self. So glad I did, I am now obsessed with all things Ceri. What a masterful artist he is, very informative.

  • Otto erwuin Chacon cucul

    Hello teacher need to make the gome paste reciepe for that flower

  • Maxda2001
    Maxda2001 16 days ago

    You Work is fantastic! Congratulations. Can you make a vídeo how to make the other pink wedding dress in the picture, it is ready beautiful. Thanks

  • Stephanie Rankel
    Stephanie Rankel 27 days ago

    I'm not going to lie the fact that you can scrape off the icing ridge with a knife like sand paper makes me not want to eat the cake. and makes me wonder how hard that icing is.

  • Nila Nurdin
    Nila Nurdin 2 months ago


  • Maria Palie
    Maria Palie 3 months ago

    Excellent instruction. 👍🏻😀😀😀👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Deborah Bowdidge
    Deborah Bowdidge 3 months ago

    Thanks so much Ceri x

  • Denese Stanley
    Denese Stanley 3 months ago

    Thank you

  • Bharatt Sherry
    Bharatt Sherry 4 months ago


  • Brahim Tchouk
    Brahim Tchouk 4 months ago

    You are amazing as you've always.very accurate work.wish you millions of subscribers.how about subtitling your videos in french or arabic to reach a larger audiance in france and north Africa.french speaking countries are more interested in cakes patisserie.for example ,we in Algeria,patisserie is part of our daily life

  • Brahim Tchouk
    Brahim Tchouk 4 months ago

    Mr Griffiths,you are unique, your are giving your recepies in a very very smart way. your explanation is crystal clear,you are generous.you are marvelous.Thank you so much .

  • Sue Palmer
    Sue Palmer 4 months ago


  • بنت الجنوب
    بنت الجنوب 4 months ago

    wow it's. great 😍😍😍😍

  • Fanifau Valentine
    Fanifau Valentine 4 months ago

    Really professional. I really love watching ur videos. It really makes me learn more.

  • Anuja Karunaratne
    Anuja Karunaratne 4 months ago

    Please keep the camera well focused as cannot see properly. Good lesson thanks

  • dolly clobber
    dolly clobber 5 months ago

    thank you

  • Prudence Biaka
    Prudence Biaka 5 months ago

    please what do you coat the cake with before putting the royal icing

    • Ceri Griffiths
      Ceri Griffiths 4 months ago

      Its normally a fruit cake, with a thin brushing of apricot jam and then covered in marzipan before adding the royal icing.

  • Victoria Ciolek
    Victoria Ciolek 5 months ago

    Absolutely gorgeous! Great tips and advice, and what a beautiful cake for Easter sharing.

  • Sandra Buren
    Sandra Buren 5 months ago

    Love it look.

  • annyamaraus
    annyamaraus 5 months ago

    Adorei parabéns

  • Lisa Sanchez
    Lisa Sanchez 5 months ago

    how did you dry the frosting for 24 hours? did you store it in the frig?

  • Fatima Siddiqui
    Fatima Siddiqui 6 months ago

    I’ve made a few ceramic flowers and I do like your video, which explains so beautifully. Thank you!

  • joanna Tube
    joanna Tube 6 months ago

    Beauty work!! Can you tell me how to hold the bunch flowers on cake?

  • Irene Mercedes Flores Romero

    Gracias por compartir, excelente trabajo

  • Amy Torres
    Amy Torres 6 months ago

    Can anyone tell me what is the best way of cutting a cake covered in royal icing?

  • Hanan Doaibes
    Hanan Doaibes 6 months ago

    Hi Ceri. Woooonderful but are use the same size cutter for the first five rows many thx.

  • Parbatie Petrie
    Parbatie Petrie 7 months ago


  • Memoi Tv
    Memoi Tv 7 months ago

    Hi what consistency of royal icing you are using? Thanks

  • Rita Bhudial
    Rita Bhudial 7 months ago

    Thank u

  • Daniel Iteon
    Daniel Iteon 7 months ago

    So unprofessional

  • Mountain Girl
    Mountain Girl 7 months ago

    That was great! I'm not really sure why I started watching this video but it really relaxed me. I think it was your soft voice 😊

  • carmen vc
    carmen vc 7 months ago

    You are exelent exelente teacher o love your talent thank you ❤️

  • Muna Falah
    Muna Falah 7 months ago

    Great tutorial

  • Onyma Kosmikos
    Onyma Kosmikos 7 months ago

    Thank you for sharing this! At us sift peak royal icing - please make a video in how to make it!!

  • Jen Picson
    Jen Picson 7 months ago

    Thank you for all your tutorials on roses.These are really helpful.😊👏👏

  • Janet Brimston
    Janet Brimston 7 months ago


  • La Grams
    La Grams 8 months ago

    well that's 2 videos and no lambeth yet

  • Emaa Sayed
    Emaa Sayed 8 months ago

    Can you send me the pic of the vainer pleaze

  • Matina Jazmine
    Matina Jazmine 9 months ago

    How long will it last and should I put it in the fridge ?

  • Susan Goodlad
    Susan Goodlad 9 months ago

    Susie G What a wonderful tutorial. It is so very generous of you to share your excellent skills. Although I have always been good at making all kinds of craft items, I have never had sufficient confidence in my own ability to try this. However, having watched and thoroughly enjoyed your tutorials, marvelling at how fabulously patient you are, I am inspired to try. Your clients for whom you make cakes, especially wedding cakes, are truly fortunate to have access to your talents.

  • mimi moka
    mimi moka 10 months ago

    Amazing method. Nice work

  • Carol Garcia
    Carol Garcia 10 months ago

    I love your job! It is so beautiful and cute!! Thank you for this class God bless you! 🙏🙏

    GLORIA ISIANI 10 months ago

    Pls do they coat the cake first with buttercream before d Royal icing?? Just like fondant cake??

      GLORIA ISIANI 10 months ago

      @@Angie's Bikkles so it just to place d Royal icing directly on d cake???

    • Angie's Bikkles
      Angie's Bikkles 10 months ago

      No royal icing isn't combatible with the butter/grease from the buttercream.

  • Stephanie Le Roux
    Stephanie Le Roux 11 months ago

    How do you then store the marzipan covered cake for a week before you royal ice it? - What is the best way

  • Ana Pinto
    Ana Pinto 11 months ago

    muito linda, mesmo sem entender a prendir muito com esse vídeo

  • RedShirt RedShirt
    RedShirt RedShirt 11 months ago

    What a nasty, mean person! Relax. I guess you are an expert on everything, ...

  • Jemyla Rempillo
    Jemyla Rempillo 11 months ago

    Your piping skills are superb. Your shells are perfect and the most beautiful I’ve ever seen

  • MrsDarcyfans
    MrsDarcyfans 11 months ago

    How in the world do you cut through three layers of rock hard royal icing when you are serving it? Do people actually eat the hard icing?

    • Redbird
      Redbird 8 months ago

      It ain't that hard. It's not like sheet rock or something. It's healthier than nasty butter cream.

    • Ezra Hurtault
      Ezra Hurtault 10 months ago

      Royal icing is the best tasting icing on cake. it is delicious and cuts perfectly with any knife. not hard at all.

    • Stuart Mayes
      Stuart Mayes 11 months ago

      MrsDarcyfans That's not too far from the truth!

    • MrsDarcyfans
      MrsDarcyfans 11 months ago

      Stuart Mayes haha that’s funny, I’m imagining a chainsaw in the kitchen

    • Stuart Mayes
      Stuart Mayes 11 months ago

      MrsDarcyfans - when I was a waiter at weddings (in the 80s and 90s) I noticed that many people, especially the children and older guests, would break the royal icing in to smaller pieces and suck it like a hard/boiled sweet. Also the cake was usually cut into pieces by the chef/kitchen staff well out of sight of the guests as it required a less than elegant sawing action with a large knife. The newly weds posed for a photo both holding a fine decorated silver knife resting on the icing as if they were about to cut in to it (there was no chance that that knife would 'cut it)!

  • Ana Pinto
    Ana Pinto 11 months ago

    muito lindas

  • Nakaye Philis
    Nakaye Philis Year ago

    l love yo videos

  • Susan Koshy
    Susan Koshy Year ago

    Can I have the recipe of this royal icing please

  • Adam Churvis
    Adam Churvis Year ago

    Beautifully done, sir! Thanks for the guidance.

  • monica queen
    monica queen Year ago

    Indeed I love what you are doing and how you are doing it but I want to know what and what is required to prepare icing and how to do it

  • Ivanize Araujo
    Ivanize Araujo Year ago

    Boa noite meu nome é Ivanize Araújo do Brasil, vc é o número 10 espero um dia aprender esse trabalho maravilhoso manda um vídeo em português ivanizebatista@gmail.com bjs

  • Haitham Shein
    Haitham Shein Year ago

    Is that a royal icing or butter cream icing ?

  • mirjana petricevic

    Brilliant tutorial

  • Dorynie D33
    Dorynie D33 Year ago

    You make it thank you

  • Roxana Sgo
    Roxana Sgo Year ago

    Guauuuu bellisimo pastel. Saludos desde Argentina

  • Vipra Patangia
    Vipra Patangia Year ago

    How do u even cut it .. it becomes hard right

  • indrani boralessa

    Where can l by molds l live Australia please tell me

  • Debbie Duncan
    Debbie Duncan Year ago

    If you are not doing this the correct way and in the order a normal sugar rose should be made, we all need to learn the incorrect way! What a beautiful and stunning rose. New subscriber and I am sure of it this will bring you many many more subscribers! Thank you for such a beautiful tutorial❤️❤️❤️😊👏🏻

  • Deanie Smith
    Deanie Smith Year ago

    This was very helpful thank you 👍🏻😃

  • Bernadette v
    Bernadette v Year ago

    Subscribe to his channel but when ask a question he does not answer. I am going to unsubscribe. Move on to someone else that have some respect

  • kalbit samra
    kalbit samra Year ago

    Brilliant tutorial

  • Hamideh Orra
    Hamideh Orra Year ago

    Your so thorough, your explanation so clear and understandable. Thank you so much for sharing and helping others to better themselves.

  • Hamideh Orra
    Hamideh Orra Year ago

    Very nice rose.....are all your petals the same size? Thank you for sharing.

  • Adeniji Fisayo Ceciliah

    Thank you for this but still I need to get my instruments

  • LaurV
    LaurV Year ago

    What a fraud... "after so many cakes" you did, you should know that the marzipan layers are much too thick for the small cake, you should know to start with a bit larger plate, to cover for the size of the marzipan, otherwise you make air bubbles under it when you move it on the table, due to the fact that the marzipan adheres to the table (and the air bubbles blow inside, due to fermentation, after few days on the shelf you cakes look like pregnant), and you should also know to cut the second pair of sides longer to cover for the increasing length of the cake when you added first pair of sides...

  • Reace McDonnell
    Reace McDonnell Year ago

    That was so satisfying to watch...

  • Poyntell Johnson

    Thanks for a beautiful demo!

  • Hansanie Dissanayake

    I just subscribes you. Thnaks for the usefull ideas

  • SugarMagicCakes
    SugarMagicCakes Year ago

    Love your puffer, I need one of those!

  • SugarMagicCakes
    SugarMagicCakes Year ago

    Thanks so much for the tutorials, I've watched all your rose videos, brilliant work with brilliant tips, great job

  • sugarhoney
    sugarhoney Year ago

    Re u marketing the machine?😏

  • Kelly Dolan
    Kelly Dolan Year ago

    You make me feel like I could actually do something like this...that fondant is another story. Lol

  • Lets Eat Cake
    Lets Eat Cake Year ago

    When you say "Isopropyl Alcohol", I assume you are referring to rubbing alcohol, in which case that cake would not be meant for eating. Correct?

  • kiki Belle
    kiki Belle Year ago

    Thank you i love your class.

  • Poyntell Johnson

    This is the BEST Gum Paste Rose tutorial I've ever seen!

  • Temitope Maria
    Temitope Maria Year ago

    please I need the picture of cake with blue and black colour decorations

  • Joe Bush tv
    Joe Bush tv Year ago

    What did you for the icing

  • Wilma Tilley
    Wilma Tilley Year ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed listening and watching you create this rose in all its stages. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and I have learned so much from you. Thank you from Canada

  • muna falah
    muna falah Year ago

    How about cutting a cake covered with royal icing.. Will it be easy?? As i can see it's getting very solid


    çok tatlısın

  • Zaki Zaki
    Zaki Zaki Year ago

    Thank you master..

  • Timileyin Tinuke

    what was that first covering was it fondant? I love your method but the issue of waiting for 24 hours before coating though

    • Angie's Bikkles
      Angie's Bikkles 10 months ago

      Similar to fondant but made with almond paste, powdered sugar and egg yolks. Very delicious when applied to fruit cakes or plum pudding prior to addind royal icing.

    • Angie's Bikkles
      Angie's Bikkles 10 months ago


  • Gabby Astudillo
    Gabby Astudillo Year ago

    Love your tutorial thanks for sharing🤗very nice explanatory

  • Marimaribel marimaribel

    Verry good videos!thanks

  • Jennette Peters
    Jennette Peters Year ago

    WONDERFUL EXCELLENT... would have like to see leaves too. Great job!!!!

  • Darkest Serenity

    thank you for making this so simple

  • Hema Dear
    Hema Dear Year ago

    Why does even the quality paste dry? What can I do when the petals crack while shaping. Your pink rose is perfect. I love the shaded rose.

  • Hema Dear
    Hema Dear Year ago

    Puffer is a more healthy option to blowing into the flower as I have seen in another demo. Your rose looks natural. Beautiful. I will try again.

  • Hema Dear
    Hema Dear Year ago

    “Magic” it is.. wow!!!!

  • Hema Dear
    Hema Dear Year ago

    Thank you for your advice.

  • Hema Dear
    Hema Dear Year ago

    Excellent lesson. I think I’ve overloaded petals and also glue at the beginning to foam the bud. It kept collapsing. I just don’t know how the paste is pliable as in the demonstration.

  • Cathie Huxtable
    Cathie Huxtable Year ago

    Do you buy half width florist tape? Or do you gold it yourself or something else?