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Unicorn AI - Computerphile
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Soft Robots - Computerphile
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Parsing - Computerphile
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3D Light Cube - Computerphile
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  • Sticksel Pixel gaming
    Sticksel Pixel gaming 13 minutes ago

    Thats the thing about human ingenuity we will always find the answer to a problem

  • Brian
    Brian Hour ago

    In case nobody mentions it... Alt D goes to the address bar in browsers, and highlights anything in it for replacement.

  • Syed Hussain
    Syed Hussain Hour ago

    My password is a MD5 HASH

  • Dxsignr
    Dxsignr 2 hours ago

    Decided to go to haveibeenpwned and search my main 2 emails, and I’ve been Pwned on both. Guess I’m creating a new identity and moving to the other end of the earth.

  • typograf62
    typograf62 3 hours ago

    Programmers considered harmful and should be hidden away.

  • Joshua Cox
    Joshua Cox 3 hours ago

    I have no clue what he is saying half the time but it still makes me feel like a hacker

  • To masz
    To masz 4 hours ago

    Real Barry Kripke ?

  • thaddeus wood
    thaddeus wood 5 hours ago

    if you need your stolen funds recovered ghostsquad919atgmaildotcom

  • Hugo Habicht
    Hugo Habicht 5 hours ago

    I love every single shortcut in my custom i3 setup. I use use Arch btw

  • kujmous
    kujmous 5 hours ago

    shift shift shift shift shift = Turn On Sticky Keys

  • UGE
    UGE 5 hours ago

    Joke's on you, my password is Dr0wsSap2019 and i made it in 2012.

  • olivia ii
    olivia ii 5 hours ago

    and that's why i love linux

  • UGE
    UGE 5 hours ago

    pizza time

  • Bob Bobson
    Bob Bobson 6 hours ago

    Win Key + Pause -> System PropertiesWin Key + R -> RunWin Key + E -> New Explorer windowCtrl+S -> Saves your work in most Windowsy applications; pauses terminal output in Bash, great for trolling.

    • Bob Bobson
      Bob Bobson 6 hours ago

      Also Ctrl+W to close this TheXvid tab after being somewhat irritated that it ate my newlines.

  • Res Publica
    Res Publica 6 hours ago

    2:03 what about Sardynia?

  • Res Publica
    Res Publica 6 hours ago

    2:03 what about Sardynia?

  • Gilotopia
    Gilotopia 6 hours ago

    Why are preppers not into this? With all the natural disasters and social unrest recently we should one of these in every city.

  • Time4Pie's
    Time4Pie's 7 hours ago

    Oh what a 46561

  • FunWithAiman
    FunWithAiman 7 hours ago

    I have a fascination of circuits and all these transistors working together to create a virtual power speed-demon! Like technology and its advancement is amazing.

  • sai siddarth
    sai siddarth 8 hours ago

    Please explain wat he is talking about at #6:23 in simple English! Please

  • Tom Servo
    Tom Servo 8 hours ago

    I like ctrl-r for searching my command line history

  • Sébastien Mesili
    Sébastien Mesili 10 hours ago

    And in Korean you have a specific word for many numbers. Let's start with 1 which is 일(il), 10 is 십(ship), 100 is 백(baek), 1,000 is 천(cheon) ...but it was easy, from 10,000 it gets interesting : you write 10,000 as 1만(man). And of course its the same way up : 100만(baek man) is a million and 1천만(il cheon man) is a billion. Then again if you go up you cannot say 10천만(ship cheon man) instead you jump to 1억(il eok). That was easy, right ? Now for 억 you are free to go to like 1억(il eok), 십억(ship eok),백억(baek ok), 천억(cheon eok)... but you cannot have 1억억(il eok eok) so it's now 1조(il jo) ! Oh and actually for informal usage you do skip the number when it's only one ! Oh and they use it everyday as the currency is something like 1usd = 1100krw (which sign is ₩ but never used in Korean, instead it is the actual word 원 for won). Hello ? Are you still there ?

  • Samuel Boyle
    Samuel Boyle 11 hours ago

    Thank you!!!

  • ThePotatoArmy
    ThePotatoArmy 11 hours ago

    Python for the win

  • success in both worlds

    The radio, wonderful invention.

  • Michael Edwards
    Michael Edwards 13 hours ago

    3:13 Schrodinger's USB stick strikes again.

  • Nigel P.
    Nigel P. 14 hours ago

    It's ideal reward is to allow the human to shut it down

  • Cyan
    Cyan 15 hours ago

    There is some subtly high end editing going on here. Nice work.

  • Lishin Sam
    Lishin Sam 15 hours ago

    Nice to see Obi-Wan Kenobi, explaining UNIX.

  • Lishin Sam
    Lishin Sam 15 hours ago

    Real men still use Cobol.

  • Palestine Videos
    Palestine Videos 17 hours ago

    My password is Ifitypeinthispasswordiamapuff So it give another layer of protection and dilemma to the hacker even if they find out what it is

  • Allek Mott
    Allek Mott 18 hours ago

    Command + Option + Esc

  • Ricardo Fernández Serrata

    Nobody is talking about the advantages of ternary over binary and bi-quinary

  • Ruben
    Ruben 18 hours ago

    Frodo is that you??

  • Siranat usawasutsakorn

    Make the AI indifferent toward the button being pressed, but positive toward the button's existence.

  • SpinOX
    SpinOX 19 hours ago

    Isn't TCP a stream, not a packet protocol?

  • Ryan Vickers
    Ryan Vickers 19 hours ago

    I can't help but feel like humans are exactly like that pile of patches version you described and just too slow to find the loopholes more often than not

  • Banana
    Banana 19 hours ago

    Making a password for an account: potato Sorry, password must contain at least 8 letters boiled potato Sorry, password must contain at least 1 number 1 boiled potato Sorry, password cannot contain spaces 50fuckingboiledpotatos Sorry, password must have at least one capital letter 50FUCKINGboiledpotatos Sorry, capital letters must not be used consecutively IwillShove50FuckingBoiledPotatosUpYourAss,IfYouDoNotGiveMeAccessImmeadiately Sorry, password must not contain punctuation NowIAmSeriouslyGettingPissedOffIwillShove50FuckingBoiledPotatosUpYourAssIfYouDoNotGiveMeAccessImmeadiately Sorry, you can't change your password to a password that's already been used with your account, please try again

  • Adam Lopes
    Adam Lopes 20 hours ago

    What about the Unicode Byte Order Marker? Usually creating an empty text file using any modern piece of software at least includes this?

  • Adam Lopes
    Adam Lopes 20 hours ago

    This thing is incredible. I wish I could have seen this while doing my CS degree. Learning all this by theory is fine, but seeing it physically would have been mind-blowing. Congratulations to James for building this amazing machine, which many would consider to be a work of fine art, as well as a great tool to help people understand the very fundamentals which drive the digital and information revolution.

  • DarkRedman31
    DarkRedman31 22 hours ago

    10:41 I don't know how I'd explain it to a normal guy or gal, but this laugh and what follows on is the key moment where we (geeks, nerds ect...) are getting exciting even laughing when're we getting close to the moment we achieve the hacking : we achieve to do something the software/hardware wasn't purposed to do, and that's really exciting and gratifying when we success !

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown 22 hours ago

    The act of attempting to hit the button deducts 200 points, but when the button is hit it gains 100 points. The robot tries to avoid a scenario where the button needs to be hit, but once you try to hit it, the robot will try to assist you in hitting it, as it's already lost the 200 points and will try to scavenge the extra 100 points.

  • TSM Nigger
    TSM Nigger Day ago

    On some websites my password is like hi bibobibiuyggujjjjvfffhkkbgkhhhgcddswwertyuuhggffrrfffffccxddvggddxcfhu

  • What'a'nerd
    What'a'nerd Day ago

    the most annoying thing in the world: A person who constantly takes pauses mid sentence to swallow his burps. JUST LET IT OUT AND CONTINUE TALKING FFS! You look and sound like a moron when doing it!

  • Samuel Peterson

    The premise of like every isaac asimov story is "here are these man made laws, let's watch qis poke holes in them" asimov himself wouldn't advocate software designers implimenting them that's like asking orwell how he feels about fascism

  • mark heyne
    mark heyne Day ago

    In the film version of Asimov's 'I Robot' one programmer builds robots that CAN harm humans, and more significantly the criticism is made that an AI cannot make a 'human' judgement, with idealism and courage, only a strictly rational one.

  • Ella Blun
    Ella Blun Day ago

    okay, but what do you do with this number you've gotten? how do you encrypt and then decrypt message based on this?

  • Definitely not Jeffrey Epstein

    Haskell programmer here for the lols. You never understand monads, you just get used to them. Until you understand them. Then you realize you've fused with the machines.

  • Triggerfisk
    Triggerfisk Day ago

    But, why does this prove anything? Maybe H+ doesn't terminate when given H+ and H+ as inputs - ie. it never gives you either a yes or a no. In that case, there's not necessarily a paradox, is there? The issue of whether such an algorithm can be designed to also always terminate, itself, seems like a subtly separate issue, right?

  • Telnobynoyator _

    I love C++, because it can do both low level and high level things

  • Ella Blun
    Ella Blun Day ago

    about that diginotar certificate for google, you do realize that after everything you said, all I could think of is that nsa hacked diginotar, issued fake certificate for google, and staged all this to get people against iran. like there's literally no other explanation I can accept, unless they come out with concrete explanation on how this happened. I mean, if they were hacked, threatened, blackmailed or anything, or even if employee was incompetent and signed a certificate by mistake, why not come out and say it? but if it was nsa trying to start a war with third nation, you have to keep quiet, or you're responsible for war between americanazis and Netherlands.

  • Dan Højmark Christensen

    Never actually understood why we use colour pencils here in Denmark. Now I know why, thank you

  • Ella Blun
    Ella Blun Day ago

    it's weird how easy it is to get lost when listening to these private and public key explanations. I think this may be first time I actually got it, and I had to use pen and paper to keep track of what he was saying.

  • SufferingAddict

    I think it's also useful to think in pass-phrases rather than passwords. Something like: I watch *insert name of your favorite youtuber* > 66 minutes every fricking day!!! should be hard to crack. Of course you can't use something like "I like food.", you still need to use your brain, but the advantage of passphrases is that they are easy to remember.

  • Prostaff RF97a

    "Volkswagen you..." a former VW employee, that hurts

  • Marvin Chen
    Marvin Chen Day ago

    I hate the sound the pen scratching on the paper, make me very uncomfortable..

  • Louie Athanasiadis

    In the 1980s there was the Amsterdam Compiler Kit ( ACK) whose designed to allow you to build a compiler for any language you designed to generate an intermediate language (byte codes). Then the second phase of ACK was the OS/hardware code generation, were you defined your runtime platform. So the general idea was if a new language came along you would use ACK to build the compiler for the intermediate code generation and then using an existing ACK code generator for the runtime environment. Check out the Wikipedia page on the Ansterdam Compiler Kit! It brings back memories of 2nd year Computer science compilers course.

  • MrAlexthecrazy

    WIN+D is way better than WIN+M since - as you briefly mentioned - it toggles minimising all windows and then bringing them back. Not sure why it didn't work for you in while testing.

  • Yooo
    Yooo Day ago

    E voting in finland, works, why? We have no power so no one cares who win, because there is nothing to win

  • D K
    D K Day ago

    8:32 I chuckled

  • G Yılmaz
    G Yılmaz Day ago

    How was this compiled?

  • G Yılmaz
    G Yılmaz Day ago

    Instead of sub I have and, add with %esp. Why would that happen?

  • Thomas Grainger


  • level 3 neural network

    the office: electronics

  • A B
    A B Day ago

    Ctrl + 1 brings you to the first tab on your browser. Great for browsing multiple webpages at once.

  • Neil Roy
    Neil Roy Day ago

    Well, if it's going to convert everything down to C code, I may as well stick to coding in C. ;)

  • kaplunkiiboy
    kaplunkiiboy Day ago

    I gave a talk about this in relation to automotive GPS tracking data in 2006 at the AUUG conference. Ironically, Google presented at the same conference, and we all know which idea won... Fascinated that it took 10 years for someone else to catch up

  • Mike Steeart
    Mike Steeart Day ago

    ~M~ NPHS

  • Paul Ritterbush
    Paul Ritterbush 2 days ago

    UNCOLs are problems at more than just Thanksgiving.

  • Evi1M4chine
    Evi1M4chine 2 days ago

    Pah! Hogwasg! I only do continuation passing style! **twirls outrageous snob moustache**

  • vladomaimun
    vladomaimun 2 days ago

    Where is this used and can we avoid it? Can I check if a given website uses it for TLS?

  • Allen Petersen
    Allen Petersen 2 days ago

    This is a very interesting set of videos. I've been having to go back and find the previous parts. It would be great to have a playlist that collected them all together.

  • Zeta Convex
    Zeta Convex 2 days ago

    There's a language called C--, invented by the same guy who invented Haskell. It's like C, but lower level. IIRC, it doesn't make any assumptions about having a stack, which might make it an interesting candidate for those who want Tail Call Optimisation, for example.

  • Everything's a Smoke Machine

    The USB going the wrong way the first time in the animation was a nice touch

  • Hero Chan
    Hero Chan 2 days ago

    thanks man :)

  • oxi
    oxi 2 days ago

    I love this guy

  • Eric Space
    Eric Space 2 days ago

    Wouldn't NASA's Delay Tolerant Protocol be better for that purpose?

  • Steven Werner
    Steven Werner 2 days ago

    couldn't a rube goldberg machine be Turing Complete?

  • Koyakonsta
    Koyakonsta 2 days ago

    next video: why voting is a BAD idea

  • Rashed Amiry
    Rashed Amiry 2 days ago

    The people who disliked this video probably took their phones upside down.

  • Umar Rao
    Umar Rao 2 days ago

    13:53 which command did he use here? x/200x $(ebp-100) Was it this?

  • Nexus-7
    Nexus-7 2 days ago

    It's like the search for the Theory of Everything in physics. Pointless. Why would reality conform to our expectations and desires for a neat and tidy unified theory?

    • Nexus-7
      Nexus-7 2 days ago

      @Telecorpse! I'm not against progress or theories, I just think that searching for a unified theory is a little bit vain and shouldn't be a top priority. What would be the point of a unified theory? Would it explain things better than our current theories?

    • Telecorpse!
      Telecorpse! 2 days ago

      It's our theories that can more or less conform to reality. Physics is descriptive, not prescriptive. I think that your reasoning, if I understand it correctly, would declare as pointless every effort which led to development of any useful theory that we came up with.

  • Entertainment Ally Nick

    I know this is a bit of an older video, but I have learned a lot watching this series from computerphile, some of my passwords are trash (despite me knowing how important security is) but really some of the sites I log into, I really do not care if someone gets into it, but if I do care about it, I do attempt to make it a more secure password, usually involving an uppercase/special character, and number in it, but aye I am realizing how insecure that is. I have always tried to keep my social media posting to a minium because I never wanted anyone to be able to social engineer my more precious passwords. (Yes I will admit that my most secure passwords belong to my games, and anywhere my private info is stored in one way or another... i.e banking, etc.) - One thing I wonder after watching these, and something I have suggested/thought of in the past is just using shorthand to make a password more secure, and I wonder how secure it would actually be, I know they could still brute force it due to a small number of possible inputs, but at least it wouldn't be a common word used in the dictionary. So for example: My password is not password 54 would be this: Mpwinpw54 ---- It should be fairly easy to remember and should be a bit harder for someone to just outright brute force their way in.

  • Jhoan Martinez Silva

    Awesome 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Evi1M4chine
    Evi1M4chine 2 days ago

    Lol. Relating recursion to reproduction is such a ridiculous esoteric nonsense, that I had to laugh out loud. This man is closer to a ”spiritual“ nutjob than to a philosopher.

  • Evi1M4chine
    Evi1M4chine 2 days ago

    Don’t you mean (λx. λy. ((+) x y))? As in: (+) is a function, that has to be defined too!

  • Dustin Boyd
    Dustin Boyd 2 days ago

    My go-to "easy" password is \xef\xbb\xbf\xc2\xa0. No, not the bytes they represent. I actually use that entire string, slashes and all. It's just a bonus that it's valid UTF-8 for a zero-width non-breaking space (U+FEFF) and a non-breaking space (U+00A0). Of course, if you're using ISO-8859-1 or ISO-8859-15, it just looks like  , but who uses Notepad to edit their UTF-8 files these days? You'll never guess my hard password if your editor considers a UTF-8 encoded ZWNBSP as a UTF-8 encoded BOM...

  • Julius Fučík
    Julius Fučík 2 days ago

    This is exactly the stuff neural nets were made for to solve. I think even a support vector machine would do it. Or even simpler a decision tree.

  • 11Kralle
    11Kralle 2 days ago

    I've got a vision: "This will be computerphiles most viewed upload in a year."

  • Dustin Boyd
    Dustin Boyd 2 days ago

    Was the frame rate really high on this video or something? It was like...soap opera quality. At 480p. Or maybe I just need to watch more real people and less anime and live-action movies with their lower frame rates...

    • Computerphile
      Computerphile Day ago

      yes, for a few months I shot Computerphile at 50p - then went UHD instead >Sean

  • aksel Hj
    aksel Hj 2 days ago

    No love for rust :(

  • World Theory
    World Theory 2 days ago

    Huh… Ok. That seems to answer a question I had from a previous video. Of course, it also raises more questions…

  • Coo Pex
    Coo Pex 2 days ago

    I played SEGA Virtual Cop 1 and 2

  • MaoItsMe
    MaoItsMe 2 days ago

    The rules are not half-bad, but the implementation of these rules is too damn hard.

  • Chris Delua
    Chris Delua 2 days ago

    I love how their system has 4 titan x's but their monitor is like 100$ and the keyboard is like 15% not even gonna talk about the mouse

  • raphi72
    raphi72 2 days ago

    And lets not forget there is a $185 billion price tag on breaking the elliptic curve y^2 == x^3 + 7 because that is how bitcoin keys resp. addresses work.

  • Paul Miner
    Paul Miner 2 days ago

    10:01 is the money shot, had to pause it a minute to take in the explanation.

  • Max
    Max 2 days ago

    ctrl+x (cut) never seems to get enough love.

  • hanFstoned
    hanFstoned 2 days ago

    Sadly some things were not adressed. AI does not need to humanlike in behaviour or thinking. Well, just imagine someone just programmed these decisions and definitions and as toplevel decisions are the asimov laws. In this case they work. Btw, you could put this whole video in 1 sentence "the asimov laws dont work, because the human has no clue how humans work".

  • Alex
    Alex 2 days ago