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    LILACINDY 6 days ago

    after the third pitch sound someone started to scream back lol

  • Fany Fany
    Fany Fany 10 days ago

    Singing RBB live with that choreography and slaying the performance. As expected, Red Velvet!

  • Raven Hana
    Raven Hana 15 days ago

    yejii cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • gita Tantri
    gita Tantri 16 days ago

    The gurls is another level🔥🔥

  • Rosé Chaeee
    Rosé Chaeee Month ago

    The reality and expection both are amazing 😂💜💜

  • TAE and ARMY
    TAE and ARMY Month ago

    Chaeryeong ❤ Ryujin ❤ Lia ❤ Yeji ❤ Yuna ❤ Mi bias Ryujin ❤😗😙

  • 사람진지한
    사람진지한 Month ago

    조이 키크다... 존나 예뻐...

  • Agnė Pilypaitė
    Agnė Pilypaitė Month ago


    • The Little Paloma
      The Little Paloma Month ago

      Nah this is very much Red Velvet. SNSD when they usually do this type of concept their song is still upbeat.

  • tsjkhn n
    tsjkhn n Month ago

    look at wannaones reaction when the scream comes 2:01😂

  • Nick Venom
    Nick Venom Month ago

    These hoes really on location I LOST IT

  • Nick Venom
    Nick Venom Month ago

    So pretty much with Itzy, expectation is reality

  • Lx Basnet
    Lx Basnet 2 months ago

    Its behind the scenes

  • Iam Mariam
    Iam Mariam 2 months ago

    Ryujin 😘😘😘

  • apxcheyy
    apxcheyy 2 months ago

    when daniel suprised😅

  • Honey Jane Pretty Moreno

    it's just looks the same...nothing much difference.

  • kpopfreak17
    kpopfreak17 2 months ago

    Their vocals make me cry from happiness

  • Ugii pcyy
    Ugii pcyy 3 months ago


  • Fahima Yulianti
    Fahima Yulianti 3 months ago

    Wendy high note ia amazing 👍 wanna one reaction to red velvet

  • hamam official
    hamam official 3 months ago

    Who thinks the girl at 2:31 looks like tzuyu from twice

  • Kim Hwang
    Kim Hwang 3 months ago

    The vocals men the vocals, the outfit, the visuals and let's talk about he stage presence. Wow. 👏👏👏 Red Velvet everyone.

  • KayNa AnimeLova
    KayNa AnimeLova 3 months ago


  • Soonyoung Hyunjin
    Soonyoung Hyunjin 4 months ago

    Hyunjin, Félix and seungmin just watched the end :(

  • Stan Momoland
    Stan Momoland 4 months ago

    my friend was playing this while i was doing hw, i didn't know she was watching this vid, i thought the actual mv. as i was singing along, it kept stopping since for the "#mv, #reality" i didn't care so kept in singing. when i got annoyed, i checked on her. i was shocked XD

  • Jadie Girl
    Jadie Girl 4 months ago

    Wheres woo do hwan?

  • Nel Ly
    Nel Ly 4 months ago

    Go red velvet

  • Not my Name
    Not my Name 4 months ago

    cameraman fell in love with irene

  • arrio bimo
    arrio bimo 4 months ago


  • kariyatun wati
    kariyatun wati 4 months ago

    2:01 kang daniel cuteee...🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • M R road to 100 subscribers without videos

    thanks for subtitles.

  • Sabina sicilia alsya
    Sabina sicilia alsya 5 months ago

    Mata w sakit njir kamera nya kek gitu

  • Mykah Paster
    Mykah Paster 5 months ago

    so cheap

  • Aisyah maalb
    Aisyah maalb 5 months ago


  • 수진Soojln
    수진Soojln 5 months ago


  • Gwiyomi Kim
    Gwiyomi Kim 5 months ago

    Every time I hear the *DING* I expect to get a treat!

  • Marestine Kim
    Marestine Kim 5 months ago

    cuteee 😍

  • 어무 니 계 정
    어무 니 계 정 5 months ago

    이 말을 찾으시나용??

    MEUTHIA KIRANA PUTRI 5 months ago

    Aku suka kamu

    RAIN HAPPY 5 months ago


    RAIN HAPPY 5 months ago


  • Hamdan Husain
    Hamdan Husain 5 months ago

    Reality look Like real

  • Lazi Tazi
    Lazi Tazi 5 months ago

    9:01 I wanna ride on those

  • ice bear
    ice bear 5 months ago

    When expectation meets reality

  • Scythegenram
    Scythegenram 5 months ago

    I Thought The Dog Was Green

  • gyh Aullya
    gyh Aullya 5 months ago

    ooh the dog hair is not green screen I think green screen

  • 서안안
    서안안 5 months ago

    I love yeji❤️

  • qwertyuiop 0
    qwertyuiop 0 5 months ago

    So the real colour of the houses is brown😆

  • winwin's carat is as big as china

    who are the other guys at the other tables?

    • havana _
      havana _ 2 months ago

      stray kids in white

  • Jamless Jimin
    Jamless Jimin 5 months ago

    When u realized that your life was all lie....after watching this

  • Twice Once x
    Twice Once x 5 months ago

    You are saying the dog is not ranbow coloured????

  • Kures Chun
    Kures Chun 5 months ago

    I always get confused at ryujin to Yuna.

  • Ivan
    Ivan 5 months ago

    Realization: The one of the TSA was a black guy. Nice!

  • 김나희
    김나희 5 months ago

    류진 첫번째 파트때 나는 장소가 cctv모여있는 공장인줄

  • Citra Carat Buddy
    Citra Carat Buddy 5 months ago

    im fans with LIA and Yeji

  • 08권미나
    08권미나 5 months ago

    으엥 다 영어야

  • Mochiii Buns
    Mochiii Buns 5 months ago

    My bias: Yuna My bias wrecker: Probably all of them 😅😅

  • yerin jennie
    yerin jennie 5 months ago

    It's behind the scene not reality vs expectation

  • {Karina Galaxy_cat}
    {Karina Galaxy_cat} 5 months ago

    Hi by the way i love this video i really dont care about the like

  • 구독하나TV 망고TV

    lTZY ♥♥달라달라 LOVE

  • Supper najma beauty
    Supper najma beauty 5 months ago

    But will itzy come to Africa they will break the record. They have African fans

  • Gaming with Denseh
    Gaming with Denseh 5 months ago

    No Yuna tag?

  • 짱이ᄃr고one2
    짱이ᄃr고one2 5 months ago

    다른게 머얔ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • ゴミマントだお
    ゴミマントだお 5 months ago


  • ???
    ??? 5 months ago

    YEJI'S face is very similar to SUGA BTS 😄😉😆

    • ???
      ??? 5 months ago

      I likee

  • 오늘의 클립[오클]

    Do u know the words expect and reality?

  • El Quijano
    El Quijano 5 months ago

    Is that tunnel the same with the tunnel at bts run mv?

  • Mike Diaz
    Mike Diaz 5 months ago

    Todos esos autos los compro Twice :V

  • 구독하면 맞구독 해드림

    내가 한국인인게 자랑스럽다;;

    BAE EUN MIN 5 months ago


  • Yuan Sanchez
    Yuan Sanchez 5 months ago

    Yeji is savage

  • Ladia Pramesti17
    Ladia Pramesti17 5 months ago

    This is behind the scene

  • Lucas Gomes
    Lucas Gomes 5 months ago

    Elas fazem td com tanto amor😍😄😆😗😅

    STRAYGOTWICEDAY 5 months ago

    When expectations match reality

  • TWICELOVEジヒョミナ応援団


  • 슈팅 《아미》
    슈팅 《아미》 5 months ago

    7:00에 차가 진짜 였다니ㅎㄷㄷJYP의 위력인가?

  • ろんろんろん
    ろんろんろん 5 months ago


  • Ki Rei
    Ki Rei 5 months ago

    @Iyus Rusti,txs koreksinya 😇

  • 린상큼발랄
    린상큼발랄 5 months ago

    예지언니 예쁘당~~~

  • aldrin
    aldrin 5 months ago

    the dog is real

  • ぎんくま
    ぎんくま 5 months ago


  • Regine Therese de Gala

    Wow they didn't fail...

  • Ki jadaro
    Ki jadaro 5 months ago

    What is the different of blue and green background for special effect???

  • cupcake syasha
    cupcake syasha 5 months ago

    Lia is cute

  • Elisa Dallini Imaq
    Elisa Dallini Imaq 5 months ago

    I notice a big difference here.. the dog colour is actually brown!

  • Bangtan Army13
    Bangtan Army13 5 months ago

    I think there was no difference

    FIRE TAILS 5 months ago

    Yuna looks like nayeon mixed with lee se young

  • 꾸라꾸라
    꾸라꾸라 5 months ago

    8:17 와 그와중에 맨 오른쪽 여자분 존예

  • *_ kawaii_*
    *_ kawaii_* 5 months ago

    I heard that they copied blackpink outfit

  • 보라해
    보라해 5 months ago

    2:07에 아이즈원에 채영님인가? 동생 아니에요?

  • Septia Nurul
    Septia Nurul 5 months ago

    Sarageo Lia😘😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • 「아미현이」
    「아미현이」 5 months ago

    이제 잇지도 이런걸 만두네

  • nicole C.
    nicole C. 5 months ago

    oh im shock

  • 인데?챙
    인데?챙 5 months ago


  • Our Internet Is Faster Than Yours

    My gosh yeji, hahahahaha

  • serbert hecate
    serbert hecate 5 months ago

    Is it only me? i do find reality even better than expectation. They really are beautiful and cute beyond expectation!!!!

  • 孫意晴
    孫意晴 5 months ago

    There’s no big difference

  • Little miss Sunshine
    Little miss Sunshine 5 months ago

    Define E X P E C T A T I O N

  • Antonette Labrador
    Antonette Labrador 5 months ago

    Theres nothing has been change tho,it's just behind the scene😏

  • 막둥지현
    막둥지현 5 months ago


  • 막둥지현
    막둥지현 5 months ago


  • Rachma Yunita
    Rachma Yunita 5 months ago

    The different between expectacion and reality just "the camera angle".