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Loose Tooth vs Nerf Gun!
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Offensive Interview Prank!
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Loser Sleeps In The Barn!
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Chase Your Dreams!
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Crashing Golf Carts!
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Extreme Tubing Behind Car!
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He Wanted To Fight!
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Jumping Bike Off A Bridge!
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I Love My Job!
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Burying My Friend Alive!
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Airsoft Battle Royale!
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My Car Caught On Fire!
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Putting Horns On My Tesla!
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Putting My Car On The Roof!
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Broken Sunglasses Prank!
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I Didn’t Make It!
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Can’t Believe He Did This!
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Can You Open This?
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Hitting Dingers Off Girls!
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My Favorite Thing To Do!
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Mowing a Cemetery!
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I Finally Got it!
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Boxing in Public!
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Being an Asshole!
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Meet My New Puppy!
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Kissing moms in Idaho!
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We Crashed The Car!
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Feeding People Corn!
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She's Always On Top!
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Cops Were Pissed!
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Making Kids Cry!
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Launching My New Truck!
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My Mom Flipped Her Car
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Crashing My New Car!
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  • ItzNickk
    ItzNickk 3 hours ago

    *afterwards Danny: “how old are you” Girl: .--..--..--..--..--..--. .' \ (`._ (_) _ \ .' | '._) (_) | \ _.')\ .----..---. / |(_.' | / .-\-. \ | \ 0| | ( O| O) | o| | _ | .--.____.'._.-. | \ (_) | o -` .-` | | \ |`-._ _ _ _ _\ / \ | | `. |_||_| | | o | \_ \ | -. .-. |.-. \ `--..-' O | `.`-' .' _.' .' | `-.-' /-.__ ' .-' .' `-.` '.|='=.='=.='=.='=|._/_ `-'.' `-._ `. |________/\_____| `-.' .' ).| '=' '='\/ '=' | `._.` '---------------' //___\ //___\ || || ||_.-. ||_.-. (_.--__) (_.--__)

  • Noah Reinke
    Noah Reinke 3 hours ago

    Haha it made so much more money than he thought

  • SmokeyPillow
    SmokeyPillow 3 hours ago


  • Lucas Rodriguez
    Lucas Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    That's sweet Danny💖

  • Sean Housman
    Sean Housman 3 hours ago


  • Lucas Rodriguez
    Lucas Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    Its okay danny

  • Fox
    Fox 3 hours ago

    10:40 there is now

  • Thomasina Rauhauser
    Thomasina Rauhauser 4 hours ago

    DAviD DObRiK

  • Mickey Malone
    Mickey Malone 4 hours ago

    I saw a practice safe sex shirt in the mall but I couldn't buy it

  • Thomasina Rauhauser
    Thomasina Rauhauser 4 hours ago

    iS He FRoM LIttLe PeOpLe

  • Mickey Malone
    Mickey Malone 4 hours ago

    Somebody at the mall was wearing a practice safe sex shirt and then I saw the shirt for sale

  • Jasskat19
    Jasskat19 4 hours ago

    Why’d they burn the Jersey sry I’m an uncultured swine

  • AMVcentral
    AMVcentral 4 hours ago

    This is my favorite Danny Duncan video

  • faze_djjt Guerrero
    faze_djjt Guerrero 4 hours ago

    I thought he said daddy can I hit you with my bitch

  • Scullcandy456
    Scullcandy456 4 hours ago

    Danny skied guy with blue shirt 48 seconds in the vid

  • NRT SoundWave
    NRT SoundWave 4 hours ago

    I love going back and rewatching your old videos

  • Tessa turtlefrogs
    Tessa turtlefrogs 4 hours ago

    Omg i am a boise kid too and i have been everywhere he has been

  • Rahmat Pahartodi
    Rahmat Pahartodi 5 hours ago

    Dan trip to BALI(INDONESIA)i think you can so funny in there place!

  • Toasty Hyena
    Toasty Hyena 5 hours ago

    youtube understands

  • its_ Next
    its_ Next 5 hours ago

    Poor guy also dumbass

  • Nicole the star wolf

    It's cute that they help him ...... sometimes.

  • Dev 23
    Dev 23 5 hours ago

    When the big guy fought Cameron that was the funniest thing ever 5:43 - 6:17

  • Sawyer Wilson
    Sawyer Wilson 5 hours ago

    Dude I just realized Danny is such a good guy

  • Dev 23
    Dev 23 5 hours ago

    8:57 he said that in another video I forget which one I watched so many

  • TylerConstrictor
    TylerConstrictor 5 hours ago

    He predicted the release of the iPhone 11 XD

  • hills music
    hills music 5 hours ago

    bring back papa jim

  • Jae Bush
    Jae Bush 5 hours ago


  • Scoop_bap_ Diddly_do

    8:33 true love❤️❤️❤️

  • Miles Mcminn
    Miles Mcminn 5 hours ago

    Go shop Dannyduncan69.com to support the scooter kids without scooters

  • Haley Devore
    Haley Devore 5 hours ago

    Bru whoever unliked this you don’t deserve to be on this planet

  • Loads Pellegrini
    Loads Pellegrini 5 hours ago

    Danny someone stole my bike it will be dope if u helped me find it

  • Dillon Rapinchuk
    Dillon Rapinchuk 5 hours ago

    Stares right back in the face “I will chase my dreams”

  • Ben Hennessey
    Ben Hennessey 5 hours ago

    You should come to Maine

  • Gavyn Bickel
    Gavyn Bickel 5 hours ago

    Literally fucking works

  • Stefan Besonen
    Stefan Besonen 5 hours ago

    People ruined fortnite so bad! Minecraft is better

  • OsK_Dillon
    OsK_Dillon 5 hours ago

    Umm the shield guy sounds like swagger souls

  • Kobe Coffey
    Kobe Coffey 6 hours ago

    What is the song? It go hard on 1:34

  • Kyle Hinds
    Kyle Hinds 6 hours ago

    “He told me his friend wear a hat like mine” I died

  • Sauce
    Sauce 6 hours ago

    His transitions are from opening soda to shooting guns like tf lol

  • Loki Vanni
    Loki Vanni 6 hours ago

    0:21 You should’ve brought Him along too

  • The fortnite GOD
    The fortnite GOD 6 hours ago

    Is that is new girlfriend?

  • Gabe and Kevin
    Gabe and Kevin 6 hours ago

    Y does he hate Antonio

  • CoOl DuDe
    CoOl DuDe 6 hours ago

    Danny climbed the d reply to this comment if u get it

  • Ryan Penguin
    Ryan Penguin 6 hours ago

    How to kill your friends 101

  • Carson Richards
    Carson Richards 6 hours ago

    I was about to cop some merch and my mom said it was too inappropriate 🥺

  • blurr
    blurr 6 hours ago

    Yo I know this video is a year old but did anyone hear the woman screaming at 15:15? That guy was acting hella sketch too... wtf lol

  • Keaton Stokley
    Keaton Stokley 6 hours ago

    Asians are always so worried about people and touching their crap

  • Jae Bush
    Jae Bush 6 hours ago


  • Dillon Rapinchuk
    Dillon Rapinchuk 6 hours ago

    You don’t just get rid of a Honda Fit

  • Marcy Dent
    Marcy Dent 6 hours ago

    Free Donald!!

  • 1969 Ford Bronco Hunter

    Ahh jim..

  • Mr. GameTech
    Mr. GameTech 7 hours ago

    Who’s Alexa went off while he was talking to his

  • the raven_xd
    the raven_xd 7 hours ago

    No cap i looked up how to eat pussy and ur vid poped up and im like he looks like he can eat pussy this really helped i did make her cum 🍑💦 so yea

  • シwisqer
    シwisqer 7 hours ago

    2019 anyone ?😂

  • snakeeye 2808
    snakeeye 2808 7 hours ago

    You reminded me of my friend Jackson the left my school and I never see him agian(I always watch you when I sad about it:(. )

  • flesh weaver
    flesh weaver 8 hours ago

    That was honestly hella mean

  • Nick Tortorici
    Nick Tortorici 8 hours ago

    How many people jerked off to danny’s ass at 6:04

  • シwisqer
    シwisqer 8 hours ago

    rip x

  • Mona Vincent
    Mona Vincent 8 hours ago

    danny we need more black bucket virginity rocks hats bruh

  • Tre Cain
    Tre Cain 8 hours ago

    is “little person” australian

  • Kurt GoBang
    Kurt GoBang 8 hours ago

    Whats the name of that Em song at the end lol

  • HavokSplodezz
    HavokSplodezz 8 hours ago

    Is it just me who came back and saw that iPhone 11 came out October 2019 😰

  • Dillon Rapinchuk
    Dillon Rapinchuk 8 hours ago


  • King Croc
    King Croc 8 hours ago

    4:54 god anyone else just hate a fat (girl to be specific usually) person eat icecream. its always fuckin icecream man. most people eat icecream/food and socialize or dosomething else, a fat person its like the food and them only like a date. absolutely repulsive. ESPECIALLY when its a fat girl and ice cream god i hate dat shit

  • King Croc
    King Croc 9 hours ago

    14 with a 18 16 with a 20 19 with a 35 19 with a 32 daddy issues? i think not (lol get it, father issues directed into the world sexually with desires for attention from older men)

    JXMMY 9 hours ago

    Content overload

  • A YouTube guy
    A YouTube guy 9 hours ago

    alex my dude lol has some shots before playing. id do the same

  • A YouTube guy
    A YouTube guy 9 hours ago

    *let me see the candy first im not stupid* lol laughed at that

  • Jae Bush
    Jae Bush 9 hours ago


  • King Croc
    King Croc 9 hours ago

    wrestlings so fake and gay fuck that queer shit.

  • AviaNorthwest
    AviaNorthwest 9 hours ago

    it hit 100,000 thousand likes where is the video?

  • Alex Howarth
    Alex Howarth 9 hours ago

    Get Danny 3million

  • Brendan Brett
    Brendan Brett 9 hours ago

    3 million coming soon!

  • Keland Sparks
    Keland Sparks 9 hours ago


  • Keland Sparks
    Keland Sparks 9 hours ago


  • Ayla Oleff
    Ayla Oleff 10 hours ago

    7:48 when your siblings barely hits you

  • Kenton
    Kenton 10 hours ago

    1:32 and 1:41 Danny has that tea pot laugh😂😂

  • Paco De La Cruz
    Paco De La Cruz 10 hours ago

    Is that your big brother?

  • Thomas Forsyth
    Thomas Forsyth 10 hours ago

    0:57 ngl he had us on the first half

  • Josiah Jensen
    Josiah Jensen 10 hours ago


  • Tanner Brightman
    Tanner Brightman 10 hours ago

    Of everything in this video 7:10 made me laugh so hard

  • dj Raff
    dj Raff 10 hours ago

    What is the name of the outro song? Finder gets the trump pee pee tape🤣🌪🍄🤮🤢🤣

  • KYS FaG
    KYS FaG 11 hours ago

    And he got deported if you didn’t know

  • Addidi Alissa
    Addidi Alissa 11 hours ago

    Big nigga

  • NoamLazarus
    NoamLazarus 11 hours ago

    Danny since Cameron can’t go to Florida just come to New Zealand and do a tour while your here

  • Pablo 2014
    Pablo 2014 11 hours ago

    i love you man you motivate me to be a better person you’re just so pure as a person

  • Luke Riebel
    Luke Riebel 11 hours ago

    Danny is definitely a great influence on that little girl

  • Jake Boyle
    Jake Boyle 11 hours ago

    Im 9 years old

  • anue
    anue 11 hours ago

    im the nigga wit only one white shirt


    Legalise pure weed

  • Emotional Trainwreck
    Emotional Trainwreck 11 hours ago

    5:57 I dont give a darn

  • Russell Goat
    Russell Goat 11 hours ago

    At 10:00 is the weirdest thing

  • NX Cypher
    NX Cypher 11 hours ago

    I watched this while smoking

  • Big Mac
    Big Mac 11 hours ago

    Isn't this the one that Mrbeast went to 🤔🤔🤔

  • Tobias Pettersson
    Tobias Pettersson 11 hours ago

    how do u know 2 midgets ? i barerly seeen 2

  • Tobias Pettersson
    Tobias Pettersson 12 hours ago

    i just found out your channel , dude you are hillarious xd

  • Caiden
    Caiden 12 hours ago

    Hickey on his neck


    What's hard in this

  • secretmandrain 468
    secretmandrain 468 12 hours ago

    This is someone who is living their life to the fullest like it's leaking out the glass

  • Cosmik 714
    Cosmik 714 12 hours ago

    Yo that Starbucks girl was cute as fuck